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Chapter 14





          Nicholas stared up at the three figures suspended above him. All around the room medics worked, releasing and treating the subjects of Galactic’s experiments. Cameras flashed, evidence teams gathering data, but with a few members of the IP’s public relations team mixed in too. While some worked to save lives, others profited on the suffering. An unfortunate reality, but necessary. Without them Galactic would be free to spin whatever lies they wanted to turn the public to their side.


          None of the medics came near him, or the three tubes he was staring at. The three beings inside were savagely restrained. Hands and feet twisted from the bands that crushed their joints to the metal. None so much as twitched. A medic had told Nicholas that they lived, at least barely – there was a heartbeat and oxygen levels within the tubes were fluctuating. But the severity of these three pokegirls’ wounds was beyond anything they could do.


          Their bodies were… mangled. Each one in slightly different ways. Two seemed to have been inserted with some kind of pneumatic dildo, the third instead with a hose pushed into her vagina. Wires crisscrossed their bodies, pieces of them were missing to leave gaping wounds, signs of surgery were apparent on all of them, tubes vanished into their skin seemingly at random… It was clear to see that none of them had been treated like anything more than slabs of meat, let alone living, breathing, sentient creatures. Evil. Nicholas had thought he’d witnessed it before, as he’d battled Team Rocket. It had been nothing like this. Team Rocket perpetuated evil for a purpose. This was savagery for the sake of it.


          “They’d go into a pokeball, wouldn’t they?”


          Nicholas didn’t turn. Cynthia was standing nearby. “They might. But there is no data on these legendaries. How would a healing machine know what to fix, what to purge? That’s not even considering they might fight the ball. The shock would kill them.”


          “Something must be done.”

          “The International Police said they’ve put out a call. Their best medics are on their way.”


          “And how long will they take to get here? Hours? Days?” Cynthia walked up to stand beside him. “You can feel it, the same as I can. They won’t last hours, let alone days.”


          Nicholas shook his head. “No. They won’t.”


          “You’ve told me you met my grandmother.” Cynthia turned to look at him. “You’re different. I can tell. You visited my village and you learned something there, something new. What was it?”


          Nicholas lowered his eyes from the twisted bodies. “I learned what you talked about having naturally. I still don’t know control. I haven’t had the time.”


          “Did she show you the cave?”


          Nicholas nodded. “She did.”


          “These three are them. The carriers of spirit. Drained of even their own.” Cynthia let out her breath. “There is no time to hesitate. I’ll do it myself if I have to but I would appreciate if you helped me. Your aura is different, but there is more of it than mine.”


          Nicholas turned to match her gaze. “Do what?”


          “If they die, this world will follow.” Cynthia turned back to the three pokegirls. “One life is an easy price to pay.”


          Memories flashed. Nicholas slowly turned with Cynthia as he relived every moment, real, imagined, or otherwise, that had transpired in Hoenn. From discovering Rayquaza’s fate to her resurrection, it all seared his vision in vivid detail. He knew what she was saying. What she intended to do. “Cynthia- No, that isn’t right. This isn’t your fate.”


          “How would you know my fate, hm?” Cynthia asked with a teasing smile. “My fate is whatever I choose it to be.”


          “It will not be to die here.” Nicholas stepped past her and turned. “It won’t be because I will not let you shoulder this alone. Let me lead. I’ve done this before.”


          Cynthia’s eyebrows rose. “You’ve what?”


          “In… Hoenn. In another life. Another reality, another time.” Nicholas shuddered. “It would take far too long to explain. But the process, transfusing life energy? I know what to do.”


          Cynthia stared at him for just a moment before nodding. “Lead on.”


          “First. I need to know. When you say my aura is greater than yours, by how much?” Nicholas pressed. “I can sense yours but not my own, not yet at least.”


          “Twice as much if not more.”


          Nicholas stared at her. Twice? The power emanating from the woman in front of him was obscene. And his was twice as strong? “Twice. That’s good. I’ll take two, you take one.”


          “You there!” Cynthia hailed a nearby police officer. When the pokegirl hurried over she pointed at the tubes. “Get a team, cut them down. Stretchers, medics to pull all that shit out of them – use whatever you can manage to keep them stable. Hurry!”


          The girl’s eyes flicked up to the suspended legendaries. “We’ve been ordered not to…” she cleared her throat and attempted to wet it when Cynthia turned a furious scowl her direction. “Er- I, mean, by your order, Miss Champion Ma’am.” She swallowed, voice cracking as she tripped over herself while stepping backwards. “I’ll… notify my captain.”


          “I SAID HURRY!” Activity in the room ground to a halt at Cynthia’s roar, all eyes turning to the woman. “WHO’S IN CHARGE OF THE MEDIC TEAMS? I WANT YOU IN FRONT OF ME. NOW!”


          A heavily tattooed pokegirl could be seen in the background raising a hand to her face in exasperation. After a moment she lowered it and walked over. Nicholas had seen her around and was surprised when Kalmiya notified him that the grizzled, battle-hardened pokegirl was a Blissey, of all things. “Yeah, Champion? You’re yelling at my girls right now. So give me a good reason or get the hell out.”


          Cynthia squared up in front of the Blissey. “Those three in the tubes won’t last to see whoever you’ve called. They need help now.”


          “I cut them down now and they won’t live to see their stretchers,” the girl retorted. “This is a field crew. It’s all we can do to stabilize the other… victims.” She jabbed a thumb at where her pokegirls were feverishly working their field hospital. “We almost lost the last one, and she was conscious. So no. I’m not cutting those three down only to watch them become our first fatalities, even on your request.”


          “I’m not asking you. I’m ordering you,” Cynthia growled. “Your girls can’t save them, I’m well aware. We will.”


          “Oh! Miss Champion is actually a better healer than any of us, I had no idea!” The girl’s face set. “No. You don’t give me orders, Ma’am. And I wouldn’t obey that one even if you did.”


          Cynthia slowly settled back. “That’s your final answer?”


          “It damn well is.”


          “Well. I have someone who will follow my orders,” Cynthia snarled just loudly enough for only Nicholas and the Blissey to hear. “Problem is they’re not very gentle. So I figured I’d have your girls do it, because if I have my girls do it those three might not live to make it to the ground, let alone some comfy stretcher.”


          The Blissey was silent. Somehow René and Jacquelyne had appeared out of nowhere behind their Mistress. Nicholas had no idea how they’d known to slip in until he remembered what Riley had demonstrated on Iron Island – how he could literally speak to his pokegirls through their aura. These two, Jacquelyne especially, would have no issues conversing with their Mistress in that way.


          “Well?” Cynthia asked quietly after a healthy pause. “Those three are coming down one way or another. So how’s it going to be?”


          “They’ll die.”


          “Won’t we all. I’m letting you choose how soon their deaths will be.”


          The Blissey’s face twisted. “Fuck you, Champion. OI!” She turned and waved at a small group of onlookers. “Stop fucking staring with your mouths open and get Greta. I need her to perform a miracle. No, just one – it doesn’t take all of you idiots to fetch one pokegirl. The rest of you gather triage supplies for three. Go!”


          Nicholas raised a hand as the Blissey started to walk away. “Uh, I have a Miltank with me, if her milk can help at all.”


          “Sure, if those three had stubbed their toes,” the Blissey snapped. “There’s only so much her milk or my eggs can do. Your human medicines have made natural pokegirl remedies obsolete.”


          Within minutes everything had been gathered. The Blissey kept eyeing Cynthia’s pokegirls as she worked and eventually she bared her teeth at both of them. “Piss off unless you’re going to make good on her threats, you two. We’ll need all the space we can get.”


          Cynthia waved. “I think you two can head back to the others. I’ll call if something changes.”


          The Blissey grumbled under her breath as René and Jacquelyne left. But she didn’t slow, and soon the team was cracking open the first tube.


          Nicholas slid to the side to watch the medics work. They were a well-practiced team, transitioning the first unconscious figure so smoothly it had seemed like she simply floated onto her stretcher on her own. The team moved to the second as half remained, disconnecting the legendary from the tubes and other things that violated her body. By the time they’d finished with her the second was down, and then the third, as the team cutting the girls free circled back around to begin stabilizing the first. They were starting to run IV lines when Cynthia stepped in. “That’s enough.”


          The Blissey couldn’t help herself. “Are you trying to kill them, Champion? Because death is what’s going to come to them in a few minutes if you don’t get out of the way!”


          “A few minutes is all the time we need.” She nodded at Nicholas. “Nicholas. You said you could take two. Can you show me what to do on this one?”


          Nicholas nodded back and stepped in. The medics melted back as he stared down at the motionless body on the stretcher. If she’d been in any better shape he might have considered fucking her back to life – he’d long ago learned that it was usually the best solution to a pokegirl problem. This, though, this wasn’t something to be messing around with. He couldn’t sense anything from the legendary in front of him. Any of them. As far as his untrained aura sense was concerned, they were all already dead.


          “The trick is to imagine that there is no difference between you,” Nicholas explained quietly, gingerly resting his hands on the pokegirl’s stomach before firming his resolve and moving one to her chest and one to her forehead. “When I witnessed this… did this… last time, the result was death. Death for the giver. But that was a different situation. This time we’re just trying to give them enough strength to come back, not resurrect them entirely.”


          Cynthia was looking at him strangely but she didn’t question it. “Okay. No difference. Show me.”


          Nicholas nodded. It was so hard. Even with his hands on the legendary’s body he couldn’t feel anything within her. But after a few seconds of straining he thought he felt… something. A hint of what had once been, an empty shell. It was enough for him to follow and he closed his eyes, willing the uncontrollable power within him to rise up. Not to empower him, but to stoke the dead embers within this pokegirl.


          It came immediately. Nicholas hissed as he felt his power overwhelm him in an instant. To most observers, the only thing to be seen were his eyes as yellow bled across the white. To Cynthia, she saw as the untrained man released his aura and had to immediately struggle to keep it under control. It was bleeding off with every passing second. Luckily, that was exactly what he wanted and Nicholas was able, just barely, to turn the uncontrolled rush down his arms and into the pokegirl beneath him.


          Cynthia nodded to herself as she watched the flow pass into the legendary without even a moment of hesitation. Nicholas’ aura was very obviously different as it moved from him to his target, shifting to perfectly match the barely visible ember she could sense deep down. “This is… much harder than… the last time,” Nicholas hissed between clenched teeth. “My aura, it’s- it’s trying to overwrite. It’s too strong.”


          “You didn’t have that issue before?” Cynthia nodded slightly when Nicholas let out a pained grunt. “I didn’t know Rayquaza had died.”


          Nicholas nearly lost his concentration. “Wha-? How did you…?”


          “Your target must have been one you were intimately compatible with to not experience this problem before,” Cynthia explained softly. “You mentioned resurrection. There was only one legendary it could have been.” She turned and closed her own eyes, her hands hovering over the second form. “Now is not the time. But I will ask you about this again, Nicholas. If not for my own curiosity for my duty as a Celestica.”


          Nicholas didn’t respond. He was too busy doing everything he could to control what was happening. He could feel something beneath his hands now. His initial surge had come dangerously close to extinguishing what little remained within this pokegirl but now even he could sense her soul. It was working.


          Yet, for all the power he had poured into her, it was still barely an ember. A reminder to him that no matter how strong he believed himself to be there were still beings out there that completely outclassed him. It made him shudder to think what Cyrus could have done to overwhelm these three.


          Most of the medics had moved away again, hastened by a few barking orders from the Blissey, but she had remained behind. Her eyes widened when she saw the body under Nicholas’ hands move.


          Nicholas felt the weak breath and he redoubled his efforts, gathering up everything he could and sending it to fuel the flickering flame that was growing. If he could just get her out of danger. If he could do that he could move to the last one before she faded. He grimaced. More. More control. He would not let his own aura have its way with him!


          Abruptly he felt a presence fall over him. For a few agonizing moments he felt his aura threatening to slip away again. Then an iron focus seized his mind.


          Suddenly he could control the flow of aura as naturally as he breathed. It just… went. All of the wasted energy came flowing back and Nicholas breathed deeply as it suffused him, pushing it down as he exhaled. The presence had been the pokegirl under his fingers. He recognized it now, and whatever she had done had granted him complete mastery over his aura, if only for a moment. One of the three carriers of spirit. Which was she?


          He blinked when he noticed the pair of amber eyes gazing up at him. The pokegirl blinked back, then her eyes shut and Nicholas’ hands jerked away when her body began to glow.


          Cynthia glanced over at the movement to see Nicholas pushing past her. “You did it.”


          Nicholas didn’t respond, only placing his hands on the third form and repeating the process, a bit more gently this time.


          The Blissey watched in awe as the broken body of the first pokegirl mended itself. Wounds sealed. Flesh grew to fill in holes. Shattered bones knit together, and the regeneration did not stop there. Soon the girl’s head began to twitch, hair sprouting from what once had been shaved bald. Gorgeous deep blue locks pillowed across the stretcher before the girl shuddered and with a deep sigh her entire body relaxed. When it did it was whole, the girl herself having slipped into a peaceful sleep.


          Cynthia felt the presence she had been feeding stir next and she stepped back as a similar process happened. This girl hadn’t opened her eyes but she regenerated, the same as the first, only with brilliant golden blonde hair covering her head. Cynthia turned, feeling a great fatigue crashing down on her, to see Nicholas slumped, barely conscious, over the third. “Nichol- as-“ Cynthia tried to raise her hand but she was so weak she could barely take a step before stumbling. “Stop…”


          Suddenly she could feel a pair of firm hands sweeping her off her feet. The Blissey gently lay Cynthia down and she was astonished to feel cushioning under her. “I have no idea what you two just did,” the International Police pokegirl said begrudgingly, “but it worked. Rest now. He’s about to join you.”


          Nicholas’ hands had slipped in his exhaustion. He hadn’t believed his power could ever run out and yet here he was about to pass out from fatigue. He couldn’t stop now though. The girl he was feeding hadn’t responded yet.


          Calm. His breathing slowed, going from jerky gasps to steady whispers. The face of the pokegirl had smoothed and a great feeling of serenity filled his thoughts. She hadn’t begun regenerating yet, but… he felt her touch. Soothing him. Soothing the fear, the anxiety. She was going to be okay.


          It was all his exhausted body needed to give in and Nicholas crumpled to the ground, fading in and out of consciousness. Cynthia too slipped away, the two drained humans joining the three legendaries as all five slept and regained their strength.







          When Nicholas next opened his eyes he found himself on a makeshift bed. Groaning, he rolled over and levered himself upright. He was in a mostly dark room and as he worked to get his bearings he heard movement.


          A pair of red orbs dropped in front of him. Nicholas took a moment before realizing they were eyes. Sohn’s, as his own adjusted to the light and he could see the Infernape watching him.


          “It was just my turn to watch you,” she said quietly. “I’ll leave you all alone.”


          “Sohn-?” Nicholas watched the Infernape stand and move to a door. A quick flash of light from outside and she was gone.


          “She is an interesting one.” Nicholas stiffened at the unknown voice. “She spun such tales of the human her spirit yearns for.”


          Nicholas turned. Two sets of amber gazed at him, a third sliding open for a moment when the blonde legendary gave him a look from where she lounged. It only lasted a few seconds before she closed her eyes again and snuggled deeper into the nest of pillows around her.


          The blue haired one was watching him carefully and it was her voice Nicholas recognized when she spoke again. “I like her. Her will is strong.”


          The third giggled. By process of elimination she had to be the one Nicholas had been working to revive last. She now had a full head of shimmering pink hair and as Nicholas watched the three he could see thin, three-pronged tails twisting through the air. Two, three, he saw four before giving up on the count. It was definitely more than three though, which meant at least one of these pokegirls had more than one. “Me too! Her emotions burn hot and bright. They made such nice leaps when he stirred.”


          Nicholas made his way into a sitting position. “I am so thankful to see all of you have recovered.” He looked around but they were the only four figures in the room. “Where is Cynthia?”


          “The woman?” The pink-haired legendary giggled again. “What a busybody. She was up days ago and didn’t even stick around long enough to say hi!”


          “…days?” Nicholas asked after a few moments. “How long was I out?”


          “A week.” The pink-haired legendary seemed to be the primary spokesman for the group and she drifted forwards with a cheery grin. “Azelf was awake even before her. If you’d saved some of that for me we could have all woken together.”


          Nicholas looked to the blue-haired pokegirl. “You’re Azelf, then?”


          “Ooooh that’s right! Humans don’t know us very well, do they.” The pink-haired girl puffed out her chest. “I am Mesprit! The shy one is Uxie, and miss confident over there is Azzie!”


          “Azelf,” Azelf grumbled. She glanced at Nicholas before clearing her throat and drawing herself up. “And you?”


          “My name is Nicholas,” Nicholas replied. “It’s a pleasure to meet you all.”


          Mesprit was stifling her giggles as she glanced at Azelf. “His Infernape said he handled two. Can he handle three?”


          Nicholas groaned. “Oh, no. Please don’t tell me Sohn was telling tales.”


          Mesprit beamed at him. “She told us you have many friends.” Both she and Azelf jumped when Nicholas keeled over and slammed his forehead against the floor. “Wah!”


          “Damn it, Sohn,” Nicholas mumbled into the ground. After a minute he straightened back up. “Yes. I have many friends. I won’t say no if you three want to be my friends too. But there are more important things to worry about right now. Cyrus is out there.” At the mention of the Galactic boss he felt a dark anger roll over the three legendaries. “He must be stopped. There’s no time to waste.”


          Mesprit’s jaw flexed but she closed her eyes for a moment and when they opened again she was back to normal. “Your allies are working on that. They do not know where he has gone.”


          Nicholas frowned. “Maybe not but you three were part of his plan. You know what he’s after, what he’s doing. You’d know where he’s going next.”


          Silence. Eventually though a new voice responded. “Even if my sisters did not, I do.” The blonde pokegirl, Uxie, had opened her eyes and gazed at Nicholas. He felt… something he could not describe, when he looked into the legendary’s eyes. While he did it was like he knew of nothing but her. “But you do, too. Your allies know. Nothing we told you would be different from the knowledge you hold, even if we were free to reveal it to you. That man, all of you - perhaps Mother made humanity stronger than us after all.”


          Uxie closed her eyes again and turned away, allowing Nicholas to catch his breath and organize his whirling thoughts. He could think again. Mesprit had described Uxie as ‘shy’ and she certainly looked that way, shy and cute all snuggled up like she was. But her voice. It had been one that revealed every year of her age, in sharp contrast to Azelf’s firm and mature tones or Mesprit’s bubbly excitement. Uxie’s voice was old. Old, wise, and heavy with the knowledge of creation.


          Her few sentences alone had triggered half a dozen questions but he refrained from blurting them out. Hearing her refer to her ‘Mother’ creating humans and pokegirls was hardly a surprise - from what he’d learned in Celestic Town it made sense for the three in front of him to have been created directly by Arceus. Her mention of not being able to answer his first question made some sense as well. Celine had many things she couldn’t say, and she was the most similar pokegirl he knew to these three. Instead he changed the subject. “Okay. Then what will you three do next? I will find Cyrus. I know he’s headed to Mt. Coronet, though I don’t know exactly where, and you are bound not to tell me. But I will find him anyways. What about you?”


          Mesprit sighed quietly. “The truth, Nicholas, is that we are not fighters. Our purpose is to protect Mother’s creation and to nurture it, not through strength, but through others.” Her eyes lingered on his. “In truth we see Her touch on you and it excites us. We have never witnessed a human gain our Mother’s favor, at least not directly. We yearn to explore what kind of being She would notice.” Mesprit lowered her eyes. “Perhaps you are the human Mother believes can complete us, as other humans complete lesser pokegirls. Yet, we know Her touch would not simply be for our selfish benefit. You speak of following that man. Stopping him. It is far more likely that is why Mother watches you. You are the one point upon which Her creation now rests. We cannot fight with you - that man’s soldiers match our strength easily. But we will help you, when the time comes and our power will be of use. I promise you that.” She bowed her head, Azelf doing the same beside her, Uxie curling up just a bit more than she was before. Then they were back to normal. “You have your own soldiers… no, your own friends to go to now. Hm. More than simple friends like we wish to be.” Mesprit’s lips twitched into a smile. “I fervently hope for you to succeed, Nicholas. And I regret we could not thank you here for what you have done for us. You are correct. That time is not now. We will celebrate it when it arrives.”


          Nicholas continued staring at the empty spaces where the three legendaries had been only moments before until Mesprit’s words fully sunk in. They’d… left. Just like that. Answering nothing and leaving him with more questions than they’d started with.


          Eventually he turned away. A week, they had said. He’d been unconscious for a week. He was starving.


          The room he stepped into was full. Instantly his harem was mobbing him, excited voices all fighting each other for his attention until Nicholas raised his. “ENOUGH! I know I’ve been out for a while but it’s not like I was dead.” He took a look around. Zisela, Sohn, Sammy, Quinn, Cathy. No Miru. He hadn’t really expected to see her anyways. “I’m so hungry right now if you don’t back off I might have one of you for lunch.”


          He heard giggles from the excited harem and chuckled himself when they pressed even harder in on him. That wasn’t exactly a threat, was it. They loved it when he ate them out.


          “Okay but seriously,” he tried again, pushing at the densely packed bodies. “Where are we? Is there a place I can get some food nearby?”


          Two hands thumped down on his shoulders and he looked up to see Cathy staring at him. “We’re still in the basement of that building. They wouldn’t move you far.”


          Nicholas whimpered. “Oh, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to settle for trail food.”


          The others were finally pushed aside when Cathy moved up to him. “Maybe you won’t have to.” She glowered, her eyes softening with her humor for a moment before she gruffly cleared her throat and regained the look. “You’ve failed me again. A full week.”


          Nicholas glanced down. Cathy’s breasts were full but hardly the size they’d been in Celestic Town. “Huh? You look fine-“


          He was brought to the ground by the sheer weight of Cathy’s body and pinned there while she stuffed a nipple into his mouth. The others gathered around, cheering or taunting as rich milk gushed into Nicholas’ mouth and his sense of reason devolved into hungry suckling. “Man, Master’s such a baby!” Sammy jeered, shoving Zisela playfully. “Does that make you an even bigger baby, Alpha?”


          Zisela retaliated by pouncing on the squealing Rotom - before long she was asserting her dominance. Cathy shifted herself, adjusting her position on top of Nicholas until she felt his stiffening shaft beneath the thin medical gown he’d been changed into. The gown vanished, ripped to shreds with some help from Quinn’s blades and Cathy worked his length inside, adding the pleasure of penetration to the heady joy she felt having him feed from her.


          Sohn and Quinn herself were the only two left standing now. The Gallade and Infernape glanced at each other, the sounds of their sisters and tamer having sex filling the room.


          Quinn spoke first. “You uh… you turned out pretty good, Sohn. You look. Good.”


          Sohn glanced down at herself. Ever since her flames had burnt away her light coverings during her evolution she’d gone nude. None of them had given much thought to their urges while Nicholas had been unconscious and now, as she trailed her fingers over her rippling body, she realized she did look rather good. She felt good, too. Good and also horny, the flames that had burned hot to evolve her and give her strength burning just as hot inside, burning with an intensity she wasn’t sure how she’d ignored before. For a moment, she considered ripping Cathy from her spot and ravaging Nicholas until the burning went away. Then she felt a presence step in front of her and she looked up to see an identical fire in Quinn’s expression.


          The two newly evolved pokegirls stared at one another. “You… look really good, too, Quinn,” Sohn said slowly. “I’m sorry I… tricked you. Spoiled your victory.”


          Quinn shuffled closer. Sohn’s chest was nowhere near the size of hers but it was still enough so when Quinn began getting too close, and the two began to press together, Sohn wasn’t just swallowed up. “Are you going to do it again?” Quinn croaked. “Well?”


          Sohn swallowed heavily. It was all she could do to continue this conversation, but it had to be done. She knew what she was feeling, and while she knew most of it was meant for the man nearby, the rest was pulling at the pokegirl in front of her. She had to make things right. “Cathy’s… feeding Nicholas,” she managed. “I don’t think she’d let you drink even if I managed to trick you to.”


          Quinn’s hands shot out, capturing Sohn in an iron grip. “Ever?” She hissed.


          Sohn cracked a nervous smile. “I can’t promise that, Quinn.”


          Silence. Nothing but the noises from the others. But then Quinn began to laugh. Low, deep, husky. When she returned her eyes to Sohn they burned with not just lust but a great hunger for the flushed Infernape before her. “Good. I like you that way.”


          Sohn’s foot managed to pull Quinn’s sodden pants off as the Gallade pounced, wrapping her hands over the Infernape and feverishly working their mouths together. Sohn ended up on the bottom at first but she didn’t stay there, fighting to take control while her furry tail spit and sputtered as it threatened to turn to flame. That was how violently the two tamed, each desperately attempting to rationalize their feelings towards the other. It didn’t matter that they were not trying to mate in this moment - each still found themselves penetrated, Sohn by Quinn’s blade, Quinn by Sohn’s twisting tail. Soon it was no longer simply taming, either, as Quinn howled when Sohn’s body burst to light and the Infernape’s claws drew bloody streaks down her skin. She retaliated by sinking her teeth in Sohn’s breast, earning a pained howl as her prize, and as Sohn’s flames continued to twist across her body the same as they had during battle, the blade that Quinn didn’t have shoved into Sohn’s pussy came around and struck the Infernape across the side of her head.


          Sohn staggered. For a moment her flames flickered. Then they surged even brighter as she slowly turned back, blood trickling down her chin, a wild grin on her face as she spat to clear her mouth. “You’ll have to do better than slap me, darling.”


          Quinn released her bite just in time to twist back and away from Sohn’s hand, fingers cocked and forming flaming claws that burned just hairs away from the dodging Gallade’s eyes. Sohn was in full battle mode now. Her tail, even though it still wormed inside Quinn, had gone from flesh and blood to flame. The Gallade didn’t care. Pain was part of their pleasure now and she came even as Sohn followed up, her other hand coming around to lacerate Quinn’s face in revenge. Sohn bugled, somewhat in pain, all in pleasure, when Quinn roared, lifting the arm that had been penetrating Sohn and picking the Infernape up on her blade. Sohn started to fall off the tip before Quinn twisted, grabbing the Infernape by the hair and pulling her to slam, face first, against the wall. Sohn’s legs twitched, liquid streaming down Quinn’s blade as the Infernape slipped just a hair further down the length due to it being the only thing supporting her weight. They laughed. Both did, despite the debilitating pain Sohn had to have been in from having Quinn’s blade pushing far too deep inside her body, Quinn from the dripping lacerations Sohn had caused. They laughed. Neither wanted to be the first to pull out, to admit defeat, despite neither being able to make another move. So they remained there until Nicholas pulled out of Cathy, pulling himself free of the blissful Miltank and staggering over to survey the scene. He sighed.


          “You pokegirls sure have a funny way of expressing interest in one another. See, humans just write a note, ask their potential mate out on a date.” He shook his head when the two continued laughing. “Kary and Victoria used to fight like this too. So since I’d like to break it up, and I understand all too well what’s going on, I’ll say this: Your Master declares this a draw.”


          Quinn’s laughter faded slightly, turning to giggles as her arm relaxed and Sohn dropped to the ground. Despite how weak she’d appeared to be Sohn landed on her feet easily, also giggling as she withdrew her tail and abruptly dove on Quinn to hungrily kiss the Gallade, still fully alight in her battle mode, her flames twisting around her body to create an elegant pattern that provided her modesty and that Nicholas hadn’t had the opportunity to appreciate after her evolution. He hadn’t had the time to truly appreciate either of these pokegirls, actually, and he regretted that they’d both evolved during the raid a week prior. He’d have much preferred the chance to celebrate with them individually.


          As it was they’d initiated their own revelry without him. Oh well. He looked around, finding where Zisela had successfully reminded Sammy of her place and moved over. The Gabite was watching him, Sammy a quivering mess under her hands as Zisela almost causally pleasured the mewling Rotom. “My drake.”


          Nicholas squatted down beside her. “Hey. I’m feeling better. What time is it?”


          Zisela smiled. “About halfway through the day.”


          “Cool.” Nicholas glanced back at where Sohn and Quinn were still going at it. “I’ll be honest, I’m surprised to see those two falling for each other. I thought Quinn couldn’t stand Sohn.”


          Zisela chuckled. “I don’t think they’re looking to mate, my drake. Rather they each see a kindred spirit in the other. They’d begun drifting together while you were recovering.”


          Nicholas nodded. “Makes sense. It’s good to see either way.” He sighed wistfully. “I’d been hoping to celebrate their evolutions though. Call me a weak human, but I don’t see the pleasure in joining them right now.”


          Zisela laughed. “Not interested in being burned, my drake?”


          “Or being with Quinn while she’s burned,” Nicholas agreed. “Oh well. Their loss.”


          Zisela held up a hand to stop him before he could descend on her and Sammy. “Sohn’s flames only burn if she wishes them to,” she reminded him gently. “Go to them, my drake. They have been waiting for many days to celebrate with you. Having you return to us was simply too much excitement for them to bear, and so they turned to each other. They hadn’t done so before today. Go to them.”


          Nicholas gazed at her for a while before cracking a smile. “Yes, Alpha.”


          Sohn was still on top, only one of her legs acting to balance her, with every other limb doing something to pleasure Quinn. Her mouth was at the Gallade’s, each hand fondled a breast, her tail slid in and out of Quinn’s pussy, and her other foot teased Quinn’s clit. With her dexterity it was essentially a third hand, rubbing and pinching and causing Quinn’s hips to buck and twist in pleasure.


          Nicholas almost felt bad interrupting her. Almost.


          The way Sohn was perched had her butt sticking straight up into the air to allow her leg enough room at Quinn’s groin. This meant hers was swaying tantalizingly at just the right height for Nicholas’ dick, the only obstacle being the Infernape’s twisting tail. It wasn’t hard to find the pattern in her thrusts and Nicholas worked himself erect before grabbing hold of Sohn’s thighs and slamming forwards to bury his cock deep inside her.


          The sudden intrusion shattered Sohn’s delicate balance and she squealed, scrabbling in an attempt to steady herself but failing as Nicholas leaned even harder into his thrust. She collapsed, crashing on top of Quinn as Nicholas ended up on top of both of them with his dick popping free. It came to rest with the tip caught against Quinn’s inner thigh. Maddeningly close for the Gallade who had just lost her sources of constant pleasure.


          Instantly the two were brawling again. Quinn attempted to throw the bodies off of her. Sohn used one of Quinn’s blades as a handhold to remain sandwiched between Nicholas and the Gallade. Quinn surged upwards, headbutting Sohn and crushing her nose to add even more blood to the Infernape’s face. Sohn’s knee slammed into Quinn’s chin-


          The two were ripped apart and tumbled across the ground. Both leapt to their feet, each trying to figure out how the other had thrown them, to see another figure standing in the middle. Nicholas wasn’t looking at either, his eyes instead gazing down slightly. Both pokegirls froze. Not because they were afraid of going around the motionless man, but because both realized they wouldn’t make it if they tried.


          Nicholas’ aura flickered, visible even to them. It was a physical force that separated the two pokegirls, one that for the first time, Nicholas consciously used and controlled. When he raised his eyes the yellow had not engulfed his sclera. No, the white of his human eyes had remained, tempering the previously uncontrollable power of his aura and turning his eyes a bright gold. A color that would remain from now on.


          Golden dragon eyes turned to regard each of the staring pokegirls as in the background Zisela released Sammy and slowly got to her feet. Her drake’s encounter with the three legendaries had been a gift. Granted him the will, the knowledge, and the emotional strength he needed to grow. He was her drake no longer.


          “I see two stunning pokegirls of mine,” Nicholas said quietly, his eyes having returned to their original position, “who I have not had the chance to savor. I do not appreciate them marring each other. It only makes my experience more… disappointing.”


          “We were just…” Quinn trailed off nervously.


          “How am I meant to reward you with the pleasure you deserve, Quinn?” Nicholas asked. “When the areas of your body meant to provide it are burned and scarred? Well, Sohn? How am I?”


          Sohn immediately sprang forwards. “I dibn’t bur her!”


          Nicholas glanced at the babbling Infernape. “Your nose is shattered. Your face covered in blood. I can’t even see the beautiful, deadly angles of your jaw. What good is hearing you scream if all you can manage is a gurgle?” He sighed and drifted back to staring at nothing in particular. “Perhaps I ask too much. You are pokegirls, after all. Violence and sex are part of your very nature.” Sohn and Quinn were glancing at each other nervously when Nicholas’ eyes snapped up and a growl ripped through his throat. “Be that as it may, you have each taken something. Something that was not yours to take!” Quinn wilted when Nicholas turned to her first, teeth bared, eyes narrowed. “You denied me, Quinn. Denied me in order to fight. Fight then! FIGHT AS HARD AS YOU CAN!”


          Nicholas had often roleplayed with his pokegirls. It had evolved over time, too, as he had found new girls and their tastes, and his own had shifted and stabilized. He had even expressed this side of himself, quite often when he was among the whole harem and the headstrong pokegirls within it. But it had never truly been real. Even when he had been struggling to incorporate the growing presence during his time in Hoenn he had commanded more respect than anything else - if Marin had truly wanted to he had no doubt she could have defied him then the same way Zisela’s mother had defied him here in Sinnoh. Physically, he had never been able to truly match a pokegirl.


          The man that lunged at Quinn was real. Cloaked in his aura. The body was still only human. But the power that fed it, bolstered it, suffused it from the inside, it was not.


          Quinn felt the blow when Nicholas’ arm slammed into her neck and she choked, for a moment retaliating with the automatic restraint her mind put in place for her tamer, but when her tug did absolutely nothing to shift his arm her instincts washed that restraint away.


          The blade that had dazed Sohn lashed out. Nicholas took the hit without even a flinch. Quinn was falling now, unable to resist the man’s charge and he followed her as she tumbled. Kept one arm pressed to her neck, holding the Gallade vulnerable, while the other reached down to hook her snatch.


          His probing fingers were remarkably gentle as the two slammed to the floor. He’d been expecting to feel Quinn’s walls all swollen and blistered, so when he found them just as soft as they should be he was surprised. Sohn had said that, hadn’t she. She’d claimed not to have burned Quinn. Well then the two were just a bit beat up. He could work with that.


          He stared down at Quinn. The pressure on her neck kept the Gallade from making large movements and she was gasping, lying still to conserve her limited oxygen now that Nicholas had stopped. She was truly beautiful to him - he hadn’t just been saying that for her benefit. The essence of danger, of strength, that Quinn displayed with her new body was his idea of beauty. Other might have turned away from the rippling muscles, the firm skin that stood in stark contrast to her pillowy breasts. Not him. He withdrew his fingers, roughly grabbing one of her breasts as he pushed inside.


          Sohn was starting to back away as Nicholas railed the Gallade, moving the arm pinning her to twist his fingers into her hair instead and cause Quinn to cry out in a mixture of pleasure and pain. She made it only a few feet when she felt someone looming over her.


          Quinn couldn’t think. She had tried to regain some control but even when she had formed energy and slashed out the aura cloaking Nicholas had turned the strike aside. She was helpless. But instead of feeling despair, wallowing in what she had always feared, she felt joy in it. She and Sohn, they had matched each other. Found excitement in testing each other. This… this was her tamer. Showing her why he was who she followed. Showing how he was more than just the kind and accepting man she had first pleaded for. Every thrust, every orgasm that spurted from her to join the sticky loads he had deposited were a celebration. He had shown her the greatest respect of all - in order to overpower her, he was not holding back.


          It didn’t take long for Quinn’s eyes to roll back and her body to go limp. Nicholas pulled out when it did, grunting as his last orgasm spurted cum across the unconscious Gallade’s body. A week of pent-up need, fucked out of the newly evolved Gallade in a matter of minutes. He was hardly satisfied.


          Sohn’s breath was coming quickly as he slowly turned to find her. Zisela chuckled, the Gabite’s lips tickling the Infernape’s ear as she spoke, not with the nothings she had been crooning while she kept Sohn from escaping but with a simple, unquestionable statement.


          “It’s your turn now.”


          Zisela released her grip on Sohn and shoved, sending the Infernape stumbling forwards. She caught herself a few feet away from Nicholas, eyes darting from the unconscious figure on the floor behind him, to the still twitching member at his groin, to the eyes, blazing and threatening to drown her in their intensity. “N-Nicholas?”


          Nicholas cracked a smile. “The blood really doesn’t suit you, Sohn.” He stepped forwards. “Come on. Cover your body in something greater. Show me your flames.”


          Sohn stumbled back instead, panicking when Nicholas took another step, and another, picking up his pace with every one. “Wait a second-!”


          “No,” Nicholas snarled, his eyes beginning to narrow. “Quinn understood. FIGHT, Sohn, or you will break!”


          Sohn didn’t understand until, just like Quinn, she felt something hit her as hard as any pokegirl. Nicholas’ palm had whipped out and struck her shoulder, the man aiming to spin her so as to find a better angle to target her tail. Like Quinn Sohn hesitated at first, resisted the force. When her ankle twisted and she found herself falling anyways she retaliated.


          Flame burst from the Infernape as Sohn came alight. The blood caking her face and body flashed away in an instant and as Nicholas reached, aiming to grab the Infernape at the base of her tail, a foot came rocketing up to kick his hand away.


          Nicholas began to laugh, eerily reminiscent of the laughter Quinn and Sohn had shared earlier. Sohn had somersaulted, landing in a half-crouch and she hissed back, baring her teeth as she began to circle the laughing man. A lunge, a strike; Nicholas let Sohn’s fist sink into his arm and snapped his hand out to catch her leading ankle before Sohn could pull back. Sohn was yanked off her feet, sailing through the air before she managed to place a jab right at the nerve center keeping Nicholas’ fingers clenched. She shot from his grasp, twisting in midair and landing hard, but sticking it before straightening to look at him again.


          Nicholas’ eyes had widened in joy and his mouth was wide open, the laugh growing happier by the second as he nursed his deadened hand. “YES!” He screamed, stepping towards her with his eyes dancing. “YES, SOHN! Show me. Show me the power you’ve earned through your evolution!” He spread his arms, the dead hand flexing as it recovered. “Show me the beautiful technique only YOU could ever display!”


          Sohn couldn’t help herself. She chuckled back, spreading trembling arms before her fists clenched together and her eyes snapped to his alongside a wild grin. “Yes. Master.”


          The flames cloaking her were refining their pattern even more by the second. Elegant, he thought he had seen it as after her evolution. That didn’t fit anymore. The intricacy of her flames went even farther now. Covered her in some kind of divine power. She had come so far from the nervous, self-conscious Chimchar he’d first met.


          The fire highlighted every line, every curve of her body when Sohn sprang forwards. Her face, lips drawn back in a wordless snarl, the hard angles visible to him once again and radiating a deadly ferocity. Her hair, flickering with intermittent flames as it floated behind her, the red strands joined by brilliant blondes and every shade between that seemed to burn all on their own.


          Her body, covered in the lines of fire that had replaced Sohn’s clothing. Arms wrapped in twisting lines and flaring occasionally like some kind of burning cloth. A chest that was just as perky as Sohn had been as a Monferno but now with enough mass to create cleavage. It barely moved with her, even what had to be the softest feature of her body as firm as the rest of her glistening skin. The flames wove between and behind her rippling musculature, abs, obliques, joined above her groin to create the illusion of a flaming bush, then vanished down over her clit and labia to continue across her back. Her legs were wrapped in a similar fashion to her arms and they spat as Sohn brought one up, twisting on the other to skip forwards at full speed with a flying kick.


          Nicholas had been leaning out of the way from the instant he’d seen Sohn move. She was still faster than him and so it was only this prediction that allowed him to dodge the burning foot that shot past. Sohn landed without issue, twisting back around and he took the time to appreciate her back, just as toned as her front. More so, even, with her shapely buttocks and the thick thighs below them.


          He finished his dodge as Sohn’s flaming tail whipped past. He’d seen that trick before. He wasn’t going to fall for it himself. Just because Sohn’s flames turned the solid flesh into immaterial fire absolutely did not mean that fire couldn’t hold him, just as it had held Cyrus’ Weavile.


          Sohn was finishing her turn. Now that she was this close there could be no dodging. He’d be hit by her next attack and he couldn’t wait to feel it.


          Still, he had time to prepare. He’d seen that Sohn preferred using her feet, only punching or clawing when she had a good opportunity. So he gave her one, lowering his guard to block any rising kicks while simultaneously opening his chest and face to a jab.


          Sohn took the bait. She stepped in, fist whipping forwards at first before she seemed to think better of it and opened her hand to strike with her palm. Nicholas’ head snapped back, but it hadn’t been from her. He’d just cushioned the blow. With Sohn extended her weight was directly above his leg and he took full advantage, hooking his other around Sohn’s and dropping her squarely onto his knee.


          Sohn’s eyes bugged and she scrambled, getting her feet back under her, but it was too late. In the time it took her to untangle herself Nicholas had wrapped her in a bear hug. He felt her resisting, legs locked to keep him from pushing her over, and he didn’t have the best leverage anyways with one knee on the ground. So he went the other way and Sohn yelped in a panic when Nicholas threw himself backwards, dragging her down with him. His maneuver was a complete success and he landed, holding Sohn steady as she fell right onto his erection.


          He came immediately. Sohn was treated to his own combo now, a deep, swift penetration that bloomed inside her and painted her walls. There was no time to recover. She didn’t want to even if there had been. The blazing flame inside of her had been rekindled by Nicholas’ actions and now he was sating its hunger with every thrust of his hips. She did not revel in her loss like Quinn had, but rather celebrated with him, as the Infernape had grown far enough from the Chimchar that she had learned how to reflect on it herself.


          She lasted a bit longer than Quinn did, her flames wrapping around her tamer, but even she too fainted eventually. Leaving Nicholas to gently roll her aside and return to his feet.


          Cathy was slumbering peacefully. He’d have to finish milking her later. Sammy was dead to the world from Zisela’s ministrations. Quinn and Sohn lay in blissful heaps, filled and satisfied after their evolutions.


          Nicholas turned. Zisela was the last one left, and she was watching him. After a moment he cocked an eyebrow. “Your turn?”


          Zisela cracked a smile. “I do not deserve the touch of a dragon.”


          Nicholas raised a hand to touch just below his eye. “Is that what I am now?”


          “The only thing human about you is your body, Lord,” Zisela replied, using the same honorific Aria always had. “I thought I would have more time.”


          “Time for what?” Nicholas asked curiously. “If you are able to define me why can’t I define you? I do not know what happened in the last week, Zisela, but you have grown too. You are a dragon all your own.”


          Zisela laughed. “You flatter me, Lord. No, I am not. You have ascended while I remain firmly on the earth.”


          Nicholas nodded. “Very well. Then I am only a drake.”


          Zisela sighed. “You should be proud, Lord, not try to lower yourself for me.”


          “I do not like your disrespect, Zisela,” came a thunderous retort. Zisela’s eyes had been drifting away but they had no choice but snap back to meet the furious golden orbs glaring at her. “You think to speak for me? Hold yourself over your Weyrleader?”


          Zisela was trapped. It was always so easy, Nicholas mused, stalking forwards and tilting Zisela’s chin to expose her neck to his bared teeth. She whimpered when he bent down, hovering just above her skin as a symbol of her subservience. He could rip out her throat if he chose, and she could not stop him. Of course he didn’t want to do that. She had slipped into the same fallacy Ryuko, and Miyuki, and Midna, all of his pokegirls did at some point. Only, with her, it wasn’t just his will or his presence or whatever it was that they felt inadequate witnessing. It was much more real for Zisela, yet the concept remained the same.


          He leaned back slightly but didn’t let go of her chin. “We agree I am a dragon. Yes?”


          “Y-Yes, Lord.”


          “Only dragons are fit to serve one such as me.”


          “Yes, Lord.”


          Nicholas chuckled softly. “I demand you serve me, Zisela. I hold no shame in your service. I name you drakaina, my equal.” His fingers curled up Zisela’s face as he pulled her chin back down and kissed her, holding it for a full minute before letting go. “You do not believe yourself one? I disagree. Perhaps you are only a weak, pitiful dragon, but you are one without a doubt. Though a weak and pitiful dragon is not one I will tolerate as mine.”


          It took Zisela a moment but then she was pressing up to him, desperately kissing and running her hands over his body. “My Lord-“


          “Such a ridiculous thing to be called,” Nicholas interrupted in a bored tone. “Such a… human word. I don’t like it.”


          Zisela didn’t hesitate a moment. “Forgive me, Weyrleader. Of course. If I am yours there is nothing else you could be.”


          Nicholas grinned and hooked his hands under her ass, hoisting her into the air as Zisela continued kissing him. “Besides, I quite like you on the ground, Zisela. The ground is what you rule for me while I ascend into the air.”


          “Oh, of course,” Zisela readily agreed, giggling when he nipped her chin. “This is why I serve you, Weyrleader. You’re so much smarter than me.”


          “Ha!” Nicholas grinned up at her. “If there was any doubt just listen to yourself. That is the sass of a dragon right there, Zisela.” She squealed when Nicholas suddenly dropped her, having made it to one of the couches so her landing was soft. “Sass that deserves to be punished.”


          Zisela jabbed her claws into the fabric, giving Nicholas a coy look as she drew jagged streaks in the cushions. “Another one for us to destroy, Weyrleader?”


          Nicholas hooked both elbows under her armpits and slid in between Zisela’s raised legs. “Let’s see what breaks first. You, or the couch.”








Tamer:Nicholas Topolski



          Mine Badge

          Forest Badge

          Coal Badge

          Relic Badge



          Zisela, Gabite (Alpha) – Level 38

          Sohn, Infernape – Level 38

          Sammy, Rotom – Level 37

          Cathy, Miltank – Level 35

          Quinn, Gallade – Level 38



Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 25