BAKUCHAN, The Dream-Eater Pokégirl
Type: Near Human/Humanoid, Metamorph (corporeal/incorporeal)
Element: Ghost
Frequency: Uncommon (most common in Edo)
Diet: Dream energy (specialized energy-feeding mechanism)
Role: Sleep disruption, dream analysis, sleep aid, assistant for the disabled
Libido: Average (somnophiliac, can be Tamed in dreams)
Strong Vs: Ghost, Psychic, Bug, Poison, Normal, Fighting
Weak Vs: Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Energy Drain, Scratch, Dream Eater, Haunted, Sleepy Eyes, Hypnotize, Yawn, Phase
Enhancements: Corporeal/Incorporeal forms, dream sustenence, dream manipulation
Disadvantages: Laziness, light-sensitive eyes
Evolves: Unknown
Evolves From: None

The effects of Bakuchan's existence were recorded during the Revenge War, even if the breed wasn't known at the time. Large groups of soldiers would find their sleep repeatedly disturbed, leading to exhaustion even after receiving eight or more hours of sleep, and some would report that what dreams they had (many reported not dreaming at all) included "a really strange girl". Initial psychoanalysis dismissed the dreams as stress caused by battling Pokégirls, but eventually Tamer forces revealed that there really was a really strange girl involved-- a Pokégirl whose entire role was to disrupt the sleep of human forces. However, the exhaustion could be fought by taking multivitamins and energy boosting drugs, and eventually the Bakuchan were apparently hunted to extinction. They were recently rediscovered in various Leagues and have since been bred to Uncommon status in several Leagues, especially the Edo League.

Bakuchan are clearly based to some extent on a mythical creature from pre-Sukebe Edo mythology called baku, and in fact the name translates in Old Edo to “little baku”. Most members of the breed have at least a prominent nose, animalistic ears, and fur-covered hands and feet; feralborn specimens frequently have a full snout and functional claws. All are prone to pudginess, have a grayish tint to their skin, and have heavily-lidded eyes that make them look perpetually drowsy. They can take an incorporeal form, which is visually identified by the body fading to mist or smoke below the waist and trailing away. In this form, a Bakuchan can enter and manipulate the dreams of humans and other Pokégirls, and cannot be harmed by most Normal or Fighting attacks, or by conventional firearms.

In fact, Bakuchan are not a bad choice for combat, mainly because they have so many immunities. However, they don't have very many proper attacks, either, and their Energy Drain is weaker on conscious opponents. Bakuchan are best for support, since they can make opponents too drowsy to focus properly with Yawn, Hypnotize, and Sleepy Eyes, opening them up for an ally's more direct attacks or putting them right to sleep.

Bakuchan are very lazy, low-maintenance Pokégirls. Since they feed on dreams (a specialized mechanism for feeding on energy), they favor equally lazy harem-mates and Tamers who sleep enough that they won't mind missing an hour or two of slumber due to their dreams being eaten. Ironically, their affinity for sleep and for dreams make them great dream-analysis experts and allow them to help their Tamers and/or harem-sisters to get the most out of their slumbering hours. They don't do much in the daytime, partly because they are so lazy, and partly because their eyes are very light-sensitive and they are half-blind in bright sunlight. On the other hand, their night vision is excellent, leading a lot of Tamers and Tradesmen to use Bakuchan for night guards who can discreetly exhaust would-be attackers and put them to sleep to be captured in the morning when it's time for the Bakuchan to go to sleep.

Bakuchan are often employed as pets or starters for Tamers with physical disabilities or debilitating Blood Curses that would make it difficult for them to Tame Pokégirls otherwise. The reason for this is simple: Bakuchan can get Tamed in their master's dreams, where such restrictions would not affect a Taming session. Fans of the Bakuchan praise her ability to mold their dreams into their greatest fantasies for their satisfaction as well as hers, down to taking the appearance of a more-beloved harem-sister if necessary.

Feral Bakuchan frequently aren't really, since they can simply infiltrate a passing human's or Pokégirl’s dreams for a quickie when they need it. They do tend to attract others of their kind, though, and feed on enough dreams to be considered a pest in large numbers. Most Bakuchan-infested towns would rather offer rewards for passing Tamers to clear out and capture the Bakuchan (not particularly difficult, as Bakuchan are often too lazy to resist capture).

Threshold Bakuchan usually come close to starving to death during the process, as physical food no longer nourishes them, but they do not yet know how to use their powers to eat dreams. Most families send them to a ghost-intensive ranch where other Bakuchan can teach them how to eat dreams.