Chapter 2

Birds are chirping as the sky lightens and the world wakes up, a soft breeze blowing gently through the trees, making them whisper in the mellow morning light. A low rhythmic thudding sound can soon be heard, making its way down a well-traveled path, which wanders through the forest. If you follow the sounds, you come across a huge bear of a man, walking steadily down the path, head brushing past the outreaching branches of the trees lining the pathway. Strangely the brobdingnagian man has not been converged upon by any creature or man, since he has started walking, even when he was moving through the brush trying to find a path. However, he does occasionally notice rapid movement through the brush, which indicates that there is life within this forest.

Stone, finding walking boring and repetitive, starts wondering how he came to this strange world, so obviously not his own. The tree are green, so unlike the trees of his world, which are shades of purple, gold and silver, and the feeling of the magicks in the area, don’t seem to permeate his very being, like it does at home. There is magick here, but it seems weaker, like the planet doesn’t use it to sustain itself. He believes that this might affect the magick that he uses, but he wouldn’t be sure, even if he checked, because he was never the most proficient of magick users in his clan. The last thing he remembers from his world is going to sleep in his family’s cave, so exhausted from the preceding day, that he fell on his bed, fully clothed and passed out. He couldn’t understand how suddenly he was falling through the air and then crashing through trees, nowhere near his comfortable cave.  He is started out of his musing as he splashes into a shallow creek, having missed a slight turn in the pathway. Stone steps back, out of the water and kneels down beside it, dipping his large hands into the water to scoop some out for a drink. He drinks a couple of times, and then stands back up, stretching his broad shoulders, arms wide out, and yawning, as he was unable to sleep long before he found himself bashed into a tree during the night.

The Giant backtracks until he finds the path again, his footprints quite easy for him to find, and continues on his way. After what seems like hours following the pathway, he notices movement in front of him, so he walks a little faster, wanting to make out what he’s seeing in front of him. As he gets closer to the movement, he notices that it’s a farm, with at least 2 Humans and what appears to be a bunch of Elves, though that can’t be right because on his world Elves hate Humans, because they bring hatred and fire to their forests. But Stone is pretty open-minded, considering that when he was just a Giant, he never cooked and devoured smaller humanoids for dinner, like some of his kin.

Stone continued walking until one of the Elves noticed him, standing up straight to get a better look at him. The large man put out his hands in a non-threatening way and waited for the Elf to alert the Humans to his appearance. He waited patiently for the Humans to gather up the Elves and make their way over to him, forming a wary half circle around him, various tools held like weapons, meant to be intimidating, but the Giant knew that they were scared.

The male Human, takes a half step forward, a signal that he was the leader of the group, and looked up into the giant’s eyes.

The Giant watches warily as the Human looks him over, which was copied by the Elves partially surrounding him, waiting for the Human to say the first word.

The male Human looks up at the Giant’s face with a low appreciative whistle, and says, “Wow mister, they sure build ‘em big where you come from.”

“You look like you could be the son of a Giant Trollop, or even a Giantess, though that last wouldn’t be possible,” mentions the female Human

In a deep, ground rumbling voice Stone says, “Well, I am the son of a Giantess, me being a Giant and all, though I don’t quite think that I am from around here…Hmm… Where abouts is here?”

“Sounds like yer like that Sow… What’s his name again Mabel?” The male looks towards what is now obviously his wife.

“I believe its Satommy… no… Sawtome… wait I remember now, its Saotome, one of those odd Edo names,” the woman says, flapping her hands, not liking how Edo names sounded.

“Yeah that’s it, that Saotome boy, which came from another world. Are you from another world, son?” asks the still unnamed male Human.

“Yes I believe I must be… Considering that the plants here have all the wrong colors and shapes.”

The farmer looks turns and looks at the trees and plants, and then over at his ‘girls, wondering how he should word the following information. He slowly turns back to look at the Giant. “Right now you are on Earth, which is mostly populated by Humanoid creatures we like to call ‘Pokegirls’, they come in a lot of different sizes, species, and shapes. Anything from the elves you see around me to the dangerous Widow, with all its legs and hard shell… Most of the ‘girls are feral, not really sane, more animal-like, but quite a few of them are sane and work with us humans, only needing regular taming and discipline to keep them working citizens. Now tamings, while sounding like something from those old circuses is actually what we call sexual intercourse. As long as there is fluid transfer during the process, a psychological bond happens between the Tamer and his pokegirl.  This bond makes her more amiable towards the Tamer, more willing to take his commands and follow his or her lead.

A perverted man that dabbled in dimensional jumping and bioengineering, whose name was James Scott, or Sukebe, created the Pokegirls. He released them upon the world as a sort of revenge against humanity, for something that one woman did to him, as well as a virus that sterilized a large percentage of the Human women. This was to make Humans need Pokegirls to live on with their lives, to procreate.”

The Human male almost laughs at the look on the giant’s face at the information overload that he just got presented to him.

After waiting a while for the giant to sort through the new information, he says, “A lot of this information is not normally know by regular Tamers, but in my previous life, I was a researcher, but I left that to become a farmer with my ‘girls and my friends.”

“Can you explain how you came to be here?”

“I am not entirely sure how I came to be here… One moment I am falling asleep in my bed, and the next, I am hurtling through the air, unsure about how I got there. I crashed into a large tree, got up and started walking,” Stone says, neglecting to mention his snack. “I got here the morning after I crash landed.”

“Ok, it sounds to me that you are a dimensional traveler, though you seem to be unlucky enough to be transported too high up, which would explain your crash landing.” The farmer noticed that the giant seems to be neglecting to mention something, but decides not to push for more information. “Would you like to join us for breakfast?