BILLIE, the Mountain Climbing Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Ground
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Sherpa, Rock Climber, Rescue Worker
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Poison, Rock
Weak Vs: Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Earthquake, Headbutt Quick Fissure, Resonate, Rock Throw, Sexy Hug, Vice Grip
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (X4, Balance Only), Enhanced Durability (X2), Enhanced Endurance (X2), Enhanced Strength (X3), Improved Respiration, Innate Knowledge (Mountaineering), Natural Weapons (Horns), Summon (Climbing Harness and Rope)
Evolves: Beshemoth (struck by lightning while at 2500 feet or higher above sea level, charged Thunder Stone)
Evolves From: None

Billie’s were given an important yet mostly non-violent duty during the Revenge War. Designed with an in-depth knowledge of and excellent body for mountaineering, Billies spent most of the war guiding more powerful pokegirls through dangerous mountain paths occasionally using their talents to navigate ruined cities and valleys as well. Today these pokegirls are used by humans for the same purpose, guiding people through mountainous terrain or saving the poor fools who dared go without them in the first place.

Billies are not an imposing breed of pokegirl, standing short by human standards at around five feet for most. They’re usually in very good shape due to their role/hobby and most maintain a thin, but athletic form. They aren’t known for being very curvy without the aid of body modifying powders. The majority of the pokegirls have human hair and eye colors, and come in many different races, but could never pass for human due to their horns. These ram-like horns grow over time eventually forming into a rather intimidating set of weapons that give these pokegirls a mean headbutt.

Billies are usually described as intelligent and well intentioned pokegirls, eager to help others in anyway they can. They love mountain climbing, or any climbing really, and enjoy getting their tamer and any harem sisters into the hobby as well. These goat girls have something of a quirk when it comes to dressing, always preferring to wear the climbing harness they can summon to their person. These climbers could be on a completely flat plain with no vertical climbs in their foreseeable future and the urge to keep their harness on would never go away. Despite their fascination with their harness, Billie don’t wear much else when climbing, usually wearing nothing more than bra and panties for modesty’s sake. If forced into more clothes they still keep their harness on hiding it under the rest of their outfit if they have to. Billie’s vary in terms of worth for alpha or beta status, but many of these girls have submissive personalities that make it hard for them to control others.

When it comes to battle Billie’s are usually submission fighters, bringing their opponents down with powerful holds. They don’t have many ranged attacks outside of rock throw so they usually rely on earthquake or quick fissure to trip up their enemy long enough for them to get in close. Billie are very effective at close range, many having pinned down much stronger pokegirls then themselves. The rope they usually use for their harness is very strong and is capable of restraining most lower level pokegirls. It’s not uncommon for a Billie to end a fight by leaving their opponent hogtied on the mat. When facing a Billie try to keep your distance, pokegirls that can fly being the ideal. While they enjoy tying opponents up they are also weak to bondage tactics themselves plant types who can summon vines enjoy an even stronger advantage over these goat girls.

With their submissive nature and tendency for grappling and rope play, it should come as no surprise that most Billie show an interest in bondage in the bedroom. While they aren’t unwilling to tie up their tamer or harem sisters most Billie show much more interest in being on the receiving end, to the point where some skilled Billie will even tie themselves up. Few things can turn these pokegirls on more than being bound with their own climbing gear, according to most Billie tamers they could get away with pretty much anything while they had their girl in that state. Sex battles are risky for most Billie. Any pokegirl with an aggressive personality or bondage abilities will probably take the win over one. Still, they can put up a decent fight and if their opponent doesn’t have a way to bind them it’s not uncommon for a Billie to come out on top.

These pokegirls are easily recognized when feral mainly due to the lack of their climbing harness. Feral born pokegirls never summon it until tame so most feral rely on their agility and strength to keep them safe when climbing. Feral Billie naturally drift towards mountains or other high places. They live mainly on plants, but will eat small animals if desperate. Most Billie will flee upward if confronted by a predator or tamer unless protecting ‘kits, in which case they might charge with their horns or throw rocks at the threat. The best capture method is to get a pokegirl above the Billie, usually a flying type, and let her press them down towards the rest of your harem.

Thresholding into a Billy is a simple process with very few dangers for the girl in question. The first couple of weeks have the Billie-to-be seeking out high places and learning random mountain climbing trivia. During the third week these pokegirls will start to deal with muscle pain as they develop a stronger physique. The final few days are the worst as their horns grow in, but thankfully this is the shortest part of their change into a Billie, usually about two to three days in length.