Leo glanced around the Jahanna superstore’s entrance a few times. It had to be one of the largest single stores he’d ever been in. The foyer was fairly crowded but he could pick out a number of pokegirls in uniform that he assumed were for security. He was just glad that the nice lady at the desk of the pokecenter had warned them that only one pokegirl was allowed out at once. He had Tiffany whilst Gabrielle had Sarah out. They had left the rest of the girls with Rose and Lilyanne at the hotel to sort through the mob of extra pokegirls they had recently acquired.  He was interrupted from his thoughts by a green haired girl asking him to step forward for the weapons check. By the time he was done being searched he was sure that had she not been as cute as she was he would have filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against her with how thorough the search was. He was just glad that Tiffany was just wearing shots and a t-shirt so it only took a few seconds for the girl to look her over. He frowned as he felt someone try to get into his mind, he pushed back as best he could. While he didn’t have any physic ability to speak of he had practiced for years trying to block his sister from stealing his secrets and randomly dumping images into his head. He might not be able to keep her out completely but the wards as well as his own training would make sure the girl didn’t learn anything she shouldn’t. He knew that they probably wouldn’t hold against any sort of hard scan but against the average physic they worked well enough. He sighed when he spotted the girl’s face as she tried to examine Gabrielle’s mind.

Gabrielle was more than a little annoyed as the physic’s mental probe glanced off the edge of her shields.  She as a rule didn’t care for nosy physics but as the girl was just doing her job she decided to ignore her and play nice.
Melia was more than a bit confused as she swept the crowd for suspicious thoughts. It was something she did every day here, most days she picked up a few thoughts of stealing, most of them would never dream of actually stealing anything but most couldn’t help but dream. Sometimes it was difficult trying to sort out the actual thieves from the dreamers. However the guy currently being processed was hard to read, she could barely sense anything from him and it seemed like there was some resistance. Probably a minor blood gift of some kind. She didn’t feel anything hostile, but being that it paid to be careful she hit the silent buzzer under her desk that alerted the rest of the security force to someone that needed to be watched.  She frowned as her eyes drifted to the next person in line. The girl’s mind was closed off even better than the guy before her.  She would have almost thought she was his pokegirl if he hadn’t had the Bunnygirl. Her thoughts skittered off the next girl in line. There was just something about the second girl that made her want to ignore her. Which given her job, was a bad thing. She happily hit the buzzer tossed a mental summery to the next in the chain of command and tried to push the disturbing girls out of her head. 
Gabrielle sighed as one of the female employee’s waved her over, “Yes? Is there a problem Miss?”
The employee smiled as the girl walked over, she didn’t look dangerous, she looked like all the other new tamers intent to spend their daddy’s money on things. Still looks could be deceiving, she had been told to assign someone to watch these guys as the new physic was having fits over them. Blah she figured she would assign the pair a couple of the newer people and be done with it. “Well I couldn’t help but notice how you both looked a bit lost, I was wondering if you might like a guide?”
Gabrielle smiled, she knew they hadn’t looked lost but hell a guide wouldn’t be a bad thing. “Hey, perfect.” She turned to grin at Leo, “And you said it would take us all day to find what we needed.”
Leo sighed, “It’s still going to take all day, you’re just looking for any excuse to burn daddy’s money.”
She grinned, “Details.”
The employee smiled as the pieces dropped into place and things made sense, yep nothing to worry about. Still that didn’t stop her from directing two of the girls waiting by the wall over so that they could escort the group on their shopping.
Melody’s frown turned into a smile as she was directed toward one of the cutest humans she had ever seen. She stepped forward and reached out a hand to Gabrielle, “Hi, I’m Melody, I’ll be your escort today.” She blinked and started to pull her hand back as she realized that the lady in front of her might not want to shake hands with a mere pokegirl.
Gabrielle smiled as she took the girl’s hand before she could take it back and gave it a polite shake, she couldn’t help but look the tall girl over. The girl’s face had just a hint of sun that kept her from looking as pale as a vampire.  While the girl’s bright red hair and lovely face were certainly noticeable it was the girl’s crystal green eyes that shown with intelligence that she couldn’t help but stare at. She had to drag her eyes off the other girl’s eyes to take in her lovely body.  The girl’s breasts were maybe a large B-cup or a small C-cup it was hard to tell with the girl’s choice of a tasteful long sleeved crimson silk shirt that gently hugged her body. Her legs were long and slim without being toothpicks, she obviously did some sort of exercise to stay in shape. The fact that the girl was wearing comfortable sandals and had unpainted toenails was another point in the girl’s favor as far as she was concerned. Not to mention the almost smell of blackberries and mint that tickled Gabrielle’s mystic senses in a delightful way. 
For her part Melody was having a hard time paying attention to much else, the girl was just that damn cute. Still she was brought back to reality as the A-bra that was to be the guy’s guide poked her in the ribs with a tendril of force before speaking up in a business like voice. “I don’t have all day, where are we going?”
Gabrielle shrugged, “Why don’t you show Leo here were the tamer section is, I’ll pick up the other stuff.”
Leo frowned before checking his list, “Ah, right the bug restraints.”
Gabrielle nodded as Sarah shivered, “While you’re doing that I think I’ll try to find the entertainment and home supplies section.”
Melody grinned, “Third floor is the entertainment section.”
The A-bra shrugged, “Fourth for the tamer supplies.”
Leo sighed, he just wished that he had gotten someone a touch friendlier than the upset A-bra as he was almost dragged off into the elevators.
Sarah smiled as the guide chattered on about the various floors, the first being the entrance and showroom, the second the clothing store, she was going to have to drag Gabrielle to that one before they left. “You said what was on the third and fourth floor, what about the fifth and sixth floor?”
Melody smiled, she was happy that the tamer didn’t seem to mind her pokegirl directing the conversation. “Well the fifth has the library/bookshop and the T2 stores, the sixth is the magic shop.”
Gabrielle watched her almost shiver in pleasure when she mentioned the magic shop. “Well business before pleasure, but I’m sure I’ll need an experienced magic user to show me around up there.”
“I’m fairly new to this job and I’m just a witch but I’ve been up there a few times, mostly because some hot shot newbee didn’t quite understand just how expensive some of the magic up there was.”
Sarah could sympathize with the girl, even with her employee discount it couldn’t be easy affording the spell books needed if she ever wanted to increase her art to the next step. She found her gaze drifting to the girl’s pert ass as the younger girl walked. She would have to do something about such a deplorable waste of talent. She knew just the thing to do.
Gabrielle frowned as she looked over some of the videos in the entertainment section with distaste, there were limits even for her.  One of which said that objects as large as a baseball bat just didn’t go certain places. Just the cover of that vid-flick made her want to track down the people that filmed it and make a snuff film with them staring in it. Still it did remind her to pick up some three dimensional editing software for Raven and Lexie. She reached out and tossed in a copy of some editing software into her cart as well as a half priced copy of a build your own adventure game.
Sarah leaned over close to Melody as Gabrielle was busy looking through the software section, “So what do you think of Gabrielle?”
Melody couldn’t help to feel a touch of envy that Sarah had such a nice tamer. “She as nice as she appears?”
Sarah chuckled, “Outside of a fight? Yeah she is.”
Melody smiled half bitterly before lowering her voice so that just Sarah could hear it, “I wish I could find a tamer like her some day.”
Sarah smirked, she knew Gabrielle could hear every word they were saying but was pressing on anyways, “Well just how much do you love your job?”
Melody sighed, “Well being that I’m slowly and I mean slowly acquiring a few spell books here and there, and I am mostly free to do as I please? I can’t really complain I guess. It could be worse.”
Sarah nodded, “Well perhaps if things continue going so well we can at least help you scratch your itch.”
Melody wasn’t sure why the prospect didn’t horrify her like the idea of sleeping with some stranger normally would have, but Mary her best friend from before she thresholded was still at summer school for a few more weeks, there wasn’t much hope of holding out until she got back, not if she wanted to be aware enough to not randomly shoot off magic while working or jump the first cute person that she came across.  The first time that had happened was when she was fourteen and still working out the new changes, it had been rather embarrassing waking up next to her drunk female cousin with their parents screaming at them. Still it could have just been the fact that they were seriously underage and drinking that pissed the parents off so much. Needless to say, she hadn’t had much contact with her cousin since that day two years ago. Her aunt and uncle considered her a bad influence. She didn’t quite break into a full blush as she nodded, “I’d like that.”
Gabrielle tried hard to suppress a grin at the idea of getting the cute witch into a bed. She grabbed a few more programs off the self. “All right, let’s go take a look at the T2 section then the magical section.”
Melody was left wondering what type of Harem Gabrielle had because she had made some rather strange choices for T2s. A couple of common T2s that she had claimed were missing from various other stores for one reason or another. Not to mention some extremely pricy items that the desk employee had had to dig out of the safe under the table. Still she pushed the thought that her new friends had dropped some serious cash acquiring several of the more rare T2’s when she noticed which of the magical texts the lady was looking at buying. 
Gabrielle worked on suppressing a smirk as she added a magical tome on the list that Melody looked interested in but was too shy to mention, even after she had offered to help her out. Hell she had the extra money because of the illegal gambling and cheating, she might as well make some attempt to balance her karmic scales with a good deed or two. And if it got her the affection of a very cute witch all the better.
Sarah wanted to chuckle, even though Gabrielle wasn’t broadcasting her thoughts it didn’t take a genius to know that her lover was more than a bit taken by the witch. She couldn’t help but chuckle as she thought of the fun she was going to have introducing her to her harem sisters. Now if she could just figure out how to get rid of the rest of the trash they had picked up for salvage without Abby getting mopey, then she would be having a great day.
Leo placed a few more evolution stones into his shopping cart, he was getting particularly tired of the nonstop explanations for things. He was just glad that Laura wasn’t here she would have been so bored she might have done something bad just for a change of pace. He knew he could rely on Tiffany to just go with the flow even if she would like nothing better than to get rid of the annoying girl. He was just happy that she hadn’t said anything as he didn’t think that would be looked favorably on by the company so he kept his mouth shut other than to ask her to show him the next place on the list. He smiled as he placed the second to last item on the list in his cart. “Well just one more product then I’ll get out of your hair.” He smiled as he headed over to the section that had a couple of bolts of the same material as the dragon slave underwear was made of. He winced when he noticed the price on the bolts. Still that was the primary reason they had pulled off the casino scam, he just hoped the tailor was good enough to not make a mistake, as he didn‘t think they had enough for errors. Just the cost alone was enough that Gabrielle was going to have to give up on her dream of owning an airship.
Abby was less than amused, she had interviewed almost all of the salvage girls and just about all of them were rather useless. At least outside of Raven’s idea of selling a video of them having a massive orgy.  They were either whiny and useless starters or hopelessly broken in spirit. She wasn’t sure why Lily had claimed the Chikotit for herself, but as far as Abby was concerned that was fine. Gabrielle didn’t need a plant type and she especially didn’t need one that couldn’t remember more than her own name. Stupid bastard had apparently been in the habit of running his acquisitions through a level five before starting to work on them. She hated the very idea of those infernal machines. Something that could erase everything important to you and leave you a blank slate should have been destroyed not made available to every idiot hick on the planet. Still there were two more pokegirls she had to look over before being done with the initial once over. After that came the long process of interviews and stone selections to maximize both profit and the girl’s happiness in the reassignment process.  She was more concerned about making sure the girls ended up happy than she was about the money but hey credits were nice. She frowned as she tried to figure out which of the set of G-points to look at first. She shot Rose a glare as the balls were snatched from her hands.
Rose rolled her eyes before flipping the release switch on both of them. Her first thought as the taller of the two was released was that the girl in front of her wasn’t a girl at all but a women. An extremely attractive lady but still old enough to be her mother. It wasn’t exactly a thought that inspired other lustful thoughts. Plus she sort of had this respectful librarian vibe that just sort of killed the mood dead, which was odd considering she was rather hot for a grownup. She looked over at the other girl. The similarities while striking weren’t enough to place the younger daughter as a clone so that meant the lady was older than she had first guessed. Still the younger girl had her mother’s wavy brown hair though without the touches of grey mixed in that her mother had. It was also a bit longer than her mother’s shoulder length hair. Their blue eyes were busy looking over the occupants in the room they found themselves in.
Olive wanted to sigh, apparently she and her daughter had been lost for salvage, she knew it had just been a matter of time before it happened. Not that she hadn’t liked her last master, but well she didn’t love him and they had never bonded. She was just glad that she hadn’t gotten separated from her daughter, at least not yet. The only good thing about the guy was that he had left her daughter alone and respected her request to continue teaching, though she suspected that that life was over. She just hoped things worked out better for her daughter.
Rose smiled as she finished looking through her dex’s entry on the girls. “Names, specialties and sexual preference?”
Olive sighed as she looked over the two girls one obviously a human or very near human and one mischievous looking cat girl, this was always where things fell apart, no one wanted a G-Point that had a ridiculous specialty not to mention that she didn‘t see a male in the room. She couldn’t help but blush in embarrassment, “Olive, and I’m a specialist about various Demons.” She sort of wanted to curl up in a ball as the girl started laughing, “I know it’s mostly fiction but it’s interesting. And I like men.”
Rose nodded after she got herself under control, “Oh no, I’m just laughing because it’s going to be extremely useful. How do you feel about teaching?” She wasn’t sure in that moment if she wanted to hurt Subeke or the thousands of idiots over the three hundred years that subjected the pokegirls to emotional abuse more right now. She hadn’t meant to hurt the lady’s feelings. 
Olive blinked, “Teaching about demons?”
Rose nodded, “Well after you get up to speed yeah, I‘m afraid the council has a rather extensive library about such things.”
Olive blinked in surprise, “I would like that.”
Rose nodded, “I’ll even introduce you to the head librarian Giles, I’m sure you’ll hit it off.”
Olive wasn’t that offended that the girl didn’t seem to want to tame someone that was old enough to be her mother, besides taming with someone so young would be a bit strange. She just hoped that this Giles was decent looking.
Taika wanted to chuckle, she was pretty sure she wasn’t supposed to chuckle at her mother, at least not right in front of her. “Let’s see, My name is Taika, it means magic, which also happens to be my specialty.” She blushed as she did every time the subject of sex came up around her mother, “Haven’t had any, though now that a pokeball works on me I’m assuming I really should look into that before I go crazy.”
Rose chuckled, “I guess today wasn’t a complete loss after all.” She picked up Taika’s pokeball. “I think I’ll claim this one if you don’t mind.”
Abby grinned, “Nah, that’s fine.”
Rose chuckled at the looks of confusion on their faces, “Abby here is my sister’s pokegirl. You actually got salvaged by her because your old tamer challenged her and lost. She asked Abby to sort out the useful girls from the useless. Congratulation you made the list of useful girls.”
Abby smiled, “So any questions?”
Taika nodded, she wanted an idea of what her tamer was like, “What are you going to do with the rest of the pokegirls?”
Abby ran her hand over her own tail, “Basically going to have them fill out a questionnaire and then based on that search through the local want adds and such things and sell the girls to their choice of tamers.”
Olive frowned, “Isn’t that a lot more work than just posting them?”
Rose nodded, “Sure, but if we did that they might end up with some crazy tamer that wouldn’t take care of them.”
Abby nodded, “We don’t exactly care for the system but we are dealing with it as best we can.”
Rose grinned, ‘Alright we should probably go through the rules while we are waiting for the others.” She chuckled as she noticed her pokegirl frown. “Oh cheer up there aren’t that many. Most important one, don’t die. It makes us sad. Second rule is no means no, you have the right to refuse to be touched and such things. Just don’t wait long enough that you go feral. Try not to pick fights with people stronger than you. If someone harasses you please tell me so we can deal with it together. Don’t enter anyone’s room without permission, for the rest use your common sense.”
Taika chuckled, “Those aren’t so bad.”
Rose nodded, “Shall we go meet the rest?”
Olive wanted to chuckle, “Might as well.” She wasn’t sure what she had been expecting when she walked through the door, but having a room filled with naked girls chattering away wasn’t really on the list. It was more that they were almost ignoring the fact that they were naked that struck her as odd. For example the fox girl was busy making notes at a table while a hyperactive very near human girl worked in the kitchen wearing nothing but an apron. The bed held three young naked girls. One that looked human enough that without a pokedex it was a lost cause assigning a breed to her, one that was judging by the horns and the fact that the third, a pink haired child, was suckling on her breast was probably a milktit. She noticed with amusement that the milktit and the other girl were playing some type of racing game on their consol.    
Laura smiled at the new people from her spot in the kitchen, “Are you hungry?”
Taika had to pull her eyes off the nice display of flesh to glance over at the pokegirl bouncing around the kitchen, “I could do with something.”
Olive looked at where the hyperactive girl was busy making a horde of sandwiches, “Sure, a sandwich would be nice.” She turned to look at Rose, “Do you expect us to lose our clothes?”
Rose shook her head, “Nah, nudity is optional but not required. You’re perfectly welcome to wear what you want. If you need more we can see about going shopping.”
Olive was relieved that she wasn’t going to have to prance around without clothes, that was a job for much younger girls. “So who’s who?”
Rose chuckled before calling out in a loud voice, “Roll call.”
Abby grinned, “Abby, Gaby’s Mistoffeles.”
The girl in the kitchen grinned, “Laura, Leo’s Herolee.”
Olive blinked as she realized took in the girl’s well toned legs. She could see the benefits of all of the girl’s jumping around. Maybe she would have to ask her for some exercise pointers. She glanced around as the rest of the girls sounded off.
The girl on the bed with the horns, “Helen, Gabby’s Milktit.”
The extremely young pink haired girl smiled as she pulled her face away from Helen’s tit, “Jenny, Lily’s Chibi Nursejoy.”
Taiki found herself chuckling lightly at her mother’s relieved breath.
The other girl on the bed waved absently with one hand while continuing to work on her racing game, “Lilyanne, human mage.”
Helen ran a hand through Jenny’s pink hair, “Why don’t you grab a sandwich and get ready to help Raven with her art project.”
Jenny looked to Lily who smiled and waved her away with a smile, “Okay.” She hustled over to the kitchen to steal a sandwich from Laura’s pile.
Kyara smiled, “Kyara, Leo’s Kitsune.”
Olive smiled, “Let’s see, I’m Olive and I’m a G-Poindexter.”
Taika smiled as she hugged Rose, “Taika, Rose’s G-Poindexter. Never had a human before.”
Abby smiled, “Yes, well, such a bother to keep them fed and watered. But I’m sure you’ll do your best.”
Olive relaxed a bit, she was happy that everyone seemed much more relaxed about everything than other tamers she had met while younger. She wasn’t quite sure how to ask her next question but decided to spit it out anyways, she just hoped they wouldn’t take offense, “So are you expecting me and my daughter to participate in combat?”
Rose chuckled, “Not really no, I’m not a tamer, I’m officially a pet owner. Unofficially I’m part of the research branch or the transportation branch of the council depending on who you ask. Gaby and Leo are the combat monkeys, and Lilypad is part of the medical staff for our organization.”
“That’s a relief.”
“That being said, you’ll still be expected to participate in combat training on the off chance that you’re attacked. We have several T2’s that should help.”
Laura smiled as she walked over with a tray of sandwiches, “Don’t worry you’ll enjoy it.”
Kyara chuckled as she snagged a sandwich, “And by enjoy it, we mean run screaming. Doesn’t help as she’s faster than we are.”
Laura grinned, “Not my fault you’re a slowpoke.”
“You’re just a speed monkey.”
“You’re the one with a tail.”
Kyara was about to answer when the ringing of her cell phone interrupted her. She reached over and snagged the phone up from where it was sitting on the desk before looking at the display and flipping it open, “Heya lover boy.” She chuckled, “Do I have to?’ She waited a few seconds, “Fine, we’ll be down as soon as we get dressed, I love you pet.” She laughed at his response before closing the phone. “Alright, the supplies are downstairs, let’s get to it.”
Leo smiled as he noticed the two new ladies standing by Rose looking over the packages, “Welcome to the madness.”
Olive smiled, “You must be Leo.”
He smiled, “Guilty as charged, though I’ll admit you have me at a loss.”
She smiled, “I’m Olive, and the other girl that sort of looks like me is my daughter.”
Rose piped up, “I’m hoping I can talk mom into hiring her for the research department, either that or I’ll talk Grandpa Giles into it. Taika on the other hand I want for magical research.”
Leo grinned, “The more the merrier. Say hello to Gabrielle’s new girl when you see her.”
Olive glanced over at the two red heads that she hadn’t seen before. It was hard to tell which was the human and which was the pokegirl other than to guess based on the fact that one of the girls was moving the heavy packages around like they weighed nothing. She was a bit surprised to find out after several trips up and down the stairs carrying boxes that the girl doing the heavy lifting wasn’t the pokegirl. 
Gabrielle tossed a thought to Rose as she moved the boxes, ‘What‘s up with the pokewomen?’
‘She’s a G-Poindexter, or information pokegirl, we’re talking total recall and her specialty is demons.’
“It’s not like the demons from the stories here are the same as the ones back home.”
“No but hey she can learn about ours and hell I figure grandpa Giles hasn’t had a date in years and could use someone as interested in demons as he is. She’s exactly the type of employee the council needs, besides her daughter is hot and I didn’t want to send her mother to some idiot tamer. It would have went over badly.”
“She’s sort of cute, but you’re welcome to her.” 
Rose grinned, ‘Thanks sexy.’
Gabrielle frowned as she tried to balance the last box in the corner of the room on top of the pile of stuff she had gotten from the store. The room seemed a lot smaller with all of the new packages and everyone including William and his nymph girl in it. It turned out that he had named her Echo. Gabrielle glanced over the group, they had spent the last several minutes chattering and introducing the new people to everyone. “Alright, so Abby report.”
Abby waited a few seconds for everyone to quiet down, “We got everything sorted out, for the most part anyways. I’ll start work on the inquiries tomorrow for trading the girls that we don’t want. We should still be on schedule for acquiring a few magic types depending on how things turn out.”
Leo frowned as he looked around, “Hey where’s Raven anyways?”
Laura smiled, “She’s working on getting photos of all of the tradable girls.”
Abby frowned, “So when did you want us to start working with the bug girl?’
Gabrielle frowned, Abby and Sarah had gotten a lot better in the last five years but they would never be bug lovers. Heck even ladybugs creeped Abby out and made her want to smash them to pieces. The only reason they didn’t anymore was that the last time they had smashed one a few years ago Lilyanne had given her such a look of disgust as to shame her into admitting that her issue with bugs might be a touch out of control. “I figure we can have the rest of the girls train with her first, just incase you lose it. I would hate for no one to learn anything from her. I wouldn‘t mind you working with one of the physics on your technique before we send them on their way either.”
Abby nodded, “Sounds good. Anything else?”
William smiled, “Now that you mention it, did you get that stone we talked about?”
Gabrielle nodded, “And the metal jacket. Echo, you’re okay with changing into a cyber nymph and picking up some computer skills aren’t you?”
Echo smiled, “Hell yeah, I love computers. Besides being able to toss lightening around, come on who wouldn’t love that.”
William winced, “On second thought.” 
Echo smiled as she placed a hand over his mouth, “Ignore him, it’s the lack of sleep talking.”
“Who’s fault is that?”
Echo shrugged, “Hey next time I’ll feed him an extra dose of stamina drink.”
William’s face went bright red, he finally moved her hand away from his mouth, “Okay can we not talk about such things in public.”
Echo rolled her eyes, “Oh please, this isn’t public.”
Gabrielle chuckled, “I’ll take that as a yes. First thing after breakfast we’ll go down to the pokecenter and get you squared away.”
Echo grinned, “Should be fun.”
Olive smiled at the kids’ antics, “I don’t suppose you have anything I could read before I turn in? And where am I sleeping anyways?”
Rose smiled, “You can have my bed, Taika can have the second bed, I’ll just pile in with the rest of these misfits tonight. You’re welcome to hang out for as long as you want to Taiki. Let me show you ladies where it is.”
Gabrielle watched the three of them leave. “We should probably find a different apartment in the morning? Once the casino realizes we aren‘t going to give them the chance to win back some of their money we are going to be out a room anyways.”
Abby chuckled, “Might as well enjoy it while it lasts.”
Gabrielle nodded absently as she tossed a thought to the other room where Raven and presumably Jenny were. ‘So what’s taking so long?’
Raven almost jumped as she heard her tamer’s sister’s mental voice, ‘I got all of the basic pictures done like you wanted but I’m getting some nice video of a naked Jenny riding around on the girls’ backs like they are a bunch of horses. We should be able to sell it to some of Lexie‘s contacts for bank.”
‘Just make sure she stays safe.’
‘Yeah don’t worry, she’s just having fun. Lexie is going to love Jenny.’
‘Oh, yeah. Maybe Lily can work something out for sharing her. Hell I would love to watch Jenny and our babysitter play some games.’
‘You’re so rotting in hell Gaby.’ She couldn’t exactly dispute the logic though as Lexie was gorgeous.
‘Oh please you’ll all be in hell with me.’
Raven chuckled as she snapped a few more pictures of Jenny playing with the Growltit’s breasts before sending the Growtit back to her pokeball. She suspected that after the role-play Jenny was doing with no release that Lily was going to get jumped when they finished. She would just have to take some pictures of that event as well. Her smile grew as she released the next pokegirl and started taking pictures of Jenny‘s antics.