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Pokegirls Unlimited

By Platinum Otter

Chapter 3 - Angry Flies

When I awoke again it was still afternoon.  I was becoming concerned with how frequently I was falling asleep but at least this time I wasn't out too long.  The Doggirl was cuddled up next to me and when I turned my face to her she licked me.  I smiled at her and kissed the end of her nose.

"Do you have a name?" I asked her.

"Doggirl," she responded.

Great I thought.  I'm stranded in the middle of nowhere and my only hope is a feral-born Doggirl who won't even be able to understand what I want her to do.  Well, first thing's first.  She needs a name.

After giving it some thought I smiled at her and said, "I guess you'll be my girl Friday all things considered. I don't suppose you've ever read Robinson Crusoe, have you."  She wagged her tail at this statement although I didn't think she could possibly have understood me.

I got up and got her to stand too.  Then I packed the blanket back into the emergency kit and added the kit to my gym bag.

Before we set off I tested the borrow pit water with half a mouthful.  I didn't swallow it, just let it sit in my mouth.  I didn't feel any tingling or taste anything nasty so I swallowed it and then set off toward the pit.  If I was fine in an hour it should be safe to drink.  Friday followed without hesitation and began to range around me inspecting bushes here and sniffing branches there.  She seemed to have the habits of a good hunting dog, something I never considered Sukebe might have been smart enough to insert in her genetics.  She never got too far ahead but never stayed too close either.  Every so often she'd move past me to inspect something nearby and several times she paused long enough to give me a lick on the cheek before continuing.

As there wasn't a T2 in sight I knew I was going to have to teach her English the hard way and without any books it would be difficult.  While walking towards a potential den that might contain a pokegirl who could be tipped off by sound seemed like a bad time to start though.  'Why were we headed into potential danger' I hear you ask?  Simply put, I knew from the stories that having only one pokegirl was a good way to end up dead.  Better to hunt one now and hope for the best than to risk being caught unawares while on the move or at night.

(I can also hear someone reading this ask 'what if it had been a widow?' and my response would be that if we were in a widow's territory it would already have hunted us down and taken me for mating.  At the very least the crash would have drawn its attention.  Also I may not have really thought about that at the time.)

As we approached the overpass I spotted colorful strands of material blowing in the breeze, seeming to beckon toward the manmade cave.  I snapped my fingers softly to get Friday's attention and pointed at the strands when she looked.  She got close enough to sniff one, sneezed, and backed away while keeping her eyes on the dark opening ahead.

With the strands I knew there was something living in there after all, and if I had to guess I'd say they were probably silk which would mean some kind of spider.  I wasn't a fan of the idea of banging something with eight limbs, but any port in a storm as they say.  After a moment's thought I pulled Friday over to a spot in clear view of the cave mouth and pantomimed her to stay here and be ready to fight.  She seemed to take my meaning so I snuck around the silk to the side of the entrance.

Flipping out my lighter I set the nearest strand of silk on fire.  The fire raced down the silk like lightning causing the silk to disintegrate in an instant.  The storm blew right through the opening and the interior of the cave was briefly lit in a bright flash as untold quantities of webbing flared and vanished.  

There was a shriek from inside and a woman flew from the portal like an Olympic sprinter.  I was glad to see she only had two arms and two legs.  It meant she was likely one of the less deadly breeds and more importantly no need to overcome arachnophobia while maintaining a hard on for me!  She stopped when she cleared the cloud of ash that was the remains of her web blowing in the breeze and screamed her fury at the first thing she saw, Friday.  Friday stood her ground, glaring right back as she loosed a low growl and flexed her claws.

I had been waiting for my opening and, raising the tire iron from my tool kit high, I brought it crashing down on the spider girl's head.  She stumbled forward and screamed in pain as she spun to face me.   Her face showed confusion for a moment.  Then her eyes widened a little.  She turned her back on me and squared off against Friday like I wasn't even there.  

I was confused by her actions but wasn't going to let this opportunity pass.  Obviously she felt my little love tap so I could hurt her.  I leaped forward to crack her again, but just as I was about to land she suddenly backed up.  My hand passed over her shoulder and I felt a sharp pain in my leg as the stinger she'd been hiding on her lower back pierced my skin.  I felt a warmth spreading from the wound and knew I was in trouble.

Friday wasn't standing still during all this.  When the girl turned on me she had picked up a ham-sized chunk of overpass from the ground but held on to it when the girl turned back.  After she stung me I stumbled back and the spider girl turned towards me again.  As soon as her sight left Friday the doggirl used Rock Throw.  The chunk of concrete struck the girl in the back of the head and she dropped like a rock, pun intended.

I staggered back wondering how bad this poison was going to be.  There were any number of things she could have injected me with.  Whether or not I survived would depend on what kind of spider she was and what she intended since there was no possible way for me to find help at this point.  The wound wasn't bleeding badly at all which suggested it wasn't an acidic, necrotic, or anticoagulant poison, but that still left plenty of options as the warmth spread up and down my leg and flowed into the rest of my body.  I prayed for it to be something nonlethal.  As it spread to my groin I went from no mast to full mast in seconds and smiled with relief.  Apparently she was more horny than hungry.

The spider girl seemed to be out cold.  I truly hate the idea of rape, but I agreed with the Texans of Kerrik Wolf's world.  Until she had a mind to decide with she wasn't really a person, and since she'd given me the hard on to work with I set to my task of bonding her.  I finished after a few minutes but the flag still wouldn't go down so I went at it again.  By then Friday was sniffing around me too and after the 3rd time I blew my load in the spider girl I switched to her.  

I screwed Friday for hours there by the overpass occasionally switching back to the spider girl for another go.  I lost track of how many orgasms we had and while my muscles began to burn and ache I just kept on going.  It was growing dark by the time I came back to myself to find I was balls deep in the spider girl again.  Apparently she regained consciousness sometime during the sex fest and enthusiastically joined in if her current actions were anything to go by.  I was shaking and sore all over but managed to soldier on until she finally came shuddering on my manhood.  

I didn't want to stop in case she was some breed prone to eating their partner after mating, but my tanks were beyond empty at that point.  As I drew away and fell shaking to my back heaving for breath like I had just run a marathon she snuggled right up to me making satisfied cooing noises and purrs.  We lay like that for a while before I managed to drag myself to my feet long enough to shift my few possessions and a comatose Friday into the cave.  She was completely shagged out.

The spider girl followed me back and forth as I made several trips before I collapsed in what I assumed to be her bed, a well-constructed silk hammock wide enough for an entire family.  We were lucky it wasn't caught in the fire I started.   I laid Friday gently down and then climbed in and drew her head to my shoulder.  The spider girl crawled in behind me and snuggled into my other shoulder and we dropped into the sleep of the sexhausted.