A New Level In The Food Chain Ch.7


Everything is Bigger in The Capital

/Capital League-Stamford/

The sun was shining brightly in the highest position in the sky showing the signs of high noon. The loud sounds of the city surrounded the Cedric and his two girls as they walked down the sidewalk.  Stamford was as much as the bustling metropolis as it was described to be. People and Pokegirls of different breeds rushed from place to place. Cari was wide-eyed in amazement as she took in the towering skyscrapers up close. She was excited ever since she was let out of her pokeball to walk into the city with her tamer and alpha. Compared to the small rough town of Wildsburg that was filled with small local family owned stores. Almost everywhere you looked there was major retail outlets or restaurant chains. Famous companies and industries stood out like beacons, being the biggest attractions of the city.

“Wow, that’s the Stamford Historical Society.” Cari pointed excitedly at a tall skyscraper constructed of stone, glass and reinforced with a strong looking steel.

Cedric whistled appreciatively at the architecture of the building and how well it looked designed. “It kinda reminds me of some of the skyscrapers back home where I’m from.”

Kahi not as easily impressed and more focused on her surroundings.  “We can sightsee later you two. We need to find a pokecenter, so keep your eyes open for one.”

“How about we just ask someone, that will make finding it easier,” Cedric suggested as he spotted a woman the same height as him with blue hair that came to her cheeks in a police uniform walking by, he waved to get her attention.


“Good day citizen.” The blue haired police pokegirl saluted with a friendly smile. “How may I be of help to you today?”

“Sorry to bother you, Officer.” He returned an equally friendly smile. “But, could point us in the direction of the nearest pokecenter. We just arrived in the city and we’re kinda lost.”


A look understanding came across the Officer Jenny’s face as she started filling with a sense of duty. “Have no fear citizen. I Shall personally escort you to your destination.”  

Taken off guard by the Jenny’s enthusiasm he t kept his smile. “Why thank you, Officer Zoey, you’re a lifesaver.” He quickly read her name on her badge.

The Jenny’s smile brightened at the mention of her name. “No need to thank me, citizen. It is my duty to help those in need. Now follow me and stay close so you don’t get lost.” She motioned him to follow along with the girls.

They made their way down the sidewalk further into the city. As they followed the Officer they took time fully take in their surroundings. Cedric gazed around with a sense of nostalgia taking in the huge bustling city reminding him of where he came from and what he lost.


“No dawdling citizen keep up, please. I would hate for you to get lost in the crowd.” The Jenny warned snapping him out his thoughts. They moved through the crowd passing more buildings and places of importance that were pointed out by the police pokegirl and Cari. The Jenny was happy to give details and history on the buildings and the city. They walked for a few blocks then finally approached a giant a chain of giant buildings that took up most of the surrounding area. All the buildings were in some form an extension of the Pokecenter. This Pokecenter looked extremely well built with reinforced steel, stone, and glass with the signature giant pokeball sign. It was truly different from the battle worn and patched up pokecenter in Wildsburg. As they walked into the sliding doors the difference was even more noticeable with the large, clean and neatly decorated lobby and waiting area filled with waiting tamers and pokegirls sitting in comfortable reclining chairs watching a large flat screen television on the wall.

Officer Zoey walked forward to a large reception desk behind it helping tamers were a Nurse Joy and 2 other pokegirls. As they walked closer that one of the other girls identified as Moon Bunny and the other as a Vulvixx. “Good afternoon Tiffany, Summer, June.  I have a new tamer in town who needs some assistance.”


The Nurse Joy whose name tag read June the most mature looking of all the girls. Greeted them with a smile. “Hello Zoey, how may I assist this young tamer today?”

Cedric walked forward and greeted the Nurse Joy with his own smile. “How ya doing today Nurse June, I need some pokeballs ran through a healing cycle and taming cycle. I also have some ferals I want to sell.” He looked behind him where Kahi and Cari were standing for a moment. “I also need my girls run through a healing cycle too and a cleaning. They really need it from all the hunting they did this morning.”

“I’ll be glad to heal your girls for you today. As for selling ferals Tiffany here shall help you with that.” She pointed to the Vulvixx to the right of her. “Now may I have the girls the girls who will need healing?”

Turning to both of his girls Cedric quickly balled Kahi and Cari then handed their pokeballs to the Nurse Joy. He then dug out three more pokeballs from his pokepack and handed them to her also. Taking the pokeballs she walked towards the healing unit.


“I’m sure you girls can take it from here. I’ll be heading on my way, duty calls.” Officer Zoey started to leave.

“Wait, Officer Zoey.” Cedric grabbing her attention once more. “I also have the remains of tamer who died in the wilds. I would like to turn them in and call his surviving family to inform them of his death.”

 “I see, this is a serious matter.” The officer demeanor changes to a more serious attitude with a sorrowful look in her eyes. “Then may I ask you to follow me to the station, so I can make a record of your report.”

“No problem officer, can I have a moment to turn in these ferals before we go.” Cedric wanted to get the bids started on the ferals while he was at the station. He walked over to the Vulvixx and handed over three pokeballs to her.

“I’ll place these girls on pokebay for you and will keep you updated on the bids when you come back.” She gave him a smile and walked away from the counter.


“If you are finished, please follow me so we can get to the station.” Officer Zoey lead Cedric out of the pokegirl center they walked further down the street. The longer they walked and passed all the shops, business, and street vendors. He realized that this part of the city is the shopping district and it reminded him of the shopping strip back home. He couldn’t help but start thinking about home. How much he missed it, the people and places.

He was broken out of his nostalgia when the sound of the horn of a gravity car sounded to a Bunnygirl who was crossing the street startling her with a yelp as she ran out of the way of the car.

“KEEP OUTTA THE DAMN STREET YA DITZ!” The red-haired driver yelled out the window as he drove past.

“Some things will never change.” Cedric shook his head with a slight smile as he continued to follow the Jenny down the strip.


“Here we are, tamer.” They both walked up to a slightly smaller building than the others with hoverbikes and bicycles parked in front of it. The building was made out the same concrete material and reinforced with steel like many of the other major buildings in the city. The Letters SCPD displayed on the top of the building in bold sign. “Follow me inside.”


Cedric followed the officer up the stoop and into the building. Inside he was greeted by a busy station with pokegirls and police officers walking to or from somewhere. Some sitting at a desk busy with some type of work or having a conversation with a coworker. At the front of all the many rows of desks, a secretary’s desk welcomed the two sitting behind the desk to greet them an anamorphic dog girl with red fur, black stripes and blonde hair in a police uniform.

“Back already Zoey.” Her attention then turned to Cedric behind the Jenny. “Does he need help with something?”

“This tamer is here to turn in the remains and property of fallen tamer, Sherri. He also needs to notify the next to kin.”         


The Growlie’s demeanor changed to a more serious as she looked one. “I see, would you like to me to write up a report?”


“No, I will take care of the report, but can you please look up any surviving family, so our tamer here can make the call.”


“Sure, I just need the deceased pokedex please.”

Cedric reached into the backpack and pulled out a pokedex then handed it to the officer. “Thank you, I will inform you when I have found the information on any relatives.”

“Thanks, Sherri.” Officer Zoey waved Cedric to follow her as she walked past the secretary’s desk further into the station. Passing many desks with officers either at work or talking and dodging traffic of people walking the aisle with them. Reaching to a desk with a desktop computer that looked brand new. She motioned him to sit in a chair in front of the desk. “I’m going to need your pokedex for a moment.”

Handing over his pokedex Zoey plugged the device into the computer. Then she began typing and keying commands into the machine. “Tamer Cedric Hondo, I am asking you some questions to get a report written and more information on the deceased.”


“I’ll answer to the best of my knowledge.”

“First question, how did you come across the deceased?” She began typing again.

 “I Didn’t come across him.” Cedric corrected. “I came across his remains and the feral pokegirls that had his remains.”

“So, there was nobody encountered when you found the ferals?” She began typing as she questioned him.

“No there wasn’t. I think he was either eaten or buried.”

She typed more as he answered her questions.

“So, the ferals that killed him, were in possession of his remains?”

Cedric was aware this question was to ensure there was no foul play in his claim and he had nothing to do with the tamer's death. Any question that followed would also be a check in the integrity of the claim, making this essentially an interrogation.

“Yes, all of what I found is what they had.”

“Did any of his pokegirls survive?”

“No, it seems they also died along with their tamer.”

That was a true enough statement even though the Wolf Queen Tala claimed to have been in the dead tamer's harem. When he checked the tamer’s pokedex for information on him, neither her or her sisters were listed in his active harem. The pokegirls that were, was nowhere to be seen and must have been dead. There was a lot more to this tamers story and he intended to find out from Tala and her sisters.

“I see that is tragic and unfortunate. Now my last question, are the ferals that you caught were they responsible for the death of the tamer and his harem?”


“Yes, they were.” He answered straight-faced.

“Then it is good that you captured them for the safety of others." She was pleased to hear that from him.  "It’s good to see tamers performing their duties making the routes safer for everyone.” As Zoey finished typing her report, Sherri walked to the desk.

“Excuse me, tamer Hondo, but I was able to find the number and information for Adam Sterlin’s family.”  She announced while handing him a paper with a number on it.

“Thank you, Sherri. Tamer Hondo unless you have any questions for me, you are free to go after making your call as I have no more question for you. I would like to thank you for your cooperation and wish you a safe trip on your journey.”

“Thank you, Officer Zoey, I ‘m glad I was able to help.” Cedric stood from his seat and followed Sherri back to the front of the station and lead to a vidphone right next to Sherri’s desk.


“If you need any assistance I’ll be right here to answer any questions.” She walked back to her desk.

Cedric typed in the number on the paper and then waited as the com started ringing with a picture of a spinning pokeball as the wait screen. The screen changed and an older man with dark brown hair with shades of white peppered into it. His facial hair mirrored the top of his head upon a wrinkled faced, his eyes a light grey. A red and black plaid shirt finished his appearance as he stood in front of the vidcom.

“Hello, Mr. Sterlin I presume?”

“Yeah, that’s me.” The man’s voice gruff and filled with age. “Who am I speaking with?”

“Mr. Sterlin, I am Journeyman Tamer Cedric Hondo. I am calling to inform of the untimely loss of Tamer Adam Sterlin. His pokedex and backpack with the rest of his belongings were found in wilds south of Stamford when I came across them.” Cedric tried to sound as professional as he could.

“Dammit!” The man pounded his hand on what sounded like a table below the screen. Then sighed in disappointment closing his eyes for a moment. “Sorry about that. How did he die?”


“He was killed by a feral.”

“I should have figured.” He sighed again. “Part of the occupational hazard. Was the feral killed or captured at least?”

“Yes sir, rest assured the feral will no longer be a problem to anyone anymore.” Cedric was confident in his statement.

“That’s at least comforting to hear.” He took a deep breath while briefly looking away then turned his attention back to Cedric. “Mr. Hondo, I thank you for letting know this. I have to tell my wife, she’s not gonna take this well.”


“Mr. Sterlin, I have Adam’s backpack and other belongings that I can send to you.”

“Keep em, I’m sure whatever he had will be more of use to you than it will be for us other than remembering he is no longer here.” He sighed and closed his eyes again. It was at that moment Cedric spotted a tear come down the older man’s face. “I have to go now, you have a safe journey, Mr. Hondo.”

“Take care, Mr. Sterlin.” When the connection died Cedric took a deep breath and sighed.


“It’s never easy making those calls,” Sherri spoke up from the counter. “I’m sure he will cope with it as best as he can. I just feel so bad for the mother, she might break down when she gets the news.”

“I’m not looking forward to ever doing that again.” He stood up and walked away from the video phone.

“I hope you never have to sir. Have a safe trip.”

Cedric waved goodbye as he made his way out the police station. He walked back down the block to the Pokecenter. “Welcome back Cedric.” Tiffany the Vulvixx greeted him as he walked into the building. “Your girls are fully healed and ready. You also have bids awaiting on the ferals that were put up on pokebay.” She gave him a friendly smile.


“Thank you, Tiffany.” He returned a smile of his own as approached the counter.

She handed him his pokeballs of his girls and then lead him towards a PC where she showed him the bids.

“So, the highest bid for the Gravelgal is 60,000 SLC.” He began reading the bids. “The Butter-She is wanted for 75,000 SLC. The Pidgette for 55,000 SLC and the Naga for 90,000 SLC. Man, what cheapskates.” Cedric almost couldn’t believe the bids for ferals.


“Unfortunately considering the common frequency of the breed you can expect low prices for them.” The Vulvixx gave him an understanding smile. “You can always try your luck with trading with other tamers or sell to ranches.”


“You know what, that is a great idea.” Cedric gave a thoughtful smile. “I’m sure I can get something better from a ranch.”  

“That’s the spirit. You can never go wrong exploring other options.” She walked back to the front desk with Cedric following. “Now that we have all your matters settled. Is there anything else I can help you with Cedric?”

“Yes, I need a level two taming cycle.” He pulled out another pokeball from his pack. “For this girl and I’m gonna need a room to tame her in.” He handed the pokeball over to her.


“Just a moment.” Tiffany walked to a back room with the pokeball as Cedric watch her through a window place the ball in a PPHU machine. She then walked back to the counter and typed a few keys on her laptop. “There is a room available for use.” A quick ding noise sounded from the back room from the PPHU signaling the cycle was finished. She walked back to the machine and returned with the pokeball.

“Take that second hallway there.” She pointed to the right side of the waiting area where two hallway paths were numbered one and two. “Path number 2 on the left should have a vacant room.”


“Thanks, Tiffany.”

He walked towards the hallway and down the path passing many rooms with the sounds of various moaning going on. Each door having a red light above it signals that it was occupied. He walked five doors down then stopped in front of a door with a green light above it. He placed his pokedex up to the latch on the door and it clicked unlocking the door gaining him entrance to the room. Walking in he noticed the taming room even though not a penthouse suite. The room was an upgrade from the pokecenter taming room he used in the small country village in Wildsburg. The assortment of taming equipment and sex toys was larger in selection.

“Damn, this place makes Wildsburg look like shit.” He whistled in astonishment of the room.

He walked over to the standard full-size bed and felt it running his head over the cover and mattress. He was surprised it was just as soft as it was firm. A lot more comfortable bed than the last one he slept on. He triggered the release on the pokeball, he stood to watch as the Titmouse materialize in front of him.  The girl was small as he remembered only coming up to the chest and now with a better look at her in the light. Her facial structure animalistic letting him know her origins of being feral borne. The face of a mouse but very feminine and cute. Her fur a light rusty brown ears big round but not oversized, dark brown scraggly hair that fell to her cheeks. Her eyes wide and brown as they looked around the room, a small pink nose upon her short snout sniffing around. Her short, petite body naked and covered with fur the same color as her head. Her breast small but perky with black nipples. She looked around in confusion before she laid her eyes on the human standing in front of her.

“Hey girl, how are you?” his voice warm and inviting and he made himself look as non-threating as he could.

Confusion appeared on the Titmouse face as she tried to comprehend him, that confusion turned to a slight fear as she sized Cedric up. Then she looked at him expectantly as if wanting something from him. Cedric recognized this and carefully pulled off his pokepack and backpack. Reaching into the pokepack he pulled out a small bag of nuts. He poured a few in his palm.

“Here, you want some?” He held out his palm offering the snack. “Go on, take some.” He bent down to give her an easier access.


She sniffed and walked closer to his hand then reached slowly towards his palm while keeping her eyes on him. Taking a handful in her tiny hands then stepping back slightly then stuffing her mouth bit by bit to eat. Once she finished the snack she sniffed again and looked to Cedric for more.

“Want more?” She stepped closer expecting more. He halted her with his hand placing it on top of her head as she tried to search for more nuts on him.

“If you want more, I’ll give you all you want, but first.” She looked at him wide-eyed and curious as he rubbed her head then he brought his hand down to cuff her chin. He leaned down and kissed her making her squeak in surprise at the sudden action. Her squeak turned into a cute moan as she savored the kiss and closed her eyes. When he ended the kiss, she whined then tried to go for another. He stopped her then swiftly picked her up causing her to squeak in surprise again then sat her on the bed. He then proceeded to strip off his clothes starting with his shirt then quickly removing his pants and shorts.

“We have to get you properly tamed.” He climbed on the bed with her and kissed her once again. This time lasting longer.



Walking out of the room back in his clothes and his pokepack on his back. Cedric shut the door behind him hearing it lock, then walked down the hallway back to the main entrance and service desk of the pokecenter. When he entered the waiting area he looked over to the service desk to notice Summer and June taken Tiffany’s place. He gave a friendly wave, while June returned one of her own as he walked out of the building. Once outside he triggered the two pokeballs on his belt, releasing Kahi and Cari.


“Hello, my beauties.” He was quickly glomped in a hug by Cari as soon a she appeared.

“Hello to you mister. We missed you so much.” She gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

“You only were away for me for an hour and a half.” He rolled his eyes.

“Which was an hour too long,” Kahi interjected. “I think last night proved that you should never be alone not even for five minutes.”

“Oh c’mon, really.”

“Yes, really and you know I’m right too.”  She folded her arms under her breast and returned a stern gaze to match the one he was giving her.

“Let’s talk about this later. We got other things to do.”

“Yeah, like shopping and sightseeing.” Cari’s excitement beamed off her.

“Oh god, let’s not go crazy with the shopping we have to conserve the funds we have.”

“We have no time for shopping you two.” Kahi’s voice firm and commanding. “If you forgot we are here to meet someone important.”

“And we will, but we still don’t even know who we are supposed to be meeting.”  He pointed out. “We also agreed to do a little bit of touring, did we not?”

“Yes, we did.” She sighed in defeat. “And as for who we are supposed to meet here, our contact is the McMahons.”

 Cedric’s face deadpanned at the name she just mentioned. He was very familiar with the McMahons especially the family’s patriarch at least the one from his world. There was no guarantee that this world McMahons would be exactly like the ones that are infamous in his world. Though looking around the city and witnessing their influence he could see similarities between his world and drawn a conclusion that things might not be so different here.

“Great, so we have to deal egomaniac Vince.” He did not sound thrilled about the meeting to come. Cari noticed.

“Why aren’t you excited?” She puzzled by his dread. “This is a once in a lifetime chance of meeting The Vince McMahon.” This made Cedric roll his eyes.

“The Vince McMahon, c’mon now let’s not go adding more titles to his name.”

“I must admit even though as great his accomplishments are. I just don’t understand your worship of the man.” Kahi gave questioning look to the younger girl, before changing her attention back to her tamer. “Or your dislike of him. You haven’t even met him yet and you sound like you know him personally.”


“There is a Vince McMahon where I’m from and let’s just say he’s as well-known there as he is here.” He glanced around the area spotting every advertisement or billboard with either a picture with Vince McMahon or just his name on advertisement promoting the next big event Pokemania. “And by the look of things, there’s not much of a difference. His ego is the most impressive thing about him.”

Kahi nodded her head in agreement.

“I met him only a few times before with my mothers. I can concur the man thinks very highly of himself.” She gave him a slight smirk.  “But, he is not the only person I know who thinks highly of himself.”


“Yeah, your mother believes she’s the best in the world at what she does.” Kahi rolled her eyes.

“That’s not who I’m talking about and you know it.”

“I know, we’re not talking about Sekhmet, we’re talking about Vince.” Cedric’s humor grew with Kahi’s annoyance, while Cari giggled.

“You can be a real smartass you know.”

“And you love me for it, but enough about egomaniacs and smartasses. We have things to do and first on this list is getting paid for these ferals. So, we are heading to the O-Cup Valley Ranch to sell what we can get for them.” He pulled out his pokedex and entered the ranch into his GPS.

” C’mon let’s go!” He ran off down the block dodging people as he passes them.

“Hey, no fair!” Cari sprinted after him.

“Stop running off on your own you two.” Kahi followed




After what felt to them like hours just walking through the city. The trio made it to the part of the city where the ranch was located. The outskirts of the city even though more open space and rural. There was no shortage in the number of people and traffic in the area going place to place.

“Finally, man that was a long ass walk.” Sighing in relief as they walked towards a building not as long as the Wildsburg ranch but twice the height and structured out of stone and steel instead of wood and bricks.


“Wow! it’s bigger than the Wildsburg ranch.” Cari sized the building in awe as they walked closer to the front of the ranch.

Approaching the door as a tamer and a Beach Bunny walked out of the building. Cedric admired the Beach Bunny’s breast with a quick side glance at the bounce with each step. This did not go unnoticed by his alpha.

“Stayed focused.” She gave him a quick whip with her tail to his back.


“Jeez, can’t you go 5 seconds without trying look at a pair of big tits.”

“I’m a man I admire things I like.” His gaze shifted to her as she stood up on her hind legs to her full height causing her large breast to jiggle as she did. “Besides, it’s hard to do that walking around with you miss E cup.”

She rolled her eyes at him as he walked to the door and opened it and walked inside as she and Cari followed him. They were greeted by a large decorated room with comfortable looking furniture. A large off-white dual sided sofa that occupied the middle of the lobby. Two corner sofas took opposite sides of the room with a young man sitting in one the sofas. A marble counter of matching hue filled the back of the room. A Pokegirl with pink skin and shoulder length blonde hair, dressed in white blouse cut off at the midriff that clung tightly to her considerably large bust with a low neckline to show off a generous amount of cleavage. Her attention currently caught in a lingerie magazine with her sandals on the counter. She stopped reading when she heard the trio approached the counter.

“Welcome to the O-Cup valley ranch, where you can find the finest and bustiest girls in any league.” She gave a seductive smile. “I’m Cindi, how may I be of service?”

“Hello Cindi, I’m Cedric and I’m here to do business. I have some feral pokegirls I would like to sell.” Cedric returned his own flirty smile.

“Oh, here to sell some ferals.” Her smile went from flirty to business. Well, you picked the right place to do business. I’m sure we can give you a fair price on them, especially if Jerry likes them.”

Cedric chuckled

“I hope he does like them, I’m sure they won’t disappoint. It’s well known that Jerry “The King” Lawler has great taste in women.” He eyed Cindi with appreciation. “I don’t have to look far around here to see that.”

“Oh my, aren’t you a charmer.” Cindi smiled seductively. “I’m sure you say that to all ladies you come across.”

“Ahem “Kahi cleared her throat getting everyone’s attention.” I believe we were talking about selling ferals to the ranch. She gave a stern look to both her gaze more focused on Cedric. As he noticed the annoyance and slight envy in her tone along with Cari giggling behind her.

“Right, I have 4 girls I want to sell. I’m hoping to get a good deal on them can you help me out, Cindi?”

“Of course, Cedric.” A more business attitude returning to her. “If you would please hand the girls so I can evaluate the girls and get an estimate on prices.”

Cedric handed over the pokeballs and watch as Cindi pulled out a scanner from under the counter and scanned the pokeballs. She then started typing on her computer.

“A Naga, Pigette, a Gravelgal and oh a Butter-She not many of those around in Capital.” She was impressed.” 2 common breeds, 1 Uncommon and 1 Rare. 2-second tier evolution. Not a bad haul.”

“We ran across them traveling here from Wildsburg. We were really in a rush, so we couldn’t spend all day catching ferals.” Cedric glared at Kahi.

“We needed to get here as soon as possible, and you knew that.” She shot back.

Cindi chuckled at the banter between the two.

“It’s not a bad start I’m pretty sure your next outing will be better.” She continued typing on her computer. “Jerry should be on his way out in any minute. He’ll want to discuss prices with you.”

At that moment a door on the far right side of the lobby opened and a middle age man dressed in what looked to be royal red and blue garbs and a crown on top of his head with two girls clinging to his arms. One girl taking his left arm with light brown shoulder length hair wearing a tight pink shirt that came down to cover most of her enormous sized breast but leaving the underside of them exposed and a very short skirt. Even with his mental pokedex, the exoskeleton around the girl’s neck gives her away as Love Bug. The Second Girl Taller with a tight black revealing dress, long reddish-orange hair going down her back. Red fur fox ears on top of her head with black tips and a matching tail trailing behind her. She identified as a Foxymaiden, her bust seeming slightly bigger than the bug type. Her green eyes scanning the room then over Cedric and his girls cautiously. Her eyes slightly widened when she spotted Kahi towering form.

“Welcome traveling tamer to the O-Cup Valley Ranch. I’m Jerry “The King” Lawler the owner.” He offered a hand out as he walked up to the counter in which Cedric took in a firm handshake.

“Cedric Hondo, nice to meet you. The tall one is Kahi and the Catgirl is Cari”

“Cindi here tells me you have some ferals you would like to sell and you’re looking for a good deal.”

“Yes, I was hoping to get better offers than I was getting from Pokebay.”

“I can understand that. That site can really bring out the cheapskates. I appreciate that you considered doing business with me. So, let’s see what you brought to me.” He walked behind the counter to join Cindi to view the computer. “Hmm, pretty small haul but not a bad one.”

“Yeah, we were kinda in a hurry, but I’m sure after today we can start getting more catches.” Cedric gave a side-eyed glance to Kahi who returned an amused look back.

“Yes, we will be catching more I can guarantee that.” Cedric slightly shivered at the look she was giving him with the confirmation.

“So, yeah I was hoping we can at least get something out them or work some type of deal. Trying to entertain and take care of ladies on a budget is getting increasingly difficult.” Jerry nodded in agreement.

“I understand completely young man. Keeping the ladies happy is a tamers real job and it's very expensive, believe me. So, let’s make a deal. How about you sell rare ferals exclusively to me and I’ll give a thirty percent increase of what they are worth. Since you’re a Journeyman I’m sure you’ll come across many good breeds while visiting other leagues. Hell, I even throw in an extra incentive for the ones from different leagues. What do you say?”

Cedric looked over to Kahi and Cari then nodded. Kahi seemed slightly skeptical at first be then approved.

“Sounds great but a lil too good to be true, but there has got to be something else to it for a deal this good.”

Jerry smiled in approval.

“Someone catches on quick. You are right there is a condition for this other than exclusively selling to me. I’m gonna need weekly shipments. As you may know, this ranch is the most popular in Capital. So, as you can tell the girls are high demand and get sold, traded or handed out daily making me run low on girls by the end of the week.”

“I can see that, but why do you need me to get you more girls. When you obviously have plenty of tamers dropping in and out delivering you girls.” Cedric pointed out. “It can’t be because I’m a journeyman tamer, I’m sure you have plenty sending you girls from different leagues unless I’m mistaken.”

Cedric then looked over to Kahi who was also pondering what the older man was up to.

“Or could it be you want pokegirls from a certain place,” Kahi spoke.

He looked back to Jerry who was staring at his alpha, more specifically her breast. He quickly snapped out of his trance once he was noticed.

“That obvious huh. It’s not every day someone walks in with a girl only found on the dark continent. Especially one as gorgeous as you are, none of the Journeyman that deliver or ship to me has ever even stepped foot on the Dark Continent and I happen to have one who has walked right into my ranch with a pokegirl that only appears on the dark continent. Which means you at least one time been there.”

“I get it, you want some girls from the Dark Continent.” Cedric sighed.

“That shouldn’t be a problem. I know plenty of areas where rare ferals can be found.” Kahi assured with a nod.

“But, since your looking for girls specifically from there, the price for any girl that I send from there will an extra sixty percent with the thirty I’m getting.”

“SIXTY PERCENT! are you trying to make a deal or rob me.” Jerry's eyes were wide in outrage.

“It’s either that or nothing especially if you want weekly shipments exclusively to you. I know your gonna make tons from the girls. So, it’s not like you’re gonna be hobbled by the price I’m asking.”

“C’mon kid and I thought my ladies were expensive.” He sighed in defeat when he noticed Cedric wouldn’t budge. “All right you got a deal.”

Cedric smiled as he shook his hand. “Nice doing business with ya.”

“Likewise, I expect to see another set of girls next week. Now let’s take of the business you came here for. I’m sure you plan on treating your lovely ladies later.” Jerry’s gaze went back over to Kahi and her breast and shifted to Cari. “And lovely they are, do you think I can perhaps talk you into purchasing some bloom powder. I’m sure It can work wonders for your cute little catgirl, just ask Helen here she’ll tell umph-“He was cut short by an elbow to his gut from the Love Bug who glared at him.

“That’s supposed to be a secret Jerry!” The look of irritation she gave him promised he would hear more about this later.

“Right back to business, so sixty percent increase in regular price as we agreed upon. Now if you hand over your pokedex I can transfer the funds.” Taking the pokedex and plugging it into the computer then a couple of clicks and then handing it back to Cedric.

Checking his pokedex he smiled at the amount he received.

“Perfect, this will definitely do. I’ll be sure to get you a couple of ferals from the Dark Continent later this week.”

“That would be great. I have your number in case I need to call you for anything else or make any other deals with you. Until then take care kiddo and be safe out there.

“Until next time Jerry, Ladies” Cedric, and Kahi nodded while Cari gave a friendly wave as they walked out of the ranch.

Once the three left Jerry pulled out a Pokedex and dialed a number.

“Yeah, he’s here in the city. He just left the ranch, he shouldn’t be too hard to find.”


/Shopping District/

“All right let’s get all the shopping out of the way and remember not to go crazy. We’re on a budget and need to save what we can.” Cedric informed as they walked down the street into the shopping strip.

“How much do we have anyway?” Cari asked.

“Enough.” He gave a teasing smile as she puffs up in a pout at his answer. His smile turned to glare when Kahi reached over his shoulder and plucked the pokedex from him.” Hey!”

“Not bad. I didn’t think we get this much for those ferals.” She showed the dex to Cari whose eyes widen in surprise before she handed the dex back.

“Do you think we go shopping for some clothes?” Cari asked hopefully.

“I think that goes without saying. I’m sure you could use some more clothes and hopefully you don’t get carried away doing it.” He looked at Kahi in appreciation. “Thank goodness you don’t were clothes because then I really am worried about how much I’m gonna be spending on clothes.”

Kahi shrugged

“I have no need for clothes. They constrict my movement and only get in the way when it’s time to fight.” She smirked. “Besides, I know you don’t mind the lack of clothes and rather have it that way.”

“You damn right I would. But we can worry about naked bodies later, for now, we hit every store in sight.”




Cedric and the girls were now leaving the final store after literally going to every store on the strip Pricing items, clothes, and gear that was needed and could be afforded on their budget. Even though most of their time was spent in many of the clothing stores with Cari trying everything she thought that could fit her to the point where she had to be dragged out of each store. Now they were walking out of a pokeshop with new pokeballs, multiple T-2’s and two pokepacks for the girls.

“Man, I’m glad those pokeballs didn’t cost too much.” Cedric sighed in relief. “I swear I may just have to start making a clothes budget or something, because dammit Cari you damn near wanted to buy half of the stores.”

Cari giggled as he glared at her.

“Well it’s my first time shopping in the capital and all the outfits in the Pokegirl valley store were just too cute to pass up.”

“Everything in that store was too prissy and silly if you ask me. I don’t see why it was so popular.” Kahi said.

“Of course, you wouldn’t like it. You have no sense of style or class.” Cari pointed out which earned her a whip from Kahi’s tail to her backside. “Ow!”

“Save it you two, now that we’re done shopping. We have three new girls to deal with.” Cedric reminded them.

A bloodthirsty smile formed on Kahi’s face.

“Oh, I’ve been looking forward to this.”




/Madison Square Garden/


As Cedric and the girls walked down the sidewalk they caught glimpse of the giant arena coming into view. A true sight to behold of the towering onyx building made of steel and a glass roof that formed a giant cube on top. Although not nearly as tall as most of the skyscrapers in the city it was wider than any of them and just as impressive.

“Damn, I'm surprised they were able to keep it similar and added more.” Cedric whistled at the mass of the building.

“It’s supposed to have its own pokecenter and hospital.” Cari was reading from Cedric’s pokedex.

“That’s good to know. We’re going to need them after we finish within the training center.” Kahi said as they approached the building as tamers and pokegirls entered and exited.

“Just remember try not to kill any of them.”

“If they are so weak that they die from a simple spar. Then they have no right to be a part of this harem and have no reason to help us in our fight.” She gave him a stern look. “I just hope you are right about them.”

They entered the building and were greeted by the sight of giant lobby filled with tamers. Three giant flat-screen TVs were placed in different positions in the lobby showing a WAPL match going on between an Arachnae and Charmelons.


Cedric finally made it to the counter where a Fairycute and Cherry were helping every tamer that approached them.

“Welcome to Madison Square Gardens, are you here to register for WAPL match. We may not be able to fit you in until Friday.” The Cherry greeted him as he walked up.

“No, actually we’re here to use one of the training centers if it’s possible.” He waved a greeting with a friendly smile.

“Yes, that is actually possible. The training centers are not being used as much since most of everyone’s attention is focused on the WAPL matches this week. So, the only ones using it are Tamers competing and preparing for matches.” She pointed in the direction far to the side in which Cedric’s gaze followed. “Right over that way is one of the training centers.”

“Thank you, Holly.” Cedric read the Cherry’s name tag before he walked towards the training center.

“Train hard you three and get stronger.”

Walking through the door the three travelers were greeted by the sight of a giant room with four practice areas. Two of the arenas were being used by combat tamers and their harems. Kahi walked ahead and chose one the two remaining areas. “This will do nicely.” She walked inside the arena and motioned Cari to follow. Cedric took position outside the barrier of the arena. “Release them.”

Cedric pulled out three pokeballs and toggled the release to inside the arena. Three wolf pack members formed in front of Kahi and Cari. Magena the Lupina and Ayasha the Mynx looked around sniffing in confusion. Tala focused on the two pokegirls in front of her, more specifically Kahi who she remembered from her last encounter with her.

“You!” She growled dangerously shifting into her battle form and Magena following suit. Ayasha on the other hand duck behind her two big sisters whimpering.

“Yeah me, be grateful that you’re still alive because the boy behind you stop me from killing each of you,” Kahi growled back.

The Wolf Queen turned around to see Cedric waving at her with a smile. “You’re welcome.”

“I guess that makes us even” Tala gave a slight smirk back.

“Far from it.” Her attention was drawn back to Kahi’s death glare. “You kidnapped him, injured him and threw off our traveling schedule. The way I see you are no were near even with us. Let me repeat myself one final time and make it clear to you. The only reason you are here is that he wants you to join the harem. I, on the other hand, am not so easily convinced, so you will have to earn my approval to join this harem.”

“That sounds reasonable.” Tala nodded in agreement. “So, we fight to join the harem. Fine, but if I win, I become alpha and this fight will only be between me and you.”

“That’s one thing I can agree with you on. Besides.” Kahi turned her attention to the cowering Ayasha hiding behind her sisters. “I doubt the Mynx over there wants to do anything with this fight.” She then looked at Magena who was still growling and baring her teeth. “You might want to relay that to the puppy unless she wants a fresh reminder of what happened last time we fought,” Magena growled louder as she tried to step forward, but a loud bark from Tala and the Lupina back down.

“No, just me and you that’s it. Ya got a cheap shot in last time, ya won’t get lucky again.”

“It’s good to see you have some honor. Though it won’t change the outcome of what is about to happen.” Kahi went down on all four in a ready stance.

Tala barked another order to Magena which she whimpered slightly in response but reluctantly backed away from her with Ayasha quickly following suit with Cari following them when she was waved off by Kahi. The Wolf Queen readied herself and stared down Kahi for what seemed like minutes but was only a moment. Then within a blink, they dashed forward Tala using quick attack then tackling Kahi. Right as they hit the ground Tala was promptly flipped over the Womanticore when she pushed her off with her feet while also using metal claw slicing through the Wolf Queen’s leather armor leaving a deep gash causing her to shriek in pain.

“Ya fuckin bitch!” Tala growled as she quickly came down with an ax kick but missing as Kahi rolled out the way breaking the ground causing a small crater to appear. Kahi swept her leg around tripping Kala to the ground then jumping on top of her. Going for a crunch attack lunging for her throat but was interrupted with a hard elbow to her face to knock the Womanticore off the Wolf Queen. Both pokegirls rolled away from each other then back to their feet to glare at each other.


“I have to give you more credit. You are a lot tougher than I thought.” Kahi complemented.

“I told ya, ya ain’t getting a lucky cheap shot this time,” Tala smirked dangerously.

“And I told you the outcome of this fight will not change since last time.” Kahi stood up then quickly tossed a sludge at Tala. She absorbed the attack to heal her wound but was quickly blindsided by a saber claw from Kahi coming out of shadow dash drawing blood leaving a nasty slice on Tala face. She didn’t let up she used crunch to bite down on her opponent's arm then keeping her jaw locked started to lift her Tala and fling her to the ground for a vicious slam. Before she could finish the rotation, a hard knee collided with her face, but it did not stop the move as Kahi drove the Wolf Queen hard into the ground. A quick slash with her claws to the face forced the feline back letting Tala recover to her feet then lunge forward to a clash with Kahi. A flurry of blows punches and kicks with claws as the two warriors went at it. Even though Tala was able to get a few hits and was just as aggressive, it was clear that Kahi was the superior and more experienced fighter. Tanking every hit thrown at her and returning each hit with more devastating results. Tala was getting the worst of each hit and was learning she was not going to win in a straight brawl against the feline.

One slash from Kahi claws struck against Tala’s face but her arm was grabbed as she turned into over the shoulder toss. Grabbing hold of the Wolf Queen’s arm she transitions the throw into an armbar falling to the ground dragging Tala to the ground. Wrenching back with a loud sickening crack the Wolf Queen screamed as her arm was broken. Quickly flipping over and mounting her and place her forearm to Tala’s throat.

“I’m stronger, faster and have years of more combat experience than you. Yield now girl, before I hurt you even worse.”

“Ack-what are ya? Ack” Tala choked out.

“I SAID YIELD!” Kahi pressed against her throat harder. Tala tapped to show her submission. “Good girl, now you understand the pecking order. I am the alpha this harem, once you get healed and get tamed, me, you and your sisters will be having a long talk. Now ball her.” The last part she aimed at Cedric who recalled the bloodied Wolf Queen. Kahi stood up and stretched still sporting wounds, scratches and blood from her fight. The action made her look more intimidating as she walked over to Cari and her two new harem members. Magena eyes wide with caution whimpering, Ayasha cowering in fear behind her and Cari eyes wide in admiration.

“Wow, that could have gone worst, I’m actually surprised you didn’t cripple her,” Cedric noted.

“I almost did but held back for the sake of trying not wanting to mentally scar her. I also wanted her at least conscious to make sure she knew that who was in charge. Let’s hope I don’t have to repeat that lesson. “She aimed the last statement at Magena as she stared directly at her.

All their attention was brought to the sound of clapping coming from behind Cedric. They all turned to watch as a bronzed tan muscled woman with neck length chestnut hair dressed in what looked to Cedric like ancient red and gold roman battle attire walked up to them clapping her hands. The attire comprised of a golden breastplate and matching thigh length skirt and boots complete with a long red cape flowing behind her.

“Impressive display, but it was clear that the young wolf was in way over her head even if she shows promise.” The older woman spoke as she walked closer to the group. “All though it’s not every day that anyone gets to fight against one of the daughters of the legendary pokegirl Sekhmet.”

Everyone's eyes widened at her statement Cedric recalled Magena and Ayasha then turned his attention fully to the newcomer. His mental pokedex let him know that he was looking at a Gladiatrix. Sporting a few scars on her arms and a red eye patch over her left eye that was partially covered by her flowing hair. True to her breeds description she looked and dressed like as the warrior she appeared to be through the battle attire did nothing to hide her womanly figure nor did the scars take away from her mature beauty

“I’m gonna guess here since you know who her mother is, you know something about us and you have a high-level security clearance,” Cedric replied. “But my question is who exactly you are?”

“Oh, I’m just an old woman who admires good battles. Sometimes I slip away from watching gym battles to come to see new harems spar in the training centers and give pointers where I can. While also testing to see if any of the newcomers are ready for battles ahead.”

“That’s nice to hear that a hardened veteran such as yourself is willing to help the next generation of tamers, but that still doesn’t answer his question.” Kahi voiced as she stepped in front of Cedric.

“My apologies, my name is Augusta, I’m one of the resident trainers here for the WAPL.” She gave a friendly smile as she introduced herself looking up to Kahi’s taller form. “I just happened to walk in and catch your fight with the Wolf Queen. It’s not every day you see a Womanticore from what I understand its rare any leave from the dark continent or go too far from Sekhmet herself. She must really trust this young man.”

Kahi and Cedric were now curious on why he was so interested in them and the fact she knew so much about a classified breed. They were beginning to suspect that she was more than just a combat trainer for the gym.

“So, Augusta is it?” Kahi crossed her arms. “Why is it you are here, I doubt it’s just to admire the fight and share your knowledge about my breed or my mother.”

“Oh no, dear. As I said my job is to help new tamers and their harems and test them.” Augusta held up two fingers. “I’m here for two reasons.  One to help out a new tamer and his harem, two to test said tamer’s harem or particularly his alpha.” She eyed Kahi with keen interest as she started to rub her eye patch.

Cedric couldn’t help but notice the look in the pokewoman’s eye as she scanned over Kahi. He could see more than just the normal sizing the opponent up. It was an actual battle lust as if she was yearning to fight the Womanticore. This did not go unnoticed by the others especially the mentioned alpha she was particularly she wanted to test.

“I see, you want to test your abilities against me.” Kahi eyes narrowed slightly.

“Yes, I hope I’m not coming off as too anxious or anything, but in my many years on the battle circuit I have never faced a Womanticore before and I would like to know how I would fair against one of the daughters of The Legendary Guardian Lioness.” She kept her friendly smile. “I understand you were in the middle of bringing in new members to your harem and if you are too busy I can just-“

“I accept your challenge.” Kahi interrupted before she could finish. Cedric and Cari stared at her in disbelief. “But, before we have our spar we do have matters of our own to take care, that my tamer needs to tend to immediately.”

“Oh, that’s no problem at all, please take as much time as you need. I will be here all day so no need to rush. Be sure to use the pokecenter to heal up and take care of everything you need. It’s located on the other side of the building. I’ll be waiting here for you to finish.”

“Thank you, we will return as soon as we are finished.” She then started to walk towards the exit. “Let’s go you two.”

Cedric scowled in annoyance but followed with Cari right behind him. The trio walked out of the training center and back into the main lobby. The loud roar of the TV as it continued the broadcast of the battle met their ears as the reentered the lobby. They made their way back to the main desk to get the exact location of the pokecenter.

“Just go through those double doors and head down the hall and make right. There are signs that will help you find your way also, so you don’t get lost.” Holly explained pointing to the doors across the room with a sign over it reading medical division.

The trio made their way to the double doors leading into a hallway. True to the Cherry’s word large white fixtures were spotted hanging from the ceiling marking the way as they walked. It was at one point the trio came across a split path one leading left and the other right. The fixture above marked the left as the hospital with a black arrow pointing in the direction. While also marking the right path as the pokecenter with its own arrow. Taking the right path and walking down the corridor they eventually came across a set of large glass doors with a pokeball fixture above it hanging from the ceiling letting them know they reached the pokecenter. Walking inside they were greeted to a large lobby filled with tamers and pokegirls. Either waiting to be called upon or watching the fight on the large TV on display behind the main service desk.

“Damn there’s a line, we sure picked a helluva day to do this,” Cedric complained before turning his attention to Kahi. “Speaking of which, what was that back there, did you really need to accept that lady’s challenge. I thought we were supposed to be not wasting time on things that won’t hinder our quest in your words.”


“Because she knew too much about my breed to be just a simple trainer for the gym for the gym. It’s like you mentioned earlier she must have a very high-security clearance. I also doubt that she just happened to come to the training center where we were just to watch our fight.” Kahi growled slightly.


“So, it wasn’t a coincidence, she showed up?” Cari asked.

“It seems too convenient for it to be one.”

“Well, I guess we gotta figure out what’s her game and what she wants from us,” Cedric mentioned as he moved up to the service desk with a short haired Nurse Joy waiting for him.

“Hello young tamer, how may I help you today?” She gave a professional smile.

“Hello, Nurse Beth.” Cedric greeted reading her name tag. “I need a healing cycle and cleaning cycle for her.” He handed the pokeball containing Tala to the Nurse Joy. “And her.” Triggering the pokeball recalling Kahi then handing it to the joy. “I also need a taming room. If any are available.”

Keeping her smile the Nurse Joy typed on her computer as she checked for availability on rooms. “Yes, we actually a few rooms available. I’ll set you up with one right after your girls are ready It should only take a couple of minutes.” She walked away from the counter to a PPHU placing the two balls in slots then pressing a few buttons and starting it up to run.

As they waited for the nurse joy to bring back the pokeballs. Cari and Cedric started to watch the pokegirl match happening on the t.v.


“Shit that’s gotta hurt.” Cedric winced as he watched a Feraligarter slammed a Gun Bunny then used crunch on her arm.

“I heard Feraligarters have some of the strongest jaws and bite attacks out of all the pokegirls.” Cari informed as she continued watching the brutal match.

“Considering the animal, the breed is based off, you’re most likely correct with that assumption.” He turned back to the counter when the joy returned with his pokeballs.

“Here are your girls sir and if you walk down that hall over there.” She pointed towards a hallway to her right behind the service desk with a fixture above pointing down the hallway with the words taming rooms in large black letters. “You will find the taming rooms.”

“Thank you, Nurse Beth.” He made his way over to the entrance and walked down the hallway passing doors on both sides of the hall. Various sounds of pleasure Could be heard at each door they passed. They stopped at the first door with a green light over it and walked in. The room was just as neat and well-kept as the other taming rooms at the pokecenter across the city they first visited. The room was large and filled with sex toys. The bed a fair king size with various restraints attached to it. There were more restraints mixed in with the sex toys on the wall. A small cabinet that held plenty of different energy drinks, stamina drinks, also various potions for recovery, healing and taming.

He triggered the pokeball to release Kahi who stretched and looked around the room.

“Good, plenty of toys to be used.” She walked over to inspect the bed's restraints.

“We’re not gonna go crazy with them either,” Cedric warned. “I think you scared them enough over the past two days and I’m sure you’re gonna keep them in line enough when you start training them.”

“And here I thought I can have some fun.” The smirk on Kahi’s face was sinister.

“The only reason both of you are even out right now is that you think anytime I’m by myself for too long something is gonna happen to me.” This gained him a look from both girls.

“I don’t think we need to remind you the only reason this is happening is that the last time you were left by yourself something did happen. So, our complaints are valid, now which one are you gonna start with?”

“Tala obviously, I really need to bring her in.” He set his pokepack and bookbag down by the bed.

“That’s the Wolf Queen, right?” Cari asked.

“Yep, now both of you go stand back and don’t crowd her.” He pulled out another pokeball and triggered the release and in a flash, the Wolf Queen towered over him still in her battle form. His eyes examining her off white leather battle armor. The chest piece coming down to meet where her loincloth begins at her waist as the fabric hangs down between her legs. The white leather covered up her forearms and knees down to her shin, leaving her clawed hands in feet bare. What really caught his attention was a glowing tattoo on her lupine forehead that glowed a captivating white shine through her fur a picture of a crescent moon eclipsing a full moon.


“Man, that is a cool set up.” He examined the wolf queen closely. His attention was then drawn towards her chest even with the leather armor on it didn’t hide her incredible bust. “Wow, she’s bigger than you Kay.” He looked back at Kahi who returned a look of irritation at him while Tala proudly smirked and puffed out her chest slightly more.

“What, I’m just giving props where its due.” He gave a cheeky smirk.

“And I thank ya, nothing turns a gurl on more than compliments” She shrank down to her passive mode shrinking down in height and mass. Her breast reduced but what only seemed like a cup size keeping her still at incredible proportions. Her Armor disappeared revealing the red and blue bandana halter top and daisy duke shorts with her tail poking out behind.

“How the hell did you find a bandana big enough to fit you and that one barely covers your tits.” He eyeballed the straining fabric wondering how the cloth was staying on, showing the lower half of her breast.

“This old thang?” She tugged on the top for emphasis. “I’ve had this since I first left home. I snatched an old flag from a farm and had a friendly Seamstress make this for me.”

“And where was home exactly?” Kahi inquired.

“You sound like you’re from Wildsburg just like me.” Cari deduced.

“Ya betcha, homegrown country gurl.” Tala smiled proudly.

“So that explains why you were in that part of the wilds, Staying close to home.” Cedric summed up. “But I still have questions about your first tamer Adam and what happened to him and how long were you, girls, out there after he died. It couldn’t have been too long because you’re not feral but your sisters are damn near completely feral. I’m amazed you were able to keep them in line.”

Tala’s proud expression vanished as it shifted to one of disappointment and sorrow. “It’s been probably 5 weeks since Adam died from a feral Pumara attack.”

“I remember you saying that he died because of your negligence and stupidity.” Cedric stepped closer to her. “What did you mean by that?’

Tala hesitated for a moment but as she looked into his eyes. “We let him outta our sight for just ten minutes, he went to go to the bathroom just like you and within that ten minutes it turned into a twenty-minute search and then when we found him he was gone.” She choked up a little but tried to cover it with a laugh. “You know ferals are always confused when they come across males. They have a hard to time figuring out if they want to eat or tame.  Their stomachs tell them they’re looking at food but the rest of their body tells them they need to tame him.” She closed her eyes and sighed deeply. “It’s not a great way to watch your tamer go out.”

“Damn, that sounds horrible. I hate to hear you went through that.” Cedric couldn’t help but feel sympathy for the proud Wolf Queen.  “I can understand why you kidnapped me.”

“But, it does not excuse you for doing it.” Kahi pointed out.

   “Look, We’re sorry okay. We were desperate, and you literally walked into the wilds at the right moment. I had no idea how much longer I was going to last another week, another day before I finally lose myself.” She wrapped her arms around herself and shivered. 

Cedric was about to console her but was stopped by Kahi. “Save it, we didn’t bring you here to listen to you apologize. We brought you here because we believe you and your pack have a potential to be useful to us and as much as I hate to admit it you did get one over on me the other night and because of that we are giving you a chance to prove how useful you really are and put your craftiness to the test. I expect you and your sisters to not disappoint.”  She made sure to put emphasis on disappoint.

“I assure ya we won’t let ya’ll down.” The Wolf Queen expression became confident to match her words.

“Good, now let’s get to what we really are in here for.” Cedric stepped forward. “Now how do you want to do this.

“Oh, we get to the fun part now.” Tala took her top off letting her enormous breast spring forward.

Cedric stared at the olive shade orbs with dusky nipples and then turned to look at Kahi’s darken tanned breast and brown nipples.  He looked back and forth between the two a few times and gave a perverted but mischievous smirk. “Yeah, she is bigger by a cup at least.” Kahi glared at him while Tala gave a toothy smile as she pulled off her shorts.

“Before you two get started she goes into the taming restraints,” Kahi ordered. “We will not have any accidents.”

Tala walked over to the bed then crawled onto it staying on her hands and knees. Cedric and Cari started restraining her, keeping her locked in that position.

“We will be right outside the door, try not to take too long.” Kahi opened the door and stepped out of the room.

“Have fun you two.” Cari gave a cheeky smile as she followed her alpha out of the room shutting the door behind her.

   “So how do you want to do this?” Cedric stood at the side of the bed admiring the Wolf Queen’s voluptuous features. “We can take this slow we don’t have to rush.” He started to caress her skin and stroked her back feeling her shiver under his touch.

“Its been awhile.” She admitted slightly gasping at his hands massing her. “I want to enjoy as long as I can.” She let out a slight whining protest when his hands stop rubbing her to start taking off his clothes. Once naked he joined her on the bed and started the sensual massage once again. Making her gasp and pant as he rubbed on her rump kneading it and playing with it like a toy giving special attention to each cheek admiring the huge size of them. “You’re an ass man, aren’t ya?” She questioned between gasps.


“I enjoy the female anatomy in general. It has and always will be a marvelous work of art.” He continued to jiggle and toy with her ass and giving each cheek a spank making her gasp pleasantly in surprise at the sudden action. Her gasp turned to moans when she felt something wet now touching her it took her a moment to realize it was his tongue on her cheeks.

“You’re a kinky one.” She moaned out.

Cedric was licking her ass then started to trail up her large back he crawled around to her side then under her to start licking her breast. Giving rough licks to her nipples keeping them stiff. Then taking her right breast in his mouth he sucked drawing another sharp gasp from her that turned into a long moan as he continued to suck then letting go with a pop. He then repeated with her left breast and then switched back to the right. Going back and forth between breast for a few minutes before sucking on both at the same time then finally stopping.

“B……by….. Bastet’s……. tits.” Tala panted as she caught her breath. “That was intense.”

“That was just the warm-up.” He chuckled at her statement as he started massaging her breast then started to run his tongue down her body sliding down under her until he reached her slit. He started licking her causing another moan to rise out of her she shifted causing a strain in the restraints. He continued to feast on her womanhood for several minutes Giving great attention to her most sensitive area. Making her squirm and shift in her restraints. When he finished she was panting even harder than before.

“Are you ready for the main event?” He wiped his mouth of her juices while moving behind her.

She wiggled her rump in response. He then began to rub his rod on her slit using her secretions as a natural lubricant. Then pushed inside of her, he started off slow then quickly started building speed as he pumped her drawing a moan with each loud smack. Pounding harder and harder driving deep inside the large wolf girl he was set on getting her off before he did. He went at it for several minutes adding more stimulation by massaging her ass while pumping her.

“Arooooo!” Tala let out a piercing howl as she climaxed.

Her juices flooding out and soaking the bed sheets as she orgasms. Cedric joined her in euphoric bliss as he let loose his load inside her that he been holding back bringing a wave of relief and satisfaction to him. They both slumped over panting to catch the breath covered in a sheen of sweat.

“That…. was …. incredible.” Basking in the aftermath of the sex she was content on laying there until she was ready for another round.

“Wanna lay for while?” Cedric got up and started to release her from the restraints. “We don’t have to rush.”

“As much as I would luv to lay here with and bathe in your scent. My sisters need some attention. especially Magena.” She yawned then stretched before sitting up as she watched Cedric walk to the small fridge to take out an energy drink and downed it. “Also, I doubt the big cat alpha out there will like us takin too long. What was her name again.?”

“Kahi, you should remember that. Seeing as she can kick your ass if you don’t.” He chuckled when she glared at him playfully. “But seriously, don’t give her any problems. She calls the shots in the harem and I have final say on us as a family. I know cat breeds and canine breeds don’t really get along that well but in this family, you ladies are gonna be the exception.” His expression turned serious when he looked her in the eyes. “Capiche”

“I understand Beast, me and my sisters will do our best to fit in with our new pack.”

“That’s all I ask for.” He gave a friendly smile. “By the way, my name is Cedric.”

“Then Cedric, we won’t disappoint, you have my word.”

“Glad to hear it, now let’s get Magena out so I can get her tamed.”




/Training Gym/

Cedric walked back into the training center with all his harem girls following behind him. They were greeted by sight of the Augusta helping train two young Amazons. She watched as the two pokegirls sparred with each other. One girl a green haired Amazonwu was currently pressuring the black haired Amazonchan with a Bo staff. The chan dodged a weave every swing the Wu made at her with her weapon. Patiently biding her time avoiding each attack until a swing that was aimed at her head was ducked under creating an opening that she was waiting for as she leg swept the Wu making her fall to the floor. Quickly the Wu rolled out of the way of an ax kick that came down where she landed. Rolling back to her feet she took a swipe at the chan who jumped back in a defensive stance, while she took her own.

“Excellent girls, excellent. “Augusta clapped getting both girls attention bringing a halt to the spar. “You need to work on watching for openings you create for your opponent.” She pointed at the Wu before directing her attention to the chan. “Great job on taking advantage of openings and biding your time, but you need to be quicker with your follow up. You hesitated when you knocked her down.” She noticed Cedric and his harem entering the training center and walking towards her. “Take breather girls.”

She turned her attention to Cedric as he approached her. “Welcome back, I see everything went well, so congratulations on your new additions to your harem.”

“Thanks, I hope we didn’t interrupt anything.” Cedric eyed the two amazons as they walked off the training grounds the amazonchan waved and smiled at him then giggled when he winked at her.

The pokewoman gave a friendly smile, amused at the slight interaction between the two. “Not at all, just giving some pointers to a couple young girls who are looking to compete in their first WAPL matches this week. They have great potential and looking for a tamer if you are interested.” This earned a scowl from Cedric’s girls.

“I’m sure they are capable enough to find a tamer on their own,” Kahi interjected stepping forward. “So, shall we get started?”


“Of course.” This signaled for the others to walk away from the two warriors to give them room. Augusta held out her hand and a gold trident appeared in her palm, looking intimidating and impressive. She assumed an offensive position with the prongs pointing towards Kahi as the Womanticore poised on all fours in attack position.

The two pokegirls stared each other down for a long period sizing each other up. A serious vibe that washed over in the air. You could feel the intensity of the two fighters in their stare down. Then with a silent signal between them, it began. Kahi rushed forward in a blur as she charged Augusta and met her with a loud clang as her claws clashing against the trident as the gladiatrix block the saber claw attack. Then just as quick, Augusta swung her trident to thrust the sharp prongs at the womanticore forcing her to dodge to the side. Kahi retaliated with a quick spin and a whip of her tail, which was quickly blocked by the trident and then pushed to the side followed by a swiping slash that made the feline back away.


“Impressive reflexes.” Augusta complimented. “Those claws of yours are a lot sharper and stronger the most feline types I’ve fought.”

“Thank you, I also must compliment on the way you masterfully wield your weapon.” Returning her own compliment.

The two warriors circled each other to size each other up again. Now having a feel of each other after the brief engagement. Then with even more fierceness the two-woman dash towards each other with even more vicious fury. The clang of claw against steel as they exchanged blows looking to land a hit on each other. A rapid thrust of the trident was dodge just as skillfully as it was handled. Kahi slips side to side avoiding the tip of the trident at incredible inhuman speed. At one moment Augusta feinted a thrust forward causing Kahi to dodge right then quickly swinging the hilt to the right and almost connecting with the feline’s face if she did not crouch under the attack then quickly turned to whip her sharp spiny tail in a tail slap attack that was expertly blocked by the trident with a loud clang.                                                                

“Ahh!” Augusta shriek in pain when an electric current was sent through her trident coming from Kahi’s tail turning the tail slap into thunder tail attack. She backed away with quick slash upwards that nicked the feline in the rear right leg.

“You can use electric attacks?” A predatory grin crept on her face. “That’s a nasty surprise.”

“Shocking isn’t it.” Kahi matched her grin getting a chuckle from the pokewoman as they circled each other again.

Then once again the two girls rushed each other once more this time with more intensity. Augusta started to spin her trident as she approached Kahi then once in range went for another slash that was dodged but continued to slash the weapon at her opponent. Kahi kept up the pace of avoiding each slash and thrust sent her way but was surprised how fast each one the older woman was sending them at her. One slash from the side was feinted then turned into a downwards thrust that almost caught the feline if it wasn’t for a dark created that blocked the attacked and deflected it away surprising the gladiatrix. Kahi did a spin that slap Augusta with her left wing pushing her back but hissed in pain when the trident scored a slash on the wing. Once Augusta gained her footing she was back to attacking rapidly thrusting her trident at an incredible speed and mastery. Kahi dodges most of the attacks and blocked any she couldn’t with her dark shield keeping pace with weapon.

Back over on the sideline Cedric and the rest of the harem watched in awe as the two warriors go at it.

“Wow!” Cari was watching in wide-eyed amazement. “They’re both so strong.”

“Both of them are holding back.” Tala pointed out. “Gladiatrixes are known to be vicious and unrelenting in fights and from my two fights with Kahi I can tell she is holding back. It’s amazing how intense they are even just sparring. I’m sure there would be a lot more blood spilled if they were to go all out.”

“That would be one for the ages and I’m sure Vince McMahon would want to broadcast and promote the fight.” Cedric flinched as Kahi took a nasty slash to her side from Augusta’s trident while leaving a claw mark on the gladiatrix face in an exchange of blows. “Yeesh, that had to hurt. Both of their breeds love a good fight.” He took notice of the grins both girls sported on their faces.

“I hope I can be as good as them when I get older.” Cari looked hopeful as she continued watching.

“Don’t worry kitty, Kahi and I will make sure you are in top shape while you are with us. That’s a guarantee.”

Their attention was drawn back to the sparring match in the two pokegirls scored more hits off each other between their blocking, dodging and the occasional counter. Each hit that did land left its mark whether it was a slash from the trident, swipe from claws or the whip of a tail. Cuts and slices decorated the two warriors body with blood leaking from each wound even though none of the injuries were serious enough to hinder either one. They continued expertly traded counters and blows while dodging and blocking. The two clash a final time in a stalemate as Augusta’s trident and Kahi’s claw parried each other, both pushing but neither giving an inch.


“I’m…… thoroughly impressed by your skills and your savagery.”  Augusta grunted as she held her trident against Kahi’s claws.

“You fight like a feral pokegirl, relentless and…. primal.” Returning her own compliment as she struggled for power.

“I think, we seen enough, so I concede.” Augusta backed disengage and backed away.

“We?” Kahi gave a questioning look.

The sound of clapping grabbed everyone’s attention as they spotted a tall man dressed in a black business suit walking towards them through the arena. His jacket opened to reveal a black shirt sported underneath the suit top. His shoes surprisingly were black athletic sneakers instead of stylish dress shoes that would usually go with expensive looking suits that he was wearing. His hair showing signs of grey on the left and right side of neatly trimmed black hair. Cedric was surprised he recognized the man even though he never personally never met him before he knew who he was.

“That was some excellent performance ladies, well done.” The man complimented as he walked closer. “I only wish that it was an official battle then we could really see what girls are capable of.”

“Shane McMahon, what are you doing here?” Cedric questioned the newcomer as he approached him and shook his hand.

“You must be Cedric Hondo, let me be the first to officially welcome you to the capital league and Stamford the capital city.” He watched as a shocked expression crossed Cedric’s face.

“You know who I am, so that must mean you’re the person we’re supposed to meet.”

“That is correct, Mr. Hondo. We have much to discuss,”


Tamer Entry

Cedric Hondo (Beast)

Age: 17 (26)


Tamer: Y

Master Tamer: N

Researcher: N

Watcher: N

Breeder: N

Status: Active





Tala-Wolf Queen