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Late at night in a ruined castle screams of pain and cries of a woman can be heard echoing throughout the corridors with the sound of a multitude of wings flapping, hissing and screeching. The sounds of the cries can be heard to a nearby town's Pokecenter sending chills and and fear down the backs of the staff and the kids who have taken shelter there. A nurse with vibrant pink eyes turns to look at her co-worker who was opening a flask so he could drink from it. "Matilda do me a favor and gather the kids and any adults for story time... It's time I explained that painting so many of them look at with curiosity...the one from my family's past." She nodded and ran quickly to each of the rooms calling upon the staff as the man sent a mass message call to all persons in the town. In a matter of minutes kids and townspeople and collared pokegirls who weren't balled up were gathered in the main cafeteria. The town was small so there was still plenty of room as the kids clung to their family and one another as the screams and shrieks could be heard echoing still filling them with fear. The man carried a large oil painting one that his family had that predated the revenge war. Matilda helped put it up so everyone could see it. On it from the left to the right was man in armor kneeling before a monster who was offering its blood to him. The next portion had the same man but with a dark aura and bats flying around him as he attacked an army to defend his home  it showed the man again looking more monstrous than before as a man in robes bearing a cross shone the sun onto the dark knight and the knight flinching away and looking as if the sun was burning him the last bit of it was torn away from the canvas and frame.


A man looking about the age of 25, roughly spoke up. "Damn it Churchill what is it? I swear to god if you brought us out here this late at night because of another one of you bad feelings I’ll throw you into a cell myself. " The doctor now named Churchill emptied his flask and sat beneath the picture as Matilda went to sit near some of the orphaned pokekits who were watching the man with intensity. After making sure there wasn't a drop left in his flask he spoke.


"Calm down Sheriff Marcos, All of you have at one point or another stared at this old painting that has been in my family’s care for centuries. I've always said 'there is a story to be told but not yet' well now is the time." A few kids gave whines of fear followed by the sounds of their guardians comforting them as another scream of rage and pain was heard. "I was told as was my father and so on that only when on a bloodied moon nights that I hear the cries and screams of one in labor where monsters lay to tell this story as a warning. Centuries before the revenge war took place there was a kingdom in a country once known as Transylvania led by a valiant king whom was challenged by a larger stronger army for their kids to be taken. Out of fear he would lose his life and families lives as well as his kingdoms he left and traveled to a dark place one without light or a gods nor with demons and devils. There a monster appeared that offered him power. Power over the night, over the creatures in the dark. Power and an insatiable thirst for blood. This king would become the first monster of the dark. The first Vampire.” almost as if on queue or preplanned another screech made its way throughout the castle and forest to where everyone was gathered the faces of several men turning pale and several the Pokewoman and girls trembling in fear and as the night got darker on a cloudless night sky several people looked up through the skylight at the moon which hung with intensity overhead as they saw a dark shadow start to cast over it. The kids and babes alike all began crying as their fear grew while the darkness did.


Another man spoke up stuttering this time, “B-but that's just a myth that can't be true a Vampire before there were pokegirls? And a Male Vampire that stayed Male? T-there's no way.” The doctor sighed as he turned on the lights in the room before he spoke.


“The dark king rushed on the wings of night back to his home as a Turkish army, the opposing country, came as his forces were readying he alone fought and massacred the entire battalion that had arrived. On his own drawing blood and using it at weapons to take each life. When he returned to the castle gates he was carrying several heads of the leaders and vanguards of the enemy forces and he met his men requesting for a few Pikes. Three soldiers offered their's and and he walked out to where the battle was fought and every hundred paces he stuck the pike into the ground and mounted the heads onto them facing away from the kingdom. This is how became known as Vlad the impaler. The next few days he prepared his men for war and it wasn’t until my ancestor Cleric Duncan Churchill had noticed him avoiding the sun as much as possible and watching Vlad walk through the shadows did he learn the truth about that battle. Cleric Duncan sought to try and give the king a chance of redemption through the blessings of god. But the king denied this so Duncan slashed at the curtains inside a forgery tent an opening for the sunlight to shine on him with a silver blade. The sun a true curse for all Vampires burned his skin and would've killed him as the rest of his people saw what he was and set the tent on fire the knights rallying between the citizens and their king ready to attack the one who was being burned alive. That's when, by some kind of divine intervention the clouds that were not their the rest of the day covered the sun and the fires went out. He walked out of it his skin charred black but healing to its normal hue and he left his kingdom. His son and wife had argued with his people claiming it is still the same man just one who is under a contract it is one who will protect them and one who has protected them. After all there is no known greater sacrifice of one's self than the loss of their life or in this case Humanity.” He paused as he looked at how dark the moon was getting and went to turn off the lights.


“And you all know how I still view Pokegirls as humans with just altered genetics, enhanced genetics. But Vladimir? In comparison, his strength was beyond a legendary. His speed faster, than a shadow moves when the light go out. His hunger for blood, more insatiable than an Ala-ka-wham’s thirst for knowledge but he did not drink. No…. he did not drink he refused for if he had turned for 7 days and nights without a single drop of a human’s blood devoured he would be granted back his humanity, by a holy god of the righteous and just. On the final day and night his powers were at their strongest, a true army of turkish soldiers who walked blindfolded, their emperor, as he called himself, believed they cannot fear that which they cannot see.So they walked to lay siege onto the kingdoms stronghold where all the people were moved to under orders of the one who was the aide to Vladimir. Now, Vladimir had returned in the dead of night to the church’s bell tower to watch over his people and he began to call forth those creatures of the nights that ally themselves with the Vampire’s. And like swarm of locusts that blotted out the sun and sky they came. They came to his will and call like loyal servants and subjects to a true king. They swarmed and flew around the bell tower. Screeching to be heard and recognized by their king, by the one that summoned them.” The moon was almost completely covered at this point but had begun to become a tainted red, while some of the people who could see better in the dark began to see things dart through the night sky at first one or two but as Churchill kept talking more and more could be seen.


“The army marched forward under the order of their king and generals unable to see but still able to fight as they were trained to be able to if blinded by the enemy. Vladimir met the army with his army of bats and began to slaughter them all as his kingdom's army arrived to attack both Vladimir and the Turks however seeing Vladimir's overwhelming forces as more kept coming they retreated. Only to be met with disaster.” he paused he shivered from the memory his forefathers handed down to him as more of the moon became painted with the blood red in the shadow giving an eerie glow across the land and into the pokecenter.


This time a pokekit one who was possibly 9 or 10 spoke up. “Did they die? Did Vladimir drink their blood?” her voice resonated with a sense of fear but was laced and covered with concern for the man in the story. Churchill looked into her eyes with a solemn smile filled with pain.


“No Ambrosia,”his voice was soft and caring as his smile faded slowly. “Unfortunately what happened was much worse. As the few soldiers returned home feeling victorious that the turkish army was defeated, they were attacked by emperor’s highest guards and assassins. They slaughtered most of the entire kingdom leaving all who was alive to die in the rubble and devastation. They destroyed everything and took only Vladimir’s son. The enemy’s army had been laid to waste but the kingdom they wished to protect was lost. Vladimir who saw the smoke and devastation walked into the stronghold to watch the weary, the weak, and the dying, as he began to run. Looking for his child and his wife. His world that he tried so hard to protect. That he gave up all but a chance for the return of his humanity. At last he had found his wife’s head on a pike her body laid next to it.” the light of the bloodied moon touched and covered the painting and scenes began to change causing few to gasp as they become four gruesome and morbid pictures the last side of of the panel that the picture was ripped from became full with a scene of  monster giving aid and escape to a young boy and the cleric as he forced the sun to shine on him and others like him.


“When Vladimir found his aide he heard what happened to his son and walked back to the deceased body of his wife. Picking it and the head up carrying it through the remains of the church. He cried and begged for forgiveness from his dead wife and god before he bit into her flesh and drank the remnants of her blood. As he did his dark power grew and rushed through him unlike anything he felt before but a bond was also made between him and the monster that granted him his power. He walked out and spoke to all who were alive taking up a silver dagger and cutting his hand so that his own blood would flow. ‘To all who seek retribution, revengeance, and who seek to right the wrong done unto us drink and you will have powers unbeknownst  to man and take what is yours.’ he walked to each Man, woman, and child offering his blood and one by one they all drank. All but Duncan, Duncan had left to go seek refuge as the others endured the pain of the transformation. On the 7th night to free his son he gave up his humanity forever and turned what had remained of his people his kingdom into the same type of monster.”


“Forty Vampires and their King, the next day began their walk with no armor, no weapons, just their rage, their hunger, and hatred. They walked casting darkness over the sun. With a thunderstorm Vladimir learned he could control as they marched with the dark winds of destruction towards the main base of the Turkish armies and where Vladimir’s son was taken. Every Vampire drank blood that day and not one Turk was left alive. The king had killed the emperor and taken back his son. Their revengeance sated but their bloodlust and thirst grew ever more. So arose a new problem,  his son was still alive, still human,” Churchill put an emphasis on Human stressing the importance of this word. “Because a true Vampire, is one who is no longer living, one who does not bleed unless struck by silver, one who has no heartbeat. The Vampire Pokegirl breed is merely another alteration to a human. So the aide to the king approached slowly and began to speak. ‘In the past I always told you, my lord, to bear in mind the needs and wants of the people over your own.’ It was at this time Duncan had revealed himself with the holy cross of god held to Vladimir, and pleaded with him to give him the son to protect him. The other Vampires wanted to devour and potentially change the boy into one of them, when Vladimir wanted the boy to live… to live and be alive. So he gave Duncan the boy and as the boy cried out to his father while duncan warded off the other vampires with the cross, he opened the sky to let the sun the one thing that could kill and cleanse the world of all vampires ending his life and the lives of his kingdom…. However my father always said that his grandfather said that Vladimir hasn’t died yet, that he lived past the Red Plague past the revenge war past all of it and if not he was waiting to be reawakened in a new body made from his blood and born into blood of both heaven and earth. He said that it would be on a night like this it would happen and I’m fearful that that time is has come. Because that wailing is the sound of a live birth. A birth without any medications or doctors of feral vampires and not by parthenogenesis.” Screeching can be heard as the moon became a full blood red and the wails and screeching of Bats as Churchill went and put on a storm coat. “And god save us because that is coming from the vampire infested castle, with a moon as red as this? We may see another Dark king… Matilda?”


The trembling NurseJoy holding whimpering and crying children only looked up at the doctor. “Matilda, I want you to call the League in the morning… Tell them I was attacked by a feral and severely hurt and we need a replacement as well as an antidote to a Vampire bite. I'm going to help that mother give birth.” Before anyone could say anything he walked away heading towards the screaming and watching the forming mass of bats and hearing the cries of wolves. He walked slowly towards the castle. The bats would let the Vampires there know a man is coming so he would be met with resistance soon with that in mind he called out a Frostbite and an Abomina as he walked closer to the castle the two saw a solemn look on his face and looked at the night sky as they followed in step next to him. It wasn’t long till they were met with a welcoming party of several Vampires the FrostBite decided to make quick work of them and used its avalanche ability to freeze them completely solid.  The screeches of other vampires to protect the newborns and wave of bats making its way to the three of them as the abomina moves in front of churchill and the frostbite who stop for a moment behind her launches a full blizzard of snow effectively knocking most of the bats out of the sky and revealing the locations of other Vampires. As they are revealed the Abomina and Frostbite begin launching Ice balls and Ice beams at will to incapacitate and kill the Vampires while Churchill kept walking until he made it into the grand hall where most of the remaining Vampires were with the pregnant. At this point the Frostbite and Abomina’s were starting to show signs of fear due to the collective outputs of all the auras of despair caused by all but one of the vampires. Churchill stood and watched all of them and released 3 more girls who all at once began their charge without even a moment's notice. One whose wings spread like an angels and a katana taking the head off of one of the vampires on the upper floors and began to fight several others. A Seafoxxx and another that cracked her knuckles looked over at churchill.


“I was about to get jealous Churchill… do you have some milk for me?” Churchill threw her a bottle of milk that was in storm cloak and she began to drink it and smiled. “You always did know how to treat a women.  Alright girls don't touch the one in the center kill the rest or capture any kits you round them up and put them aside.” She said as leapt into the air and dropped a spinning axe kick onto one that was charging right for Churchill effectively splitting her skull open and breaking her neck onto the hard stone floor. “I’ll watch our squishy.” she opened the bottle and began to drink it down obviously getting tipsy. The Seafoxxx and Valkyrie both grunted in affirmation as Churchill and the Grand Mistress walked slowly to the Vampire in labour recalling the Frostbite and Abomina. All the while the Seafoxxx was setting 3 or 4 vampires to extra charred with a vicious flamethrower and the Valkyrie stabbed another one through the chest with her primary blade slicing a second’s throat with A hidden dagger that was in her arm guard. The Grand Mistress began switching rapidly between every vampire that grew near with elemental punches, From Fire to Lightning to Ice. Within a matter of minutes nearly all Vampires except for 2 kits and the one currently pregnant were eliminated.


“Diana, get a pan pour some of your scalding water into it and let it cool then rip my jacket up… this Vampire is giving birth.” Churchill spoke clinically with she nodded slowly, with that he took the jacket it off and threw it to the ground rolling up his sleeves as he began to help the Pokewoman give birth. Hours later when the red began to fade from the moon silence was all that was heard just before a baby boy’s cries. Washing the baby Churchill looked at his girls then to the Vampire who died giving birth. “It's human… I don't know how human but its human. And its a boy. We will be taking him as our own son, and I have a name if you would all let me choose for him.” His voice was soft his girls for the most part stood near him but giving the child space to look around and make its soft sounds in Churchill’s hands. A scuffling noise was heard  as a pokekit walked towards them nearly making them jump to action as it tried growling tears in its eyes trying to get to the newborn boy. His eyes shone a Dark crimson almost blood-like as he twisted to look at the Vampire pokekit. “For a name how about Vladimir and to keep the heritage of where he comes from how about Dracule as the middle name. After all he was born in blood and I have a dark chill saying that Blood will be his legacy. He will change the world. And you all know how much blood there is in change.” Each one  nodded slowly looking from one another to the baby and Vampire kit about a few weeks older than the baby crawled up to the giggling baby and began nuzzling it and hissing at everyone else. They picked up the other kit and began to make their way out. However one Vampire that wasn’t exactly dead yet caught churchill by surprise driving a blood blade through his shoulder and biting into his neck before it and a chunk of the neck were ripped of him by the Grand Mistress who began wailing endless on it with Mega Strikes until it was nothing more than a bloodied pulp. Staggering from the blood loss the baby and kit both lapped at his blood licking it off each other and themselves that spilled onto them. The Grand Mistress began using Healing palms to at least delay the blood loss but they saw that bite was infected as a part of the where was ripped off was a tad yellowish. Unless they got to the center and got an antidote by the end of the week. He would be a Vampire himself. They started rushing him down to the village. The SeaFoxxx and Valkyrie holding the baby and kit who were both crying as the Grand Mistress helped her tamer down. By the time they got back to the village he was exhausted and the shadow was gone from the moon. The village was rushing to him when they heard Matilda call his name. Another nurse, this one an A-bra, came out just waking up confused from what was happening. She saw matilda holding a baby and Churchill up with the Grand Mistress now named as Rachelle. Churchill was obviously weak from the blood loss and the infection. His wounds never healed on the way down and he bled from his shoulder and neck down. The abra quickly went back and grabbed a gurney the people shocked to see a human baby boy in Matilda’s arms and the baby vampire move from Churchill to the feet of matilda trying to get up to him hissing horribly at Matilda and anyone else who came over and to see another Vampire kit in Diana’s hands. A new person, born in blood of both light and family with only one member left of his ‘clan’ who wishes to try to protect him. After about 2 hours in Surgery. To replace the damaged muscle and stop the bleeding a call was made out to the league to get a replacement doctor and an antidote for Vampire’s bite. Churchill balled both the kits up and walked home with the baby in arms and Rachelle and Diana walking beside him worried about what they would do next.


Churchill sat looking at the baby and decided to start testing for how pure the Vampire born Male had been. Diana and Rachelle only sat and watched looking from the baby to the Painting above them that Matilda had returned after Churchill left to deal with the screams that have been haunting the Village for the past few days. When he finished he sighed and looked at them before speaking slowly. “He shows no known blood gifts or curses… but he drank blood like it was natural to him like instinct meaning that’s bound to change. Would you mind getting some raw milktit milk and drinking some to breast feed him Rachelle?”

“I wouldn’t but are you sure we wanna keep him? What if he ends up like you say.. Like.. him?” Rachelle inquired the hesitancy shown betrayed the calmness displayed.


“The boy needs a father and a family…. We will teach him right and wrong and as he grows older… as he goes on his own journey he will decide what to do from there...but we will need to leave here. Leave and go somewhere no one knows any of us.”


Diana looked Nervous for a second. “May I speak my Alpha? Master?”

The two sighed and smiled softly. But it was Churchill to speak. “Yes you may, Diana. But you don't need to ask for permission every time. Remember you can speak freely here. And with me privately.” Diana nodded.


“Well Why don't we go back to Crescent League? And before you get upset at me master, I say this to help show him the difference between our way of life and the standard in others. So he can see the influence of good and evil of higher scales. So he may decide how he wishes to treat his and the paths he may embark? Vladimir could become like that of our master’s son if we all are willing to be martyrs for his greater good. Sacrifice is sometimes necessary to raise a greater good but the type of sacrifice is also what is important. You taught me that, master, as did Rachelle. So perhaps we can teach Vladimir that ourselves together. None of us are Pokewomen yet but we all at one point or another contemplated being a mother and how it would be if we would enjoy it. And while we may enjoy the pluses that come with it we could see if this would let us know if we want to truly be mothers of our own.”


Rachelle blinked as she listened to what her second in command had stated while churchill sat with his eyes close listening to it nodding at her suggestion. “I’d expect no less of an argument from my beta to convince me to go back to a place that I hate truly.” he gave a deep sigh. “Ok we will go to Crescent League and raise him there as you suggest now what to do with these 2.” He said mostly to himself as he rolled the balls that held the pokekit vampires. Onto the coffee table.


Rachelle spoke up this time. “Actually i have an idea for that. Technically you're a researcher and well you could claim you wish to research the growth paths of Vampires to help find out what may trigger an evolution to a Lucarda. While it is illegal you are running a control experiment there and will be passing on one if not both kits to your “son” when all 3 are of the age of 16 there. And he would be helping passively giving you weekly to monthly reports when he can about the status of them and what they’ve been through.”


Churchill mulled it over and nodded slowly. “Ok, but we should only keep one, they are rather strict about the Vampire and Lucarda breeds and he will need training to become a proper tamer in regards of combat. Rachelle you are in charge of that, and as for which one we keep it will be the one that tried to desperately cling to him. The other we will send to the league to perform experiments same time as us… I know it's not a clean choice but at least this way we will see what can fully trigger the evolution. Their names will be Seras Vi Churchill and Euphemia Li Churchill. Seras will be with Vladimir. Is there any questions?” he looked at them and seeing both of them shaking their heads no he nodded. “Ok then inform the rest of the harem we are leaving I’ll Get in contact with the Crescent league and we will be moving out at first chance. Rachelle feed Vladimir he may be getting hungry… and if he bites you let him, as much as it may hurt, and everyone will have to help in feeding him, there is no opting out of that. I'll feed him by bottle the milk I get from you all for being such good girls over this understood?” they replied immediately with large grins and twinkles in their eyes an excited ‘Yes, Sir.’


Churchill decided to look at the calendar to mark Vladimir’s birthday and chuckled to himself as his Harem took him away thinking about it. “November 18th… 358 A.S. Happy birthday Vladimir..”