Chapter 10

Gabrielle glanced around the battle room with no small amount of amusement. The gym assistant had been more than a little bit rude sorting through the applicants. Apparently she had only gotten the fight on the condition that she use her cat type as the assistant’s pokegirl liked beating them up. She had readily agreed to using Abby, it wasn’t really a big deal considering that she was one of her strongest pokegirls. The restriction against using a summon was a bit annoying though. She smiled as she released Abby onto the field and reached out with telepathy. ‘Okay love, just be careful. When I say blur, do your thing.’ 
Abby nodded, ‘Sure thing, this should be fun.’
‘Just don’t let the dragon type grab you, she’ll be way stronger than you are.’
‘Relax I’m faster, plus I can always taunt them until they go crazy then rain destruction from above on her.’
‘Just don’t get cocky.’
Abby watched as the opponent’s pokegirl materialized in front of her. “Hello.” She sighed when the other girl grinned with a slightly crazed look in her eyes and said, “Scream for Noka.” Abby sighed, ‘This is going to end badly.’
Gabrielle couldn’t help but agree as the ref waved the start flag. She changed her mind and decided on another tactic, “Sword, and shield!” She listened as the gym assistant called out, “Dynawave.”
Abby summoned forth her magic to use her Aura Barrier technique as well as summoning a sword of blue fire. She smiled slightly as her Aura Barrier absorbed the Dynawave and held. That opening attack was always a little nerve racking, she never knew if the attack would be absorbed harmlessly or eat the barrier as it was absorbed. She smiled as she started dancing around the battle field singing, “I’m doing the best I ever did, and I wonder, day to day, I don’t like you, anyway.” She glared at the dragon type in front of her. “I don’t need your shit today, you’re pathetic in your own way.” She teleported in the blink of an eye and slammed her now icy foot into the back of the dragon girl’s head with an ice charged round house kick. “I feel for you,” She reached out and grabbed the other girl’s arm before tossing her to the ground. “Better fuckin’ go away, I will behave,” She slammed her heel into the girl’s crotch before teleporting across the room, “Better fuckin’ go away, I’m doing the best I ever did,” She waved her tail at the pissed off dragon girl that was pulling herself off the ground, “I’m doing the best that I can,” She dodged a large rock the other girl had ripped up from the ground. “I’m doing the best I ever did.” She called on her illusion magic to twist the other girl’s landscape. “I don’t need to, fantasize.” She used her Illusion to give the other girl puppy ears, “You are my pet, all the time, I don’t mind if,” She let another Dynawave wash over her harmlessly as she conjured a large flash of light in the other girl’s eyes, “you go blind, you get what you get, until you’re through with mine.” She teleported again and slammed the dragon girl in the back of the knee with a ice covered sweep.
Noka growled as she used her unmovable tech, “Damn cat.”
Abby teleported up to sit on the edge of the battle field, “I feel for you, better fuckin’ go away. I will behave,” She tossed a sphere of chaotic pulsing energy that blasted the ground out from under Noka. Abby smiled briefly as the dragon girl stumbled for a second, “You better go away, I feel for you, better fuckin’ go away.” She teleported out of the path of another rock as it smashed into the seat she had just vacated. She started charging up a Megido blast, “I will behave.”
Gabrielle couldn’t help thinking, “Liar.”
“You better go away,”
Noka screamed as she tossed Dynawave after Dynawave at the girl and it didn’t even phase her. She tried to ignore the girl’s chorus as she frantically tried to put enough power into her attacks to get through the bitch’s shield. She screamed in rage as she charged the cat girl.
Abby watched the charging girl as she sang, “I’m doing the best I ever did, go away, I’m doing the best I can, go away, I’m doing the best I ever did, go away. I’m doing the best I can, go away,” She pushed still more power into her spell as the girl closed the distance, “I’m doing the best I eva did, I’m doing the best that I can, I’m doing the best I eva did,” She tossed the massive ball of magical energy at the enraged dragon girl, “Now go away!”
The assistant watched helplessly as his dragon girl was blasted off her feet and thrown twenty yards like a rag doll, her smoking body laying motionless on the ground. He frantically reached for his pokeball and retrieved her as Abby finished the last chorus softly before taking her top hat off and bowing to the stunned crowd before flipping her hat back on her head.
The ref glanced around, “Match to Gabrielle. Please see the desk clerk on your way out for your badge.”
Gabrielle smiled as Abby teleported over to where she was standing, “Nice song.”
She smiled, “Thanks, I’ve been practicing.”
Gabrielle smiled over at the gym assistant, “Thanks for the battle.”
The gym assistant nodded grudgingly as he left.
Gabrielle chuckled at her two pokegirls as they walked down the hall to where the other arena was. She figured Leo should be almost done with his match by now.
Sarah grinned as she patted her sister on her head, “It was a great fight. So what do you think about getting a tattoo?”
Abby shrugged, “Well maybe two small ones would be alright depending on the location and what they did.”
Gabrielle grinned, “So what are you thinking?”
“Maybe some flames and a speed boost, I‘ll have to see though.”
“Aren’t you fast enough?”
“Nope, not going to be fast enough until I can beat a Cheetit, so not yet.” She grinned, “I’m almost there if I get a sugar kiss I can almost beat one, I’m hoping I can get a tattoo that ups it just a little. That way I could beat her, without resorting to a technique that burns me out. Though I might go with a strength increase, but I don‘t really want that so high I have to be in restraints.”
Sarah chuckled, “You’re no where close to needing restraints with a normal tamer let alone Gaby, so I wouldn’t worry about it.”
“What about you sis?”
“I don’t know, I haven’t decided, I’ll see if Rain has any suggestions.”
Gabrielle grinned, “I’m just happy I got my badge.”
Leo really was more than a little amused watching his Mist Bunny pound the stuffing out of a draco the arrogant gym assistant was using, what the hell was wrong with these guys, it’s like they assumed that just because they had a dragon type they were untouchable or something. Tiffany was gleefully proving that just because she had started as a Bunnygirl was no reason to take her for granted now.
Gregory frowned as his Draco roared and the Mist Bunny ignored the high decibel roar, it should have brought the girl to her knees in pain. “Dragon rage.”
Tiffany snarled as the dragon rage cut through her barrier, “Alright be that way.” She raised her hands, “On darkness night with darkest soul, hear my call, soul slayer!” She held out her hand as a black blade trailing sparkles of frost appeared in it. She smiled grimly as she waved the sword at the Draco, “Sword of a thousand cuts.”
Gregory’s face drained of color as the blade of darkness split into fifty different blades before streaking across the field to impale his girl. He frantically recalled his girl as he noticed ice quickly spreading from each impaled sword. He glared at Leo, “What the hell was that?” 
Leo shrugged, “Soul slayer, each hit causes ice to form on the wound, I imagine if you left the blades in they would incase the victim in ice thus slaughtering them. Sort of nasty mixing that with a duplication spell. We done here?”
Tiffany smiled before vanishing only to reappear next to her tamer. “Let’s see how Gabrielle did.”
Leo grinned, “Sounds good.” He ignored the sputtering Gym assistant as he walked out. 
Gabrielle chuckled as Leo had to stop and answer another question about where his girl’s had learned some of the things they had. She grinned when he finally made his way over to the stands, “You know we would probably make some good money if we wanted to stick around and pedal our wears a bit.”
Leo shrugged, “Probably but I would prefer to at least get the basics of the company set up before we start that. How much of the paper work do you have left?”
“I’m almost done, had to call Gunn and ask him a few questions but I think I got the basics set up. So as soon as we turn in the paperwork and possibly bribe some officials, Mystictech will be up and running.”
“You think we’re doing the right thing?”
Gabrielle switched to mind speech, ’Just because we are going to offer girls skill sets and language programs a bit more advanced than the other league’s would probably like…?’
‘That’s not what I mean, and you know it. Some of our girls’ techs are extremely dangerous.”
‘So are half the common T2’s. Besides, It’s not like we aren’t keeping the best for ourselves.’
‘That still doesn’t fill me with relief.’
‘You’ll get over it.’
He just hoped the benefit of the language T2s and math T2s outweighed the damage their specialty techs caused. “So where to next?”
“Let’s pick up Rain and see how that project goes.” She finished the second half of her statement mentally ‘after that maybe we can find a spot with some powerful lay lines and start enchanting weapons for everyone.’
“Sounds good to me.”