An Eternity Between the Cracks 15.2 is now available after some minor auto-dental surgery. At this rate the chapter should conclude some time around mid-September...

Loose Threads 138 is posted.

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Chapter 8 of The River's Pull, Cascade, is now up on the site! This one has been ready for months, but I was having a hell of a time working through Chapter 9, as I like to stay a chapter ahead. If chapter 10 takes anywhere near as long, I'll be posting it up on the site sooner!

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Hey everyone!

A short epilogue for PO Hoenn is here.

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Also, check out a short preview of Book 4 - Sinnoh, here!

 may update the Hoenn Epilogue if I get the urge, but overall it's done. I'm turning my attention to Sinnoh now and will post updates soon!