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Chapter 18

Family, Old and New




          “Ah… Ah…”


          Saffron City slept, as much as a city its size ever could. Hundreds, thousands of people still roamed the streets, or worked within the buildings, but a handful engaged in a more… pleasurable nightlife.


          Sabrina’s hand gripped the back of Nicholas’ neck as he continued to thrust, her lips parted, light cries emanating in time with his grunts. Both humans’ eyes were half shut in bliss.


          Sabrina felt her hips shudder and gasped, toes curling back. “Nick I- I’m-!”


          Nicholas maintained his rhythm as Sabrina squealed, body rocking in orgasm before she fell back to the bed with a drawn-out moan. His own breath hissed out as he slowly sat back, throbbing dick slipping out of Sabrina’s vagina before he let himself go. The condom caught his spurting semen and he waited for his penis to stop twitching before he pulled it off and cleaned off.


          “One of these days… You’re not wearing that,” Sabrina murmured.


          Nicholas kept his eyes on the used condom as he tied it up and lobbed it at the trash can, making a disappointed noise when it smacked the wall and dropped to the carpet instead. “Damn. Missed.”


          “Don’t you ignore me.”


          Nicholas looked back at Sabrina. “I heard you. But we both agreed that’s only ever going to happen if we get married.”


          Sabrina opened her eyes and glanced at him. “I said what I said.”


          Nicholas felt his heart speed up. “Oh.”


          Sabrina stretched out her arm and made a happy noise when he took her hand and lay out beside her. “You don’t want to?”


          “I never said that.” Nicholas reached the hand not holding hers over her chest to make an awkward hug. “Sabrina, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”


          “It’s just… I can’t see that for myself,” Sabrina whispered softly. “You’ve gotten so much better at hiding your thoughts from me… Even now, all I can feel is your love and lust.”


          “Why can’t that be all there is?”


          “I’ve been hurt too many times, Nicholas,” Sabrina replied quietly. “I need to know the truth.”


          “I couldn’t hide myself from you when we first started dating,” Nicholas replied. “You saw the truth then.”


          “Then why are you hiding now?” Sabrina whimpered.


          Nicholas’ eyes darted to his bag. Just for a moment before he reached up to fondle one of Sabrina’s breasts as a distraction. Both for him and for the woman, who made an appreciative moan as he played with her nipple. “Can’t I hold a secret? Maybe I’m trying to surprise you.”


          Sabrina’s noises cut completely and she stared straight up at him without blinking. “Surprise me with the news that you’re leaving me?”


          The entirely flat tone that she had taken threw Nicholas completely. He was left staring down at her, mouth hanging open, hand still squeezing her tit, thrust abruptly from sexy time into a conversation that could end their relationship.


          “Ah… What do you, mean by that?” he chuckled nervously.


          “That got your attention,” Sabrina growled under her breath. “I mean literally, Nicholas. Your plan to flee Kanto. When were you going to tell me, huh? After you’d left? When I was laying here wishing you were with me, were you going to give me a call and tell me you weren’t coming back?”


          “Sabrina, that entire plan is barely an idea right now,” Nicholas protested. “It’s not a plan to leave you. It’s not!”


          “Why not tell me about it then?” Sabrina retorted. “I know you’re unhappy here. You’ve never felt at home in Kanto. So TELL ME that you’re planning on moving away! Don’t make me find out through a stray thought!”


          “I-“ Nicholas sat back in frustration. “Sabrina, baby, honest to goodness I hadn’t even entertained the possibility until a few days ago. Yeah, I always wanted to go home, to Alola. Of course I did. But I was here, I was a Champion, they gave me that huge house, and then there was you… There were some very very good reasons for me to stay here. But now the house is in shambles. They’re saying it’ll take a year to repair at least. I’m no longer Indigo Champion. Drake took that. There’s no longer anything tying me to Kanto.” As the words left his mouth he paled. He’d fucked up.


          Sabrina’s grip on his hand tightened painfully. “Nothing left, huh? I suppose I’m not enough to keep you around.”


          “I- OW! I, hey,” Nicholas buckled when Sabrina’s fingers clenched down even harder. This shouldn’t be possible he was stronger than her- he whimpered when he felt the bones in his hand creak. “Please, I didn’t mean it the way I said it. The Champion title! The house. They were things that could only exist in Kanto. Okay? That’s what I meant. You- You can move around! You’re not a building!”


          “I’m a gym leader,” Sabrina hissed through gritted teeth. “I’m just as much part of this League as you were as Champion. As long as I’m Saffron’s gym leader I’m not going anywhere. And you planned on leaving me here.”


          Nicholas was slowly sinking to the mattress as Sabrina sat up, swapping spots so she was looming over him. “I- I didn’t,” Nicholas cried, tears beading in his eyes now. “Please… Sabrina… I… I love you!”


          Nicholas could only feel the pain in his hand. His arm was shaking, his vision blurred from his tears so he could only make out the general shape of Sabrina above him. She’d gone silent. He despaired. It had been so close. His bag was right there. This was supposed to be their night…!


          He heard a sniffle.


          Sabrina sniffed again, wiping her eyes with her free hand as the one crushing Nicholas’ suddenly let go. “I- I love you too,” she cried, tears dripping down her cheeks. “I love you, you big… stupid idiot!” Nicholas grunted when Sabrina’s hand smacked his chest. “I don’t want you to leave me! I want you to be happy but… But… To be happy, you have to leave!”


          Nicholas winced when he tried to move his crushed hand and reached up to the crying woman with his other one instead. “Sabrina…”


          “IT’S NOT FAIR!” Nicholas drew his hand back when Sabrina screamed. It wasn’t fair. She was right. But Sabrina wasn’t talking about how they were from opposite sides of the world. “I never wanted to be a gym leader. Never! Everything was forced on me. The position, the responsibility… The failure. HIM.” Sabrina sobbed angrily and slammed her fist against the mattress. “If I’d never become gym leader I wouldn’t have been… I, I could have met you and been with you sooner. I wouldn’t have been stuck in place while you travel. I could have been what I want to be.”


          Nicholas placed his hand over her fist, still pressed into the blankets. “Sabrina…”


          “And now… And now you want to leave,” Sabrina hiccupped. “While I’m trapped, like I’ve always been, you want to go away. Well I’m not letting you. You’re not leaving me!”


          Nicholas winced when she tore her fist from his grasp. “Sabrina, I hadn’t planned on telling you about this yet because I needed time to figure out a solution.”


          “Well I don’t,” Sabrina replied. Eyes red, still sniffing, Nicholas felt her pin his arms and suddenly the crying woman was perched completely on top of him. He felt a twinge in his groin at the sight of his naked girlfriend straddling him, marred only by the misery on her face. “I don’t. I know the solution.” Her eyes, somewhere beneath the tears, shimmered turquoise as a drawer on her dresser slid open and a small box came floating out to hover between the two. “I… I’m coming with you.”


          The lid on the box cracked open, revealing an exquisite golden ring, set with glimmering rubies all across the band.


          Nicholas could only stare. “Sabrina…?”


          “Nicholas?” Sabrina held back a hiccupping sob and squeezed her eyes shut. “Will… Will you marry me?”


          The room fell silent. Long enough that Sabrina cracked her eyes open fearfully to try and figure out why Nicholas wasn’t responding.


          The man was gazing up at her. Sadly. “Well,” he said wryly when Sabrina’s eyes cautiously opened again, “you did it again.”


          Sabrina swallowed. “Did… Did what again?”


          “Beat me to it.” Sabrina felt her heart leap into her throat when the man closed his eyes and began chuckling. “You asked me out before I could find the nerve. This time, I thought I’d finally managed it first. I should have known better against my wonderful girl.”


          “W-Wait, are you saying… Were you going to…?” Sabrina stammered.


          “Mind letting me get to my bag?”


          Sabrina sat back stunned and watched as Nicholas reached over, digging through the pockets of his backpack and withdrawing a box of his own. The ruby ring drifted into Sabrina’s hands as Nicholas turned to her, cracking the lid of his box to show what appeared at first to be a diamond ring, but what after a moment could be seen to be something much more intricate. Glistening white opal. “I’m late, but… Sabrina? Will you marry me?”


          “Ah… Haha… Hahaha!” Sabrina’s laughter cut through the silence and she threw herself on top of him, locking their lips together as she drove him back to the bed. “I… I will!” she cried. “Will you??”


          “I will,” Nicholas affirmed in between kisses. “That’s what I was hiding from you, love. I was trying so hard to make it a surprise.”


          Sabrina giggled and wormed her tongue into his mouth for an extra sloppy kiss. “I’ve already quit so I couldn’t be happier, honey.”


          “You’ve already…?” Nicholas felt Sabrina’s crotch grinding against his, pussy lips sucking at his half-erection. “Wait a second, what have you done?”


          “I quit,” Sabrina purred in his ear. “I’ll need to choose my replacement, but… You’re engaged to the ex-gym leader of Saffron City.”


          “What if I’d said no?!” Nicholas stammered. “You crazy woman-!”


          “I didn’t do it for you,” Sabrina interrupted with a light nip at his ear. “I did it because of you, Nicholas, but not for you. I did it for me. Because you’re the best thing that’s happened to me too. You’ve shown me that I’m not trapped. I’ve never been trapped.” She slid back, lifting her body and groaning in pleasure as she pushed him inside her. Arching her back so Nicholas had a wonderful view of her breasts dangling before his eyes. “But with you, it will be even better. I would have done this even if you’d said no. I just can’t be happier you said yes.”


          “I’m not wearing a condom,” Nicholas protested as Sabrina began to bob up and down. “We’re not married yet!”


          “I know what you can do,” Sabrina replied with a grin. “Even if you were planning on asking too I still got there first. That means I’m the one in charge.” She leaned down. “You come inside me tonight, and it’s over, darling. I don’t want a man who can’t control himself.”


          “You utter bitch,” Nicholas snarled, his teeth shining through his widening grin. “Why do I get the feeling you won’t be holding back?”


          “Because I won’t,” Sabrina purred. “Married. I’m getting married!” Her breath caught as Nicholas relaxed his mental defenses and let her in. “Oh… Oh, Nicholas…”


          “We’re getting married,” Nicholas confirmed. Fresh tears were welling in Sabrina’s eyes, happy ones, and he felt his own eyes watering too as he beamed up at her beautiful face.







          Nicholas and Sabrina lay out on the grassy lawn, murmuring to each other, quiet giggles and occasional movements accompanying their conversation. But they were not alone. Dozens of eyes around the property were watching their tamers.


          “I never thought I’d understand him,” Kary said wistfully. The Dragonite was sitting in a small group of pokegirls, her wings idly twisting to cool her in the warm summer heat. Everyone had recovered their belongings from the wrecked mansion by now and reconstruction work had begun. The construction teams were aiming to quickly stabilize enough of the remaining structure for Nicholas and his pokegirls to ‘move back in’ in a sense, so to help with that goal they’d set up huge amounts of temporary amenities with the intention of keeping everyone feeling as if the property was still their home, regardless of the state of the actual building. Most of the pokegirls weren’t really paying them any mind. The two humans were much more interesting.


          “How do you mean?”


          Kary tilted her head slightly in Lili’s direction as she answered the Tyranitar’s question. “Back before you muscled in here he and that other human had just met. He was so… stubborn.”


          Lili burst out laughing. “That’s our Weyrleader.”


          “Yes, yes, but this was him being stubborn in a bad way,” Kary clarified. “He refused to move against the woman. For months he made excuses. Eventually, she moved against him, to his eternal shame.” She shrugged. “I could not understand his reasoning. I understand that humans have different mating rituals than we do, but I simply could not understand why he didn’t just… challenge her. You must agree that she would be receptive.”


          “Hm. I suppose there’s no harm in agreeing with you on that,” Lili snickered.


          Kary shot her a glance. “As I was saying. Eventually, they came together. At last. Still, it was only courtship. Humans move so slowly. Shortly after, my mate and I decided it was time to reproduce. We had courted, we had declared our intentions, and now it was time to find our positions. As pokegirls do. As dragons do.”


          “And considering who laid the egg, I know who dominated that fight,” Lili jeered. “You got fucked.”


          Kary’s growl shattered the peaceful morning as the Dragonite surged to her feet, followed only moments later by Lili. “You dare disrespect my mate?”


          “Now when did I do that?” Lili snarled back, the two bristling at one another. “All I said was Victoria pinned you down and fucked you like the submissive bitch you are.”


          The others sitting around the two sighed almost in unison. One of them reached up and grabbed Kary by the tail to yank her down. “She got you, Kary. Somewhere in the mental gymnastics you equated Victoria to the ‘weaker false dragon’ bit or whatever it is you grumble about sometimes, because that would mean you were weaker, and all that stupidity. Honestly it would be best for everyone if the two of you just hurried up and fucked yourselves.”


          Kary slammed back to the dirt and shot the offender a dirty look. “Don’t you dare psychoanalyze me, Morgana. You’re worse than the little pebble.”


          “OI! That’s Master’s word for me, not yours,” Lili snapped as another pokegirl, Nessa, pulled her down too. “Don’t make me take it from your mouth.”


          “With your tongue?” Nessa asked drolly, chortling when Lili spun on the Feraligatr with an offended snap of her teeth. “Nuh-uh, sister. You know you don’t want to start that with me.” She grinned wide, her thick fangs creaking as Nessa clenched her jaws. “You’ll lose.”


          “…I wouldn’t want to touch her anyways,” Kary muttered sullenly. “Victoria is my mate. There will be no other.”


          “Such a beta thing to say,” Lili sniffed, earning another growl from the Dragonite. “An alpha would happily mate with as many worthy betas as she could dominate.”


          “As if you could do that,” Kary sneered. She was preparing to continue the fight when thick shimmering energy filled the air around the group.


          “There is no weakness in bearing a daughter,” Morgana rumbled, her voice reverberating and cowing both of the dragons. “There is strength in Kary’s loyalty to the mother of hers. Until you experience what she has, Lili, you will not understand Kary, just as she once did not understand our Master.”


          “What do you know?” Lili sulked. “Besides, you’re not my Alpha.”


          “Would she like to hear you speaking in this way?” Morgana asked, the power she usually hid away bleeding out and making Lili break out in a cold sweat. “Would your Beta, would Ryuko allow you to refer to her position in this way?”


          “…No, Ma’am,” Lili muttered.


          “Call me by my name.”


          “No, Morgana,” Lili quickly amended. “S-Sorry.”


          “I appreciate the respect, but I’m hardly older than you are,” Morgana sniffed. “Kary? Are you quite done with your little performance?”


          Kary barely shrugged. “I guess… but Lili’s right. What do you know? You don’t have a mate.”


          “I can pick every emotion from your soul and you have to ask me that?” Morgana sighed.


          “She’s got a point,” a new voice piped up. Ashley poked her head up over Nessa’s shoulder and winked at Morgana. “You don’t know shit.”


          “Neither do you,” Morgana retorted.


          “Yeah but see, I don’t want to know,” Ashley grinned. “I find a mate and one of two things happen. One, I get my eggs fertilized and I’m grounded by the pregnancy, or two I fertilize someone else and not only do I ground them, whoever this beautiful bird may be, but I’m grounded ANYWAYS with leaky tits and a responsibility to feed the pokegirl I just knocked up!” She let out her twittering laugh. “Either way, I can’t fly. And that just won’t do.”


          “I think we should return to the original question,” Morgana grumbled. “Kary. You were explaining to Lili why you understand how Master feels now.”


          “…Was I?” Kary shook herself. “Um. Right. Well after I um… after I laid Vika, that was it. All of the feelings… they’re not gone, but it’s like there’s nothing left. There’s nothing more for me and my mate to do. Sometimes I see how Master is with his future mate, and I… I understand why humans are slow. It’s not about the end result for them. It’s about everything on the way to it.”


          “And why can’t you have that with your mate?” Morgana asked curiously. “With Victoria. What’s stopping you?”


          “We’re pokegirls,” Kary replied quietly. “It’s always about the next battle. Isn’t it?”


          “Obviously not for you,” Morgana chided gently. “Why can’t you and Victoria share what you used to? What’s stopping you?”


          “I… I guess I don’t know,” Kary stammered, unable to find an answer to Morgana’s repeated question. “What is?”


          “I think you are,” Morgana said with a smile to take the bite from her words. “What do you miss?”


          “Well… Victoria used to hunt for me. When she was courting my attention,” Kary stuttered.


          Lili opened her mouth but a searing presence flashed through her mind and she froze as Morgana reached over to pat Kary’s hand. “Why not return the favor? I think Victoria would love if you did that for her.”


          “…You think so?”


          “That’s what Master Nicholas and Mistress Sabrina do, what you’re jealous of,” Morgana laughed. “They are forever courting one another, because seeing their future mate still caring for them makes them happy.”


          Kary’s eyes darted around the property. She didn’t see Victoria but the Gyarados had to be here somewhere. “I…”


          Morgana gently shoved the Dragonite’s back. “Go.”


          In a moment Kary was in the air, winging over the forest.


          Morgana watched her fly off with a smile before turning her eyes to Lili. “Shut your mouth. You’ll catch bugs.”


          Lili’s jaw snapped shut. “You…”


          “Go on. Say your hurtful thing.” Morgana settled back and turned her attention back to her tamer. “You’re obsessed with Kary. In the worst kind of way.” She waited but Lili remained silent. “It really would do you good to find a mate of your own, Lili.”


          “…Yeah well same to you,” Lili mumbled as she sullenly hunched up besides Nessa.


          “Maybe it would,” Morgana replied. “I’m willing to entertain the idea. What about you?”


          Lili remained silent for a bit. “Some of you are kind of cute.”


          “Me included?” Morgana giggled.


          “…No. You scare me,” Lili muttered under her breath. “Liz is kind of cool.”


          “Ooh but careful calling her that,” Ashley cautioned. “She’s Elizabeth and she’ll make sure you remember that.”


          Lili barely shrugged. “I know.” She thought for a while, grunting when Nessa leaned her head on her shoulder and made an inquisitive noise. “Nessa…”


          “I think you’re cool,” Nessa purred.


          “Same… but we’re harem sisters. Could we really be mates?” Lili protested.


          “Didn’t stop Kary and Victoria,” Nessa giggled.


          “No, but…”


          “I’m just teasing you.” Nessa nipped Lili’s chin before snuggling further against the Tyranitar. “We share something, yeah, but it’s not that.”


          Lili breathed a sigh of relief. “Yeah. Agreed.”


          “So who haven’t you mentioned yet?” Morgana asked. “I can feel your hesitation. There’s someone, isn’t there?”


          Lili mumbled incoherently for a bit before ducking her head. “That new girl. Zisela.”


          “Ooh, why her?” Ashley asked excitedly.


          “Why else? She’s strong,” Lili muttered. “And… no offense, Nessa, or to Elizabeth, Ashley, but… Zisela is a dragon.”


          Morgana chuckled. “Nothing to be ashamed of, Lili. That’s what you are too. It’s only natural to look at those like you when considering a mate.”


          “…Yeah but Hana is too,” Lili sighed, “and I don’t look at her that way.”


          “Well you already said you’re iffy about your harem sisters, so that doesn’t help Hana,” Nessa piped up. “Besides. Hana’s her own pokegirl. All bubbly and wild – you’re stoic. Like the stones Nicholas named you after.” She giggled. “You’d make terrible mates.”


          “…Speaking of those like you,” Lili said, attempting to change the subject, “what about you, Morgana? That Gallade Quinn is a lot like you.”


          “She may be, but we are as opposite as you and Hana,” Morgana replied. “It would be a terrible idea. Cassidy, on the other hand…” After a few seconds she sighed. “No… No. Cassidy excites me, that’s for sure. But even if we tried to be mates we’d just get distracted. She’s too engrossed in research, and I’m too busy… heh, as Master would say, ‘sticking my nose where it doesn’t belong’.”


          Lili grunted her agreement. “You do seem to stick your nose in everyone’s business.”


          “Keeps you violent pokegirls in line.”


          “Us? Violent?” Lili snorted. “Says the pot.”


          “Oh I absolutely love that human saying,” Morgana laughed. “I like another one even better. ‘Don’t put your head in the lion’s mouth.’”


          “…Good one!” Lili laughed, nervously squirming so Nessa was more in between her and the beaming Gardevoir. “I think that’s an excellent human saying. You’ve got excellent taste, Morgana.”


          “I am just so pleased that you think so!” Morgana cried, her smile widening as Lili did her best to smile back. “Now why don’t we enjoy the day, hm?”


          “I’d love to,” Lili croaked.







          Electricity crackled while Sammy zipped restlessly through the air before she abruptly came to a halt, falling all at once to splatter over Zisela’s lap. “Come on, Alpha!”


          “I’m not stopping you.”


          “But you’re not cominnng,” Sammy whined. Zisela grunted as the Rotom tried ineffectively yanking on her arms. “Why not!”


          “Those pokegirls are not the same as us, Sammy,” Zisela replied firmly. “We do not belong here. Not yet.”


          “But Cathy ran off! And you, you went with Master to meet the others, right? You did SOMETHING that made him happy, I saw him laughing!”


          “Give it a rest, Sammy.” Sohn was laying on the grass and gazing up into the sky. “Zisela’s right. We’re like newborns to these others. And I say that as the youngest one here.”


          “But… But…”


          “You’re welcome to go mingle. Zisela just won’t be coming with you.”


          “Or will I, I think,” Quinn piped up. “Just thinking about those pokegirls is enough, thank you. Unlike you I can feel each and every one of their minds and how terrifyingly disciplined they are. Even the playful ones like you, Sammy.”


          Sammy jumped to the Gallade. “Who? Who’s like me?”


          Quinn grumbled as the Rotom zipped around her. “Didn’t you hear me? They’re nothing like you.”


          “But you said they were playful like me! Who! Who!” Quinn grunted when Sammy grabbed her cheeks and squeezed. “Whoooo!”


          “et go of e and ull tell yoo,” Quinn growled. Once Sammy had she worked her jaw before continuing. “I saw another slime-y girl like you, or at least I think I did. I know there were a couple others just as manic.”


          “Another like-?” Sammy gasped. “I GOTTA FIND HER!”


          Quinn leaned back when Sammy flashed to electricity and zipped away. “Sometimes I wish I could be as carefree as that.”


          “What’s bothering you?” Sohn asked from her position on the ground.


          Quinn glanced over. “When did I say something was bothering me? I just said there’s something enviable about how Sammy can be.”


          “Which you wouldn’t be mentioning if there wasn’t something on your mind,” Sohn chuckled.


          “Just the constant self-loathing I feel from having tits the size of the Gardevoir’s over there.”


          Sohn craned her neck. They were close enough to the others that Morgana was visible, albeit only just. “Really? ‘Cuz, I was under the impression that you were over that shit.”


          “That’s what’s on my mind.”


          “Hm.” Sohn stared over at Morgana for a bit before a smile began to tug at her lips. “No, I think that Gardevoir is what’s on your mind, but it’s not your own breasts you’re worried about.”


          “The hell is that supposed to mean?”


          “Oh, nothing,” Sohn giggled. “I bet you’re oh-so terrified of her, too.”


          “…Yes? Why wouldn’t I be?” Quinn said. “I already said how they’re all terrifyingly disciplined. Terrifyingly strong, too.”


          “See, I think they’re terrifying too,” Sohn said as she returned to grinning at the sky. “And you know what that makes me? It makes me unbelievably fucking horny.”


          “Oh please,” Quinn scoffed.


          “Nah, I ain’t having it. All those pokegirls are completely out of our league and that is fucking hot.” Sohn sat up. “You two can’t deny that you feel the same way.”


          “Can and will!” Quinn retorted. “If one of them ‘fucked me’ I’d be face down in a crater, not getting laid.”


          “Oh-ho-hooo!” Sohn leaned closer to the suddenly blushing Gallade. “You’d want to be face down in a crater and getting laid, wouldn’t you?”


          “Shut up!”


          “Which one are you imagining right now, huh?” Sohn asked. “Sure, any of them could do it, but you’d only want the best.” She pondered the flustered pokegirl. “Maybe the big burly ones? That spiky chick?”


          “This is stupid.” Quinn turned away. “Besides. You’re wrong. I wouldn’t want to be getting laid if I was the one face down.”


          “Ooooh!” Sohn gleefully rubbed her hands together. “I get it, I get it. You want to be on top. But, I seem to remember a certain time, after we each evolved, where…”


          “THAT WAS DIFFERENT!” Quinn squealed.


          “You sure seemed to love what I was doing to you,” Sohn leered.


          “I’m telling you, that- that was different!” Quinn whirled back to Sohn with her face burning red. “I’m no Gardevoir, I’m nothing like her – I’m not begging to be some Gallade’s breeding slut!”


          Sohn’s smile slowly grew across her face as Quinn’s eyes widened when she realized what she’d blurted out. “See?” Sohn purred. “I knew it was her breasts on your mind.”


          “N-No, hey…”


          “’Some Gallade’, huh? There’s no rule saying you gotta mate with your own breed, Quinn. Why would you say such a thing?” Sohn flipped onto her hands and started stalking towards the panicking Gallade. “Why you singling yourself out, Quinn? Hmm? Hmmmmm?”


          “Sohn. Leave her alone.”


          Sohn came to a stop just a foot away from Quinn. “Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, Alpha,” she called without turning. “You’re no less innocent than Quinn is. There’s no way you, of all of us, would look at pokegirls who could make you their toy and feel nothing.”


          “Of course not. The rest of the weyr interests me greatly,” Zisela replied. “But I am nothing. We are nothing, when faced with the rest of them. I am just as hopelessly enamored with some of them as Quinn pretends not to be, but I know my place.”


          Sohn snorted but sat back on her feet. Quinn took the opportunity to scramble away from the Infernape and begin calming herself down. “Your place, your place… I thought Nicholas slapped you in ‘your place’.”


          “…He honors me, with the privilege of being his. I still do not deserve it. I am still nothing, only a Gabite, a wyrm, fit only for a drake yet somehow fancied by a dragon.”


          “Uh huh. Somehow. Impossible to know.” Sohn rolled her eyes as she moved back to her original spot. “So which one, huh?”


          Zisela looked at her. “Which one what.”


          “Which one are you ‘hopelessly enamored’ with?”


          “I think it would be more fair for you to answer that first,” Zisela replied.


          Sohn grumbled. “I don’t know. I don’t think that’s any of them for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to fight some of them, but… nah, I got nobody. You?”


          Zisela settled back as a coy smile twitched at her lips. “If you don’t, then neither do I.”


          “Hey, that’s not fair!” Sohn cried. “I know there’s someone, you said so! Who is it?”


          Zisela barely shrugged. “Couldn’t say. Ah well.”


          “Spoilsport,” Sohn muttered.







          Apart from all the rest, but still standing as part of the harem, three figures similarly watched their human.


          “He returns and it is as if he is still away.” Kali growled under her breath, her tail thrashing behind her. “He has changed. Again. I will find out how.”


          An emerald green dragon’s wing reached in front of her before she could move. “There are far too many outsiders watching,” Zinnia chided. “Besides. You know he has not forgotten us.”


          “Do we need to… talk?” Kali asked dangerously, reaching for Zinnia’s wing before it was flicked away from her grasp. “Or do we still understand one another, dragon.”


          “Hm.” Zinnia watched her for a bit before shrugging. “You are a child, even compared to some of the others here. Time has tempered me. I only wish to assist you.”


          “’Time’ is standing right there,” Kali smirked. “I wasn’t talking to her.”


          “As we have discussed so, so many times, I am not time. My Mistress is,” Celine said tiredly. “Regardless of how clever your words are, do please keep them true.”


          “…Right,” Kali mumbled.


          “Besides. She is correct.” Celine stepped forwards so she was in front of the other two legendaries. “This moment is not a question or test of your power, Kali. It is a test of another skill. One you have no care for, but Zinnia has had no choice but to hone.”


          Kali turned to the diminutive dragon girl. “Let me guess. Subtlety.”


          Zinnia cracked a smile. “In a manner of speaking. Diplomacy, Kali. It requires a great deal of subtlety. Despite your refusal to change your form, even though I am sure you have the ability, the world still knows little of you. Only a select few humans know what you truly are, while only a handful more know of your presence. And they simply believe you are some pokegirl, an Espeon, I believe you say? Merely a powerful and strange Espeon.” She shrugged. “I admit, it’s not a bad deception. Your body is close enough. But it has only worked so far because you avoid new eyes. This place is full of them right now.”


          Kali tsked. “I don’t change my form because I see no reason to. Why should I hide what I am? Humans do not scare me.”


          “They do not scare us either,” Zinnia replied firmly, just a hint of her true self glinting in her eyes. “But we scare them. To such an extent that they honor us as gods. We are not their gods. To pretend so would be a grave mistake.”


          “And yet each of you have worshippers,” Kali sneered.


          Zinnia shook her head in exasperation. “We do. I am followed by millions. And yet, none of our worshippers have met their ‘gods’, Kali. Do you know why?”


          “I’m sure you will tell me,” Kali grumbled.


          “Because we, unlike you, have met the gods,” Zinnia explained. “We know we are only servants of greater beings. We can not stop humans from finding their own, flawed conclusions, but it would be a terrible mistake to intentionally draw them away from the creator of all.”


          “What,” Kali snickered, “are you afraid she’ll strike you down?”


          “I doubt she would do so directly,” Celine said softly, “but you only need to look before you to see what we fear.”


          Kali turned, confused for a moment, before she realized what Celine was saying. “Master Nicholas?”


          “You are correct. He has changed, since we last were with him,” Celine said. “When he first approached you, you would not have realized. Even the second time I can understand you might not wonder. But the third, Kali? And now the fourth?” She closed her eyes. “The human I first met was an enigma to me. So much existed in such a… humble shell. Then I met you. Then, I met the others.” She let out her breath. “No. I do not believe She would strike us down, any of us, for going against her grand design. She wouldn’t have to. All it would take is one of her creations and we would fall.”


          Kali laughed. “I could kill Master Nicholas in an instant if I chose to, chronicler. He is a powerful human but he is still just a man.”


          “Even if you tried to, I am not sure even you could anymore,” Celine said in reply. “I do not know all of what has happened to him recently but I can feel, on his soul, a… presence, one I have not known since my birth.” She reached out to take Kali’s shoulder. “I am full of questions too, child. He will answer them soon. For now, something within me says our influence over him has come to an end.” She smiled. “It may be ‘time’ we count him as one of us. With everything that brings.”


          Kali’s eyes darted back and forth. “That night…”


          “Excuse me! Hellooo?” The three turned to see a smartly dressed woman approaching, waving a clipboard with a beaming smile. “Hello, I’m looking for a, ah…” She checked her notes. “Miss Celine?”


          Celine let go of Kali and stepped around her so she was somewhat hiding Kali’s features from view. She appeared as a Bellossom instead of Celebi; Zinnia, as a Salamence instead of Rayquaza, but as she had just been discussing with Kali, she was still very much Mewtwo. “Who are you?”


          “My name is Kumu,” Kumu replied happily. “I’m the liaison from the World League government assigned to Champion Topolski. You all are…?”


          Celine waved her hand and stepped forwards before the others could speak. “I’m Celine. Why are you looking for me?”


          “I would just like a few moments of your time. Ask some questions.” Her eyes crinkled as her smile grew. “It’s my understanding you have plenty of it to spare.”


          Celine stared at Kumu for a few long seconds before nodding. “Sure. Why not.”


          “Excellent! Now, I know I said I had questions, but…” The world slowed around the two until they were the only ones still moving normally. “…I believe the one asking will be you.”


          Celine was trembling. “Who… are you?”


          “I told you. I have decided to take the name ‘Kumu’,” Kumu replied with a wink. “Come now, you knew who I was the moment I let you.”


           Celine’s eyes slid shut as she let out a massive sigh. “I… I have never witnessed you. My eyes confused me.”


          “Mm. Technically, I am not Her either,” Kumu replied. “I am but an emanation that exists in the same way you do. An observer, you might say, for the creator, in much the same way you are an observer for her daughter.”


          “Even a mere emanation of Her is beyond me,” Celine whispered. “Why are you here, emanation? Kumu?”


          “You explained it nicely already. I am here because of him.” Kumu stepped up beside Celine to get a better look at where Nicholas lay, frozen. “She has chosen him. Touched him with Her favor. I am many things, observer, chronicler, but above all else I am a gift. From Her, to her chosen human champion of this new age.” Kumu giggled and gently nudged Celine to get her to crack her eyes open. “Oh, he has changed from the human he was originally born to be, but you are no longer the observer you once were either, Celebi. He has changed you. He has changed all of you, and She is loving every moment of it.”


          “I… I am ever faithful,” Celine stammered.


          “That is not what I meant,” Kumu teased. “Don’t worry. I simply wanted to speak with you, to introduce myself. You are already a wonderful Alpha for the human you love.”


          Celine stiffened. “A- A wha-?”


          “Even you are not immune to the ambition that drives us all. Nor the yearning that all creation shares.” Kumu twisted away with a laugh. “Be happy, Celebi. Neither She nor I wish to take that from you.”


          Celine blinked. Slowly she turned back to Kali and Zinnia, the world moving as it should. The other two were grumbling among themselves. “Odd human,” Kali was saying, Zinnia nodding in agreement.


          “…What were we talking about?” Celine asked after a few moments. There was… something odd about the last few seconds. She had answered the woman’s questions, then she had left, but… she felt… warm. Happy. Validated. Because of the questions? She… couldn’t remember. Yet even though this should have worried her, she let it go. Returned to her spot, and gazed out at Nicholas. He had changed. Perhaps she could even guess how, though she was unsure why she thought so now and not moments before. It didn’t matter.


          “We were talking about how impatient this child is,” Zinnia grumbled as Kali stuck her tongue out at the other legendary. “I think you said something about treating Nicholas like one of us as well?”


          “…Yes. I was saying that.” Celine inhaled, taking a deep deep breath as she raised her eyes to the sky. “I believe… this world is changing. Perhaps even changing from what I thought I knew.” She gazed off into the distance for a while before her lips turned up in a smile. “But even if it is, I know he will see us through.”







          Just as Celine had predicted, Nicholas came to them the very next day.


          It was during a massive harem-wide competition. Each and every pokegirl was participating, even the new ones from Sinnoh. Cathy in particular was throwing herself completely into the festivities, and the others were overjoyed to have her. She had found her herd.


          Nicholas leaned out of the way as Maka sprinted past, the Kabutops’ blades seeking her target, a laughing Midna. Sparks of shadow flew through the air as the two clashed again, with both pokegirls forced to jump away when a new figure joined them – Ryuko, her own blades cutting in, and then without warning she whirled to fend off yet another new arrival to the battle as Quinn stormed in, her face wild with her excitement as she not only joined the group that matched her the best, but was one that contained someone she could relate to in Midna, standing shoulder to shoulder with the large breasted Absol as they faced down their more streamlined opponents.


          Similar pockets were forming all around the property. Overhead multiple dogfights were taking place, Aster, Aria, Kary all facing each other down, while Ashley and Sera wove between the dragons. Bea had tried to join the fun but she was just too slow to keep up with the fully aerial pokegirls, though she had found another opponent in the sky – Sammy, who was happy to harass the Metagross with silly imitation. And then there were the other grounded pokegirls. The brawlers, Elizabeth, Nessa, Galina, Lili, Zisela, and Cathy were tearing massive holes in the lawn with their bodies and the bodies of their opponents. Joining them, since their own element, water, was in short supply, were Marin, Victoria, and even Vika, the Dratini-now-Dragonair providing her mother support. She had evolved some time during Nicholas’ absence and though she was still fighting for her place within his weyr, she was no longer simply ‘the child’ of two of his dragons. She was coming into her own as a pokegirl, stepping out of her mothers’ shadows, and doing so beautifully considering he was actually eyeing her now. He’d only tamed her a few times before, more a formality than anything, so he intended to change that very soon.


          As he watched Victoria broke free of the brawl and was catching her breath when the movement above caught her eye. She hesitated, looking back down to where Vika was fighting for her life before her face set and she leapt. Power cloaked her as she rose, Nicholas watching in awe as she flew just like he’d seen Wallace’s Gyarados do before. He’d only told her about that. He’d never tried to teach it to her. Victoria, it seemed, had had enough of her mate showing her up. Now there were four dragons in the sky.


          Which left only a few. Two were locked in a battle all their own. Sohn and Elaine were nearly indistinguishable as they fought, Elaine definitely holding an advantage in power, but one Sohn was well used to and could work around. They were a streak of flame that crossed the entire property over and over, while around them danced those who did not fight with their bodies at all. Energy ringed the pockets of fighting, psychic, ice, electricity, even the plants themselves that grew across the battlefield coming alive. Cassidy, Morgana, Miyuki, Dahlia, and Hana were playing a dangerous game of tag, running around as they sent bursts flying towards one another. Twenty-seven pokegirls. Nicholas’ harem. He could watch each of them for hours and never be bored.


          But… there were three not participating. The three that brought the number to an even thirty, at least before Kalmiya ruined it by being thirty-one. These three were who he needed to speak to. He hadn’t had a chance, not since he’d found Kali that first night. They who were potentially the most important ones to meet after what had occurred in Sinnoh. Now, with the rest of the harem busy, and Sabrina off on her own, he finally had his chance.


          “I told you, didn’t I?” Celine teased as he got close, the three keeping their eyes on the vast mêlée. “He hadn’t forgotten.”


          “Talking about me behind my back, hm?” Nicholas chuckled as he stood with them. Each hand met a tail as Kali and Zinnia both reached theirs out to him and he stroked them, content at first to just stand and watch as well. Eventually though he dropped both and turned to face the three. “All of us need to have a long talk.”


          Celine nodded. “We know, Nicholas. We’ve been waiting for you to join us for it.” She glanced at Kali. “Some more patiently than others.”


          “Though I had no real choice bringing Kali into my life, these days, I couldn’t imagine her any other way,” Nicholas replied. “That is part of what I wanted to discuss. Something for you as well, Celine, and perhaps even something for you, Zinnia, but much more besides that involves all of you.”


          “I believe it is that which concerns all of us that we have been anticipating,” Celine murmured. “You are our tamer. Please, speak.”


          Nicholas gazed at her. “We’ll start there, then. While this isn’t really a surprise, considering everything else that has happened around me, everything that I’ve done… I have learned that there is a presence which has altered my fate. As you might expect, something like that would require a great deal of power. More even than any pokegirl could wield.” He gave them a tight-lipped smile. “Apparently, before Arceus intervened, I still would have led an interesting life. Now I’m chosen to make things ‘interesting’ for the entire world.”


          Celine let out her breath while the other two shuffled nervously. “I had guessed, Nicholas. I assume you met my Mistress, then? Dialga?”


          “I met them all.” Nicholas’ eyes lost focus. “I… wish I hadn’t. Their forms, their presences… haunt me. I saw things more beautiful than anything that could ever exist. Than I could ever attain.” His eyes closed and he took a trembling breath. “Arceus shielded me from the worst of it. Forced them all to appear as if they were pokegirls. I still could feel the truth.” He opened his eyes again. “That experience alone would be something to discuss here. But it’s barely a part of what I need to say.”


          “What else, then?” Kali grunted.


          Nicholas turned to her with a slight smile. “Every name we said is just a word to you, aren’t they Kali? They don’t concern you. Of course they wouldn’t. You only care for what you can fight.” He chuckled and reached out to stroke her cheek. “Thank you for that.”


          “What else?” Kali repeated, leaning into his touch while her eyes drilled into his. “You said some part of this concerns me.”


          “Hm. I did.” Nicholas tried to pull back but a hand caught his wrist before he could. He chuckled under his breath as Kali firmly rubbed her cheek against him. “You’re giving me a perfect opportunity to show it to you.”


          Kali blinked and then his hand was gone. Her fingers closed on empty air. She slowly returned to a neutral position, gazing at the flickering man before her. Nicholas was working his wrist as he brought his arms back in to his body before looking up to match the ferocity in her eyes. Perhaps… even exceed it. Seeing him like that blasted the fog from her memories, forcing her to relive in crystal clarity that night, days ago, when he had returned.


          “I met a man. A man with the power of a pokegirl,” Nicholas was explaining quietly. “He asked me questions. Questions I did not have the answers to. I sought those answers, Kali, and through my search I met many like all of you. Eternal ones. Legendaries. Whatever words you wish to use. I met them, and I came to realize that, if I wished to, I could stand with them. So I stood with them.” He turned to Zinnia. “I met another clan of humans with the strength of the dragons. But these humans were not like me. Nor were their dragons anything like what I knew. These were humans with the souls of dragons. I, on the other hand, believed myself to be a human wielding the power of one. Your power, Zinnia, of the emerald dragon Rayquaza.” He turned finally to Celine. “Dragons came from Arceus. Humans and dragon pokegirls were once one, descending from Arceus’ personal creation. Any human can tame a dragon. Some walk among them. But some, a select few, remember what they once were.” His flickering aura condensed, cloaking him as his words rang out to pound against the three stunned legendaries. “I have remembered what I once was. I now understand what is mine by right.”


          “…What is that, Nicholas?” Zinnia breathed.




          Celine’s legs gave out and she sank to the ground. “I don’t understand.” She buried her face in her hands. “You are not the man I once met!”


          Not even a second had passed before Celine felt him embracing her. “You met who I should have been,” he murmured gently. “Arceus told me my life could have had many endings. In one, Zinnia never took my place on Spear Pillar. I died, to resurrect Rayquaza. In another, I was never nudged by her hand. I would have lived a normal life. A human life. An interesting one, but not exceptional.” He drew back when Celine hiccupped in his arms. “There is not only one timeline, Celebi. Even now the man you met could still exist in some parallel universe. But you have leapt across the streams to land here. With me.” As she opened her eyes he leaned back in, tenderly pushing against her lips. “Though I am not the man you sought to spend more time with, I am sure many things are the same.”


          “…They are. But…” Celine made a shuddering gasp when he crawled onto her and pushed her onto her back. “Oh… What am I saying. I knew. I knew ever since that day you speak of. When you were meant to die.” She screwed her eyes shut as Nicholas continued kissing her body. “Kali was the only one who lived with you. There were others, but they never stayed for long. When Zinnia came, I already knew.”


          “That’s why you were in such shock,” Nicholas murmured.


          “I…” Celine grimaced despite Nicholas’ gentle foreplay. “I loved him. For the first time in my long life I loved a human.”


          Nicholas stopped. After a moment he sat back. “And you realized you hadn’t found him.”


          “I did.”


          Nicholas gazed down at her for a few long seconds before looking away with a sigh. “Then go find him. I don’t know how much more will change for me. I may not even be close to the man you loved when I’m done.”


          “I think that’s not even a question anymore,” Celebi replied quietly.


          Nicholas nodded without looking back. “Probably not.” He waited. He could still feel her beneath him. “Aren’t you going to leave?”


          “You are not the man I loved.” Nicholas turned back in surprise when he felt Celine’s hands pulling on him. Her eyes were filled with tears, but they were firm. Resolute. “I never said you are not a man I love.”


          Kali was tapping her foot irritably as Nicholas dove back on Celine. “He had more to say. Why’d you go and distract him?”


          She stumbled when Zinnia nudged her, hard. “You don’t sound as annoyed as usual, Kali.” She grinned when Kali’s eyes flicked to her and she could see the body language beneath the legendary’s hoodie. “Hm. What are you thinking, I wonder?”


          “Thinking-“ Kali started to snarl before the words died in her throat. With a growl she jerked her eyes away. “I… nothing.”


          “Struggling with what he has shown, are you?” Zinnia asked with a smile. “I admit I am too. He is no longer my servant. Nor do I believe I serve him. Our relationship has grown complicated.” She leaned over to grin directly in Kali’s face. “Yours, on the other hand, is the same.”


          “I am right here,” Nicholas sighed from his position on top of Celine as Kali’s eyes began to glow. “For crying out loud can we not fight for two seconds?”


          “Is that an order?” Zinnia asked with a teasing smile.


          Nicholas rolled his eyes and sat up a little straighter without withdrawing his dick from Celine’s pussy. “You do not want it to be.”


          The veiled threat instantly restored the peace and Zinnia took a step back, beginning to laugh after a moment before she squatted down besides the taming pair. “You do remember what you once were. I haven’t met a human who did since long before I died.” Her smile softened. “I know what more you wish to say. I will say it for you.” She looked up at Kali. “Though we are more than pokegirls, we are no longer anything more than that to him. He is one of us. Just as Celebi said. I would recommend you not test that, young Mewtwo. Even before this moment he held our cunning, so now that he holds our strength who could say what else he has gained?” She rose. “I chose well when I passed my crown. Master.”


          Kali watched Zinnia walk away. She scuffed her toe against the grass, drifting to the side as she watched Nicholas and Celine. Her fingers dug into the pockets of her hoodie, the only thing she wore, a gift from him. It barely extended past her groin, and as she fidgeted the hem rose and lowered, flashing her glistening cunt for all to see. Finally though she relaxed and bowed her head, her voice barely a whisper, yet perfectly audible to the man in front of her. “Will you find me when you are done… Master Nicholas?”


          He didn’t speak. Instead Kali stiffened as she felt his aura wash over her, caressing her like the hand that had stroked her cheek. “Of course I will, Kali,” his presence whispered in her mind. “Neither you nor any of the pokegirls that rely on me will have to wonder that ever again.”








Tamer: Nicholas Topolski



          Mine Badge

          Forest Badge

          Coal Badge

          Relic Badge

          Cobble Badge



          Zisela, Gabite (Alpha) – Level 45

          Sohn, Infernape – Level 45

          Sammy, Rotom – Level 44

          Cathy, Miltank – Level 42

          Quinn, Gallade – Level 44



Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 25