Last update: 10/30/09
Suggested reading order for Kerrik Wolf’s writings.
            I wrote several stories as a semi-continuing series that is consistent chronologically even though the main characters change from story to story. To avoid confusion, I am going to detail the recommended reading order.
The Harris Saga. 
            The introduction is written during the Revenge War and is the story of Jamie Harris, the progenitor of the Harris line and his meeting with Poppet, who has been a character in the Harris Saga, To Boldly Go, and Where None Has Gone Before.
            The rest of the Harris Saga is the story of Devon Jamie Harris, a native of the pokegirl world and his trials and tribulations.
            Part 2 of the Harris Saga takes place during Where None Has Gone Before between chapters 24 and 25 and I suggest waiting until you have reached May of 299 in that story before reading this one, otherwise some of the characters may be confusing.
To Boldly Go.
            To Boldly Go is the story of Faelan Graeme Wolf, an interdimensional traveler who comes to the pokegirl world laboring under some misconceptions.
Where None Has Gone Before.
            This is the story of Shikarou (Urufu), Faelan’s half brother. He comes to the pokegirl world to escape problems at home and finds new ones here.
            In chapter 35 I reference the sack of Phallus Town in the Indigo League. This takes place in Red Priest of the 17th Order’s story Final Frontier chapters 5 and 6. Final Frontier is a good story and worth reading on its own.
            This story also intertwines with Macross Green’s Ruby Journeys, another excellent story well worth a read.
Silver River Blues and Azrael are not part of this storyline; however they take place between WNHGB and New Beginnings.
New Beginnings
            This is the story of Jamie Wolf, the son of Shikarou. It is also the story of the Wolf family moving to Pokegirl One.
            Bishop is the story of Caradoc Bishop, a man from the same universe as Shikarou and Faelan.
            This is the story of Kerrik Wolf. It runs concurrently with Bishop.
Miscellaneous Writing
            I also have some short stories and collaborations in the Miscellaneous folder. None of them are truly contiguous with the main stories that I have written so far.