Chapter 1

The night was idyllic, trees waving peacefully in the light breeze. The diurnal creatures fast asleep and the nocturnal ones blending into the background, naturally quiet, adding to the silent atmosphere of the forest. Suddenly the peace is viciously rent as a blinding light flashes in the sky above the dark trees and a deafening roar shatters the quiet vale. A loud whistling sound can soon be heard by the now awake and fully alert pokegirls; who are hiding in the low lying brush amongst the trees.

An inquisitive Umbrea looks into the still bright sky and watches as a large object streaks towards the ground, crashing through various coniferous trees, only to come to a stop halfway through a large old growth oak tree. The Umbrea, unable to see the destructive object, because of the rapidly darkening sky and the billowing smoke and dust, wanders closer to the half destroyed tree. She comes to a stop about 20 feet from the tree and tries to figure out the odd smell, underlying the smells of the smoke and disturbed dirt, as well as singed oak wood.  The pokegirl tenses as she hears the sound of loose dirt and wood shifting, ready to run, when suddenly a huge dark creature stands up, brushing off the detritus. She stares amazed at the pure size of the creature, feral mind boggled as she notices that it looks like a human male.

The large man finally brushes the last of the debris from his body, and pats the dust from his rough shirt, before looking around at the dark trees surrounding him. He notices the scared furry female right away, and looks around for anyone else, but the rest of the ‘girls in the vicinity have already run from the noise and light. He then stares directly at the somewhat small body, at least compared to his almost 11-foot frame, noticing that it is nicely shaped, and oddly coloured. He wonders at the black fur and light coloured rings, but then his stomach growls at him, alerting him to the fact that he has yet to eat, it being more important to him than his whereabouts. He quickly moves to the startled Umbrea, and roughly grabs her by the shoulders, stunning her with his brute strength and her inability to free herself from his iron grip. He grins hungrily at her, letting her see his elongated sharp canines, just before his head lashes forth and his strong jaws grip her neck, biting deeply into her warm flesh, eliciting a loud shriek from her. He drinks deeply as she struggles to free herself from him, forgetting her attacks in her fear. Her struggles weaken as her blood is quickly drained from her body and then she hangs limp in his grasp, as she dies. The last thing she sees as her eyes close, is his arms flying out, tossing her limp body on the ground, and the bloody smile he gives her, because he has thoroughly enjoyed the fresh and rarely had meal she represented.

Stone rubs his face down his forearm, to clear the blood from his lips and starts wandering in a somewhat northerly direction, his instincts telling him that, that will be where the closest civilization will be located.