BHOOTY, the Phantom Fighter Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human - Not Very Near Human
Element: Ghost/Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Human standard
Role: Trainer, Combat
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel, Poison
Weak Vs: Flying
Attacks: Lick, Night Shade, Dream Time, Seismic Toss, Body Slam, Legsweep, Titan Crush, Ogre Crash, Soul Fist, Bear Hug, Headbutt, Ghost Blade
Enhancements: Solid Ether Body, Enhanced Strength (x8), Enhanced Speed (x5), Enhanced Endurance (x3), Enhanced Durability (x3)
Weaknesses: Can no longer become incorporeal, Looses Possession ability, Weakness to sonic attacks
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Ghostly (Dusk Stone)
    Dangerous fighters rarely seen during the Great War, this breed of Pokégirl quickly became known for their strange tactics and style of fighting. After the war this breed became known as one of the better Pokégirls to train with in hand to hand combat. This breed was kept in low numbers after the Great War, but gained a surge in population shortly after the discovery of the Dusk Stone. These Pokégirls, in temperament and lifestyle, closely mirror the beliefs and ways of tribes of 'Native Americans' in the pre-Sukube areas of Indigo, Jhoto, Crescent, and the Sunshine Leagues. From what pre-Sukube historians have gathered, these Pokégirls are a mix of many of the different styles of those tribes of humans.
    Physically, most Bhooty appear Very Near Human upon birth, threshold, or evolving from Ghostly, however, at their soonest opportunity (which usually means upon becoming a Pokégirl for most Pokékits of the breed though earlier instances have been noted), most Bhooty will find the time to enter into a trance-like state. Compelled by an urge to seek out what the breed deems as 'a piece of them that was lost', these solid ghost types seek out their Spirit Guide in the spiritual realm. These guides without exception have taken the form of animals, even those that have long gone extinct since the Great War. Upon discovery of their guide, some Bhootys will retain their very near human looks. These Pokégirls range within human the human range, though tend to be on the tall side at an average of 5' 10''. They have bronzed, almost 'red' skin and athletic builds with busts that range from B to D cups. The majority of the breeds hair is a uniform black, and usually worn long. Others of the breed go through a slow transformation, much like threshold, that combines the traits of their Spirit Guide into their outward appearance, ranging from animal ears and/or tails to full anthromorphs. One notable Bhooty named Kat, actually looked identical to a Tigress. It should be noted that any animal, including fish and insects have been found as spirit guides, even notable menace look alikes that take on the forms of praying mantises.
    A Bhooty's spirit guide is personal, though through the help of the breed's unusual ability to use Dream Time, she can share her experiences with her Harem sisters or other interested parties. These mysterious spirits are speculated to be a manifestation of the breed's inner self, though this doesn't seem to be the case as sometimes the guide and Bhooty don't seem to get along very well. Other than guidance, and an alteration to the breeds appearance, these Spirit Guides don't seem to lend any amazing abilities to the Bhooty breed (though some that have Guides with claws often manifest real claws).
    Bhooty are proud and fierce fighters when faced hand to hand, usually only able to be bested by other stronger fighting types, flying types, or a mixture of the two. Oddly, if beaten in fair combat, their respect for their foe only increases. If allowed to spar later with the same opponent, these girls consider it an honor and attempt to learn enough to best their foe. If allowed by their tamers, the breed regularly practices 'Counting Coup', which involved rushing into battle and being able to tap their opponent in a called spot without getting hurt. Rarely, coup involves capturing their opponents weapons or other trinkets, though also extends the breed into supporting salvage battles. Even if the Bhooty gets salvaged herself, she looks on this as an opportunity to learn from her betters. Much of the breed remain silent, though they are canny at observation and will point out important thoughts that are often kernels of wisdom. This quiet, teach by example method works well for even stubborn or lazy breeds, and has been known to inspire even Bunnygirls to do their very best (though with bunnygirls this isn't a vast improvement usually). Due to their diligence and quiet ability to inspire, many Bhooty are found in Beta positions, if not the Tamer's Alpha.
    Bhooty are highly adept at hand to hand fighting, usually rushing in when least expected to grapple their opponents into submission. If pressed, they blast their opponent with an up close Nightshade, and switch to using Ghost Blade. This technique is vastly different when used by these Pokégirls, as it normally forms an axe instead of a sword. Some Bhooty have been known to grasp the handle and attack with it in melee. However, in addition to their natural ability at hand to hand combat, these ghost Pokégirls can also readily learn weapon attacks when in Harems with Amazons or Slicers (though most choose the axe as their favored weapon) and even firearm use from OfficerJennys and other gun using Pokégirls. Another interesting facet of the breed is that they pair up quite well with Ponytaur or other tauric Pokégirls used for mounts, and many of these teams make quite the mounted combat duo. Because of their solid ether bodies, they are weakened by sonic attacks, but this also grants them the ability to fight incorporeal ghost types physically.
    The feral state of these Pokégirls is one where they constantly go into a trance, only coming out of their state if attacked, and then only to defend themselves. As such many ferals trade for taming, or go on raids should they start slipping into feraldom. Many cluster together in small groups known as tribes, named after their biological basis from before the Great War. Most Bhooty tribes are nomadic in nature, pitching tents of Kattle hide as they hunt and forage for food. Some settle around or follow rivers or coastlines, as fish are often plentiful enough to support large tribes. Rarely, Bhooty tribes will settle down and farm, though this often happens when individual tribes come into contact with Elf Queendoms. Overall, however, finding a Bhooty tribe is a hard thing to do considering the breed's rarity.
    Thresholding into a Bhooty is only a possibility with ancestry of this breed with the Pokégirl’s skin tone changing as her body shifts physically into solid ether. Shortly after threshold, many new Bhooty will try to go into their trance in order to contact their Guide for the first time. As these Pokégirls are fairly rare, they are often sold to nearby ranches for a profit.