So, I tried installing the KIDE shoutbox the other day.

It did not go through. I assumed that if it didn't work, and I uninstalled it, I didn't need to worry.

I was so very very wrong.

KIDE shoutbox broke everyone's ability to post new categories/books.

I am so very sorry. If you have felt incompetent the last 48 hours about trying to post on this site.. it's not you.

It's me. Or rather, KIDE. but still. >.<


Thanks go out to Socom.Seal who brought the problem (with great patience) to my attention.

I did have to rewind the site, but because we have a great backup system and joomla has really good content versioning, all the articles that had been written as of today where re-imported none the worse for wear.

Sorry for the outage,