LIONESS, the Royal Cat Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic Cat
Element: Ground/Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon (Crescent Moon League; prides of 3-12 individuals), Very Rare (All other Leagues)
Diet: carnivorous
Role: wilderness survivalist (plains and deserts)
Libido: Average, seasonal peaks
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Electric, Fire, Normal, Poison, Rock, Steel, Mouse-type Pokégirls
Weak Vs: Flying, Plant, Psychic, Water, Certain Canine Pokégirls
Attacks: Pride Claw, Slash, Stomp, Growl, Call Pride (available only to Feral-born), Lioness' Roar (Lv. 30), Legendary Lioness' Roar (Lv. 70)
Enhancements: Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x3), Enhanced Strength (x10), Reinforced Claws, Enhanced Agility (x3), Nightvision (x5), Pack Hunters
Disadvantages: Arrogance, Pride Mentality, Poor Single Fighters
Evolves: Womanticore (Shadow Stone applied at night + Sexmet's Blessing; this is unknown to any Pokédex or tamer outside of Sexmet's Preserve)
Evolves From: Kitten (battle stress)
    Like their sister species of the Pumara, back during Sukebe's War, the Lioness was created as a regiment of guerilla troops for certain environmental terrains. While the Pumara were meant for the rather rocky and mountainous areas where human troops hoped to gain the high-ground, the Lioness were meant to survive in desert and plains with great ease, taking out troops whom were either trying to reach that destination, or thought to get away from other Pokégirls in normally unforgiving terrain.
    While one would think that Pumara and Lioness are interchangeable, what with Pumara being a Fighting-type with Ground-type Sub-attributes, and Lioness being the reverse, (not to mention the fact they're both evolved from Kitten) one should realize that they are completely different in not only looks, but their personalities, battle potentials, and behavioral habits.
    Where the Pumara tend to be short with multi-colored fur with black splotches on their tails, the Lioness' fur tends to be uniform in color, normally a tan to a dirty yellow coloration, with tails ending in a tuft of fur. It should also be noted that Lioness are taller than Pumara's by a few inches, usually putting them in a range of a solid 6' up to 6'4". With this height comes a stronger build. While their cousin species of Pumara are sleek and speedy, the Lioness is definitely more muscled and physically stronger. And of course, a sticking point is that the Lioness has a larger set of breasts with a full cup-size, putting her into a solid D-Cup range.
    Personality-wise, the Lioness is a 180 from the Pumara. Where the Pumara tend to be mischievous and playful in nature, the Lioness prefers to remain poise and stoic. They prefer to exude an air of regality about them, hence the title of `Royal Cat' that the Lioness have been given. This feeling of pride that the Lioness has gotten them a reputation of being a rather overconfident species, (though not as bad a stigma as the Neo-Iczel has gotten).
    What really puts them apart from their cousin species is that while Pumara tend to be solitary hunters, the Lioness species have a pack mentality, and thus will pull together into Prides of other Lioness, ranging from a minimum of three, but no larger than a dozen. This pack mentality will also translate over to Harems, though they aren't found in too many Tamers' Harem. They work best when they are in pairs or with other Lionesses.
    In Battle, a Lioness' forte is the Pride Claw, which they will depend on more than any other attack, (which unfortunately, can make them predictable in battle). Still, once the Lioness' Roar becomes available, they will make great use of it, using the roar first before going in with their powerful claw strike, or even using Stomp on their opponent if it's weak to Ground Attacks. Teamed up with another Lioness however, and they become a different story, with the two managing an alternation of their different techniques to put their opponents down quickly and effectively.
    If in the Harem of a Tamer, a Lioness' superiority complex will come to the fore, and she will want to be in a dominant role over all the other Pokégirls, taking charge of the Harem and making it submissive and cohesive as she sees fit. While this may not necessarily be a bad idea, the fact is that a Lioness believes that to do this, she has to be given the Alpha position in the Harem, and will settle for nothing less; she will challenge the current Alpha outright for it. Unless the Tamer already has a strong Plant, Psychic, or Water-type Pokégirl as their Alpha whom can beat down the Royal Cat Pokégirl and put her in her place, one can expect the Lioness to remain rather unruly until she gets the position of Alpha for herself.
    Lionesses are only submissive to their Tamers, the only one whom they consider are above them in the Pride, (they do not call it a Harem). They are especially submissive during a Taming session, and while they will normally get onto all fours, allowing their Tamer to do as they please, the fact is, whatever the Tamer says, goes. Those Tamers that have loyalty from their Lioness will find they can get away with doing a lot of different things to the Pokégirl, be it positions or other sexual practices.
    When the Seasonal Heat for the Pokégirl comes up, forget it. The Lioness becomes so easy to get off, that one would think they have a pleasure threshold lower than a Titmouse's. Still, they can get off dozens of times in this state...
    While not a common end to Threshold, those who have a strong Lioness history in their family can come to this as the result of their Threshold into a Pokégirl. There is no sign that this is the end result, as the looks that come in are generically feline, although their personality will change one of two ways. Either the girl Thresholding becomes submissive, recognizing someone else as the dominant in the household, or they will start to become dominant themselves, trying to feel like the head of the home, even if they're not sure why.