“Aaron, come on, open the door?”

“Forget it Morgan.”

“You can’t hide in your room forever.”

“Why not?”

“Because I’ll have to end up breaking the door down and dragging you out of there. You wouldn’t want to make me do that; now would you?”


“Aaron, why are you doing this?”

“Because I did not get in a fight, and none of you will believe me.”

“How can we? Come on, a feral Wildcat?” The door suddenly swung open violently.

“It’s the truth! Why is it so hard to believe?”

“Well let’s see”, Morgan began “You’ve been picking fights since you were fifteen, you’ve been lying since you were eight; remember when you got the whole town up in arms because you claimed to have saw a Widow in the woods, or when you tried to get out of your chores by claiming you were having balance problems after I hit you during training...”

“You did hit me”

“You ran into my fist. If I’d hit you, you wouldn’t have had a mouth left to lie with. Face it, you are a compulsive liar.”


“Besides, there is no record of anyone even seeing a feral Wildcat in this area, much less being sexually attacked by one.”

“So maybe someone lost one”

“Lost a Wildcat? I severely doubt that. Even if someone was so absent minded to actually lose one, the Wildcat would have tracked the idiot back down.”

“Ahh! Why do I even bother?” Aaron tried slamming the door, but Morgan just held out a hand and brought the swing to a halt. There was a very brief, very one sided struggle before Aaron wisely stopped trying to win a contest of strength with the pokewomen. “Dammit...I’m not lying, and I wasn’t fighting...”

“Aaron, you can’t stay in this room till you get kicked out. You’ve got those eight hundred credits from that one fight, that’s more than enough for a down payment on an apartment.”



“Mom and Dad aren’t really kicking me out are they? Come on, this is just a big bluff right?”

“Aaron, you haven’t really left us with much in the way of choices. You don’t listen to us at all anymore. If you’re not going to obey the rules of this house then we’re not going to let you stay.”

“Rules of this house”, Aaron repeated sarcastically. “Rules of Lina you mean.”

“Your father agrees with them. Yes, Lina does run this house, but as long as he lets her, what she says goes.”

“That explains why she’s Alpha instead of you. She sure couldn’t have got from you by force”

“Your father forbids us from fighting each other...” Morgan paused a moment. “And you’re trying to get me off track, aren’t you?”

“Maybe”, with a shrug Aaron headed back to his bed and laid down. Morgan sighed.

“Aaron, please, you’ve wasted three days in here. You’ve only got four left.” When she got no response, Morgan sighed again, closing the door as she left him to be alone.


Something smelled wonderful. Definitely a fish of some sort, with a spicy odor overlaying that which was unfamiliar. Peering over a row of very flat, close growing treeish plants that were equally unfamiliar, the white haired pokegirl caught sight of the meat she had been searching for.

The fish lay in neat rows, sitting on a very odd shaped rock. Jumping nimbly over the line of flat trees, the Wildcat made her way carefully towards the bounty. The food was laying very close to one of those odd, unnatural mounds that she had seen humans and pokegirls going in and out of regularly during the last three days. So far she had kept her distance and stayed out of sight while looking for the young man she had met in the woods.

Nourishment of any kind was scarce in the woods around this place though, and her appetite had gotten the better of her when she’d caught a whiff of the fish now laying just a few feet away. As she closed in, the Wildcat was surprised to feel large amounts of heat coming off the odd rock the meat was laying on. Looking around to make sure no one was watching her; she set down the shoe she had been carrying around.

Snatching a chunk of fish, she yelped as it burnt her hands slightly. She fumbled with it for a minute until it finally cooled enough to hold comfortably. Taking a large bite, she nearly spit the meat back out. It tasted like no fish she had ever had. The flavor wasn’t unpleasant, just very surprising. The texture was totally different from what she was used to. Still, it was food and she was starving.

She was just starting on her third fish when a piece of the mound moved aside. A short, mouse like pokegirl stood in the opening, looking at her with shock that quickly turned to excitement. The mousegirl quickly ran back into the mound, making an excessive amount of noise.

“Master! Master, quickly, there’s a catgirl in the backyard!” There was the sound of rapid footsteps and a young man appeared. It wasn’t the one she was looking for though.

“Holy shit, that’s a Wildcat. Claire, go get Alice quickly. I’m going to need her to subdue her.”

Not liking the noise nor the way the human was eying her, the Wildcat finished up the fish, grabbed her shoe, and started to back away.

“No, don’t go, stay. Please, just hold still a little longer...” When she kept backing away, the man suddenly moved, hurling a very round red and white rock at her. Jumping quickly out of the way, the Wildcat decided it was time to leave. “Alice! Hurry up, she’s getting away!”

As she hopped the flat trees, the catgirl looked back to see a very human looking female burst out of the mound. Her eyes however, were strange looking, insect like. The buggirl turned and held out her arms, twin streams of what looked like thick spider webs spraying out of her wrists.

The Wildcat dropped off the flat trees, the webbing sailing over her head. She made a quick dash for the tree line, hoping she could lose the buggirl in the woods. As she crashed through the underbrush, she looked back to see her pursuer had leapt into the treetops, using her web streams to swing from tree to tree. As she tried her best to lose the buggirl, she decided that from now on, no matter how hungry she got, she was going to stay in the woods. 


Sneaking out of his house by climbing out his bedroom window was second nature to Aaron at this point in his life. He actually left that way more than he did by using the front door. He preferred not to have his mom know whether or not he was around. If only he could get back in the same way he got out, he’d just lock his door and pretend to be in his room all day and night.

By hanging out his window and jumping off the side of the wall, he was able to land on top of the garage. He looked back, wishing he had the confidence to try jumping back and grabbing hold of his window sill, but he just couldn’t do it. Probably it was for the best; he could well imagine himself missing and falling the twenty feet or so and cracking his head open on the pavement.

From the garage roof it was a simple matter of walking onto the thick branch of the oak tree that grew right by and climbing down. He was fairly certain no one in the house knew how he snuck out. He had little doubt that if they found out, his mom would have Morgan tear the tree out of the ground to stop him. Hell, if she was in the right mood, she might even take care of it herself with a good thunderbolt, before she realized that doing so could start a fire and burn the house down. She was prone to acting suddenly without thinking like that when she was upset.

Aaron paused for a moment to try and adjust his shoes. They were an older pair and a bit too small. Not that he really had a choice at the moment, seeing as half of his newer pair had been stolen by a horny catgirl in the woods.

With a sigh, he considered which way to head. He was in a fighting mood, and seeing as he was getting kicked out regardless at this point, it was not like he had any real reason to listen to anything his parents told him.

His best bet would probably be to take the trail that cut through the woods to the park. No kids ever went there anymore; the playground equipment had fallen into disrepair when the city treasury had hit critical levels. The whole area was on the brink of bankruptcy.

The only people to visit the park now were people like him, people interested in things that fell on the other side of the law, gambling, drugs and such. With any luck, he’d find someone there willing to put up some creds on a fight. If not, he’d just have to settle for finding someone to piss off.

After a few minutes of strolling down the bare dirt path, Aaron thought he could hear someone or something crashing through the woods around him. Pausing for a moment, he looked around, trying to locate the source.

Further up the path, a form suddenly dash across from one side to the other. Though it was only in his view for a half second, Aaron’s heart jumped into his throat. White hair.

“It couldn’t be...” Obvious not convincing himself, he started running down the path, looking off to his right, trying to spot anything through the trees. Nearly tripping and falling on his face a few times on the uneven trail, Aaron slowed down a bit.

“Where, where, where...there!” He saw it, saw her. No question, it was the same Wildcat from the other day. “Hey!” Charging through the underbrush, he tried again. “Hey, over here!”

Looking back over her shoulder, the pokegirl suddenly stopped, skidding a bit on the leaves and loose dirt. Her eyes locked onto Aaron, and she smiled. Then she gasped and jumped to the side as a stream of webbing sailed through the space she had been standing.

Aaron skidded to a halt himself. “What the hell?” Looking up, he found the answer to his question. “Alice, shit!” He recognized that Spidergirl. She belonged to Andy, a guy who could be best described as a Tamer wannabe. Too lazy to actually wander around and find his own pokegirls, all the pokegirls he owned he had bought from Henry’s ranch. He would barely be worth knowing about if he wasn’t such bully. And an annoying one at that, being of the kind that always talked big, but never actually did anything. He never lifted a finger, letting his pokegirls back up his words. He was insufferable. And there was no way in hell Aaron was letting him add this Wildcat to his harem.

The catgirl ran up to Aaron, hiding behind him as Alice dropped down to a low hanging branch.

“Move it, you’re in the way!” she yelled.

“No chance”, Aaron replied. “Just what do you think you’re doing?”

“What does it look like? I’m catching a fish stealing cat for my master. Now move or you can get webbed up with her” Aiming her wrists towards them, she waited for a beat to see what Aaron would do.

He didn’t move. “Fine, be that way” Twin strands of webbing shot out. Aaron braced himself, only to yell in surprise as he was suddenly knocked from behind. The Wildcat pushed him out of the way, only to get caught up in the webs herself. Alice leapt to an overhanging branch and started to haul her catch up.

“Dammit!” Looking around for something, anything to throw, Aaron was surprised to see his shoe, his stolen shoe, laying on the ground. “Eh, what the hell?” Snatching the sneaker up, he turned, aimed, and hurled.

Although Alice wasn’t paying attention to him, his shoe attack didn’t go unnoticed. She didn’t see it coming, but she felt it, using her warning sense, a type of psi radar that all Spidergirls possessed. She leaned back and the shoe passed in front of her face. However, her sudden motion was such that the bark on the tree branch, moldy and wet as it was, peeled right off. Her feet had adhered to the bark, taking advantage of her ability to stick to most surfaces to steady herself on the thin surface; so when the bark left the tree branch, so did she.

With a surprised yell, she let go of the Wildcat to free up her hands, firing a webline to catch herself before she hit the ground. As her momentum swung her away, Aaron hurried to make use of what little time he had.

Pulling out his pocket knife he started to cut at the webs binding the catgirl’s leg. She had already stared shredding the material with her claws, which thankfully was still drying. Once fully dry, the webbing would be like steel.

Convinced she’d be able to run, Aaron just dropped the knife instead of bothering to close it back up; he could come get it later. “Up!” Half hauling the pokegirl to her feet, he looked back to see Alice heading back their way. “Run” With a push, he sent her heading back towards the path.

Aaron found himself really wishing he could better communicate with the Wildcat. Apparently not wanting to leave him behind, she was not running at full speed, holding back so he could keep up. He wanted to tell her to go ahead, but no matter how he pushed her, she hung back with him.

Reaching the path, he grabbed her arm and half swung her around as he headed back towards home. She changed directions quickly, making up the little ground she had lost in just three strides. As they burst from the tree line Aaron allowed himself to hope they would make it. On the ground, Alice would be a bit slower, having to run just like them instead of swinging through the trees.

As his house came into sight, Aaron praised whatever gods might be listening. He could see Morgan heading out, carrying along the waste bins for collection the next morning. “Morgan!” As the pokewoman turned, Aaron nearly laughed at the look of shock on her face. Before he could properly enjoy it though, he felt his legs suddenly bound together. He fell, hitting his shoulder hard before rolling over a couple times.

A bit dizzy, his shoulder starting to throb, Aaron lifted his head to see Alice running at him, looking very pissed off. Her charge however ended quickly as she leapt to the side, just barely avoiding a waste bin that flew at her like a rocket.

“You stay away from him!” Morgan roared, her dual set of lungs raising her voice a level that rattled windows all the way down the street. Alice took a quick step back, obviously intimidated. Her anger however, helped to reinforce her courage.

“Make me!” She yelled back, firing a webline towards the pokewoman’s legs. Morgan just bent down, her lower right arm snagging the webbing out of the air. Her upper right grabbed a fist full of the strand as well. Watching the fight with interest, Aaron winced as Alice actually tried to pull Morgan off balance.

“Idiot”, he muttered. Even with the limited knowledge he had on pokegirls, there was one thing he did know very well; when it came to strength, very few pokegirls beat an Amachamp. And spidergirls were not among those few.

Alice’s tug didn’t even budge Morgan’s, her arms hardly even moving. The pokewoman jerked back in response, her body generating somewhere around twelve tons of force. The webline snapped straight and tight as a steel rod for a fraction of a second, right before Alice’s feet left the ground. Airborne and on a collision course with her opponent , there was little she could do to avoid the dual clubbing fists as Morgan stepped aside and brought her arms down, hard..

With a sound like a bomb going off, Alice was hammered into the ground, actually breaking right through the pavement as she hit. Morgan didn’t even bother to wait for the dust to settle. The fight was clearly over.

“Are you alright?” she asked as she knelt down by Aaron, who was still looking at the crater that had been left in his driveway.

“...that was awesome...” he finally responded. Morgan sighed and tried not to smile.

“Yeah, you’re alright.” With a few tugs she ripped off the worst of the webbing from his legs so he could walk again.

“What the hell was that!?” Standing in the doorway, Lina paused as she tried to make sense of what she was seeing. She had heard Morgan yell, followed by an all too familiar boom that she hadn’t heard in years. She felt someone behind her and moved aside so her husband and master could see as well.

“Hey mom, hey dad” Aaron called out as he got up, walking over to the still startled Wildcat and helping her to her feet. “Guess who I ran into, again...”


“So she’s going to live...well that’s good. And you’ve called her Tamer yes? ...alright then, is there anything else? ...no? Alright, thank you officer.” Aaron looked up at his father as the older man came back inside.

“So what’s the word?” He asked as he went back to cleaning off the Wildcat, using a special solution to dissolve the webbing and then wiping it off with a wet cloth. The pokegirl was enduring it; even though it was clear she hated the smell.

“Well we could press charges if we wanted to; Alice did attack you, even if you did provoke her first. She’s going to be sent to Henry’s ranch for medical care and keeping until Andy can pay to get her back.”

“He is going to be pissed”, Lina pointed out.

“Good”, Aaron commented as he screwed the cap back on the bottle of solution. “There you go. Feel better now?” The Wildcat cocked her head slightly and looked at him, blinking a few times.

“Guess I’m going to have to start teaching you to talk.”

“Oh?” his father asked. “So, you’re planning on keeping her then?”

“Of course I am. Hell, she followed me all the way here looking for me. It’d be mean to turn her away”

“Not to mention”, Lina added “What teenager could possibly pass up owning their own sex crazed Wildcat?”  

“Well if you want to keep her, you’re going to have to get a license.”

“I know dad, I plan on taking the test on my birthday, first thing.”

“That’s good. However, there is something we need to talk about then.”

“What’s that?”

“Well I figured you’d want to keep her, but in order to keep the police from capturing her, seeing as she was feral, I had to lay claim to her. She officially belongs to me now.”

“Well that’s no big deal, trading is simple enough. As soon as I get my license, you can give her to me.”

“True, but I won’t.”

“...what? But, why not!?” Aaron was suddenly on his feet, staring his dad down. He had not gone through all that effort to keep Andy from getting her just to let his own father sneak her away from him under his nose like this.

“I won’t...unless, you start obeying the rules of this house. That means no fighting, no sneaking out, and doing your chores when told to. If you do this, then not only will I allow you to stay here as long as you want, but when you do choose to move out, I will give her to you. If however, you get into one more fight, or sneak out to go somewhere without letting one of us know, then not only will I kick you out of this house, but I will keep this Wildcat.”

“...you...I don’t...” Aaron sputtered. He could not believe it. He actually had to restrain himself from throttling his father. He was going to use her against him as leverage? “You...can’t do that”, he ground out from between clenched teeth.

“You know very well I can and will Aaron. I know you’re upset, but you should be glad that I thought to claim her at all, otherwise the police would have taken her to Henry’s, and Andy would have been able to buy her. And then she would be his, and never yours.”

“Yeah...you’re right.” He was still pissed, but he managed to clamp down on it. He might not have her yet, but he could, and would.

“Good, then all that’s left now is to name her. Aaron...”

“...me?” He looked over at the Wildcat, who had been watching them closely. “...hell if I know.”

“Hmm...Well, your grandfather had a Werecat, an evolved form of Wildcat. Her name was Lira. How’s that?”

“Lira...yeah sure, that’s fine.”

“Good. Now why don’t you go take Lira and get her washed up, She’s no longer feral, so no reason for her to look as such.”


“You want to keep her; you’re going to have to take care of her. Or shall I call Henry and see what he’ll give me for a Wildcat?”

“Right dad, got it. Come on Lira.” When she just looked up at him with a confused look, Aaron took her hand and pulled her to her feet. “This way.” Still holding her hand, he led her down the hall towards the bathroom.

“So”, Morgan spoke up as soon as they were gone. “How long do you think he’ll be able to handle her? Wildcats are rather demanding pokegirls as far as taming goes.”

“I have faith in him”, Aaron’s dad answered. “And speaking of taming, I do believe it’s been a while Morgan.” The Amachamp just smiled as Lina spoke up.

“I’ll get the restraints ready...”



Aaron couldn’t help but smile at Lira. This was her first close encounter with modern technology, and she was curious about everything. The lights seemed to fascinate her the most. Having shown her how to work the switch, she was now flicking the lights on and off, staring up at them in wonder.

The shower had heated up nicely, and Aaron had just taken his shirt off when he noticed her staring at him. Her eyes held the same intense look they had the first time they’d met.

“Oh boy...” Aaron had planned on joining her in the shower for several reasons. He needed one after getting tossed in the dirt, he wanted to help make sure she felt comfortable, and it would be much easier to clean her up that way. Now it seemed Lira was having her own thoughts about why he would be joining her.

She still made him nervous, his fear of girls was still there, but he was rationally able to overcome it. She had come looking for him; she was not going to reject him. Rejection was the core of his fear of girls, and knowing that she had accepted him allowed him to push down most of the feelings.

Still, it didn’t change the fact that he found her very attractive and despite having tamed her once, he still didn’t know much at all about pleasing women. Then again, she didn’t really seem to care.

Snagging him by the waist of his pants, Lira pulled him to her, looking into his eyes as she kissed him. The whole staring while kissing thing was kind of odd; Aaron was fairly certain that wasn’t normal, but he sure wasn’t going to let it stop him.

When she started to pull him down on the floor though, he had to break the kiss. He needed to get her in the damn shower before she got any more excited. “Just, hold up” Figuring it would easier to get in first and have her follow, Aaron quickly took off his pants. Lira however, mistook the act for something else entirely as she took hold of him by his hardening manhood. “No, that’s not...oh shit!”

Aaron’s complaint cut off quickly as she wrapped her lips around his shaft. He had to grab hold of the wall and the sink as his legs turned weak. Lira was content to slide slowly up and down his length, her tongue subjecting him to the same smooth then rough treatment as before.

Realizing he’d better do something before he lost complete control, Aaron gently but forcefully managed to pull her off him. When she looked up at him with confused eyes, he forced a smile despite having his lower half yelling at him. “It’s alright, really. I just need you to come with me.” He pulled her off her knees, holding onto both her hands firmly.

Opening the shower door, he stepped inside, pulling her along. She stopped at the entrance, staring at the water that was flowing from seemingly nowhere. Her eyes widened in surprise. Aaron keeps coaxing her though, and she eventually stepped in.

She gasped as the warm water hit her and suddenly clung to Aaron, using his body as a shield. “It’s okay, really. You just need to get used to it.” Turning slowly, he spun them around so Lira was under the spray. She clung tighter to him at first, but then she started to relax a bit. “See, it feels good”

“...F...feels...g...g...good” she slowly repeated. Looking up at his face, she suddenly kissed him, pushing him back a bit roughly against the wall as she molded her body against his. Lira started rubbing against him. Aaron felt her breasts dragging along his chest as her tail brushed against his leg. 

Aaron felt a light pricking across his skin as Lira’s claws snapped out. They dug in slightly, not quite cutting into his flesh. “Hey, careful there” Even if she could have understood him, Aaron suspected she really wouldn’t have listened to him. Her claws left red trails down his chest, which she tenderly kissed. The clawing made the flesh extra sensitive, and her feather light kisses made his skin twitch.

As her kissing moved lower, Aaron realized she was intent on finishing up what she had started. Lira took him back in her mouth, her hands wrapping around the base of his shaft. Aaron gasped when he felt one of her fangs brush along his length. Conflicting emotions started waging war in his mind as he started worrying about what those teeth of hers could do if she wasn’t careful.

When he felt one of her claws slide along the underside of his sack, he nearly jumped right out of the shower. “ Holy hell, don’t do that again please” Noticing the way he had tensed up, Lira decided to give him a bit of a break and pulled her claws back in, repeating the motion with her bare finger tip. This got a much better reaction, judging from the way his manhood twitched in her mouth.

Aaron’s hands started running through her hair as her head bobbed back and forth. His fingers brushed against her cat ears and he felt them twitch. When he started running his fingers along their edges Lira purred happily. The vibrations traveled straight down the length of his shaft and Aaron felt light headed.

Lira noted the effect and purred again, deeper. Above her Aaron gasped loudly and his hands grabbed fistfuls of her hair. She felt him throbbing against her tongue and tasted the results of her efforts. Deciding it probably wouldn’t hurt her, she swallowed her mouthful after letting Aaron’s shaft slide free.

Sliding back up his body, Lira wrapped her arms around him and held him close. Aaron rested his head on her shoulder as he waited for his strength to return. Lira tilted her head against his and nuzzled affectionately against him.

“I swear, I think you almost enjoyed that more than I did.” Lira looked at him, her ears twitching.

“En...joy...ed” she repeated.

“And I’m starting to question just how much you really understand me.” Lira blinked a few times, and Aaron swore she was batting her eyelashes at him. “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.”


Aaron flopped down on his bed, exhausted. Lira had enjoyed having him hand wash her, a bit too much. Trying to get her to hold still had been near impossible, and her hands and tail had kept rubbing against certain areas of his body. By the time he’d finally gotten her clean, she gotten him worked back up. Trying to tame her standing up had been a bit tricky; it wasn’t until she turned around that Aaron had found a position that he could work with.

He turned his head to look at her. She was wandering around his room, poking, prodding, sniffing, and just generally checking everything out. She still had her towel draped over her shoulders. She seemed to enjoy the feel of the soft cloth.

Closing his eyes for a moment, Aaron could vividly recall the image of Lira’s bare back, her toned and muscled shoulders tensing against the shower wall as he had slammed her from behind. Trails of water running down her back and around her tail to her smooth rear. Her tail had actually left a trail of faint red marks on his arms from whipping him. More than anything he could recall the feeling of having her powerful inner walls pulling on and rippling around his manhood.

Aaron’s eyes opened as he felt his bed rock. Looking up into Lira’s eyes, he smiled. She smiled back and leaned over to kiss him, then laid down next to him. Even though it was just a bit past three, Aaron didn’t think he’d be getting back out of his bed. When Lira hooked a leg around his and snuggled up against him, he decided he really didn’t have anything better to do with the rest of his day anyway.


Downstairs and on the other side of the house, Lina held up a titanium bar, holding it to show off where the metal had been bent.

“I’d say he hit a real sweet spot on you”, she commented, handing what had been part of Morgan’s restraints over to her.

“To be honest, I didn’t even notice when it happened.” Looking over at her sleeping lover, the Amachamp smiled. “Guess I was too focused on something else.”

“I have not seen you enjoy a taming that much in a while. I think that fight got you riled up”

“Oh please, that wasn’t a fight. That stupid spidergirl might as well have let me hit her.”

“Still, it got your battle hormones going. That old rush of excitement...”

“Heh. Yeah, I guess so. As one sided and pitiful as it was, it did feel good.”

“Glad to know I’m not the only one that misses the action.”

“Yeah” The two pokewomen fell silent, lost in their own recollection of younger years.

“Morgan, how do you think Aaron will do as a tamer?” Lina’s harem-sister took a moment to answer.

“I think he will do very well. He’s stubborn, which might get him in some trouble, but which will keep him from giving up. He’s also smarter then he readily lets on.”

“Yeah.” The Oni sighed and looked down at her hands. “I can’t believe how quickly he’s grown up. He used to be so small. He was such a little baby; I never wanted to put him down. I just wanted to hold onto him and protect him forever.”

“I know Lina. I know.” Wrapping her four arms around her best friend and sister, Morgan gave Lina a gentle squeeze. “He’ll do alright. You just have to have faith in him”




 Acknowledgments: Thanks go to bsmart for introducing me to pokegirls in the first place as well as for proofreading this work. If not for him, this story would not exist.


Notes: This is my first attempt at a pokegirl story, and I’m aiming big. I’m hoping to write what could amount to a mini-series, providing I keep interested in it.


Hopeful requests: Email me and let me know what you thought. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) I’ll even take suggestions if there is a particular pokegirl you would like to make an appearance.