HOARFOXX, the Ice Fox Pokégirl
Type: Animorphic Near Human
Element: Ice
Frequency: Very Rare (Scarlet League), Extremely Rare (All other Leagues)
Diet: omnivore, preference for fish and meat
Role: arctic hunter
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Flying, Ground, Ice, Plant
Weak Vs: Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Slap, Iceball, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Mist, Ice Armor, Ice Wall
Enhancements: Enhanced Hearing (x4), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x5), Enhanced Agility (x3), Atmospheric Comfort, Immunity to Snow Blindness
Disadvantage: Cannot stand hot terrain
Evolves: Unknown
Evolves From: Kitsune (Water Stone + Sky Crystal)
    For decades, the Hoarfoxx was a very rare evolution of the Kitsune, considered by most a nearly impossible evolution to achieve. Many of the initial numbers of this species of vulpine Pokégirl came from a Water Stone-induced evolution where both subject and Evolution Stone were in a cold environment, where snow and/or ice were present and high winds were blowing. And still, even that was no guarantee a Hoarfoxx would be yielded from such a set-up. It could be the middle of winter in a League and a Kitsune introduced to a Water Stone still had the potential to evolve into a Foxxsea instead of the intended outcome.
    Researchers had spent decades trying to figure out what was the missing mechanism and why an Ice Crystal simply wouldn't have the same effect as this rather difficult set of circumstances. Finally an answer was uncovered by the world's premiere Pokégirl Researcher, Professor Alphonse Mahogany Stroak. He hypothesized that perhaps it was the fact that the wind itself played a factor in the evolution of the Hoarfoxx and put it to the test. After some experimentation, Stroak practices wielded success as he proved his theory to be fact with the use of the recent Evolution Stone based purely on the Flying element, Sky Crystal. He discovered that when Kitsune is given a Sky Crystal to hold before being given the Water Stone, she will become an Ice-type Pokégirl Hoarfoxx instead of the Water-type, Foxxsea. Hoarfoxxes are natural survivors in the arctic wildernesses; Tamers can rely on them for survival if lost or trapped by the weather.
    While humans may suffer from the bitter cold and the bare elements, the Hoarfoxx species have the innate ability of Atmospheric Comfort. They could be out in the middle of a storm and they would be comfortable in it, and able to see through it thanks to their immunity to Snow Blindness. Truly, a Hoarfoxx is easily one of the de facto Pokégirls to turn to when it comes to planning expeditions to areas that are below freezing.
    When it comes to the beauty of a Hoarfoxx, one should understand that the build is very similar to what one expects of a Vixxen. The vulpine Pokégirl stands between 4'10" to 5'8" in height, bust ranging around a mid to high C-Cup. However, whereas the Vixxen are normally red-colored, the Hoarfoxx is completely white-furred, with currently no exceptions to the rule. A Hoarfoxx's tail, as can be expected is also white and fluffy, but the appendage made up of considerable mass. This genetic quirk is so that a Hoarfoxx can circumvent her weight and center of gravity away from her feet when she walks on snow so she won't sink through.
    It should be noted that in Battle or Taming, a Hoarfoxx takes to both in a rather aggressive fashion. In battle, a Hoarfoxx opens up with numerous status-effect moves to boost her own skills and possibly offset her opponent before she tries to pummel her target with extreme prejudice. In bed, the Ice-type is surprisingly dominant. She may not be after Taming as often as a Vixxen, but when she wants it, she lets her Tamer know. Fortunately, thanks to her Atmospheric comfort, a Hoarfoxx's insides are a comfortable temperature and no special requirements are needed to Tame her.
    However, there is one thing that really drags the Hoarfoxx down. Heat. Be it a warm bath, Spring/Summer climate, or the attack from a Fire-type Pokégirl, the Hoarfoxx will take severe damage and lose energy far too easily. This defect is the reason Hoarfoxx are only really seen in year-round use in the regions of the Capital and Scarlett Leagues, along with certain regions of the Orange and Ruby Leagues. While they could be imported to other regions, their overall use becomes fairly diminished in Leagues lacking ice and snow. As of modern day, not a single girl that has gone through Threshold has become a Hoarfoxx. It would seem that the more common branches of vulpine Pokégirls, the Vulvixx, Kitsune, and Vixxen will remain dominant for quite some time until more Hoarfoxx are bred and bare children via natural sexual reproduction rather than parthenogenesis.