Aaron Gage took a deep breath and took a long look at the Pokecenter in front of him.  He had walked by it countless times - it was on his way to school.  Now, though, he was old enough to take the Tamer’s Exam.  When he entered that room, his life would change.

He could sense the people inside.  It had been part of the package of blood ‘gifts’ that he had received three weeks ago, along with a PokeGene that had turned his hair a dark, forest green, and his skin a lighter shade of the same.  His father called his new ability Empathy, and had said it was relatively common in their family.  Aaron called it the curse that had ended his dreams.  He had wanted to be a police officer, maybe even chief one day...but nobody trusted psychics in the police force, and his new ability would be viewed with suspicion, if not outright hostility, in the Crescent League Investigative Bureau.  
He shrugged his depression off, and moved toward the PokeCenter.  Aaron could feel two people inside, one exceedingly bored mind that he assumed was the attendant Nursejoy">Nursejoy, and one spot of anxiety that Aaron assumed was a Tamer waiting for something.  As usual, he got a vague sense of peace from the plants around him - that had startled his dad when Aaron had told him about it, as no one in their family had picked up plant feelings before.  It was the one part of Aaron’s PokeGene package that he didn’t resent.  Plants, being relatively simple things, generally exuded a feeling of peace and satisfaction, unless they were unhealthy in some way.  It gave the small town of Therisville a sense of rightness that had been absent before the change.
He stepped into the pokecenter, and wasn’t surprised to find a young man sitting anxiously against the wall, and a Nursejoy">Nursejoy propping her head up on one arm as she leaned against the counter.  He made his way to the counter, and the Nursejoy">Nursejoy looked up without lifting her head.  
“Can I help you?”  she asked.  She didn’t sound terribly helpful.
“I’m here to take my Tamer’s exam,”  Aaron replied, responding stiffly to the rude Nursejoy">Nursejoy.  Aaron looked at her nametag - placed near her prominently displayed bosom - and found that her name was Jocelyn.  
The Pokegirl sighed as she stood up, and started the work of preparing the test for him.  Shortly, Aaron was handed a tablet, and told to, “answer the questions you can, and give it back,” by the apathetic attendant.  
The test wasn’t too difficult for Aaron.  There were some questions that were obviously too hard to be answered by most people, and a few that Aaron was pretty sure had never been answered wrong.  Overall, Aaron thought he did pretty well, and handed the tablet back to Jocelyn with confidence.
Jocelyn plugged the tablet in to be graded, and then entered a back room, returning with a PokeBall that she gave to the anxious young man.  He left without a word, and Aaron noticed a brief scowl cross Jocelyn’s face before returning to boredom.  When Jocelyn came back, she checked the screen for Aaron’s results.
“You passed,” she said without preamble.  Then she picked up a PokeDex, and handed it to him.  “Press your thumb to the pad, and it’ll take a DNA sample to be sent to the lab to check for PokeGirl traits.  The system is locked to your DNA, so no one else can unlock your PokeDex.  I’ll get you your starter after your results come back.”  Jocelyn stated this in the monotone of long repetition.  
“Thank you, Jocelyn,”  Aaron replied politely, and he got a perverse sense of satisfaction at the look of surprise on her face.  The smile she gave afterwards, however, was the driving force behind his statement.  He took the seat that the previous boy had vacated, and began toying with his new PokeDex while he waited for his blood test to come back.  Several moments later, Jocelyn looked at something on her computer, and paled slightly.
“Sir, there’s been a minor issue with your blood test results.  It might take longer than expected to get results back...” and here, Jocelyn hesitated, “I...was wondering if you might want to tame me while we wait.”  
Aaron would have refused a moment ago, before he had seen that Jocelyn’s attitude was defensive rather than inherent.  Now he was somewhat more inclined towards the idea - Jocelyn had a very pretty smile, and the shy approach really did it for him.  Something was odd, though.  PokeGirls were tamed on a regular basis, so it shouldn’t be such a big deal for them.  They weren’t usually treated very well either, but Aaron felt a hint of fear in Jocelyn that confused him.
“How long has it been since you were tamed?”  he asked.  Some people thought it was a rude question, but in Crescent PokeGirls weren’t considered self-sufficient, so humans could ask whatever they wanted, more or less.
“It’s been a week and a half, maybe two.”  That was odd for a civil service PokeGirl - they tended to get about a dozen propositions in a day, provided traffic was high enough.  It was possible that Jocelyn was avoiding most tamers due to a bad experience, though - most tamers didn’t really care about how the PokeGirl felt.  Hell, some even preferred hurting the ‘girl to pleasing her.  After that sort of experience, it would make sense to avoid taming as long as possible - and to have some anxiety about approaching someone.
“I think I’d like that,” Aaron said softly, smiling.  He stood up and took Jocelyn’s hand, and led her to the nurse’s rest area, which was clearly visible behind the desk.  As they entered the room, Jocelyn closed the door behind her.  He turned, and noticed that she was still anxious.  Definitely a bad experience, then.  He’d have to be careful.
He wrapped one arm around her, and pulled her towards him.  He could feel her nervousness in the muscles of her back.  Slowly, gently, he leaned down and gave her a chaste kiss.  Jocelyn seemed a little confused at this, so he said, “You don’t have to worry.  I’m not going to hurt you.”
Jocelyn smiled, and nodded shakily.  Aaron felt some of the tension leave her, and moved in for a deeper kiss.  He felt Jocelyn’s body relax as she lost herself in the feeling, and relaxed a bit himself.  His other hand moved to Jocelyn’s bottom, and began gently kneading the muscle there.  Jocelyn moaned at this, and the encouraging noise caused Aaron to pull Jocelyn’s hips into his own, grinding her into his growing erection.  
At that moment, Jocelyn once again stiffened, and Aaron mentally cursed.  He understood that Jocelyn had reasons for her mistrust, but it was sure as hell frustrating.  Gradually, he kissed away the tension once again, not willing to move forward until Jocelyn was comfortable with the current status quo.
Finally, Jocelyn was relaxed again, and Aaron slipped his hand up the back of the Nursejoy">Nursejoy’s short skirt.  She wasn’t wearing panties, and Aaron lightly teased the sensitive skin of her behind, occasionally dipping to stroke her inner thigh.  She gasped at the sensation, and pulled away.  It felt to Aaron like she was panicking, but when he looked at her, she smiled.  
“Don’t you think it’s time we took care of these?” she asked, tugging at her blouse.
Aaron smiled.  “Allow me,” he said, and reached for the top button of her blouse.  He saw a flash of doubt in her eyes, but she made no move to stop him, so he continued.  He kissed her neck lightly as the first button came loose, and gradually worked his way down her neck, ending with a kiss on her collarbone as the last button came undone.  Then, he lightly touched the skin of her stomach.  He drew his hands up her sides, then up to her shoulders and slowly down her arms, taking the blouse with him.  He felt goosebumps on her forearms as the blouse fell to the floor. 
Jocelyn was wearing a bra, and Aaron was surprised to find that it was padded.  Ignoring that for the moment, he unhooked the lacy undergarment and exposed her breasts.  He took a moment to admire them, taking in the milky white skin, the pink, erect nipples, and the way her areola had formed goosebumps.  Then, he reached behind her and unzipped her skirt, running his hands down her legs in the same way he had her arms.   This time, however,  he fell to his knees in order to reach Jocelyn’s lower calf, putting his head level with her exposed sex. 
He darted forward and licked the length of her slit, teasing her labia with his tongue.  She gasped, and said, “Ohh...if you do that, I’m going to fall over,”
Aaron replied, “Well, we can’t have that, can we?” and pushed on her hips, forcing her to step backwards until her back hit the closed door.  Then, he lifted one of her legs in each arm, pinning her to the wall with her own weight.  He then continued his attack on her pussy.  He toyed with her labia, and wormed his tongue into her slit, sliding it up and down between her wet lips.  He couldn’t reach as far into her as he wanted, so he spread her pussy lips in order to get better access.  Something felt a little odd about that, but he ignored it in favor of plunging his tongue into Jocelyn’s wetness.  He inhaled her scent as he probed her depths, reveling in the feel of her pussy.  He withdrew from her slightly, licking up her pussy to her clit, which he circled several times with his tongue, eliciting a series of moans from Jocelyn.  
He teased her clit for several more minutes, waiting until the tone of her voice was thick with anticipation before suddenly stopping his movement.  Jocelyn let out a disappointed mewl, and then abruptly screamed as Aaron stood and buried himself inside her in one smooth motion.  Jocelyn spasmed as she orgasmed, her back inadvertently slamming against the door.  To prevent any further telltale noises, Aaron pinned her arms against the wall with his hands.  He vaguely felt that something was once again off about that, but the feel of his cock inside Jocelyn demanded the majority of his thought process.  
Jocelyn began bucking her hips, demanding his cock, and Aaron obliged.  He pounded into her over and over again, and Jocelyn came several minutes later, shuddering against him.  He didn’t let up in his pace, instead pushing more rapidly into her.  Her next orgasm ripped through her less than a minute later, and a third followed on the heels of the second.  Jocelyn’s eyes had glazed over, and a puddle of her juices was slowly growing under them.  Her voice was tinged with a note of desperation.  “Oh god,” she said, pausing to shriek once again in pleasure, “oh fuck...please come.  I can’t handle much more.”
Aaron once again picked up his pace, causing a series of shudders to run through the exhausted Nursejoy">Nursejoy.  For some reason, his orgasm wasn’t building as quickly as normal - he found it slightly disturbing, but at Jocelyn’s pleading he managed to focus on his building pleasure, and shot his seed into her shortly after.  Jocelyn let out one last wail as Aaron’s sperm filled her, then collapsed to the floor, panting, as Aaron’s support was gently removed.  Smiling, Aaron assisted the exhausted Nursejoy">Nursejoy to the bed nearby.
“Sorry about that,” he said, somewhat sheepish, “I don’t usually go on that long...I’m not sure what got into me.”
“That’s okay,” Jocelyn said, breathing heavily, “just be more careful next time.  I’ll be lucky to avoid friction burns from that.”
“Oh, I dunno,” Aaron replied, “you seemed to be lubricating pretty heavily, judging by the mess on the floor over there.”
Jocelyn looked to where he pointed, and blushed.  Then she looked at him, and was suddenly somber.
“You need to leave,” she said, staring into his eyes, “Your blood work was flagged by the CLIB, and there are agents coming to pick you up.  I think they’re going to lock you up.  You were flagged as a danger to public safety.  I was...I was supposed to distract you until they came.”
Aaron’s eyes widened at this news.  Suddenly, it made sense.  The fear Jocelyn had in her eyes wasn’t because of a bad experience, but because of him - PokeGirls avoiding a taming wouldn’t go to work in a push-up bra and no panties.  A flash of anger was quickly doused by the sudden feel of two people entering Aaron’s empathic sense - likely the CLIB agents sent for him.
“Is there another way out of here?  They’re coming,” he said urgently.
“You could take the back exit, but you’ll have to cross the main room to get there.”  Jocelyn replied.  “Head towards the taming rooms, there’s an emergency exit at the end of the hall.”
“Got it,” Aaron replied, “You stay here, and pretend you fell asleep.  If anyone asks, I did it to you, okay?”
Jocelyn nodded her agreement, and laid down in the bed.  Aaron quietly slipped out of the nurse’s office, and headed to the hallway that housed the various taming rooms.  As he entered the hallway, the PokeCenter’s front doors opened, and Aaron caught a glimpse of a heavily muscled man in a blue uniform, and a blue-haired woman in similar garb.  His instincts told him to run, but he maintained a walking pace in the hopes of remaining undetected.  He found the emergency exit that Jocelyn had mentioned, and opened it, only to trigger an alarm.  Panicking, he dashed out the door as the pair behind him shouted in alarm.  
Aaron wasn’t really thinking about where he should go, he was just running, as fast and as hard as he could.  He wasn’t even really sure if he was being pursued.  He kept running into people, which was slowing him down.  As he continued to take the paths that had the least number of people on them, he gradually found himself on the outskirts of town, which were surrounded by fields of various foodstuffs.  Beyond the fields was a vast expanse of forest.  As sense returned to him in inverse proportion to his remaining endurance, Aaron paused to catch his breath on the edge of the fields.  This proved to be a bad move, as that was when Officer Grady caught up with him.
“A word from the wise,” a gravelly voice said somewhere behind him, “when you’re running from the cops, don’t run.  It pisses us off, makes you look suspicious, and makes it damn easy to track you.  Now, put your hands in the air, and come with me.”
“Am I under arrest?” Aaron asked, turning around to face the two he had seen in the PokeCenter.
“Son, what you are is so far beyond arrest that you can’t even see it from where you’re standing.”  The man replied.
“Well, if I’m not under arrest, then I’m afraid I’m-” and Aaron turned and bolted into the field.  He could hear the two running after him, the man cursing constantly.  Aaron cleared the field in one full minute of running, and despaired as he entered the woods - he couldn’t run for much longer, and he couldn’t run fast for fear of tripping on underbrush.  What he needed was a way to slow them down.  Silently, he begged anything that would listen to stop his two pursuers.
After five minutes of cautious movement through the underbrush, Aaron could no longer hear his pursuers.  He decided to take a chance, and started moving much slower, taking care to leave no trace as he ghosted through the woods.  He continued on for another twenty minutes of hopefully-trackless movement, and then started searching for shelter.  He suspected that entering town would be an extremely bad plan for the next few weeks at least - the government didn’t tend to like people that disobeyed them.  That meant he needed shelter, water, and food in that order - the forest was filled with ferals, and no amount of water would save him from a Buzzbreast hive.  
It took him most of the day, but by the time the sky darkened into night, Aaron had found a relatively clean cave that was on high ground, and well hidden from the outside.  There was water a short walk away, close enough to be convenient but not so close as to attract ferals.  Food might still be a problem, but he had a little bit of time to figure that out before it was a serious problem.  For now, he was camped out as well as he could be.  Sighing, he sat down and looked at his PokeDex.  He had powered it down as soon as he had realized he was still holding it, but now he wasn’t sure what he should do with it.  He shrugged, and tossed it to one side of the small cave.  It wasn’t like it would be terribly useful in the near future.
A delicate hand grabbed the branch of a tree, and shout of joy rang through the still forest.  Selene used the momentum of her fall to swing around the branch, landing on top of it in a crouch.  She immediately pushed off, running full speed at the trunk of the tree.  At the trunk, three steps shifted her momentum vertical, and a slight torque of the third step swung her horizontally to lay supine on the next highest branch, head nearly touching the trunk of the tree.  She kicked her legs up and paused, parallel with the tree’s trunk.  Then, she pushed off in a handspring, and tumbled down the length of the branch.  As the branch began to give to her weight, she pushed down on the branch, launching it down as it launched her into a flip.  Her feet met the branch once again at the end of the flip, and she let her weight bear down on the branch, feeling it strain under the pressure before finally springing back and flinging her into the air towards the next tree.
This was what she lived for.  Technically, she was partnered with Reva, and they were supposed to be gathering supplies, but Selene had decided that Reva could do the gathering while Selene ‘patrolled the area’.  This worked out for Reva, since she was essentially a coward, and Selene got to do what she enjoyed most in the world - move.  Heights were the best for moving.  The ground was too easy, it was always there and you pretty much knew what it was going to do.  Here in the trees, there was no guarantee you’d have something to land on, and you couldn’t count on your footing.  It made movement a constant challenge, and Selene loved it.
Unfortunately, however, it was about time for Selene to check on her charge.  Reva was (probably) still gathering berries in the small clearing they had found.  As Selene descended towards another branch, she wrapped her arm around it, using her momentum to spin around the tree and launch herself in a trajectory perpendicular to her vertical entrance.
She swiftly made her way to the clearing where she had last seen Reva.  She leaped from one tree to another, occasionally bouncing off a spry limb, or taking a series of tumbles in midair.  As she approached the clearing, she grabbed a vine hanging from a tree.  It was secure, so she used it to swing around the tree it was attached to, planning to launch herself into the clearing and startle the young Ulupi.  As she cleared the trunk of the tree, however, she noted that Reva seemed to be asleep in the middle of the clearing - and there was a person with fluffy green hair prodding the unconscious girl, seeming perplexed.  Selene altered her trajectory slightly so she would land on the green-haired person, and released the vine.
Unfortunately, the vine didn’t release her.  As she approached the ground, the end of the vine wrapped tightly around her hands, jerking her to an abrupt halt several feet from what she now saw was a young man with green skin.  He was pretty more than handsome, and had an innocent look about him.  He looked up as she grunted due to the sudden deceleration and subsequent landing, and smiled as several roots rose from the ground to wrap around her ankles.  The vines on her wrist pulled her up, and she found herself stretched out, hands above her head and feet together. 
What the hell? Selene thought, slightly panicked.  It doesn’t look like he has a PokeGirl, so how the hell is he controlling the vines?  A glance at the young Ulupi confirmed that she was asleep - not that Vine Whip was in her repertoire, but it seemed more plausible than any other explanation.  Selene pulled at the vine, hoping to snap it with her enhanced strength, but the vine seemed far sturdier than it should have been.  
The boy started moving towards her, and he seemed to be humming.  The sound washed over Selene, and she felt her panic melt away.  He seems nice enough, Selene thought to herself, slightly dazed, I mean, sure he’s got me trussed up like a turkey, but I was planning to stomp the poor guy.  The mysterious green boy smiled, and Selene found herself relaxing.  Then, the boy stood up on his toes, and gave Selene a kiss.  The roots holding Selene’s legs moved, pulling apart into two clumps and taking one foot each.  Selene found herself spread-legged in front of the strange boy, who seemed suddenly fascinated with her crotch.  She began struggling once more, and was shocked to feel a sharp sting on her bottom.  She had been struck, presumably by another vine.  It was a pretty clear warning, and Selene stopped struggling.  The boy didn’t seem interested in capturing her, at least not right now.  In fact, it looked like he was just after a taming, and if he was really that dumb, then Selene could handle him after the act.  After all, she hadn’t been tamed in a while, and this would save her a trip into town - and the dangers inherent in such a visit.  
The boy seemed somewhat frustrated by Selene’s black spandex short-shorts, which matched her black breastband.  Selene twitched when two vines wormed their way under the shorts, and down to her crotch.  The feel of them sliding between her thighs made her shiver, as the tight material forced them into her flesh.  Gradually, the vines wormed their way down, until they had exited the stretchy material.  Then, they wrapped around the cloth, and pulled.  The shorts came apart with a rip as the seams failed.  The boy’s humming increased, as he placed the head of his erect cock onto Selene’s now-exposed pussy.  He thrust into her, and took up a pace that suggested he wasn’t planning on finishing any time soon.  The combination of his consistent thrusting and the tight feel of her muscles as she stood stretched out in front of him soon had Selene approaching orgasm.  She screwed her eyes shut and threw her head back, screaming her release - only for her eyes to open in shock as a vine pushed itself down her throat, cutting her scream off abruptly into a muffled, high-pitched whine.  The vine proceeded to plunge itself down her throat, keeping time with the boy’s thrusts so exactly that it almost seemed as if they were standing still, and she was the one being moved.  Two more vines wormed their way under her breastband, flipping it up and exposing her B-cup breasts.  They then proceeded to play with the exposed breasts, circling them and squeezing, then flicking over her nipples before squeezing her breasts together.  The combination of sensations sent Selene over the brink once more, and the feel of her struggles against her bindings had her preparing for a third.
Then, Selene felt a light brush against her ass, and stiffened.  He wasn’t going to - no, this was just too much.  Selene shook her head rapidly, eyes wide in fear, but her denial did nothing, not even throwing off the rhythm of the vine that was still smoothly sliding in and out of her mouth.  She felt the vine slowly penetrate her ass, and she orgasmed as it did so, jerking so hard that she forced the vine deeper.  She began recovering from the orgasm, but there was no time - there were too many sensations, piling up into each other and turning into a big ball of feeling that steamrolled the poor Acrobabe, and her consciousness faded into a haze of pulsating, thrusting, rhythmic pleasure.
Aaron awoke to the sound of snoring.  He opened his eyes, quickly recognizing that he was back in his cave.  He was naked, which didn’t bode well.  He cautiosly looked towards the source of the snores, being careful not to make sudden movements.
On the ground near him was a lithe girl with short, pink hair.  Her legs and arms were well-toned, but not muscular.  She was laying on her back, spread-eagle on the earth floor, so Aaron could clearly see that she had no pubic hair.  The curves of her abdominal muscles were barely visible on her stomach, and her smallish breasts were exposed, just under a black roll of fabric that Aaron assumed was a bra of some sort.  She twitched in her sleep, consistently making small, uncoordinated movements with her limbs.
He suspected, from their respective states of undress, coupled with the sticky feeling of his genitals, that they had had sex.  It bothered Aaron that he couldn’t remember something like that.  He weighed his options, and finally decided to wake the strange woman.  
He reached out, shaking the young woman’s shoulder lightly, and said, “Dru..”
He recoiled in surprise at that, jerking his hand away from the woman’s shoulder.  Unfortunately, she chose that time to twitch again, throwing her and in the air.  His forearm hit her wrist and catapulted her hand into his crotch.  He gasped in pain, and the woman sat up suddenly, staring at him blearily.
“Druelka.”  Aaron said, blinking back tears from his eyes.  This, of course, didn’t do much to clarify the situation.  The woman blurred into action, and Aaron found his wrists pinned behind his back, and his legs bent at an unnatural and moderately painful angle.
“I don’t know what sort of game you’re playing, but you’d better start talking.  Try anything funny with those vines of yours, and I’ll start breaking bones.  Who are you?”  Despite the girl’s soft soprano voice, her voice was heavy with threat.
“Druelka!”  Aaron said desperately.  Now wasn’t really a good time for him to lose his ability to speak full sentences.  He idly wondered what deity he had offended.
“Alright, Druelka, what’s your game?  How did you control those vines?  Are you a Tamer?”
“Dru elka?” he asked.  He wanted to say, “what vines”, but clearly someone upstairs had an intense dislike of his femur.
“I already got that,” the woman snapped, bearing down slightly more on Aaron’s leg and causing him to cry out in pain.  “Tell me something new, or we see just how far you can bend.”
“Druelka!” Aaron wailed.  Fear, despair, confusion and anger mixed into his anguished cry.
The girl didn’t let go, but somehow contorted so she could look at him.
“Your eyes are dilated,” she noted, oddly calm after her threats, “and you can only say the one word.  We just had sex, and this happens, and you’re clearly scared and confused - though bending you like a pretzel probably doesn’t help there.  I remember all that happening to me - well, except the pretzel part.  Then again, there was that one time...anyway, it sounds a lot like taming shock, but that only happens to PokeGirls.  That makes you either an incredible idiot, an excellent actor, or serious trouble.”
“Dru...” Aaron began, but his voice failed him.  His throat was too tight, and he started sobbing.  What the hell was he?
Abruptly, the submission hold became a hug, and the ‘girl was whispering to him.
“Shhh...it’ll be okay.  The shock will pass in a few days - today, if you’re very lucky, and then we can figure this out.  I know some people that can help us until then.”  Aaron shook his head violently at this.  People couldn’t be trusted while the government was looking for him.
“Okay, no others then.  It’ll be just you and me.  My name’s Selene.”  Selene released Aaron and said, “Why don’t you write your name down on the dirt here, so I know what to call you?”  Aaron did so, and Selene smiled.
“Okay, Aaron.  You stay right there, I’m gonna find us some food.”  Aaron nodded.  He didn’t want to hear his words twist themselves again.
Selene thought furiously as she wandered the woods near the cave.  She had seen a PokeDex in one corner of the cave, which suggested that Aaron was a tamer.  He didn’t have any PokeBalls, though, and didn’t have any camping equipment either.  That was good, largely because it reduced the chances that Selene was being tricked into a capture.  He also sounded pretty scared, which made sense if he was a man experiencing taming shock.  Selene had never heard of a Druelka, but she wasn’t exactly a Supe-Bra Genius.
She was interrupted in her thoughts by a berry bush.  She realized she didn’t have anything to gather the berries in, until she realized her breastband was still rolled up on her chest.  She shrugged out of it, and used it to hold the berries.  It was about half full when Selene heard a branch snap’ behind her.  She whirled around, then relaxed when she saw that it was Lilith.
Lilith was 5’8”, with long, well-muscled legs and similarly muscled arms.  Her purple hair fell to her waist, matching the purple batwings sprouting from her back.  Folded, as they were now, they brushed her ankles.  When spread, she had a wingspan that was half again her height.  A long, thick tail snaked behind her.
She wore a purple loincloth and halter top, the last tight enough to display her ample breasts to advantage.  She was Selene’s alpha..or was it mayor? Commander, maybe?  Well, whatever she was, she was definitely in charge.
“There you are,” Lilith said, “we’ve been worried.  Reva came back to us with some story about a tamer dragging you unconscious to a cave...do we need a cleanup?”
A cleanup was generally more messmaking than cleaning.  It’s what they did when they had to make an attack look feral-done.
“No, I’m okay and we’re safe for now,” Selene replied.  ‘We’ meant the village.  “I’ve got a bit of a weird situation, though. I don’t want to go into too much detail right now, but I think it might be a Code Pink.”
Code Pink was a tradition that had begun with their first ‘addition’.  Originally, it had been just the four of them - Lilith, Selen, Opal, and Karen.  Their tamer had died, leaving them to fend for themselves in the wilderness.  Instead of turning themselves into the local PokeCenter - which would surely have meant separating them - Lilith decided they would set up a camp near town, and sneak in periodically to buy supplies, and to trick Tamers into taming, just enough to keep them sane.  
Then Lilith had met Annette, a Growlie who had run away from her tamer to save her kits, and had invited her (and her kits) to live with them.  Opal had then found and rescued her sisters, Ruby and Jade.  Code Pink was the joking term they used for those sorts of rescue missions.
Lilith eyed her for several seconds, then nodded.  “Are you going to need any help?” she asked.
Selene considered this for a moment, then shook her head.  “I think I can handle it.  You know where the cave is, right?”  Selene paused, waiting for Lilith’s confirming nod.  “Check in with me tomorrow morning.  If I’m not there, chances are good I’ve been kidnapped, but don’t worry until then - I don’t think the chances of that are high.”
Lilith sighed.  “Alright, just be careful.  Oh, and try to treat your clothes better.  They’re expensive, and you can’t sneak into town naked.”
Selene grinned sheepishly.  “Sorry about that, I’ll try to be more careful.”  Shaking her head, Lilith vanished into the trees with a wave of farewell.
When Selene returned, several hours later, Aaron was sitting with his back against the wall of the cave, idly twirling the dead PokeDex in his hands.
“Food’s here!” she chirped, and smiled as she saw Aaron’s expression brighten.  They sat down to eat the berries.  Aaron ate at a sedate pace, but Selene quickly found herself bored.  She began throwing the berries in the air, and catching them with her mouth.  Aaron watched her, smiling, so she kept throwing, higher and higher - until one hit the ceiling of the cave, and bounced off her forehead.  Aaron laughed at this, and Selene mock-glared.
“I’d like to see you do better!” she declared.  Grinning, Aaron grabbed three berries and threw them into the air one at a time.  He caught the first two, but his third throw had too much arc.  He bent backwards to catch it, but lost his balance and fell over.  The berry splattered on his chest.  He laughed, but stopped when he felt a light caress on his stomach.  He looked down to find Selene, holding herself over him.  Her breasts were brushing against his stomach, and as his eyes met hers she slowly licked the berry juice off his chest.  Then she crawled higher, and kissed him passionately.  She tasted like berries.
As the kiss deepened, Selene began gyrating her hips, pressing her pussy against the leg she was straddling.  The motion rhythmically pressed Aaron’s growing erection into Selene’s torso.
Decades later, Selene broke the kiss, and moved her leg so that she was fully astride Aaron.  She guided Aaron’s cock to her entrance, and slowly impaled herself on his length.  Selene put her hands on Aaron’s chest, supporting herself slightly.  It pushed her breasts together in a way that fascinated Aaron.
Gradually, Selene started moving, finding a rhythm that was most enjoyable for her.  She moaned as she did so, and said, “Mmm...please, use your vines.  Just not my ass this time, okay?”
My vines? Aaron thought to himself. Then, suddenly, Aaron remembered his experiences with Jocelyn.  That time, it had seemed like he had too many limbs.  He must’ve been holding her legs up....with vines?  Well, he had heard of some PokeGirls doing similar things, so why not?
He imagined a thick, ropy vine wrapping around Selene’s waist - and there it was, moving just as he imagined.  He was startled to find that he could feel Selene’s smooth skin, and the taut muscle beneath.  He imagined the vine pushing between the valley of her breasts, and groaned aloud at the feel of her breasts softly embracing him.  He imagined a second vine twining itself around Selene’s arms, and there it was, climbing her arms like ivy.  As it reached Selene’s shoulder, she turned and closed her lips around the tip of the vine, sucking gently.  
“Oh, fuck,” Aaron exclaimed.  Selene’s mouth felt so good, he wanted to push that vine into her mouth as far as it would go.  Selene’s mouth left the vine for a moment, and Aaron longed for that warmth back.
“Deeper,” Selene said, her voice throaty with passion, “fuck my throat.”  No sooner had she stopped speaking than the vine pushed towards her mouth, worming itself down her throat.  She moaned into the vine, sending a shiver down Aaron’s back.  Aaron began bucking into Selene’s hips as his vines fucked Selene’s tits and throat.  The noises coming from Selene increased in pitch, and the newer sensation felt oddly powerful to Aaron.  Then Selene slammed down on him and stopped, grinding his cock deep into herself as she orgasmed.  Aaron felt her walls squeeze his member, and lifted Selene up slightly with the vine, so she was slightly suspended above him.  Then, he put his hands on her hips, and began thrusting into her rapidly.  He felt those wonderful vibrations on the vine in her throat again, and felt his own orgasm building.  Just as his climax peaked, he pushed into her and held her to him, erupting into her.  He felt her buck against him as her own orgasm hit, and then she collapsed atop him, breathing heavily on his chest.
“Druuuuu...” Aaron said, expressing as much admiration as he could in that one syllable.  Selene grinned impishly.
“You can say that again,” she said.  Aaron stuck his tongue out at her, and she cackled in glee.
“Come on,” she said, dragging Aaron up to his feet, “let’s take a walk.”  Aaron silently complied, not really having much else to do.  His legs were a bit wobbly, but the walk would probably take care of that.
Selene was full of energy.  As Aaron strolled along, she would run ahead and then back again, sometimes cartwheeling, flipping or somersaulting as she did so.  She would take random trips to run up tree trunks and swing on limbs.  Once, Selene did a complex series of tumbles, ending with a double flip in the air, and landed in a theatrical pose.  Aaron clapped wildly, and Selene grinned, taking an extremely exaggerated bow.  As the sun set, they made their way back to the cave.
“Aaron?” Selene asked, uncharacteristically hesitant, “I’m sorry for what happened to you, and I’m kind of worried about what will happen next...but I hope you don’t hate me for saying that I’m glad you are...well, whatever you are.”
Aaron gave her a brittle smile.  “I understand,” he said, then his eyes widened in shock.  “Hey, I can talk again!”  Selene cheered, embarrassing Aaron slightly with her exuberance.
“That’s great!  I’ve got loads of questions for you!”  Selene said cheerfully.  Aaron’s face fell slightly at the prospect of his upcoming inquisition, but he figured it was only fair, as he had essentially raped the poor girl yesterday.
“I can get a few of the obvious ones out of the way for you.  No, I’m not really a tamer...well, actually, maybe I am.  I was kind of in the middle of my tamer’s test when I got chased out of town.  Apparently something in my bloodwork triggered a red flag in the system, and some police were headed to make me disappear.  I managed to escape into the woods, and found this cave.  I lived here for a couple of weeks before I,” Aaron swallowed, then forced the words out, “I think I went feral, at least from what I’ve heard from you.  Then I woke up with you, and that’s about it.”
Selene listened closely, though she was tapping her left foot and both hands against her thighs in an odd rhythm.  “Do you have any PokeGirls?” she asked.
“No, I hadn’t gotten to that part yet.”  Aaron chose to omit his liaison with Jocelyn, since he didn’t really think it was relevant.  He didn’t notice Selene relax slightly.
“So, do you think you’re a...what, a PokeBoy?”
“I suppose that’s probably the best name for me.  I seem pretty much like a PokeGirl, except for the equipment.  I don’t know how far the similarities go, though...I really don’t want to find out if I can undergo parthenogenesis.”
“Do you know what a Druelka is?”
“Apparently, it’s a plant-type PokeBoy that specializes in vines.  I can feel things with my vines, and normal sex doesn’t seem as intense to me.”
“Sooo...when you throat-fuck me with a vine, it feels like a deep-throat blowjob?” Selene asked.
“I dunno, I’ve never had anyone deep throat me....are you offering?”  he returned.  Selene giggled.
“Maybe later.  Do you plan on going back to the city?” 
Aaron took a moment to think about that one.  “If there was a way for me to return safely, I might consider it.  Unfortunately, I don’t think the authorities are going to forget about me that fast...if I’m really a PokeBoy, my mere existence could cause a serious panic.  It could even lead to some PokeGirls getting seriously hurt...mob mentalities are really dangerous.  All in all, I think it’d probably be safer if I stayed away from civilization for now.”
Selene smiled.  “Sounds good to me.  So...what would you say if you found out that there was a group of domestic PokeGirls living in the woods and avoiding human contact as much as possible?”
Aaron was astute enough to realize that this wasn’t so much a question as an admission, but he played along, “I’d say they would have to just as careful as I will about avoiding authorities, and I’d wonder if they had room for one more oddball.”  Selene’s smile widened into a grin at this.
“I’ve got someone I’d like you to meet in the morning,” Selene commented.  “Now, last question, and this one is important.”  Selene turned suddenly serious.
“I’m listening.”
“Exactly how tired are you?”  Suddenly, Selene leered at him.  Aaron grinned.  
It turned out his vines did feel like a deep-throat.






DRUELKA, the Vine-Assault Pokéboy

Type: Near Human

Element: Plant

Frequency: Uncommon to Very Uncommon

Diet: Photosynthetic

Role: Detainers, fetish partners, gardeners

Libido: Average

Attacks: Vine Whip, Leech Seed, Regeneration, Root Sprout, Solar Beam, Wrap (Vines), Constrict (Vines), Tail Slap (Vines), Soothe (Rare), Lullaby (Rare), Vine Assault*, Dominant Act**

Enhancements: 2x Speed, 2x Touch (Pain) Sensitivity, 3-7x Strength (Vines only, varies by age/relative power)

Drawbacks: Dulled sense of pleasure (1/5th the feeling)

Evolves: None

Evolves From: None

The story of the Druelka began by Tamers otherwise considered dehydrated and fatigued spreading stories of having seen spectacular ‘boys in the woods. The stories began the same, with the Tamer and her weary brotherhood coming across a young boy with what appeared to be a very pale green skin tone. His features would always be very fair, his face unblemished, his body well toned, as most ‘boys tended to be. The hair was almost always a very dark, forest green color, the eyes a very light, bright shade of the same color, and the only stitch of ‘clothing’ they could be said to wear would, often as not, be a very large leaf, such as an oak leaf or palm frond; reported penis length tended to stay in the four to six inch margin.

After many investigations into the thus far undiscovered breed, more Druelka have been spotted, reported, and even captured and Tamed, some staying in circulation in the civilian world, and others being passed on to Professors and Breeders; this was where it was discovered that the Druelka’s vines are not actually connected to his body, though when he summons them from nearby ground or fauna, they seem to be linked to him mentally. After some studies, it was shown that, for every good Druelka, there is an equally ‘bad’ one; the Druelka, because of some mistake or other in the ‘coding’ of their natural adaptation mentality, are incredibly susceptible to their environments. A Druelka raised in a calm, easy-going environment will never display a tendency for violence, only affection and caring; these Druelka are prone to being simple sexual partners, gardeners, or in very rare instances, police assistants. It is these peace-loving Druelka that are known to use the abilities Soothe and Lullaby, and are completely incapable of performing the attacks Vine Assault and Dominant Act.

Druelka raised in environments featuring any sort of violence, on the other hand, will take to being an ultra-violent sort themselves; incapable of using the purely peaceful techniques Soothe and Lullaby in favor of the rare, powerful attacks Vine Assault and Dominant Act, these Druelka are more common Police assistants, though only used in very rare situations. When taken as lovers, one must be absolutely careful to be certain that the Druelka’s ‘ball is NEVER taken from their person, or they may find themselves never able to recall the ‘boy.

Druelka are very sensitive to physical pain, as well as retaining their racial weakness to fire, so should one find themselves under attack by one, using a fast Fighting-type, or any ‘boy with a high Strength rating, is the most greatly suggested course of action. Though they are very capable with their vines, Druelka are not very common in the Sex Battle League; though they only feel a fraction of the ‘pleasure’ any other being would from a gentle touch or caress, each of their vines act as a separate erogenous zone, described by many as a ‘much larger, more capable penis’. The vines themselves can be altered in size, their longest maximum length undocumented, with the widest known vine being nearly three feet across, though that vine was used for an attack, and thankfully, not for sexual purposes. Even in the most sadistic Druelka, use of such a sized Vine for sexual purposes is unreported… though that is not to say it may not have happened at some point or other.

Finally, the Druelka are considered photosynthetic on a level thus far never before observed in nature. The ‘boy needs only to have roughly an inch and a half of flesh exposed to sunlight for roughly one hour in order to survive comfortably for over twenty-four hours; by exposing their entire body to sunlight, as they do enjoy to do, it is unknown for how long the ‘boys could go without sunlight exposure before beginning to feel the effects. Furthermore, the vines of the Druelka emit oxygen at a rate vastly superior to any known plant, able to stuff the mouth and cover the nasal passages of a human and still allow them to breathe comfortably for as long as they might, only causing suffocation, rather than asphyxiation. This tends to explain how a Druelka may force one to ‘deep throat’ their vines without killing them.

Vine Assault – A sufficiently powerful Druelka is able, with some concentration, to summon vastly more vines than his weaker brethren, the lowest recorded amount being around seventeen. The vines act exactly as his own natural vines; despite this, the Vine Assault is listed as an ‘attack’ for two reasons. The first is that, through testing, it has been definitively discovered the Druelka may only perform this technique a limited number of times without rest; the second reason is that, with sufficient training, another grass-type ‘boy may learn this ‘attack’, though its vines will be incapable of altering their size, reach a maximum of fifteen yards in length, and are will not report ‘pleasurable’ sensations to the user of the ability.

Dominant Act – A normal type attack that originated with the Druelka line, Dominant Act is a very dangerous one for any Tamer to be subjected to, not because it might be used on them, but because if the attack is used on another ‘boy, the Tamer will be stripped of control over the ‘boy, the Druelka becoming its ‘de facto’ Master. This can be countered by a Pokéball’s ‘recall’ function, but short of that, no reported instance of the attack being used has been met with failure. It should be noted that for a Tamer to order his Druelka to use this attack on another Tamer’s Brotherhood member can and will be punished severely. Use of this attack on humans is severely less problematic; it will simply instill in the Tamer the urge to take a more ‘submissive’ role in Tamings, often doing things they would otherwise never do; the ability on humans is purely sexual, however, and will not cause a Tamer to want to release her Brotherhood or follow the Druelka to the ends of the Earth.


ACROBABE, the Tumbling Pokégirl

Type: Very Near Human

Element: Normal

Frequency: Rare

Diet: human style food

Role: Acrobat, trainer, wreckball player

Libido: Average to High

Strong Vs: Ghost

Weak Vs: Fighting

Attacks: Pounce, Air Recovery, Quickturn, Quick Attack, Takedown, Taunt, False Praise, Counter, Seismic Toss

Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x10), Enhanced Speed (x7), Enhanced Durability & Endurance (x4 each), Enhanced Strength (x3) High Flexibility, Elastic Body

Evolves: None

Evolves From: Jigglyslut (Battle Stress)

During the Revenge War, there have been a few records of acrobatic Pokégirls that pulled all sorts of mischief and damaged many things during their time. At one point, it was thanks to them that certain human strongholds were finally broken and those within were scattered once more in the aftermath. Though no reports of these oddly strong and quick Pokégirls suggest that they survived the Revenge War, in 97 AS one Jigglyslut evolved into an Acrobabe. The Researcher community supports the theory that the Acrobabe is the rumored and reported Pokégirl in question that did these deeds, though there is no evidence to either confirm or deny this possibility.

Most often, these Pokégirls are physically short and slender, rarely reaching over five and a half feet in height. Though none of this breed naturally have large breasts, the Acrobabe find themselves (as a breed, some researchers state) envious of those with larger breasts. Oddly, they flaunt their tight bodies against almost all Pokégirls with breasts larger than a D-cup, teasing them about their eventual back problems and giant beach balls that they could crush their tamer with. The only breed that they do not make fun of as a whole is the Milktit breed, as that Pokégirl was designed to produce milk- they can't help but to have giant cow udders, and most of this breed actually understands and respects this. One thing that is common amongst the breed is the fact that the Acrobabe seems to always be moving, though not always by intent. Indeed, the longest that any have managed to make an Acrobabe sit down is merely ten minutes, and that was for a meal. Fortunately, certain fruits act as a natural sedative for the Acrobabe and are often used to calm one down.

Their tendency for movement causes the breed to act out in order to become the center of attention at times. Though this can be trained out of the Pokégirl, or one can use a Taming Cycle (level 3) to eventually grind this predilection from their systems, many tamers utilize it in another manner: to put on shows for any audience. Their specialty are things like high wires, trapeze, and horizontal bars, but quite often one can find them playing Wreckball. This breed actually makes up a good 30% of the Pokégirl population playing that popular sport. Some Watchers suspect that the Acrobabe love being airborne more than any Flying type Pokégirls. As a result, they always volunteer for anything having to do with scaling heights, climbing trees, or even working in a circus, as one might suspect. Many of this breed overestimate their abilities in such high-altitude stunts and climbs, and as a result many of this breed are lost due to feral attacks, natural disasters, or just one miscalculated step.

In a harem, the Acrobabe still loves to be at the center of attention. And they still love to move around, often either training, practicing their performance routines, or just trying to play with her harem sisters. This breed is typically fun loving, and get along quite well with Bunnygirls and Ingenue. Tamers are recommended to have a schedule set to try and wear down an Acrobabe as best they can, which can be quite difficult considering the Pokégirl’s ample endurance. Their constant need for action of some sort grates on the nerves of numerous Pokégirls, however, most notably Psi-dykes and Neo-Iczel breeds. Considering the breed's inability to stand still, they are a poor choice for an Alpha and average at best as a Beta within any harem. When taming, the Pokégirl’s flexible and elastic body allows her to contort herself into almost any position, and the tighter the positioning the better for this breed. This often leads to possible interest in BDSM for some Acrobabes, though this has been shown to be only on a case-by-case basis.

In battle, the Acrobabe relies on her endurance and durability to outlast her opponents as best she can while avoiding being hit. Her flexibility and elastic body, along with her durability, ensure that the Acrobabe takes less damage in a battle than most might think, while dishing out powerful attacks of her own. Often, the Acrobabe begins with a Taunt followed by Quick Attack or Takedown (which, oddly enough, the Acrobabe only takes 1/8 damage from instead of the normal 1/4 to 1/2 that her opponent takes). Though many Acrobabe are found using weapons that are of middling weight and are maneuverable or small, the breed seems to enjoy using Seismic Toss to finish off an opponent. The Acrobabe does well in sex battles also, since many Jigglyslut are trained and versed in such types of battles, and so are well suited to this domain if they were as a Jigglyslut.

Feral Acrobabe have never been found, though there have been many reports of feral Pokégirls too fast for a Pokédex to get a lock on in the trees all over the world. There are sightings once in a while, but none of these have ever been captured, and so it is unknown if these are feral Acrobabe or some other Pokégirl teasing traveling tamers and others with their presence. Thresholds are very rare, but known. They are among the most favored of possible thresholds, though definitely painful over the course of the two weeks it takes to completely go through the process. Having to shed her skin in order to allow for the new elastic epidermis that grows in this span of time and then the sudden strengthening muscles, often ripping them before healing as they get bigger and stronger, means that any thresholds into the Acrobabe are as much feared as they are favored.


GAR-GAL, the Guardian Pokégirl
Type: Near Human to Not Very Near Human
Element: Fighting/Dark
Frequency: Rare
Role: Protectors. Highly respected by law enforcement.

Libido: Low normally, High on the night of the Hunter’s Moon
Strong Vs: Normal, Ghost, Psychic

Weak Vs: Bug, Fighting, Rock
Attacks: Bite, Sonic Wave, Crunch, Harden, Dark Goggles, Rock Throw, Dark Blade, Dyna Wave, Dark Blade Mk 2, Mega Wave, Dark Holy, Shock Spike, Dark Redemption, Quake, Black Sky, Stone Healing
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x4), Enhanced Strength (x6), Enhanced Endurance (x3), Enhanced Vision (x3), Enhanced Olfactory Sense (x2), Transformative Healing (Stone)

Evolves: None

Evolves From: None

“Gar-Gals protect. We protect like we breathe.”

That statement sums up the personality of a Gar-Gal to the letter. They are loyal, courageous Pokégirls, with large, batlike wings, powerful claws on their hands and feet, thick, strong, prehensile tails, and thick, durable skin. Sometimes Gar-Gals have beaklike muzzles and horns, although usually their faces are human in appearance, save for ridges on their forehead, which can range in appearance from simply a slightly thicker forehead to small, hornlike growths. Sometimes the ridges extend all around a Gar-Gal’s head, leaving them bald. Their breasts are usually DD-cup in size, and almost always their choice of clothing is a loincloth and tank-top, as they find other clothes too uncomfortable due to their wings and tails. Despite Gar-gals having wings, they are incapable of flight; however, their wings do allow them to glide for variable stretches of time. Another physical feature of the Gar-Gal, one of the rare commonalties each member of the breed has, is, when they are feeling a strong emotion of any kind, their eyes glow a bright, fiery red.

As mentioned before, Gar-Gals are protectors. When they are in a harem, they will defend their Master and harem sisters (whom they refer to as their ‘Clan’) no matter what, even if it means their own death. Sometimes a Gar-Gal will stay up all night, watching over the harem. The breed as a whole has a strong sense of warrior’s spirit and honor and cannot abide by betrayals whatsoever. They also discourage trading of Pokégirls, as they are very protective of their ‘clan mates’ and view trading as a form of betrayal. They will also try to encourage their Tamer to take in single Pokégirls. To a Gar-Gal, being alone, without a ‘clan,’ is far worse than death.

There is a story, almost an urban legend of sorts, about a Gar-Gal who’s harem encountered a Widow. The Gar-Gal, through sheer luck and berserker fury, managed to kill the Widow, but not before her Tamer and harem sisters were butchered. In her sadness over her failure and loneliness, she committed suicide by taking up one of the Widow’s stringers and drinking the Hyper Venom still leaking from it.

A Gar-Gal makes an excellent Alpha, as they will always take everything they can think of into account to do what’s best for the ‘clan,’ whether it be in things as mundane as sleeping arrangements and petty arguments to fast, life-and-death decisions in battle. Feral Gar-Gals, normally nocturnal, usually group together in clans, taking up residence in a building or town and defending it religiously. If a Tamer wishes to catch a Feral Gar-Gal, they must first prove themselves worthy of the ‘clan’s’ trust. These tests can range from a Tamer being forced to put himself or herself against a warrior of the ‘clan’ or a test to see how well the Tamer can satisfy the Gar-Gal they want.

One thing unique to Gar-Gals is their ability to become solid stone at will during the day, healing themselves from almost any injury. They are quite vulnerable to being shattered during this state, and must count on their Tamer and Harem sisters to protect them while healing. They cannot be put into Pokéballs while in this state, and can only come out of it after the sun sets. Once they become flesh and blood again, they are completely rested and refreshed, healed up from injuries they may have received before changing. Due to how vulnerable a Gar-Gal is in this state, they rarely use it unless they absolutely have to or are among people they trust implicitly.

Thresholding into a Gar-Gal rarely occurs, but it does happen. When it occurs, it’s fairly obvious, as the girl undergoing threshold into a Gar-Gal will change into solid stone, emerging two weeks later as a full Gar-Gal. It’s reported to be a very unnerving experience, although among the less painful kinds of Thresholds to occur.