Chapter 7

Xander couldn’t help but stare at the paintings in front of him. They were without a doubt some of the most impressive works of art he had ever seen. They were sure as hell the most impressive paintings he had ever seen of his friends. He couldn’t help but chuckle as he looked at Dawn’s picture. It was Dawn and yet she had an aura of emerald green light that sparkled on the canvas. He wasn’t sure what the young girl used for paints but she had managed to capture the essence of each of them perfectly.
Dawn nodded to herself as she gazed at the picture of a smiling white armor clad Xander standing in the middle of a sea of corpses, most of them demonic. She noticed how the armor was a bit battle worn but still gleamed white in places. He might not be the shining knight he was in his youth filled with righteous if irreverent fire but the image of a knight still fit him well. She couldn’t help but chuckle at the green that washed over the field for her own. Leo’s picture held a couple of surprises, gone was the youth that she remembered and still saw him as, in his place was a smiling shirtless young man working on sword forms. It was Leo and yet not. His kind smile was the same but it was obviously the picture of a man in his prime, judging by the muscles on his arms, a man that did a lot of training.
Gabrielle chuckled as she looked at her brother’s picture, “If you weren’t my brother and I went for boys, I think I could sum up your picture as yummy.”
Leo shook his head, “Gives me a reason to train, though I’m sure most boys would say the same about your picture.”
Gabrielle gazed at the dark canvas her image was on. It showed a misty night with a girl a few years older than her current age. The girl held a strange sense of beauty, blood red hair and black fingernails along with ghostly white smooth skin made her look less than human but not really in a bad way.  She smiled as she noted that the girl in the picture had no clothes and didn’t seem to care. “I like it.”
Rain fidgeted with her green beret, it was always hard drawing for people, most people tended to not like how they ended up on canvas.  She relaxed slightly, “Thanks.”
Gabrielle smiled at the Ar-tits, without Rain’s ability to see into the heart of the girls the process of sorting them would have taken much longer than it had. With her help they had managed to avoid some mistakes, such as keeping the sword dancer around, her painting would have caused a widow pause. Truly a nasty piece of work that she was glad to be rid of, right up there with the Alaka-wham. 
As it was they had spent the last week hobbling around the league on their new airship with Tiffany and Abby frantically learning to fly the airship while they sailed around returning children to their parents and finding a place for the rest. Rain had been a lot of help, her ability let her know if it was safe to give the kids back to their parents or not. There had been a few not’s in the list. Most of the kits had been happy to head off to a ranch while others were very happy to get adopted by council families, still a few had elected to stay with their rescuers, which is how they had ended up with several little munchkins running around the airship. She didn’t have the heart to tell them they couldn’t, not after what they went through. Besides she was fairly sure telling Morrigan that she couldn’t keep her new “sister”,  a cute elf eared dark maiden the girl had adopted would have been hazardous to her health or at least happiness. 
Rain was one of the girls that wanted to stay, though in Rain’s case it was easy as she would turn fifteen in a few days and could just be folded into Jenny’s Harem. The two got on fairly well already. Gabrielle couldn’t help but grimace as she watched the sky for any signs of more feral pokegirls. Even with the notice me not charms on the ship they still seemed to attract more interest than she would have liked from wandering ferals. At least the ship seemed large enough to discourage most of the weaker flying types but that still left a few ferals a day that bothered them. Luckily so far it had only taken a few ranged attacks to drive most of them away. She turned from her musing as she smelt Xander approach, “So what do you think of the new airship?”
Xander frowned, “It’s interesting, though I think I would feel much safer on an actual space ship. I can’t help but think that it would only take a couple of hits from a feral and we would be plunging to our death.”
“Well, I can fly.”
He chuckled, “Isn’t the captain supposed to go down with the ship?”
“Yeah whatever, so how’s the plans for the remodel going?”
“It’s coming, it was designed to carry several dozen passengers though probably not for as long as we are planning. I’m just glad Echo could get me some blue prints. I figure we will knock some walls out and enlarge several of the bedrooms. It‘s going to be so much fun.”
She chuckled at the gleam in her uncle’s eyes, “Just be sure I still have a ship when you’re done.”
“By the time I’m done, no one will ever suspect the ship wasn’t custom built for you.”
Gabrielle rubbed her hands together, “Excellent. Feel free to ask for volunteers from the girls if you need any heavy lifting.”
Xander nodded, “That’s where I’m off to now.”
“Keep me posted, I figure we can set down at the edge of the forest and do some selective harvesting.”
“That works for me. I’m half surprised you haven’t ripped the ship apart enchanting it already.”
She chuckled, “Yeah well, I didn’t build it. It would be easier, to just build one from the ground up enchanting each part as it was built. I’m not really ready to spend that much time yet. Besides if I was going to go to that extreme I would get Lexie’s help and enchant the hell out of a space craft.”
He chuckled as he headed for the galley to find some volunteers, “Doesn’t mean we can’t make it livable.”  
Xander looked around the galley once he arrived, he couldn’t help but smile as he noticed Morrigan over in the corner talking to her new friend. He smiled and waved before walking over to the main table where several of the other munchkins were gathered, “Am I interrupting any plans for world domination?”
Ivy nodded her head happily causing the bells on her new jester’s cap to tinkle. “Of course you are… well unless you wanted to help us plan?” She smiled and winked up at him.
He chuckled as he took in the nine year old Trixie’s other two cohorts. One was a thirteen year old Lupina named Trix, which according to Gabrielle was sort of like a natural werewolf only without the ability to spread it. The other teen girl Zelda looked almost one hundred percent human other than her eyes and hair were a vivid purple.
Zelda sighed, “We weren’t planning anything, well we might have been offering Ivy some suggestions… but that doesn’t mean we were going to use them ourselves.”
He chuckled, “Uh huh, I see… well I think you girls need something productive to do other than planning out new pranks.” He smiled, “I don’t suppose I could bribe you three into helping me collect some wood from the forest?” He looked at Ivy, “I know you’re a good look out, and Zelda and Trix are both pretty strong. What do you say?”
Trix nodded, “I’d love a chance to get out and stretch a bit. But the forest is dangerous. Can we bring one of the adults?”
He nodded, “I can probably talk a couple of them into coming, besides Mia and Raven need a larger area for some of their work than the inside of a ship. I’ll see what I can do.” He smiled as Ivy hugged him.
Ivy rubbed her face against him, “Thanks again for the hat.”
He smiled, “Of course. Now let‘s go see if we can round up some of the others.”
Talsanra was having fun despite herself as she used her newly acquired ability to change her form. The first time it had happened had been an accident. She had been hanging around Jenny and thinking about how nice it would be to be able to change forms when Jenny had shifted back to her older form to reach a box that was out of reach of her younger form. She hadn’t expected to be able to copy her ability to shrink with her imitate ability. It was a little embarrassing really that she had let her day dreaming influence her power use but she wasn’t going to let the accident go to waste.  She was planning on practicing the ability as often as she could over the next few days so that she could be sure to keep it. She had been the oldest of the captured pokekits at fifteen, she was fairly sure that if she wasn’t a rare breed they wouldn’t have kept her, or they would have done icky things to her like they had promised several of the others. She was more than a little relieved to have been spared that nightmare. Of course being stuck for several months in a pokeball wasn’t the best experience of her life, but at least she figured it was better than being stuck in a smelly cage like an animal. 
She smiled at Raven as she got her picture taken. You had to be really careful about how you were dressed around the click happy girl. It was a bit funny just how much of a voyeur the girl was. She smiled as she walked over to sit with Mia and Raven on a log in the clearing. “So how’s your wacky plan going?”
Mia smiled, “Well it’s your plan too now.”
Raven shrugged as she clipped her camera to her belt. “I’m still getting used to using sketch. It’s a bit weird learning abilities in dream time. You practice it hundreds of time but it‘s not the same as using it out here.”
Talsanra shrugged, “Wouldn’t know, haven’t had to resort to that yet. So what do you think the first project should be?”
“Well I sketched Wendy’s dark blade earlier. I’ve been sort of working on my attack adaptation skills. Seeing what I could do with it.” Raven walked over to where she had a video camera set up and fiddled with the controls for a few seconds before stepping back a few feet.
Mia chuckled, “Stop grandstanding and give us a show girl.”
“Well if you want a show… I could always strip first then try.”
“Just show us already.”
“Plants of darkness, never ending thorns, hear my call, Black Rose Blade!” She grinned as a blade of black darkness formed in her hands.
Talsanra blinked, for a second it looked no different than a regular blade of darkness until she noticed the small black rose petals made of darkness continually trailing off the blade. “Oh sexy. I want to try. Black Rose Blade.” She waved around her own sword a few times before it faded. “That takes a bit of talent to keep up. Guess I’ll have to practice.”
Raven blinked, “That ability is completely unfair.”
Talsanra chuckled, “So’s sketch, but you don’t see me complaining.”
Mia chuckled, “Girls behave. So what else do you have?”
Raven’s smile fell, “Well I’ve got one more but I’m still working on it.” 
“Oh?” Mia shrugged, “What’s that?”
Raven mutters, “It’s embarrassing.”
“It can’t be that bad.”
Raven shrugged, “Fine. I got the first tech off one of the water girls before we dropped her off. The second part from Sin.” She gestured muttered “Jello Doll,” and conjured a six inch Jello doll.
Talsanra chuckled as the thing moved and looked around. “Awe it’s cute. Can it do anything?”
“Other than walk around, jump up and down and taste good? Not really. As I said it‘s a work in progress.”
Talsanra shrugged, “I still think Leo will be pleased. Besides the more techs we find for you, the more abilities you can craft for us.”
Mia nodded happily, “And the more abilities I can learn and make training devices for. I figure we can make ourselves and our tamers a lot of money.”
Talsanra chuckled, “I still have to sort that out, probably before too much longer. So how freaked do you think they are going to be when we have Mia teach all of the girls to shape change into kids?”
Raven chuckled, “Probably more amused than freaked. Still not quiet as nice as Jenny‘s form which gives her better reflexes but it‘s something.”
“Hey I call the testing a win, but we should probably go help Xander with the material if we want a happy human.”
Talsanra giggled, “Happy humans lead to happy pokegirls.”
Raven chuckled as she picked up her camera and started taking pictures of the forest clearing.
Abby was amused, the new girls seemed really nice, the projects were going along well, she was snuggling her tamer, life was good. “So how hard do you think it is going to be to set up shop?”
Gabrielle ran her fingers along Abby’s ears. “I don’t know, probably longer than I wanted. Still if we can find enough base material we can make a lot of cash. Sadly it sort of complicates our plans when we have so many pokekits we have to keep hidden.” She glanced up to were the airship was floating above the tree line. “At least we have the ship, makes it a lot harder for pesky officer Jenny’s to come knocking. Plus Morrigan is happy to have someone to hang out with that gets the whole elf thing.”
“You know Wendy isn’t really an elf?’
“She’s got pointy ears, what more do you want?”
“I guess. Helen’s having a blast having more people around to make sure she stays empty. Not to mention Natasha is having a blast learning to shoot with her. I still can’t believe you are letting her teach a nine year old to shoot guns.”
Gabrielle shrugged, “What else am I supposed to do with the little Tomboy? Besides Helen could use someone else that shares her obsession with guns.”
“Sometimes you worry me.”
“Only some times? I guess I‘m not trying hard enough.”
“So you think we could talk Dawn and Xander into doing a movie night for the kids? I miss having everyone in one bed. Plus I sort of want to see how Melody tastes.”
“You’re a bad, bad girl, remind me to give you an extra spanking tonight.”
Abby smiled, “Will do boss lady. So where are we going after you and Xander do your magic on the ship?”
“I was sort of thinking about flying around and seeing some arenas. Maybe check out some of the different leagues.”
Dawn looked over the ragged group that found themselves in the lounge, most of the girls had worn themselves out either helping with the work or playing in the forest clearing all day, “Welcome to the first official movie night. For your viewing pleasure we have one of my favorite movies for your viewing pleasure, The Princess Bride.”
Zelda chuckled, “They just wanted to get rid of us for a night.”
Natasha scrunched up her face, “Yuck.”
Talsanra chuckled, “Hey I’m sure in a couple of years, you’ll find a cute boy or girl and want to do yucky things with them.”
Natasha glared, “You take that back.” 
Dawn chuckled, “Let’s just watch the movie, it’s got daring heroes in it.”
Xander smiled as he made his way into the lounge with buckets of popcorn and soda that Sin had conjured. “Hey, anyone want popcorn?”
Rain smiled, “I’ll take some.”
He smiled as he handed her one before passing the rest out. 
Morrigan was enjoying herself. She was currently leaning against the wall with Melody resting with her back to her. She was currently having fun playing with the witch’s breasts while they watched Gabrielle and Sarah kissing. Abby was curled up on the desk watching the fun. Helen was busy playing with Abby’s tail while watching the show. Morrigan was willing to admit that the witch was sort of fun, especially when you ran your hand along with just a hint of pressure and got a squeal from the ticklish girl. Maybe after the work got done they would be able to have a large enough bed to play with all of the girls in the harems at once. She wouldn’t mind having some video evidence of that one, nope not at all. She was starting to wonder about seeing if she could talk Gabrielle into picking up some more cute elf types. She watched her alpha “lose” the kissing match and fall back on her back. Morrigan smiled as she used a sex tech lick in the dark to create a telekinetic tongue to tease get Abby’s attention, if the girl thought she was just going to watch and enjoy she had another thing coming to her. “Here kitty kitty.”
Abby smiled at the sensations before uncurling herself and making her way over to the bed. “Looks like you have a guard. What ever shall I do?”
Morrigan smiled as she squeezed Melody’s breasts, “I guess you’ll just have to go through her to get to me.”
Abby licked her lips, “I can certainly do that.”
Raven happily snapped pictures as Kyara enjoyed herself with Leo while Laura and Tiffany entertained themselves while waiting for Leo. Mia was working on making Ember a happy mouse, while waiting her turn. She patiently waited until Kyara finally slumped forward on the bed sliding off Leo in the process. “Hey boss, got a question for you?”
Leo glanced over at Raven, “Well what is it?”
“Well would you object to the girl’s learning how to have a younger form?”
“Well apparently Talsanra was able to copy Jenny’s ability to change into a younger girl, with Mia’s help we can probably all learn how.”
Kyara looked up from her spot on the bed, “I would get to be a cute little fox girl and tease the hell out of people? Sign me up.”
She rolled on two her back with her legs spread, “Boss made a mess anyone want to clean it up?”
Raven shook her head, “Nasty, go hit the showers.” She had tried oral once on Leo a few years ago but it had been a rather icky experience all around that they weren’t going to repeat. She had no moral issues taking pictures as Ember turned and pounced on Kyara. After a little bit of wiggling she stuck her bottom was up in the air for Mia to play with while she licked Kyara out. “Ember like.”
Mia chuckled before going back to using her tongue on her girl.
Leo glanced over at Tiffany and Laura, “You know getting Sin to teach you to conjure carrots is going to save us so much money.”
Tiffany was too distracted by what Laura was doing to her breasts to do more than flip her tamer off and giggle when he took that as an invitation. 
Needless to say Mia was a very popular girl with all of the pokegirls and pokekits when it became known that she could teach them to change their form as well as other attack powers that they would otherwise not be able to acquire.