FIREBURST, the Inferno Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Avian)
Element: Fire/Flying
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore (prefers cooked food)
Role: Airborne combatant, firefighter
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Fire, Bug, Plant, Steel, Fighting
Weak Vs: Rock, Water, Magic, Electric
Attacks: Feather Shuriken, Dive, Vortex, Daze, Wind, Flame Sniper, Flamethrower, Meteor 18, Flame Shot, Power Drive, Quickturn, Firewind, Fire Blast (high experience only)
Enhancements: Heals from Fire, Enhanced Agility (x8), Enhanced Flying Speed (x5), Enhanced Vision (x5), Enhanced Endurance (x4)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Phoenix (battle stress)
    During the Revenge War, these Pokégirls were feared for a variety of reasons, but one especially: thought originally to be the last evolutionary step before the Pokégirl could evolve into a Moltits, the mere sight of a Fireburst often made her the primary target in almost any battle. This reasoning also continued after the War, nearly decimating the entire breed of Fireburst from existence, save in a few remote areas where humans could not feasibly reach them. The resulting ferals lived within jungles, on mountains, and on various smaller islands throughout the world. In 57AS, researchers learned that the Fireburst was in fact a dead-end evolution of the Pokégirl, and that no known Pokégirl could actually evolve into a legendary Pokégirl like Moltits. Though the Phoenix was feared by many, eventually their good uses became known and both breeds became more respected than feared as a result.
    Evolution was kind to the Fireburst breed. Growing up to a foot in height (normally averaging six feet tall), the Pokégirl’s proportions change along with her height increase. Her large wings (each 50% wider than the Pokégirl is tall), densely feathered and fireproof, the breed enjoys using like a cloak when she wraps them around her front to hide her body from others. Like the rest of the Rack-evolved breeds, the Firebust retains her wings separate from her arms. The one thing that barely changes is her bust, however, perhaps gaining half a cup in size at the most (before any sort of augmentation, such as bloom powder). The most stunning difference between the Fireburst and the Phoenix are her wings, however. Unlike her previous evolutions who died her feathers, the Fireburst's feathers come in two shades. The feathers on the back of her wings tend to be a deeper russet color, while the under-wing (the portion viewable from the Pokégirl’s front) look like a roaring flame, shifting with her mood (and perhaps the seasons, research is still on-going) from orange to reddish hues. Charred Pokégirls can often become entranced by these flaming wings and the Fireburst is very proud of her new plumage. This is also a very telling way to determine how the Pokégirl feels. The one color to look out for is blue, as this denotes the Pokégirl’s anger.
    The Fireburst Pokégirl are temperamental and proud, typically because of her wings. The breed tends to compare anything of beauty to them, though typically the Fireburst's wings rarely lose out in such comparisons. The breed as a whole is also aware of the attraction that her under-wings get from other Pokégirls and even humans, and often become annoyed or infuriated if they feel their lover values their wings more than the Pokégirl herself. It is at these times that the Pokégirl’s underwings often show signs of turning blue. While a Fireburst's temper tantrums aren't of the same level as a Gynadose, it's strongly urged that anyone with a Fireburst remember that they need to pay attention to the Pokégirl, not just her wings
    In battles, the Fireburst is a terror in the sky. Utilizing several techniques in succession, such as Ignite and Dive, or Power Drive and Feather Shuriken (or some other possible combination), these Pokégirls are stronger than their previous evolution and have no issues with battling until it is completely finished in one manner or another. In a few Leagues, battles between two Firebursts are actually illegal considering that both Pokégirls have the means to negate the others advantages. This can often lead to battles that last several hours, thanks to the breed's endurance. In Sex Battles, the Fireburst is at an advantage thanks to her large wingspan and arms- allowing her to trap her opponent against her body and letting her warmth and touch do her walking.
    Within a harem, a well-trained Fireburst can be an excellent Alpha for a tamer. With her beauty and battle capabilities, the Fireburst is also a poor Beta due to her vanity and quickness to anger. One thing that the Fireburst hates is to be restrained, and rather hates the idea of her wings being held captive in any manner. This makes the breed rarely willing to be tamed while on bottom, which is something that some tamers don't seem to mind. Firebursts don't care much for clothes either, but will wear light clothing if required by their tamer. Also like the Phoenix, the Fireburst is often used by firefighters in many leagues.
    Feral Firebursts are horrible to find. If they feel threatened, just like the Phoenix, they will strike out and destroy anything and everything to protect themselves. Scorched earth tactics are quite common when one finds a feral Fireburst, and researchers recommend having a Blastits or similarly powerful water-type Pokégirl to try and handle the feral. In some leagues, it is against the law to allow a Fireburst to go feral as a result of their survival tactics. Threshold cases are unknown for this breed- none have ever been recorded, though this doesn't make it less possible. However, considering the requirements of evolving a Rack into a Phoenix, it is largely considered impossible to threshold into a Fireburst.