“Who threw this?!” Conor clenched the pokeball tightly enough that the casing groarned. “Who is the Zubutt sighted Bimbo-spawn that mistook me for a pokegirl?!”


No one would ever mistake you for a pokegirl. Ronen thought to himself dryly as he watched his companion with her teeth bared, tail bottled up, her ears lying flat, and the hairs on the back of her neck bristled.


“Sorry!” A voice called from off the path. “I didn't actually see you. I was aiming for your Tomboy. Didn't know she had a tamer.” A boy with shaggy black hair, yellow spade shaped ears, and a rapidly twitching tail that was yellow and black and shaped like a jagged bolt tumbled out from the brush.


“What Tomboy?” Conor's body language relaxed a little as she started to think that maybe this boy was actually guilty of everything she had accused him of being.


“Her. She's really not my type but they don't do well out in the wild, so since I thought she was a feral I was going to get her to a ranch, at least.” He indicated towards Ronen with his finger. Conor snorted with laughter. “But she's safe with you... What's so funny?”




Axel “Spaz” Toov stumbled as he tripped over his own feet yet again. Both Conor and Ronen tried to catch him but were too late. The younger boy just fell into a tumble and sprung back up to spin in place and walk backwards while talking. “So yeah, sorry I thought you were a pokegirl man. You should really maybe dress different. Or cut your hair shorter.” An ear twitched.


“I'm so used to the misunderstanding by now, I really don't mind it.” Ronen responded to the suggestions.


“So you two are traveling together?” Conor and Ronen nodded in response to Spaz's question. “Mind if I tag along? I suck at reading maps.”


“Why not just use your pokedex's navigation?” Conor asked him.


“Didn't come with one.” Spaz replied with a chipper tone.


“But, pokedexes have been coming with navigation for-...” Conor trailed off when the electric influenced boy pulled out a book nearly as big as the backpack he carried it in.


“Me and pokedexes don't get along. I need special pokeballs too. Sucks 'cause they're not cheap to buy, and I have to get them through a special order. So where are you guys heading? I guess this path is supposed to eventually head towards Kalamazoo.”


“Uh... yeah... eventually.”


“Cool!” A spark shot up between Axel's ears as he jumped with excitement.


Conor shot a questioning glance towards Ronen. He shrugged back and asked, “Just how long were you planning on sticking with us?”