The scene at the Pokegirl center was overwhelming by the time Austin finally pushed himself through the glass doors of the hospital. Filled to the brim with half terrified and injured people and Pokegirls alike, the Jumper was more than a little surprised he wasn’t being pushed right back outside by the throng.

He had only halfway made it to one of the chairs on the outskirts of the lobby itself when Dalaa pushed her way past the pair of Pokegirls that blocked the path to Austin. “There you are!” She said, moving over and instantly checking him for injuries. “When your girls came back without you, I had assumed the worst!”

“They’re ok?” Austin asked, just letting the Nurse do her job. His side still ached from the insane run from the Monster Grizzlar and he frankly didn’t have the strength to put up a fight against the woman’s over-protectiveness.

Dalaa nodded her head as she continued to look over every inch of him before nodding in satisfaction that he wasn’t hurt. “They’re helping out the other Joys by keeping everyone calm and controlling those that aren’t. Only Lehn had any injuries from the attack and those were minor enough that a potion was all that was needed.”

Austin nodded, relaxing a bit at that. A small part of him felt bad for abandoning Lehn like he did, but he knew things would have only gotten worse had the monster gotten any more freedom to do damage at the store. He also hoped that his understanding of the elemental typing of Pokegirls would pay off, banking on Lehn’s steel attributes to keep her safe. It was that thought of healing, though, that sent the young man scrambling for his belt and pushing the Milee’s Pokeball into Dalaa’s hands. “Dalaa, you’ve got to heal this girl!”

The Nurse Joy blinked, almost fumbling the ball for a moment before looking at him in confusion. It was the seriousness on his face that made Dalaa wade back through the group and placing the pokeball onto the healing machine. Blue eyes went wide a minute later before Dalaa started shouting as she ran with the ball clutched tightly in her grip. “We need a blood transfusion for a plant type Pokegirl, stat!”

Worry flooded Austin at that. He knew that the Mileeboro had been seriously injured in the fight, but the urgency in Dalaa’s voice painted the situation to be fair graver than even he had thought. He could only hope that the magic and other resources of this would would be enough to save the Pokegirl from dying. She didn’t deserve that just for being the only thing that he could think up that would be able to stop the rampaging Grizzlar monster.

He hadn’t even gotten another spare moment to himself to think when another form hit him, near slamming him into the wall of the center. A pair of strong arms wrapped around his middle and nearly squeezed the air out from him, Lehn burring her face against his chest. “Austin!” she all but wailed, tears already staining his shirt, the little satellites about her wobbling back and forth crazily.

“Hey… it’s ok,” he gasped out, bringing one hand down to brush the girls wire-hair, trying to calm her down. He looked up to see Beryl and Suzuka both emerging from the throng of people, their path carved for them thanks to the emotional Maggiemite. Austin winced when he realized that none of his girls looked particularly happy. “Is everyone alright?” he asked.

“You did it again, Austin,” Suzuka spat, the tones of a snarl on her voice as her dark eyes glared at him. With the way her hand clenched hard enough around her blade to make the wood creek, it made the Jumper realize that about the only thing that was protecting him from her wrath was very likely the fact that Lehn was still in front of him and crying. “I’ve told you before, you run if you’re up against something that outdoes us. You flee. What part of that don’t you understand?”

“Trust me, that’s exactly what I did.” Austin said, keeping his focus on the trembling Maggiemite, wishing he could offer more than just reassuring touches against her hair to calm the crying girl. “I was running as fast as I could as long as my body would let me. Kinda had to with that monster chasing after me.”

“You taunted it! Of course it would chase you!” Suzuka snapped, drawing the attention of some of the other patients in the center. She ignored him as she continued on. “You made sure that it would go after you and led it away!”

“And what would you have me do, Suzuka? Just let that thing kill Lehn while I ran away?” He shouted back, clutching Lehn a little tighter to him.


The entire Pokecenter went silent at this, all eyes focused on Suzuka, watching as her breath came in angry heaves. Austin himself noticed more her eyes had become glossy with unshed tears that threatened to spill. “We’re POKEGIRLS, Austin. There are a hundred thousand more of us out there, waiting to be captured, tamed and used. There is only one you! We can’t just go out and buy ourselves another tamer. You can easily go out and get any one of our kind. It’s our job, our purpose, to die for our masters if it comes to it! Why don’t you understand that yet?!”

It was then, perhaps for the first time, that it really hit the Jumper. That was why Lehn was so afraid of being gotten rid of, why Beryl would have likely been killed when no one would buy her because of her disability, why Suzuka was so aloof with him despite being with him the longest. Pokegirls were objects. Something to use and be thrown away when they had done their job. It was something that even the ferals of the world were aware of, at some base level. It all made Austin sick to his stomach knowing just how Suzuka and the others saw themselves in such away and knowing there wasn’t a damn thing he could do in the world to fix it.

But it didn’t mean that was how it had to be for him and his girls.

“Do you really think…” he said after a moment, his voice quivering as he fought to keep control of his emotions, starting quiet but growing stronger with each word. “That I would just replace you like that? Is your opinion of me really that low, after what we’ve been through?!”

Suzuka flinched like he had slapped her, the Ronin even taking a small step back in surprise. Lehn had also stopped her crying, her tear stained eyes wide and looking up at her tamer. Beryl just watched on, her battle mask in place.

“I don’t care for any other fucking Pokegirls, Suzuka. I could care less if I was given a thousand other Ronins! They wouldn’t be you! Just as any other Ice Maiden wouldn’t be Beryl or Maggiemite would be Lehn! Just because there are so many other Pokegirls doesn’t mean I’m just going to be happy replacing you if you die!”

Austin stared right at his first pokegirl, glaring her right in the eyes. He wanted her to see his resolve, his determination, to understand just what he felt. “I get it. This world fucking sucks for you girls. There might be other tamers who think like me, but I’m starting to realize that’s about as good as finding a snowball in hell. But let me make this as clear as I can for you… to ALL of you…” He paused, his harsh gaze going over not just his harem, but everyone else-both Pokegirl and Human alike- in the center. “The ones that I care about are you girls. YOU. You’re not something that I can just replace if you break, nor would I want to. You’re my family, my lovers. And as long as you’re wanting to stay with me that means that I’m going to fight like fucking hell to protect you, be it from a jackass who wants to take you from me or from some mutant Grizzlar that wants to slice you up.”

The Jumper took a shuddering breath, feeling most of his anger, pain, and frustration spent. He focused his eyes once more on his harem, looking from Lehn to Beryl and finally to Suzuka. “You want me to be safe? Fine. You girls are made of sterner stuff than I am. But I will never stop trying to do the same for you. If I have to fight the strongest damn Pokegirl in the world to make sure you’re ok, then I’m going to do it.”

Air left Austin’s lungs as Lehn’s hug returned around his ribs in full force, the tiny girl crying once more, though from the smile half hidden on her face and the way her satellites rotated around the pair, he could tell this time it was a happy cry. He gave her a hug of his own, letting her know that he was still there for her.

Beryl slid into his side, wrapping her right arm around his waist as she lay her head on his shoulder, the muted cold of her leather covered ice hand pressing against his hip. The Ice type girl made sure to slip her left hand around his where it lay against the Maggiemites back, squeezing possessively. He could tell through her breathing, the shuddering way she drew breath, that Beryl was close to tears herself. One broke through the dam when he kissed her forehead and squeezed her hand back, it freezing to her face before making it halfway down her cheek.

Suzuka remained still before him, though her own tears had long since flowed. She then shook her head, letting her bokken drop to the ground with a clatter, the weapon vanishing a moment later. “You… damned… idiot.” she said before joining her harem sisters in the embrace, taking her tamers other side. She pushed her face against the crook of his neck, pressing herself against him before raising to look at him. Austin surprised her by giving her a kiss on the lips, one that Suzuka returned with heat, one hand gripping his head tight.

The kiss and the silence caused by Austin and his girls was broken as someone at the entrance to the center started to clap. It caused the Jumper to look up to see Yuel the Battleaxe standing there alongside his towering bird girl Nurono, the man bringing his hands together again and again in a solo applause. He walked towards the group as he continued, his two teeth missing grin wide as he limped over. “Damn impressive, I’ve gotta say. It makes me understand why Suzuka went with you in the first place, even if she didn’t understand why herself to start.” he said, nodding to the Ronin. “Gotta say, kinda wish you had saved the dramatic speeches for our next seminar instead of just having it out in the middle of a crowded Pokecenter.”

Austin and his Pokegirls blushed as one as they realized just how many eyes now were upon them, the quartet having lost themselves in the intense emotional aftermath. Some looks, like Yuels, were understanding and impressed. Others looked annoyed at having to deal with a shouting match between a tamer and his harem. More than a few Pokegirls even looked wistfully at Austin now, or even asking their masters why they didn’t get treated like that, with a very select few smiling as they hugged their own caring tamers.

“It… wasn’t exactly planned.” Austin admitted sheepishly, slowly breaking away from his Pokegirls, but giving each one a look that told them that they would talk later.

“Eh, it never is. Tis why those things are so damn powerful. At the very least, we’ve got a lot of folks in here who might look at things a little different after that.” Yuel said, nodding off to at least one particular guy who was talking to his Pokegirl, a tall, muscled woman with green skin. “Not enough to change the world, but at least impact a few lives. Sometimes that’s enough.”

The Jumper just nodded in response, not sure exactly if what he did really had the impact that Yuel was going on about. Austin simply just told the truth and wanted his Pokegirls to understand that. No more. No less.

“So, I’ve gotta know. Just did you take out that Grizzlar with no Pokegirls by your side? Those things can be nasty as is without being in a full feral rage.” Yuel asked.

Wincing a bit at the reminder of what he had to do, Austin explained everything, though he did try to downplay just how much of a danger he was in. It was a flimsy plan, even he had to admit now that he had gone through it all, but after seeing the sheer strength of the Pokegirl at hand, there was only one thing that he had been exposed to that would be able to stop the bear girl in her tracks.

Yuel let out a low whistle through one of his missing teeth at the end, dark eyebrows up in his hairline. “Using the Milee’s Bad Breath against the Grizzlar. Sad to say, I don’t think I would have thought of that one myself. But you say that she just vanished after that?”

Austin nodded, frowning. “Yeah. I was just about to catch her in a Pokeball, since I didn’t know how long the effects of the Breath would last, but before I could, she burst into light and just vanished. She’s not the only one that’s happened with either. A Sideviper did the same thing after Suzuka killed it. It’s actually how we first met.”

The Battleaxe turned over to Suzuka, to which the Ronin nodded in turn. “I was mostly feral at the time, but yes, that’s pretty much how it happened.”

“Something doesn’t seem right with all this…” Nurono muttered, the tall condor woman brushing her chin with one of her massive wings. “I know there are some girls who glow when they teleport, but neither of those two are among them. Especially one was dead and the other was dealing with status effects.”

Nodding in agreement with his Pokegirl, Yuel brushed his hair back and let out a small grunt. “I think this just means we’re going to have to double up on the seminars so we can whip the rest of those boys into shape. The sooner we’ve gotten that lot up to snuff, the better off Rivers Pass will be. Thankfully, we won’t need to worry about this one having to come to any more.”

“Wait, what?” Austin asked, blinking in surprise. “What are you talking about?”

That gaped tooth grin appeared once more, Yuel letting out a small chuckle as he looked at the young man before him. “You just ran away from an insane Grizzlar and lead her to one of the few Pokegirls that could stop her from causing any more damage. You’re more than capable of handling your harem on your own at this point without more pointers from me.”

A small frown crossed his lips. Austin didn’t feel any more prepared to take on the world than he had before this morning, but it was tough to argue with Yuel, if only because the Jumper knew that the man wasn’t shy about letting his own opinions being known and loudly. “If you say so.”

Yuel nodded at that, clapping onto the other tamers shoulder for a moment before limping past, his towering birdwoman in tow and leaving Austin alone with his harem.


The Battleaxe chuckled to himself as he rounded the corner, putting considerable distance between himself and the young tamer before looking up and giving Nurono a warm smile. “Damn rare to hear someone else give that speech, isn’t it, love?”

“It is, sweetness. I still remember when you told me off like that back in our first year on your journey.” she said, leaning down to bring herself head level with her tamer, nuzzling his face ever so softly and even stealing a small kiss.

“Aye. And as much as I hate to admit it, those three busybodies are right. He’s one to keep an eye on, best we can. Just gotta make sure Cole and Karrin don’t give him more than he can chew just yet.”

Nurono ruffled her wings lightly, a light laugh escaping her. “Even if he did, they’d help. And Cole did push Suzuka onto him a bit to get things going.”

Yuel snorted, shaking his head. “She was always pigheaded. Even when we were kids. But I’m just happy my little sister was able to find someone who cares about her like I do you and your sisters. The damn world’s dark enough. Let’s help this light brighten it up just a bit.”


An exhausted sigh escaped Dalaa’s lips as the Nurse finally leaned back, feeling completely drained. It had taken everything she, two other Joys, and one of the local Atemis had both magically and physically for the last two hours to keep the Mileeboro alive. The wound had not only torn the feral girl open, but had come dangerously close to harming some of her most vital organs. As it was, it was only her nature as a plant and the immediacy of her capture that had saved the Pokegirl from death, allowing the Milee to regenerate with their aid in a ways that any other type of girl might not have.

For now, the girl lay sleeping on one of the spare beds, her breasts rising and falling with each steady breath. Her color was starting to come back, thanks to the blood transfusion, and the combination of potion and magical fluids in her IV would quicken her recovery further. But the battle damage would never go away, a long nasty brown scar that stretched diagonally across her entire belly. It made the nurse shiver realizing just how close Austin came to being the one near gutted like a fish.

A shuffling sound pulled Dalaa’s eyes away from the prone girl and to the room’s door, a small smile crossing her lips when she saw Cole there. “Hey.” She whispered, her voice tired and strained, a price she paid for the amount of magic she had used.

“You look like you just got dragged behind a feral Nightmare stampede.” Cole commented, offering the tired healer a small cup steaming with tea. She grasped it softly in her hands, inhaling the rich scent of peppermint with a smile before drinking it down to let the heated temperatures soothe her throat. It burned delightfully.

“We hadn’t had such an injured girl in here since that Arachnae last year during the Skarmoress attack.” Dalaa said, shivering at the memories of that particular time in the ER.

Cole winced lightly, shaking his head. He let out a small breath from his nose before leaning back against the wall, humming lightly. “Yuel thinks something is up.”

She perked up, looking over at the dark haired man with a raised pink eyebrow. “Oh?”

He nodded. “Yeah. Grizzlars don’t just up and vanish like that. Nor do they look like an Amachoke that got her hands on Pre-Sukebe steroids.”

That got Dalaa’s attention, the woman standing up with a look of shock on her face. “What?”

“One of the League officials rang me up after I finished surveying the damages to my store. They may have revoked my license, but they also know I was one of the most traveled Hunters in the area. Turns out Austin scanned the Pokegirl before she pulled an A-bra on us. He was freaking out about it possibly being a new breed before the analysis confirmed her species.” Cole shook his head. “Something else is at play here. And it all started when Austin landed in our laps.”

“Do you think he’s got something to do with it?” Dalaa asked, gripping a bit harder on her teacup and pursing her lips. She knew that Cole was protective of the Jumper, as she and a few of the others were ever since he had come to the world. But that hadn’t stopped the ex-hunter from going after someone who he thought might be trouble.

“Nah, the kid’s a good one. You should have heard him in the main lobby earlier. But there’s more than one way to cross the dimensions to get to our world then just slipping through the Swiss cheese we call a dimensional barrier. I’m starting to wonder if Austin didn’t happen to just fall in like we thought before.”

The Nurse paled at that, licking her lips. “If you’re right, it’s going to bring in every League official within a hundred miles down on Rivers Pass. You know that even Sunshine is terrified of what might happen if even one other world is able to travel freely into ours. It could be the Revenge War all over again.”

Cole nodded, running his hand through his hair. “That’s exactly why I told them to let me look into things. Right now, we just got a couple of oddities that don’t really add up to anything in particular. Just Pokegirls being in places they shouldn’t be and Austin running into all of them. There’s gotta some real reason for it all, but I’d be damned if I can’t figure it out.”

“So… what’s the plan then?”

“For now? Making sure to keep tabs on the kid, just in case he runs into anything else out of the ordinary. He’s building a good enough harem, so he’s got some power to keep him safe, but whatever is doing this is playing for keeps and at this point, I’m afraid no one in Rivers Pass is going to be safe.”

Dalaa took a small breath to steady herself, shaking her head. She hoped that Cole and Yuel were wrong, that Austin was just having a bad case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But there had been barely a time that she could remember when both Battleaxe and Broadsword thought something stunk and had been wrong about it. She just hopped that Cole would still be capable of helping even without his harem.

Cole put his arm on her shoulder, offering a comforting smile as he did. He then nodded over to the still sleeping Mileeboro. “So, how much longer is she going to be in here for?”

“Well, she’s out of the woods now. Between the Elixir IV drip we’ve got her on and her typing, she should actually be up and about sometime tonight. We’re just lucky it hadn’t been fire damage she had taken. Why?”

The ex-hunter laughed, grinning as he started heading out of the room, winking at her. “Why else, Dalaa? We both know how Austin is. He’s going to feel bad about getting the Milee hurt and by this time tomorrow, she’ll be a full member of his harem.”


No matter how many times he had done this, taming a new Pokegirl was something that Austin wasn’t sure he’d ever get used to. Even if he had done the song and dance with Suzuka back when he had caught Beryl, it still felt a little like cheating for him to be sleeping with a girl that wasn’t among his already established harem. Unlike last time, where Beryl and Suzuka both did their best to rile him up to make his session with Lehn go all the smoother, Austin now was flying solo.

Taking a small breath, he opened up the Milee’s Pokeball, letting the curved form of the plant girl appear before him on his bed. He took just a moment to appreciate her figure once again with the sensual swell of her breasts and the plumpness of her behind outdoing even Dalaa’s erotic curves, feeling the heat of primal desire burn in his body. Even the scar that ran along her stomach did little to detract from that beauty. Clamping down on his more baser instincts, Austin quickly tore his eyes from her body to look up at her face. Six yellow eyes stared back at him blinking in unison as the girl tilted her head, her pouting lips curved in a slight frown, concealing the rows of razor-sharp teeth he knew the girl had. Once those eyes and teeth had frightened him. Now, between the other Pokegirls he saw on a near daily basis thanks to living in the Pokcenter for the last three months and the monster Grizzlar, she looked near human to him.

Hoping for a moment that he wouldn’t get Bad Breathed right then and there, Austin reached out his hand, laying it flat before him. He tensed only a little bit when the Pokegirl flinched back from him, one hand covering her scar, but he kept still and spoke softly. “It’s ok… you can trust me… it’s ok…”

Two of the six eyes extended out towards him, separating slowly to look around and behind him. Seeing no threat from the tamer, the Milee moved a little closer and slipped her hand into his. Austin smiled at the willingness as he continued to speak in soft tones.

“I’m sorry…” he started, slowly moving his other hand to trace along the back of hers, keeping the motions soothing. “It’s my fault you’ve got that scar… my fault that you even had to deal with that monster in the first place. I just couldn’t think of anything else…”

The Mileeboro blinked her eyes at him again, four of six now extended and observing him, trying to understand him. He chuckled, wondering if her breed was one of those ferals who could understand some of what humans said and did, especially considering her territory had been so close to Rivers Pass. He continued his slow movements, bringing his lips against her hand and softly kissing it. “I want to make it up to you. Right now, the only way to do that is to tame you, to give you the ability to think for yourself. After that, it’ll be all up to you…”

Not responding aggressively to his actions and words, Austin continued to kiss up the plant girls arm, making soft, soothing sounds as he did. He was about halfway to her shoulder when he heard her breathing become deeper, making those heavy breasts of hers rise fully into his vision. It forced the tamer to shift in his seat and do his best to ignore his own growing excitement. This was going to be all for her pleasure. Not his.

Once Austin had kissed all the way up to her shoulder, he looked once more at the Mileeboro’s face. All six stalk eyes were extended now, but they all focused on him. She was also biting her lip, a bit of her sharp teeth exposed as she gazed down at him. He responded with a smile, slowly bringing his hand to caress her face and pull her into a kiss, pressing his lips against hers.

Her reaction was almost instantaneous, a low throated moan escaping her as she pushed back into the liplock, savoring the sensations it brought to her. Austin found the surprising feeling of the girls tongue pushing into his mouth soon after, feeling the wet and pointed muscle playing with his own. It made the young man respond in kind, further deepening the kiss between the two before breaking it a few minutes later. Breathing a bit heavier and seeing her doing the same, Austin started kissing down the Pokegirl’s neck, stopping occasionally to suckle or nip at the exposed skin. Each little action got an eager and happy sound out of the Milee, the girl squirming visibly by the time he got down to her breasts.

He grinned up at her when he noticed how stiff her nipples were, thick caps atop the wonderfully full mounds. The sight nearly made the Jumper want to forgo his original plan and simply bed the girl right now, but he reigned in his desires despite the protest of his throbbing loins. Instead, he lavished her breasts with the same attention he gave her neck, using his lips, tongue and teeth to tease the flesh.

She gave mewls, moans, and heated pants in return for his actions, though it was the squeal of delight that escaped her when he tugged on those nipples with his teeth that he ended up repeating again and again. Austin relished in the sounds, feeling happy that he was able to give her such pleasure and feel her shake and arch against his mouth. He soon kissed both breasts goodbye, though, as he continued southward.

A hand reached out, stopping Austin right as he was about to start kissing the Milee’s scar. He looked up, seeing her gaze with all of her eyes having retracted, her lips once again turned into a small frown. He reached out, grasping that hand and gave it a small kiss. “Please…” he said, wanting to let her know it was alright, that he cared.

Closing her eyes for a moment, the plant girl slowly withdrew her hand, granting him access once more. The AUJ made certain at that point to be soft, sensual, and sweet when it came to giving attention to the freshly healed scar on her. Letting his fingers trail against the skin, Austin kissed every inch of her that had been damaged and did it all while gazing up at her, hoping that she understood just how much he wished to pleasure her. The fact that she started panting by the time he had finished told him she did.

Pushing her legs apart, Austin now found himself at the one area where he had little confidence. Even with having three Pokegirls, his actual experience with giving oral pleasure was fairly limited. The only time he had really tried so far was with Beryl and he still wasn’t completely sure how much of the girls pleasure came from him and how much came from the hot bath he used to warm the Ice type up. Regardless, his Ice Maiden claimed it to be an experience like she hadn’t felt before, and it was with that knowledge he wanted the Milee to be the next to feel that pleasure.

Taking in the sight of the quivering womanhood of the Pokegirl, the Jumper kissed the soft folds before him, giving them the same soft care he had giving the rest of her figure. Getting a sensual moan of pleasure just from that gave Austin the courage to go further, his tongue darting out and pushing into the pussy. The Milee’s hips shot up thanks to that sole action alone, and her hand reached downward to grip at his hair, holding him in place. He heard a soft, begging whine escape from her, it’s message clear. She wanted more.

Shifting a bit, unable to help but grind his own needing manhood against the bedding to get some feedback of pleasure, Austin slowly and sensually worked his tongue in and out of her loins. He made sure to push as much of the wet muscle into her, arching it around to explore every inch of her insides, curling it at other points to tease her. When he pulled it out, he snuck a taste against the girls eager clit, capturing it within his mouth and sucking at it softly.

It drove the Mileeboro wild. All too soon, she was thrashing on the bed, both hands filled with the tamer’s hair as she forced his face to continue pleasuring her eager womanhood. Moans and panting half screams of delight alternated with his motions until eventually it culminated in a screech of passion. With hips rising high and her legs wrapping about his head, the feral Pokegirl came, her honeyed fluids flooding Austin’s face.

Even after the orgasmic release of the girl, he continued to lavish love and attention on her folds, prolonging her pleasure. He only stopped when her fingers finally released his hair, the young man looking up at the half lidded stalk eyes of the Milee, all of them once more focused on him. He gave her pearl one final kiss before pulling back, a grin on his face. “Enjoy?”

A heavy purr escaped her, as much as an affirmative as he was likely to get from a feral. All six stalk eyes moved downward, though, as he moved back. He followed their gaze down to his own arousal, his pants tented completely with the ignored desire and lust he had felt in pleasuring her, the front of them slick with precum. Another purr brought his attention upwards and Austin had to gulp to keep his heart from leaping out of his throat. The Milee had changed positions, her round plump ass high in the air with legs spread, pussy on full display. One hand even snaked between her legs, teasing at her wet womanhood. There was no denying what she wanted.

Dropping his pants and letting his swollen need free, Austin pressed his thickness up against that plush behind. He couldn’t suppress the shudder of just how sensual it felt to even just feel the flesh against flesh, not even penetration. But desire overruled any further foreplay. Austin had denied his lust for long enough and his Pokegirl was begging for it. Pulling back to align himself, the Jumper grabbed onto those curved hips and thrust forward.

Twin moans escaped the pair as velvety tightness parted for the heated girth, the pair remaining still for just a moment to accommodate for the burst of bliss in their minds. Then Austin’s mind retreated as his primal desires took over, hips withdrawing from his girl to thrust forward once more. When it brought a cry of passion from his girl, the tamer did it again, wanting to sate them both.

The slapping sound of flesh on flesh soon filled the room, the tamer driving himself again and again into his new Pokegirl’s body. One hand held firm onto her hip, using it as leverage for his thrusts, while the other grasped about her plump breast. His mouth found her neck again followed quickly by her mouth, his lust for the quivering girl beneath him making it impossible to get enough of her. It helped that she reacted in turn, her body arching and bucking with each wonderful union.

Soon the heated coupling became too much for the pair to bare, tamer’s needs and pokegirls overstimulated body begging to be met. So it was with Austin breaking the kiss and letting out a cry of passion did he fill his new Pokegirl’s body with his seed, holding her close to him as he hit that wonderful release. The Milee’s own bliss followed swiftly after, a yowling whine bowing her back against her owner and master, wanting nothing more than to feel his touch.

Collapsing on top of his girl, Austin panted and remained still, feeling his limbs shaking still. He blinked ever so lightly as he felt the tongue of the Milee reach out and brush it against his cheek, a wide satisfied smile across her face, showing all of her pointed teeth. He laughed softly, giving the kiss on her lips, before the exhaustion of the entire day pulled him and his new girl down into sleep.


Naming his newest Pokegirl came the next morning, Austin smiling lightly as he found her sitting beside the open window of his room, basking in the sunlight with a serene smile on her face and her eyes closed in peace. It was seeing those pointed teeth again, as well as her plant like nature, that inspired him to pull inspiration from his younger years for what to call her. “Got a name for you, if you want one.” he said, sitting up in his bed.

The Milee gave a small start at his voice, all six eyes extending and looking at him. She calmed quickly, though, when she realized he was awake and turned towards him, focusing on him. “N-name?” she repeated, her voice soft and strong.

Austin nodded, taking note just how quickly she was already parroting his words. He wondered if all ferals were just fast learners, or if he had gotten lucky. “Yeah. Something to call you. I was thinking Pira. You kinda remind me of a plant from a game I played as a kid, but I didn’t want to call you Piranha, so I shortened it. Pira.”

A wide grin broke over her face once more and Pira quickly closed the distance between herself and her master, pressing her naked body to his as she captured his mouth in a kiss. He responded in kind, breaking it a moment later to smile at her. “I’ll take it you like it?”

“Pira likes,” She responded, nodding her head. Her grin then turned a bit naughtier, as her hand snaked downward, pressing against his morning wood. The Pokegirl wrapped her fingers about it as she whispered in his ear, her tone needing. “Pira likes.”

Suppressing the shudder at the touch, Austin grasped at that hand, pulling it away as he gave her a small stern look. “Hang on, Pira, we had all the fun you’ll need last night. And while I’m not against having a bit more later on, we can’t spend the entire day in bed screwing each other.”

His Pokegirls lewd smile turned into a heavy pout at the denial, a small whine even escaping her as she looked up at him. How in the hell a girl with six eyes could give him a puppy dog look was beyond him, but Austin knew he wouldn’t be able to deny her completely. Sighing, he gave her a small kiss on her nose before smiling at her. “I promise you, if you’re a good girl, we’ll have another session soon. But we’ve got things to do and harem sisters to introduce you to.”

Her pout remained, but seeing that he wasn’t going to budge on this, the plant girl eventually nodded. “Pira good.” she said, her tone like that of a child only reluctantly agreeing to a parent. She did give a stretch of her body that thrust out her heavy bosom and it didn’t take someone with Austin’s observational skills to know she had done it on purpose to tease him.

I fully expect that I’m going to be taming this one a lot, The jumper thought to himself as he slipped out of bed, moving over to get some clean clothes.

He had only just put on a new shirt when his Pokedex started giving out a shrill alarm. Wincing a bit for his poor eardrums, Austin picked it up and flipped it open. The screen lit up, the words ‘All Call’ crossing the screen for a moment before a video starting playing, Cole appearing a moment later.

“Greetings, Tamers of Rivers Pass. As you might have been aware at this point, the Second Chance was attacked recently by a feral Pokegirl of immense strength and power,” He paused, the screen cutting to show off some of the destruction caused in the time the Pokegirl had free reign in the store. It turned out to be more than what even Austin remembered, with overturned products everywhere, entire chunks of wall crumbling down, and one of the braces for the roof ripped in two. “The damages were fairly extensive and the clean up required for it is going to be more than what the staff here are going to be able to handle. As such, I’m issuing out a Level One All Call, requesting all able hands to come down to help us pick up after the attack and repair if you’ve got the skill. The League is willing to pay everyone who does so the equivalent of a two badge Quest should you help. The Second Chance will also give a 20% discount on food for the next month should the help get us the ability to reopen by the weekend. It’s up to you, Tamers. I hope to see you then.”

The message cut off after that, replaced with a prompt from his Pokedex on if he would join the All Call. Grinning, he pressed yes on the screen before finishing getting dressed, snapping the belt that held the rest of his harems Pokeballs on it. He turned over to Pira as he plucked her ball from the bedside table. “Let’s head over to the store, Pira. We can introduce you to the rest of the girls when we get there.”