ARTICUNT, the Legendary Freezing Bird Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Ice/Flying
Frequency: Extremely Rare (Unique)
Diet: unknown
Role: mistress of frost
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Dragon, Flying, Ground, Plant
Weak Vs: None (Electric, Fire, Rock, Steel)
Attacks: Mist, Snow Storm, Ice Wall, Ice Punch, Ice Kick, Heat Drain, Cold Snap, Diamond Dust, Heavenly Strike, Feather Shuriken, Feather Blizzard, Wingover, Typhoon, Hurricane, Dive
Enhancements: Legendary Qualities, Legendary Salient Qualities, Improved Respiration, Endurance, Freejoints (hips and knees), Prehensile Feet, Atmospheric Comfort, Enhanced Vision
Evolves: N/A
Evolves From: N/A

Articunt is one of the three Legendary bird Pokégirls, with her two sisters being Moltits and Zapdass. The three of them were among the first Legendaries created by Sukebe. They covertly targeted supply lines and communication in human strongholds to help weaken defenses while other Legendary Pokégirls attacked the humans more directly. Articunt’s usual tactic during the war was to keep high above the battlefield and use her natural powers to make blizzards engulf enemy camps, burying them under deep layers of snow, a strategy she used many times to great success.

Articunt’s body is covered in beautiful light blue short feathers that hug her closely, save for her breast feathers, which are white and a bit larger. Her hair is also the same blue as her body, with a little of it also hanging white near the front of her head. Her hair falls long and straight down to below her shoulder blades. She is the tallest of her sisters, standing one inch over six feet. Unlike other bird Pokégirls, Articunt’s wings are separate appendages from her arms. Her feet are clawed, with a back-toe that allows her to grip the ground solidly when she lands. Her nipples are a deep navy blue against her C-cup breasts. Her cunt is naturally smooth and hairless. Articunt never wears clothing at any time.

Articunt is a paragon of both Flying and Ice-type Pokégirls. Her large, powerful wings release snowflakes every time she flaps them, and she is able to soar high into the atmosphere, at altitudes where other Flying-type Pokégirls wouldn’t dare to venture. Her incredibly sharp vision allows her to spot prey from miles above, letting her use her Dive attack to deadly precision. Her natural cold aura (see below) allows her to venture into warmer climes than most Ice-type Pokégirls would feel comfortable with.
Of the three Legendary bird Pokégirls, Articunt is the most cautious. She feels that the best options in anything are those that present the least risk, even if it means waiting longer. This policy guided her movements during Sukebe’s Revenge, during which time she never actively fought the humans, instead staying well out of harm’s way as she let her icy powers do the trick slowly instead of using her combat abilities for a quicker solution. Articunt was against the entire idea of killing their fellow Legendary, Atmuff, and argued heavily in favor of a waiting action, hoping Atmuff would come to her senses. It was due to Articunt’s influence that the three sisters waited as long as they did before they made their move. In hindsight, this turned out to be very fortunate. While she was ultimately unable to talk her sisters out of the idea that Atmuff needed to die, Articunt’s debating delayed them so long that another Legendary, the vicious Hy-bra, made her own move. Although she died at Atmuff’s hands, Hy-bra’s attack weakened Atmuff enough that not only did Articunt and her sisters win the fight (something that might not have happened otherwise), they did so without any major losses. Articunt’s caution is not cowardliness however; she pulled her own weight in the battle with the Legendary Warrior. She recognizes that sometimes there are situations where risk is inevitable, and when that happens she acts with her whole heart.

Articunt is ruthless in a battle. Her preferred tactic is to remain high above the field, directing cold weather to wear down her foe gradually, letting them freeze. If necessary, she’ll use a variety of her attacks from on high, never coming within a foe’s reach. Her combination of Heat Drain and Cold Snap have been known to flash-freeze open flames, and using Typhoon and Hurricane can create deadly arctic storms around her foes. She usually uses Heavenly Strike as a warning, or a coup-de-grace on foes that have particularly annoyed her. If physical combat is unavoidable, Articunt will use Dive as often as possible, and will fall back on Ice Punch, Ice Kick, and Wingover while Mist and Ice Wall help to keep her opponents confused.

Since the slaying of Atmuff, Articunt has left the company of her sisters. The Watchers have confirmed that she is somewhere on the Tyroon continent, either in the northern ice fields, or the ice wall between the Slot and Silver River Leagues. Opinion amongst the Watchers is divided on what to do though. By all accounts, no one has been attacked or hurt by Articunt, and even the number of people who make reliable claims to have had sex with her are particularly small. Articunt appears to be trying to stay out of sight, and many in the Watchers suggest letting her do just that, lest her icy ire be roused.

LEGENDARY QUALITIES: All Legendary Pokégirls have these special attributes, making them above and beyond other Pokégirls:

Truly Unique: All Legendary Pokégirls cannot be copied. Attempts to clone them always fail, and morphing other beings into copies of them always produces sub-standard versions. Titto, for example, can take Articunt's shape and even copy her powers to some degree, but not any of her Legendary Qualities or Legendary Salient Qualities (see below). They can have their base stock altered to be used in the formation of a new Pokégirl type though.

Deathlessness: Despite having been around since Sukebe’s Revenge, all the Legendary
Pokégirls are still around and going strong. This superior version of longevity makes them immune to death from natural causes. They will never die unless they are killed. However, poison, disease, or any unnatural cause still has a normal chance to kill them, barring their special immunities and strengths.

No Weakness (Level X): All of the Legendary Pokégirls can ignore their type’s normal weaknesses, to a point. When facing a Pokégirl at or below a certain level, if that Pokégirl is a type the Legendary would normally be weak against, she instead treats it as though it were of a type she had no specific advantage or disadvantage against. For example, Articunt has No Weakness (Level 75). If she were to face a Fire or a Rock-type Pokégirl, or anything else that was considered Strong vs. Ice/Flying, at or below level 75, she wouldn’t be considered weak against it, nor would it be considered strong against her. Pokégirls at a level above the Legendary’s No Weakness level treat things normally.

LEGENDARY SALIENT QUALITIES: Some Legendary Pokégirls have special qualities others don’t have. Here is Articunt's lexicon of special attributes:

Queen of Cold: Articunt is the iciest of Ice-types. Her temperature is so cold that she actually radiates an arctic chill around her. For five hundred yards in every direction from her, the temperature around Articunt plunges far below zero, to around negative one hundred. Effects on the environment dissipate thrice as quickly as they formed if Articunt leaves the area, i.e. if she were to spend three weeks in an area, after she left it would take a week for it to return to its natural condition, no matter how dry or hot that condition may have been. It is for this reason that Articunt can maintain such a cold haven in the warm climate of Tyroon. By concentrating, Articunt can lessen her aura; the more she concentrates, the less cold it is. She rarely does this however, and has never been known to make her range above zero degrees (if she even can negate it that much).

Center of Sub-Zero: All of Articunt’s non-ice attacks inflict additional cold damage. For example, Feather Shuriken does not only stabbing damage, but also cold damage since the feathers are frozen. Typhoon not only hits opponent with harsh winds, but those winds are freezing. Further, all of Articunt’s ice attacks inflict heavier damage than they would if they came from another Ice-type Pokégirl, representing how Articunt is truly the coldest being alive.