Avariel, the Winged Elf Pokegirl

Type: Near Human
Element: Flying
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human standard, prefers a low meat diet
Role: Aerial combatant
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ground, Plant
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Double Needle, Empty Daggers, Dive, Glorious Sun, Mach Breaker, Heal, Absorb, Spells
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (Vision (x4)), Darkvision, Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Strength (X2), Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Senses (Hearing (x3)), Multi-limbed (Wings), Affinity: Magic, Adaptability (High Altitude), Improved Respiration, Longevity
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Elf (Angel Stone)
Revised: November 2012

The Avariel is typically found in existing Light Elf Courts or in small groups living in caves so high on mountains that humans would require supplementary air systems to reach them. However, with the spell use that many have they can be found almost anywhere. One cunning village set up a large air bubble at the bottom of a deep lake and built their homes there, protected by and taming with the Wet Elves living in the water above them.

Avariel stand between five and six feet tall (average height is 5'5"), although their folded wings tower another two feet above them. They are slender and small breasted, with the largest having a B cup. However, their large pectoral muscles often make them look larger breasted from a distance. Their wings are usually an iridescent white, but can be other colors including a duller white, gray, brown or black. Their hair and eyes run the gamut of colors found in the Elf breed, while their skin is light colored white, off white, light blue or gray. Magic using Avariel will change their coloration to match the skies they are flying in.

While proud and protective of their wings, Avariel understand that their wings are going to get banged up in combat and accept this as long as the damage does not inhibit their flying. With heal, they can set any damage right in short order anyways, often healing up while still on the wing.

Feral Avariel lose the ability to use weapons as well as the techniques heal and absorb. They are always hyper vigilant and at the first sign of danger they will flee at top speed, often flying along the treetops to avoid predators and to confuse attacks from the ground. Interestingly, aware Avariel are embarrassed by their feral sisters and will hunt them down for capture. Captured ferals will be brought to the court and tamed by a resident human before joining the court. Because of this, feral Avariel should be considered extremely rare and are never found in large groups.

One of the oddest things about them is the fact that all Avariel sleep standing up with their wings wrapped around them, which leads into the fact that Avariel prefer to be tamed standing up and facing their lover. In fact Avariel almost never sit and an Avariel who is lying down is too ill or injured to stand. This means that they hate tents since they don’t sleep bent over, can’t sleep with something pressing on their wings and few camping tents have interiors over seven feet tall. It also means they despise bathtubs.

Avariel Elves excel at ranged combat and use their speed and maneuverability to keep enemies away from, all the while cutting their foes to ribbons with their flying techniques. Many do carry short swords or knives for close combat, but most of the time these get used to chop wood or food instead of in battle. While Avariel who evolve from Elves lose the ability to cast the spell that summons living weapons from trees, those who had living weapons treasure them above everything except their tamer and will never relinquish them short of death.

Many Avariel are avid painters, decorating the walls of their homes with paintings of elaborate detail that are of extraordinary beauty to humans and normal pokegirls but which are considered breathtaking by other beings with enhanced vision (or those with magnifying glasses) due to the hidden depths that only appear under extreme magnification. Those who move to other media such as canvass or wooden crafts tend to command high prices for their works.

Currently, no humans have thresholded into Avariel, instead becoming Elves.