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Chapter 17

Dawn of the New Age




          Snow dusted the desolate mountaintop. Falling gently on the scattered figures lying, unmoving, across the shattered ground.


          A flake drifted, dancing as it flicked past a figure, swirling on some imperceptible gust of wind, and softly coming to rest on Nicholas’ eyelid.


          The man twitched. Snowflakes that had been melting on his lips vanished when he suddenly gasped, his breath catching and turning to a wracking cough as he spasmed. He rolled over, forcing himself onto his hands and knees while he made dry heaves. It took a few minutes for him to calm, and even when he had regained control of his body it still shook.


          Solid ground under his fingers… A low chill numbing them. He slowly looked up, took in the scarred landscape. Memories raced, fading by the second as he desperately tried to hold onto them. Had it been real? What had been real?


          He quickly turned to scan the area. There were others nearby. He saw Cynthia, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf… but that was all. His pokegirls-!


          Fumbling fingers shot to his belt. The balls were there. A quick check showed they were full. Had he… recalled them, before…?


          A noise from the others brought him over to find Cynthia also waking up. Soon the three legendaries were as well, all five slowly gathering themselves in a loose circle.


          It was Cynthia who broke the silence. “The shadow… That place. Did I only imagine it?”


          The whole group breathed out in unison. “No,” Nicholas whispered. “I was there too.”


          “We all were brought into Lady Giratina’s realm,” Mesprit said softly. “At least we were not destroyed, like this place was.” She slowly looked around. “It is a miracle we three were able to mimic what the madman did to return us here.”


          Nicholas gazed at her. That was true… he remembered the three legendaries tearing a hole like the ones Cyrus had made, had… brought Palkia and Dialga through. He remembered throwing himself through. Remembered falling, worlds flashing by his eyes, worlds similar yet not the same. A Mt. Coronet where a younger teenager stood with pokegirls unlike his own. A war-torn countryside where monstrous shapes prowled. A vast city, bustling and full of life, yet devoid of light.


          A… Place. Warm. Safe. Then it had slipped from his mind.


          “What was that… we travelled through?” Nicholas asked after a few moments.


          The sixth member of the group bent down to join them. “The space beyond.”


          Time stood still. The voice echoed through Nicholas’ mind. A small piece of white fluttered at the edge of his vision as the figure’s coat moved in the wind. And suddenly, the shadowy memories returned all at once.


          Nicholas all but threw himself away as Cynthia turned to the woman next to her with a confused look. “The space beyond? What’s that?”


          “This knowledge is held by only the very upper echelons of the government,” the woman chided. “I am willing to explain to you, Champion Cynthia, but only-“


          “Hold up!” Arceus stopped talking and turned to survey Nicholas as the man got his feet back underneath him. “Why… What is going on here?”


          Arceus raised an eyebrow ever so slightly. “I was just explaining before you interrupted me.”


          “No, that’s not what I meant and you know it.” Nicholas slowly extended a trembling finger to point at her. “You… You’re here.”


          “How? Why?” Arceus grew the tiniest of smiles as she replied. “I was lucky. From my position observing your efforts to stop Cyrus, the leader of the Galactic criminal organization, I was just out of range of… whatever blast occurred. When it had cleared, you were all gone. Before I could go to find help you’d reappeared, unconscious.”


          Nicholas lowered his arm. It was just like with the police, when he’d been the only one to notice the path to the temple. Cynthia was nodding, completely satisfied with this answer. Even the legendary trio didn’t seem to realize their creator, Mistress, Mother was right beside them. Or at least some part of her was. He was the only one who knew the truth. “…Right. I must have hit my head in the… blast. I’m sorry…?”


          Arceus gasped, her hand flying to her mouth. “Oh! No, I apologize, Champion Topolski, I had not even stopped to consider you may be injured. Your confusion may be from a concussion – you should rest! I will call for help now.”


          Nicholas watched a cellphone appear out of thin air and Arceus bring it to her ear. “Yeah. Sounds great.”


          “Er… You were about to leak highly classified information?” Cynthia said hopefully as Arceus spoke into the receiver.


          Arceus cracked a smile but refrained from answering until she’d ended her call. “Quite. I suppose I should hurry – we will have company soon. The space beyond has only recently been discovered by scientists in a small island nation Champion Topolski is quite familiar with. Local legends long spoke of this, ‘place between worlds’, and the pokegirls worshipped there are often referred to as guardian deities, protecting this world from that ‘place beyond’, but no scientific proof was found until not long ago.”


          Nicholas stared at her. Memories, of his childhood, of the simple shrines, the stories, the classes in school… Of this woman, of Arceus, revealing to him why. How. Alola. His home. It would have been so easy for her to reach him there from where she dwelled. Her, in the space beyond, the space between worlds. Him, on the islands on the edge of this one.


          Arceus was staring directly at him as she continued. “They have named it ‘Ultra Space’.”


          “Incredible,” Cynthia breathed. “And we’ve proven it exists.”


          “You must not tell anyone of this incident,” Arceus retorted, wheeling around to admonish Cynthia. “I will make my report and you may be contacted. Am I understood?”


          Cynthia meekly hung her head. “Yes Ma’am.”


          “Now.” Arceus drew herself up and stepped towards where Nicholas was. “I should inspect Champion Topolski to make sure he is not seriously hurt.”


          He’d blinked and she was in front of him. After a moment a teasing smile spread across Arceus’ lips. “I do hope I allowed you enough space to… How did you say it? Figure things out yourself, to make it more interesting for me?” She laughed. “You cast off the false memories so easily, as I would expect. I will explain soon. Until then, I will let creation forget my presence.”


          Nicholas blinked again. She was gone. A quick look at the others revealed no surprise and Nicholas opened his mouth, about to ask if Cynthia or any of the three remembered… her… but slowly closed it again. Even if they did they’d have some excuse as to why Arceus wasn’t here anymore. It wasn’t worth the effort.


          Cynthia was triggering her pokeballs and she looked over as the last one formed. “How is your harem, Nicholas?”


          With a start Nicholas’ hand shot to Miru’s pokeball. “I- I don’t know.”


          “The IP should be here soon,” Cynthia called. “Check to see if anyone needs triage.”


          Nicholas’ fingers curled around the orb. The others… he knew they would be fine. But Miru. What would come out of this pokeball?


          He blinked and raised his eyes when he noticed sinuous tails twisting past his vision. He looked up to see three pairs of hungry eyes watching him.


          “It is over,” Mesprit said, drifting ever closer as the other two followed. “Without you, we would not have had the power to protect the world our Mother entrusted to us. It is over, and here you still are. Brighter than ever before.”


          “And it is not yet the time.”


          His words brought the three to a dead stop. Nicholas had lifted himself, his posture, chin up, back straight, eyes locked mercilessly on Mesprit. His voice as he spoke was soft, kind, yet it brooked no argument from even these three pokegirls. The voice, as Arceus had put it, of a true lord over pokegirls.


          “I need to check on Miru first. Once I have, I intend to return home. I’ve had quite enough of Sinnoh for now.” He waited for a few moments. “The three of you are welcome to distract me between those two events. But not. Now.”


          The legendaries drifted away without another word. Nicholas braced himself and triggered Miru’s release.


          The memories were clearing now. He remembered what had actually happened. He remembered her, this Buneary, he remembered as she had changed, become something familiar yet horribly wrong. He wanted nothing more than for the pokegirl that appeared now to be disgusted by his very presence.


          Miru appeared standing up, her eyes closed. Nicholas waited. She didn’t move. He shuffled his feet. Her eyes remained closed. Finally he reached out to take her by the shoulder.


          The moment his hand touched her Miru’s eyes snapped open and she slapped him away. “HEY! What are you doing. I’m trying to get over my nausea from that fucking place.”


          Relief covered Nicholas’ face as he backed away. “Right. Sorry, Special Investigator. I just wasn’t sure if you were okay.”


          “Why wouldn’t I be?” Miru growled dangerously. “If you so much as think something like ‘because you missed your target’ I will-!”


          Nicholas quickly threw up his hands. “No! Thinking nothing. Cyrus is… dead. You did it. Brought him to justice.”


          Miru eyed him. “The fall did that, which is good enough. The result is the same. Glad you understand that.” She turned away to take in the mountain. “Shit. Look at this place. Paperwork is going to be a bitch.”


          Nicholas deflated when she turned away. “Yeah, probably. Glad that’s not my problem.”


          Miru snorted without turning around. “Of course not. Bastard. Whatever, leave this to a professional.” She paused. “You did good, for a consultant. Now give me my pokeball.”


          Nicholas couldn’t be happier to hand over the device and watched her slip it into her pocket. “It was good working with you as well, Ma’am, though I suppose I’m glad that it’s over.”


          He didn’t see Miru’s face. The conflict warring through her expression. How close she was, as she replied in her usual gruff tones, to cracking. “It’s… never over. The missions, I mean. Mopping up Galactic’s remnants will take years.” She hesitated. A glance almost made it to him before Miru snapped her eyes back forwards. “The International Police may have need of your expertise in the future.”


          Nicholas nodded. “Sure. But going forward I’ll set the terms. I think I’ve earned that much.”


          Miru was quiet for quite a long time. An uncomfortably long time before her head tilted slightly. “I agree. I’ll have a chat with… with my boss.”


          “I appreciate the effort.” Nicholas turned his attention back to Mesprit and her sisters. He could see Cynthia turning to greet the frontrunners of the police squad stampeding up the mountain. He wasn’t interested in answering their questions. Leave that to the Champion of the region this mess had taken place in. “Mesprit, Uxie, Azelf? I need a way home. Is there any way I can convince you to assist me?”


          They descended on him and all four vanished. Leaving Miru alone, at least until the others reached her. Just long enough for the tears streaming down her cheeks to dry.







          Nicholas felt the world shift as the three legendaries took hold. Gone was the open mountain, replaced by a dimly lit room of some kind. As he turned to take stock of where they were he was met by a pair of hungry lips.


           The trio had always been nude, but until now, it hadn’t mattered. When he and Cynthia had rescued them from Galactic’s experiments sexual thoughts had been last on his mind. When they had reappeared upon the mountain, once again, there had been far more pressing things to worry about than the nudity of three powerful pokegirls. But now, now there was nothing but the bodies pressing against him to worry about. Now, the three legendaries’ nudity was the only thing on his mind.


          Despite their lust the trio remained as gentle as ever. Hands pushed under his clothes, caressed his body, but nothing came off until he let it. It was a tender touch from Mesprit as she captured his mouth, hovering to his height with her hands stroking his face. Below her Azelf teased his pants free, taking a deep breath while she fondled his balls before inhaling his dick in one swift motion. Each were releasing breathy moans as they explored Nicholas’ body, but neither were crying out like Uxie was.


          The keeper of all knowledge had taken Nicholas’ hands, leaving her sisters to their own targets, and snuggled herself against his chest. She’d ended up cradled perfectly in his arms and with only minor coaxing, helped by the positions she’d pulled Nicholas’ hands into, was being fingered and fondled simultaneously. It fit her, with her sleepy countenance. Curled up as if she was about to drift off to sleep while Nicholas pleasured her in ways she’d never felt before.


          Uxie was mewling, trembling from her second orgasm, when Nicholas felt his first come on. Azelf jerked back when he filled her mouth, coughing slightly before wiping the worst of his unexpected load from her face and reaching down to satisfy some of the heat from her swollen labia. Her sticky fingers were spreading the first traces of Nicholas’ semen inside her before she changed her mind and lunged for the twitching cock in front of her eyes, intent on going directly for the source instead of settling for the remains of her blowjob. Unfortunately the only way to position herself properly brought her head past Uxie and even as she was making to claim the man’s first thrust her eyes snapped to her quivering sister and the pure bliss written across her face.


          It was in the moment of hesitation that Mesprit retook her place as the leader of the trio. Nicholas felt her break contact and she drifted away, eyes wild, tongue fluttering between her partially open lips. Then her tails snaked out, snagging Azelf from the tip of Nicholas’ dick and yanking her away. A moment later it was Mesprit sinking onto his shaft, hissing in pleasure, as Azelf caught herself and came zooming back through the air with an indignant shout.


          “We could have had this from any human,” Mesprit growled low, her small stature making it so she had to crane her neck to look up at Nicholas before Azelf angrily shoved her body in his face. “Why did Mother touch you?”


          Nicholas took the hint. Still cradling Uxie, who was twitching in her third orgasm at this point, he repositioned himself before turning inwards. Finding the power he had finally come to understand, he thrust.


          Mesprit’s eyes bugged, nearly choking when the thick shaft in her cunt drew back only to slam upwards so hard she bounced an inch off of it again at the apex. Along with the motion came a burst of energy that instantly merged with her own, adding a warm glow to everything she felt and causing the legendary to begin to grin, laughing out loud when gravity pulled her back down from the bounce and Nicholas’ dick nestled firmly into her deepest places. It was as if an itch she had never noticed before was being scratched as she drew back and dropped back down once more, alternating motions with Nicholas until it was no longer just his aura filling her.


          Azelf had shoved one of her small breasts in Nicholas’ mouth in an attempt to get something out of the time Mesprit had stolen from her but when she sensed her sister’s contentment she pulled away, waiting only long enough to confirm that the purple-haired legendary was drifting back of her own accord before taking her place and seating herself firmly on the cock she had been denied.


          Mesprit drifted, nearly hitting the ground in her contented stupor while Azelf suddenly went weak, barely able to hold herself upright as she felt the same energy filling her, satisfying her in a way she hadn’t felt in eons – before Mesprit stirred, arduously picking herself up and floating back to Nicholas’ level. Azelf was gasping to his thrusts as she drifted forwards and kissed him again, much more sensually this time.


          “So that, is why you,” Mesprit murmured as they continued to kiss. “Through you, we survived. Through you, I feel like I have not since… perhaps since my own creation.” Her hands wrapped around his head but she stopped just a hair’s breadth from his lips, eyes staring deep into his. “Mother… Thank you. Even though he is not ours, thank you for letting us share him with you, even if only for this time.”


          A light voice cleared her throat nearby. “I am glad my Champion makes my daughters happy.”


          This time, there was no pause. Mesprit only turned, eyes wide, as Uxie’s popped open, and even Azelf, still with Nicholas’ dick buried inside her, managed to turn in shock. Arceus stood, not purely in the form she had been using but in one that seemed to transcend the nearly human body. It was radiant, perhaps as radiant as she could be while still holding mortal form.


          It was Uxie, the only one who had not yet experienced Nicholas’ dick, who managed to speak first. “M-Mother?”


          “Hello, my young daughters.” Arceus swept forwards, hands of light appearing as she caressed each legendary in turn. “You have done well in the task I charged you. May he be a suitable reward.” She looked up, away from the three sandwiched between her and Nicholas’ bodies, to smile at him. “But… I do not wish to share my Champion for any longer than I need to.”


          Nicholas nodded and pulled out of a stunned Azelf, leaving her vagina full of the fresh load Mesprit’s interference had first denied her, before bending down to kiss Uxie as he maneuvered the soaking wet legendary down his shaft.


          Uxie was so sensitive from his fingers that she barely lasted long enough for him to come before shuddering and going limp, the combined glow of his aura filling her and her Mother’s presence too much for her to bear, just as her sisters similarly were becoming completely overwhelmed. Arceus leaned over, tenderly stroking Uxie’s hair from her face and placing a gently kiss on the legendary’s forehead before doing the same for the other two. “I gave them an impossible task, you know,” she said, watching Mesprit and Azelf each succumb and go limp. “I made them to embody me within my creation. To keep it whole.” She smiled and looked up to Nicholas again. “Without any of my power. Only the power they could draw from around them. I think experiencing you has been too much for them, experiencing what once was, what they once knew, before the world calmed. Even still, it is for the best. For through you this world will be reborn again.”


          Nicholas watched her step closer. “They recognized you this time.”


          “Because I let them do so.” Arceus took another step, and now Nicholas could see the body beneath her light, if only just a little. He didn’t see the outfit this avatar usually wore. “Now, they rest. You are mine once more.”


          Nicholas breathed out as the resplendent figure took the final step to meet him. “I would be lying if I said I didn’t want this.”


          Arceus’ lips twitched in a teasing smile. “Do you wish to explore my form, Nicholas? Is this way… one that satisfies your desires?”


          Nicholas closed his eyes for a moment and when they opened again they were steady. “Technically, this is not your form. You are not even Arceus.”


          “True. It is not, and I am not. I am but a projection, a piece.” Arceus’ fingers trailed beneath Nicholas’ chin as she curled her hand and ever so slightly lifted his chin to meet her mouth. “But… I am a piece created for you. A form you may comprehend.” She let out a quiet laugh as her lips brushed against his. “I am the closest you will ever get. Is that not enough?”


          Nicholas responded by breaking the tension and pressing his mouth to hers.


          “Not long ago, I would have believed myself to be Her,” Arceus, or rather her avatar, murmured in Nicholas’ ear when they drew apart. “I am not. She has… left me. Allowed me a will of my own.” The pinpricks of light that she had worn like a crown about her head were gone, but their memory remained, in the form of shimmering strands of her hair that gleamed every color imaginable. This pokegirl embracing him was Arceus – but she was also a pokegirl, an eternal one perhaps, perhaps stronger than any other that would ever exist, but still she belonged to the same reality Nicholas shared. The idea, the concept of Arceus, the creator, that he had witnessed, she remained firmly out of reach. She remained there along with her stunning daughters, three dragons who had formed everything he knew. He felt a pang of grief as he remembered their forms, their being. He would never experience their touch. Just the yearning for it tore at his mind, but Arceus had firmly controlled their encounter so that he had only ever witnessed them in a way he could rationalize. If she had not… well, she had told him what would come. Madness, if he even survived.


          But the body pressing to his. The glorious being kissing him again. No… she was not Arceus. But she was Arceus as she would be on this earth. The first one. The mother of all, and… though he was sure Arceus herself was something far, far greater, the energy emanating from this being was unmistakable. She was a dragon. The dragon that all others, himself included, descended from. And she was… his?


          No. Rayquaza – Zinnia – was not his. Neither was this pokegirl. She allowed him to be with her, not even as equals as Zinnia chose to be, but as a… confidante, perhaps. Yes, that was what he was. He was an amusing thing to Arceus, and by extension this avatar of hers. Something she wished to observe, and now, interact with. A curiosity. Entertainment.


          Nicholas was shaking as he brought his hands across Arceus’ avatar’s ass. Her body was purely human, too. Formed by Arceus, not in his image, but rather he was formed in hers. It scared him. A pokegirl indistinguishable from a human. A perfect being. Apparently all pokegirls had been like this one, once. Now one walked the earth again. But he did not shake in fear of her. He shook with excitement. Even when he had first witnessed Rayquaza, she whose blood ran in his veins, he had not felt this way. Perhaps because he had awakened something much, much older in his time here in Sinnoh. Upon being brought before Arceus herself. This… pokegirl, she was pure. He… was as well.


          In this place, this cave, a hidden place sealed away from the world, two beings became one. Something the that had not been known since the dawn of time, when creation first knew life. It marked what could only be a new dawn. The dawn… of a new age.


          The human, and the pokegirl. Both radiant in their own ways. Nicholas spoke as he slowly continued to thrust, his eyes glowing, his aura mixing into the avatar’s just as gently as his dick penetrated her pussy. “If you are not Her, who are you?”


          The avatar’s lips drew back in a smile. Her arms were wrapped over Nicholas’ shoulders, leaving her sides open to his hands, so that even though they stood together there was not even a hint of discomfort as their hips continued to move in time. “Mortals and their obsession with names. Though I suppose I am one of you, am I not?” Suddenly her smile morphed to a grin and she began laughing, laughing so hard Nicholas almost lost his grip on her shaking body. Before he could question her the laughter had snapped off and the avatar’s eyes were drilling into his. “I am Kumu.”


          “…Okay,” Nicholas replied after a few moments. “I suppose it fits.”


          “Using one of your words amuses me,” Kumu explained with a cheeky smirk. “I am sure it amuses Her as well. Now.” She shifted, sliding forwards a bit more and squishing her breasts across his chest as she firmed her grip on his body. “Entertain me more, Nicholas Topolski.” Her breath tickled his cheek as she moved in, teeth glinting as her jaw slackened and she lightly bit his ear. The action sent electricity racing through Nicholas’ body as Kumu’s sultry voice grew deeper until a dragon’s growls were crashing through his brain. He finally knew how his pokegirls felt before him. “If… You can.”


          The challenge was hardly necessary. Nicholas already had no intention of backing down and the peaceful silence of Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie’s cave was shattered by his roar, then by Kumu’s, as their peaceful taming turned into all-out war.







          Nicholas quickened his pace when he saw the darkened building coming into view. Home. Or… at least a home. He had thought his yearning for his birthplace had faded over the years, but now he was no longer sure.


          It didn’t matter. Here was where his pokegirls waited. He hadn’t sent word, but it had been over a week since the incident on top of Mt. Coronet. The slow dismantlement of Galactic had made international news. Someone would have guessed.


          He jogged up to the mansion and unlocked the front door, pocketing his keys again and taking a deep breath. This was an odd feeling, returning here without a new title to his name. But this time, he felt no urges drawing him back to Sinnoh. He’d performed his duty. Cynthia would come, with time.


          He pushed open the doors and stepped inside, a slight frown on his face. The entryway was… empty. It was barely past sunset and yet the house was quiet. Too… quiet. Over twenty pokegirls were meant to be here. Where were they?


          Well. One of them was definitely here. Because the moment Nicholas’ foot crossed the threshold a pale figure appeared to block his path. It was Kali, her eyes burning, the pale moon casting beams of light across her skin. Her… naked… skin.


          As he started to open his mouth, intending on greeting her, he saw a shimmering barrier spring to life around them. Kali spoke, but her lips never moved as her voice echoed in his mind. “Your plan failed.”


          Nicholas blinked. “What?”


          “They will kill you if you do not run.” Kali glanced behind her at the darkened house. “I… can only just restrain myself. Even Celebi has gone mad.” She turned back, and now Nicholas could see the hunger shining through cracks in Kali’s composure. “Run, Master Nicholas. Even you can not survive us.”


          Kali shied back when Nicholas took another step towards her, ignoring how it seemed to break another crack in her will. “Explain. Did everyone go feral?”


          “Is that what this is?” Kali asked, her lips drawing back in a crazed half-grin. “Such an… oddly intoxicating feeling…”


          “No, because you’re never supposed to go feral,” Nicholas growled. “Explain, Kali. Explain what’s going on here. Where are the others? Zinnia then, if Celine has gone mad like you claim.”


          “It began… a week ago,” Kali explained. “All of them began to grow more… excited. Then I noticed I was feeling the same. Words stopped being spoken. We all discarded our clothing. Nothing has been getting done.” She slowly turned her head back to face him. “Sasha did her best, but she was overwhelmed. Once she stopped taking your form the madness took hold.” She shivered. “Please. Run. Whatever this is, it wants you. They want you – we want you. We will. Take you. Regardless of what you want.” Kali was trembling. On the brink of breaking, her eyes darting over Nicholas’ body. “I don’t… see you as a human, anymore. I, I don’t feel any… any shred of restraint.” She clutched her skull. “If I don’t, then, none of them will. Even you couldn’t-”


          “Feedback loop.”


          Kali was hunched over. “What?”


          “A week ago this started?” Nicholas sighed. “The Sinnoh harem has been fine because I’ve been there for them. I haven’t been here for you.” He gazed at Kali, still hunched over, her heavy panting breaths echoing through the entryway. “I suppose it’s more than just her touch that I hold now. And all of you felt it through our bonds.”


          “You understand…?”


          “Kalmiya! Watch over Zisela and the others.” Kali sensed the man approaching her but was unprepared for the hand that grabbed her, yanking her to her feet and slamming her against her own barrier. That barrier shattered a moment later as Kali saw Nicholas standing naked in front of her and he lobbed his gear out the door as the occult flames burning in Kali’s eyes began to overtake her pupils. “Seems I have work to do.”


          “Why…” Kali whispered, her mouth moving to vocalize for the first time since he’d arrived. The hunger was drowning the last vestiges of her resistance now, but before she was fully overtaken, Nicholas saw tears begin to form in her eyes. “You’ll… be…”


          He smiled. Reached up and stroked her cheek, gazing into her eyes as they were fully consumed and the tears evaporated. “No. Let go, Kali. Let go of your inhibition, and your fear. You’ve been waiting for me for so long.” His aura blazed to life, not as a barrier around him, but pouring from every inch of his body as it was suffused and the excess had nowhere else to go. “I’m finally here.”


          Zinnia was the only one who might match Kali’s strength – Rayquaza and Mewtwo, the empress of the first age, and the rising queen of the second. So when Kali snapped, so much psychic power blasting through him that the aftereffects obliterated the entryway and left a crater around the two… He laughed. Leaned in, smiling at the straining legendary his aura locked in place, and repeated himself. “You longed for the strongest Master.” His teeth glinted, draconic eyes blazed. “I’m here now. Awakened. Enlightened. And you know what?” He rubbed his cock against Kali’s slit before chuckling and pushing inside. “I’m going to enjoy it.”


          Kalmiya retreated to a safe distance and listened. Kali’s screams faded, replaced by others, bursts of light and the sound of shattering objects joining to a crescendo until a particularly loud crash made the entire mansion list to one side. It was an orgy the likes she had never seen before, lasting the entire night as Nicholas made his way through each and every pokegirl of his harem. He saw her multiple times throughout. Kumu, leaning against a doorframe, hanging over a balcony above him, seated nearby as he fucked through the hordes of pokegirls. Always smiling. Always watching. Until the sun rose on a destroyed mansion full of unconscious pokegirls and one very tired man.


          The light rose Nicholas from his stupor and he raised his head, gazing out over the dozens of unconscious forms around him. “Kalmiya.” He knew the Porygon could hear him through the earpiece he managed to have kept through the night. “I… need some time. Can you find someone to help clean up this mess?”


          “Of course, Master,” Kalmiya’s soothing voice replied.


          Nicholas let his breath whistle out. “KUMU!” He waited, scowling when the early morning remained silent. “I have questions. You said you would be happy to provide me answers.”


          She stepped out from behind a shattered doorframe that was obviously too thin to actually hide her body from sight, fully dressed and appearing as the businesswoman, demeanor and all. She stopped a few feet away. “Yes, Champion?”


          Nicholas sighed. “What happened to them.”


          “You seemed to figure it out without my help.”


          “Sure, but I didn’t have confirmation. Now I do.” Nicholas shook his head. “If it was feedback from… Arceus’ touch, or, well, from me awakening to it, will they go ‘mad’ again?”


          “I do not see that happening, no.”


          Nicholas nodded to himself. “That’s good. I grew alongside these pokegirls. I… didn’t like seeing any of them like that, regardless if I had before.”


          Kumu began counting on her fingers. “The Pidgeot, Nidoqueen, Alakazam, Crobat-“


          “Thank you. I don’t need you to remind me which of my pokegirls I found feral.” Nicholas turned back to the harem sprawled around him. “I remember where I met each and every one of them.”


          “What else do you wish to know?”


          Nicholas let his thoughts drift. “The perfect being, the one Arceus created, the one that was a dragon pokegirl and a human combined – is that what I am?”


          “No. You are a human. A true human, a true lord, but only human.”


          Nicholas let out a relieved sigh. “I’m glad.”


          “You are still a human who remembers Her touch,” Kumu pointed out. “As close to that ‘perfect being’ as any human can be.”


          “Which is why, once I awakened my aura, once I truly understood my self, and especially when Arceus opened my eyes to it all… my power flowed across the bonds I share with these pokegirls, and I empowered them, didn’t I? They couldn’t rationalize what they felt.” He laughed. “They felt Arceus’ touch. It tore open the flaws she placed within pokegirls, and they went feral.”


          “That is a passable summary.”


          “Yeah, right, not truly ‘feral’, just… whatever.” Nicholas slowly got to his feet. “You know, if I’m truly this lord of all, I could just… throw them all away. Dominate the eternal ones. Conquer all, and live up to the title you’ve given me.”


          “That She has given you,” Kumu corrected.


          Nicholas rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah.”


          “You could.” Kumu watched him. “Such an act would surely be amusing to witness.”


          “…But that’s not who I am,” Nicholas whispered after a few moments. “It tempts me. It really does. Some part of me would love nothing more than to hunt the strongest pokegirls across the planet, to explore every form that exists, to be a true lord of all… But I am not just my parts. That’s why Arceus chose me.” He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “I am the sum of it all.” He glanced around before making a defeated shrug.  “I don’t think that’ll stop me having my fun with the harem I do have, though.”


          Kumu broke into a grin. “That makes me happy, so it must make Her as well. You are Her Champion. One who has, as you said, grown to become what you are now. She expects you to usher in a new age. To change Her creation. That which you now embrace will make that expectation a reality.”


          Nicholas turned to take in the decimated building. “A new age, huh. A new era.” He stood, lost in thought. “This building is no longer home. This… place, this region. Is no longer home.” He looked around one more time at his unconscious harem. “They deserve better than what I’ve given them. Yes, a new era starts now. It will start with me.”






          “Morgana! Over here!”


          The Gardevoir turned, maintaining the hard energy constructs she was using to fortify where a number of others pulled their belongings from the ruins with one hand as she looked for the voice hailing her. “Who… Ah, Nessa. What is it?”


          Nessa pointed at the collapsed stairs. “I need to find my necklace.”


          “A necklace? Something that small could be anywhere. You’re better waiting for Cassidy to help you locate it with her clairvoyance.” Morgana turned back to what she was doing but didn’t miss that Nessa was approaching her. “Nessa, I can feel your intention. Do not touch me. I don’t want to drop the roof on our sisters.”


          “As if me grabbing you would make you lose your concentration,” Nessa grumbled. Still, she only gave the Gardevoir a sidelong glance as she came up beside her. “I don’t care how unlikely it is that I’ll find it, I need to look.”


          “It’s here somewhere, sister,” Morgana soothed, turning with a reassuring smile. “I know Cassidy will help once she’s done meeting with Master.”


          “I- I can’t wait that long,” Nessa pleaded. “That necklace means everything to me, Morgana. I never take it off.”


          “Then why…” Morgana trailed off. She was clothed, sure, but that was because she summoned her clothing. Every other pokegirl here was completely nude, even the few who had recovered their clothing from the ruined mansion working on cleaning or repairing it instead of wearing the damaged garments. “I… I’m sorry. That was a stupid question.”


          “No… No, it wasn’t.” Nessa hugged her body, expression flickering with pain. “I… I don’t know why I took it off. I don’t remember much of what happened over the last few days, but… I still can’t understand why I’d ever remove it. I’m… scared, Morgana. What if I broke it? What if it was crushed? What if it’s… gone?”


          Morgana sighed and turned away from the pokegirls digging through the rubble. Nothing fell. “You don’t have to tell me what you feel, Nessa. I can feel it as clearly as you do.” She rested a comforting hand on the Feraligatr’s shoulder. “Cassidy will find it. I promise you. For now, nothing’s falling – the house is stable. If you start digging through the wreckage you might end up making something fall and actually destroy your necklace. I… don’t think you’ve ever told me why that thing’s so important to you, but you have to be patient.” She gave Nessa’s shoulder a quick squeeze. “Right now, if it’s already gone, there’s nothing you can do to change that. Don’t go and do something to lose what might still be there.”


          Nessa stared at Morgana in complete shock for a few seconds before her face scrunched up and, with a wail, she tackled the Gardevoir to the ground, clutching tightly to the confused pokegirl as she cried into her dress.


          Not too far away Cassidy’s antennae twitched and she glanced back towards the ruined mansion before shaking her head and returning her attention to the large group standing around her. It was Nicholas and the leadership of each harem – Herself, her Alpha Dahlia, Miyuki and her Beta Ryuko, Bea and her Beta Marin. But it was also a newcomer. Zisela stuck close to Nicholas, obviously out of place as she listened to Miyuki make her case.


          “…regardless of the reason for it, it happened,” the Glaceon said firmly. “Dahlia, you should be the one arguing alongside me here. This is the second time something like this has happened to you.”


          The Venusaur snorted. Her arms were locked across her chest and her face was holding a perpetual scowl. “I’m not because I’ve known Master from the start. I know he never intended for this to happen to me. To us. He learned from when you joined the harem, Miyuki. He made choices that he didn’t want to make, all for us.” She glanced at the silent man. “If he says this should never happen again, I believe him.”


          Miyuki’s eyes narrowed dangerously. “I am not saying I do not believe in him, Dahlia. Never suggest that-“


          “That was not what Dahlia meant.” Miyuki’s words died when Nicholas spoke. “Nobody doubts your belief in me, Miyuki. Neither yours or Ryuko’s. It’s well known among the harems that I returned from Johto with a bunch of fanatics.” He shrugged. “Honestly, the argument is pointless. You’re all so set in your ideals that we’re not going to be seeing a change from any of you any time soon. The only thing we can do is put it to a vote.”


          “A vote?” Marin grumbled. “You’re the tamer. Your vote is the only one that matters.”


          Nicholas let out his breath. “Not too long ago I was in a similar situation to this. Where I thought what I said or did didn’t matter. I was told then that… it still did, because the one holding power was choosing not to use it to control me.” He looked around at all of the watching eyes. “I had a choice then too. I had to choose whether I believed them. I will not dismiss this vote out of hand. I will take it fully under consideration, and will most likely abide by it completely.” He winced. “I will not control your answers. It’s up to each of you to choose whether you believe that.”


          Silence. Dahlia was the first to speak, lifting her chin proudly. “I vote against the motion to retire.”


          “We reject it as well,” Bea growled, Marin nodding beside her. “There is still too much for Master to do to stop now.”


          Miyuki snorted. “He should remain with us.”


          Ryuko was standing with only minimal armor, essentially in casual clothing, so her troubled face was clearly visible as Miyuki glanced at her with a meaningful look. The Scizor winced before bowing her head. “He should stay.”


          “I will not influence your vote. Neither will your Alphas,” Nicholas replied. “I want your vote, Ryuko. Not Miyuki’s.”


          Ryuko kept her head bowed, hiding her face from view for as long as she deliberated. Eventually though she looked up. “If even you should not influence us, Master, then my answer is the same. I never wish to leave your side.”


          “I suppose I should have expected that.” Nicholas shrugged. “Cassidy?” He glanced over at the distracted Alakazam. “You there?”


          Cassidy slowly nodded. “I’m here. Master.” She took another few moments before looking around at the gathered pokegirls. “I was just listening to a conversation. Between Morgana and Nessa.” She turned to look at Nicholas. “Nessa is distraught. During the incident she lost her pendant. The one that, to her, represents her old friend, who died and became someone new. Morgana is helping her, but… her help only served to show Nessa how she is reliving losing that friend, all over again.” She turned back to the pokegirls. “Nessa is not alone in her fear. Many of us have had moments where we felt lost, afraid, because our Master was not with us. He completes us in many ways.” She turned back to Nicholas. “The Alpha must make decisions that are for the best, and so must a Beta. My Alpha makes the decision that is best for our tamer, so I must make the decision that is best for my harem – for all of our harems. I vote that it is time to retire, Master.”


          Dahlia barely nodded. “We’re at an impasse. Tied.”


          “So Master just makes the decision anyways,” Miyuki grumbled, “and we all get to believe we had a say in it. Well played.”


          “The vote isn’t over.”


          The low murmur that had begun died as the six turned to Nicholas. “It’s not?” Bea asked curiously.


          Nicholas looked to his side. To Zisela. “Zisela. You are an Alpha of one of my harems. How do you vote?”


          Zisela jerked. Glanced at Nicholas at first, before nervously looking around at the six pokegirls staring at her. “Er, should I really…?”


          Bea slammed her foot to the ground and raised her voice before anyone else could. “I will honor her vote! This – Gabite, was she? – This Gabite is nothing like the stupid Beldum I once was. She has returned an Alpha without a doubt.”


          Only Miyuki seemed to hesitate but even she nodded in agreement with the others. “I’m glad you said something first, Bea,” she addressed the Metagross. “It’s true. Zisela being here is nothing like you joining us on that island. She deserves a vote just like any of us.”


          Zisela swallowed, eyeing the Glaceon. “But if I vote against you…”


          Miyuki’s lips drew back. It was a deadly smile, but it held a warmth that contrasted the Ice-type’s frigid power. “I may be a dragon-killer, Zisela, but I do not hunt my sisters.”


          Nicholas chuckled and patted Zisela’s shoulder. “If you vote against her she might make sure you suffer a bit during training, but I don’t think she’d go easy on you either way.”


          Zisela glanced up at him before turning back to Miyuki. “I look forward to it. I will overcome you like all the rest.” Scattered chuckles broke out from the other pokegirls as Zisela held out her fist, thumb up. “I am not done, and neither is my Weyrleader. I vote against the motion.” She curled her thumb back into her fist. “It is denied.”


          Miyuki was shrugging when Zisela tacked on her final sentence. In an instant the air had gone from empty to roiling with the tension between the two pokegirls. Miyuki very slowly turned her full attention to Zisela, the Gabite gazing back without fear. “Your vote may be valid, but you do not speak for the rest of us. Zisela.”


          The corners of Zisela’s mouth drew back to show her gleaming fangs. “Four to three. I don’t need permission to understand simple math.”


          “Save it.” Nicholas dropped his hand onto Zisela’s shoulder and the tension in the air vanished as quickly as it had come. “The motion is denied. I will continue pursuing the world championship. But I will not do it until the time is right.” He turned to the ruined mansion. “Right now is not the right time. We have work to do.” He smiled, squeezing the hand that was still resting on Zisela’s shoulder. “Now is the right time to spend it with all of the important people in my life. Pokegirls and humans alike.”


          Cassidy drifted into the air. “I should go help Nessa.”


          Nicholas nodded, gesturing for the others to follow the levitating Alakazam. “We all should go help. Once we’ve cleared the ruins I’ll discuss what I plan for our future.”


          “’All of the important people’,” Bea said as the group began to move. “I assume you said that to include her.”


          Nicholas glanced in the direction Bea was looking. Sabrina stood on the front lawn, part of a large group of League pokegirls and humans, here to assist with the damage. “I might have.”


          Bea’s pace didn’t increase but she managed to float up beside him anyways and gave the staring man a good hard shove, grinning when he turned to glare at her. “Have you asked yet?”


          Nicholas was caught off guard by the question but quickly regained his composure. “I… was busy in Sinnoh. No.”


          “Better hurry, Master,” Bea teased. “If she hears your plan to move back to Alola she might think you’re leaving her.”


          Nicholas groaned as the others began chattering. “Damn it Bea. I said I’d discuss that later.”


          “Oops. Guess you’d better figure something out before the rumor wafts over the breeze.” Bea winked and picked up her pace to break away from the group. “Or, you know. Before your psychic girlfriend hears your excited harem all thinking about it.”


          “Why do I have to be surrounded by psychics?” Nicholas moaned under his breath.


          “BECAUSE YOU LIKE THE WAY WE FUCK SHIT UP, MASTER!” Bea yelled back, laughing as heads turned and infecting the dour scene with a joviality that quickly spread until everyone was working hard with a smile on their face.









Tamer: Nicholas Topolski



          Mine Badge

          Forest Badge

          Coal Badge

          Relic Badge

          Cobble Badge



          Zisela, Gabite (Alpha) – Level 40

          Sohn, Infernape – Level 40

          Sammy, Rotom – Level 38

          Cathy, Miltank – Level 37

          Quinn, Gallade – Level 40



Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 25