The trek back to the town of River Pass was, thankfully, a quiet one.

That didn’t mean that Cole and Austin didn’t take precautions in case some other feral Pokegirl decided that the two were easy prey. Considering the former's injuries and the latter’s lack of knowledge of this strange new world, Austin was fairly certain that even something fairly weak would be able to take them down. When he expressed is concerns with his companion, the dark haired man had explained through gritted teeth that’s why they were passing through the Mileeboro’s territory again. Even if they did have a Pokegirl interested in them, even the most primal of feral girls knew not to mess with a Mileeboro. It actually made the plant types territory one of the safest places to be, so long as they didn’t meet the girl herself.

The Jumper didn’t relax at all until he saw the slow decline of trees and shrubs, the outline of houses and farmland of the town taking their place. Turning to his companion, he frowned at the sight of Cole’s pale face and shuddering breath. Was the pain of his wrist really that bad? Or was it something more, like shock? It made Austin wish he had studied a bit of medicine to help his ailing ally.

As luck would have it, though, Dalaa was waiting outside the Pokecenter for them, the pink haired nurse instantly going to Cole’s aid. “I knew it! I just knew you’d get yourself hurt!” She said, pressing her hand against the injured man’s back so as to hurry him along inside. The Joy immediately had Cole sit down on the chairs near the entrance and knelt beside him, her fingers reaching out and touching the injured wrist that he was holding so closely. The motion alone got a hiss out of the man.

“Is he going to be alright?” Austin asked, trying to calm down and rid himself of the last remaining edges of panic that were still flowing in his body.

“Yes, he’ll be just fine. It’s a simple break, thankfully.” Dalaa responded with her focus entirely on her patient. She looked up at Cole, her lips pressed in a thin line. “I’m going to have to push it back in place before I heal it. Are you ready?”

A quick nod was her answer, the pale man’s face scrunching up in anticipation. It was a quick motion, the Nurse pushing hard to move the wrist back into position, the sight and sound alone making Austin’s stomach feel a bit sensitive. Cole’s reaction was even worse, the man letting out a cry of pain that worked through clenched teeth.

Dalaa acted immediately once the bone was back in place, her green eyes taking on a yellow sheen, her right palm taking on the same glow. She traced her fingers against the broken wrist, whispering something that that Austin couldn’t make out. Within a few minutes the pained, pale look that Cole had since the fight with the Sideviper bleed away into relief. The glow eventually faded away into nothing, the Nurse sitting back against her heels.

“You should still feel a bit of tenderness for a while, Cole, but you should heal just fine. But I swear, if you don’t stop going out and getting hurt like this, I’m going to start smacking you around myself!” The Joy said, her cute face scrunching up in anger. If it wasn’t for the fact that Austin was still in shock by the clear magic that Dalaa just used, he would have chuckled a bit at how the smaller woman was acting towards the dark haired man.

“I’ll try to keep that in mind for the future, Dalaa...” Cole said, still wincing a little as he rubbed his healed arm, as if testing the bone that had been broken not a minute before.

The Nurse made a little sound of disbelief before taking a deep breath to help calm herself, having the side effect of drawing the men’s eyes to her rather prominent bosom. She stood quickly before turning her angry eyes over to Austin. “Tell me you at least were able to get Suzuka?” She stated, clearly gritting her teeth to keep in control of her anger.

The sandy haired teen nodded, pulling out the pokeball from his pocket and handing it to Dalaa. “She went into the ball without issue after I told her we were going to get her taken care of. Will you be able to heal her like you did Cole?” he asked, concerned.

She didn’t answer him, instead taking the ball and moving over to the desk. Placing the pokeball in an odd contraption that Austin could only see part of, Dalaa then turned over to the computer connecting it, typing with a speed that he found himself a bit jealous of. The Joy nodded to herself as she read the data the screen gave her before typing in a few more strings followed by hitting the enter key before looking up at the two men. “She should be just fine after a healing cycle. Nothing broken and no status ailments. She’ll be ok in an hour, but she’ll likely have a few scars, though, considering how long she’s been in the wild.”

“Only a few scars? The healing you’ve got here is that good?” Austin asked, blinking at that. While Suzuka didn’t have a bunch of lacerations on her body that he remembered from the fight they had against the Sideviper, the fact that she had been out there for who knows how long and could be healed up near perfectly?

“We can heal Pokegirls a bit better than we can heal humans, but we can still help pretty much anyone if we get them to a center as soon as possible.” Cole answered with a small chuckle, standing beside the young teen. “The question is what we’re going to do with her once she’s all patched up.”

“Well, we can’t give her to you, Cole. The court is already going to have a fit if they found out you were equipped with a Pokeball. We don’t need you having jail time for being caught with possession of a Pokegirl.” Dalaa pointed out, giving the dark haired man a piercing look through narrowed eyes.

“What, what do you mean ‘the court? Did Cole do something to get himself in trouble with the law?” Austin asked, starting to get tired not knowing everything. Yes, he was in another reality and didn’t know all the little details, but he was used to actually being the one asked questions. That thought made a small pang of longing go through the Jumper. He hadn’t thought much about his home with all this insanity, had he?

The dark haired man winced a little bit at the question, turning away from the pair for a moment before answering. “Yeah, I did. I’d rather not talk about it though. Just know that, for the immediate future, I’m legally restricted from owning any Pokegirls. The most I’m allowed would be to tame one like Dalaa here if she needed it, but I can’t have my own personal harem at all.”

“He’s honestly lucky he got off with just that and his community service.” Dalaa commented, crossing her arms beneath her breasts. “Regardless, you can’t take Suzuka. Her data also shows that she’s gone completely feral, so none of the ‘girls here can tame her either. And you know that if we tell anyone outside of the center, we’re going to get every tamer whose ever gone against her wanting to take her for themselves.”

“So, what does that mean?” Austin asked. From what he was hearing, it sounded almost like they were just going to send the poor girl back out into the wilderness. “There’s going to be something we can do for her.”

“Well, Austin, considering how much you insisted on risking your neck for her before, I was thinking that you’d probably be best suited for her Tamer.” The Nurse said, a small grin gracing her plump lips.

“Wait, me?! I don’t know anything about being a Tamer! Not only that, I’m not even FROM this world. I should be looking for a way home!”

The silence that fell over the center after Austin said that made his heart sink. There was only one reason his logical mind could think of why they would be quiet after such an exclamation, and the pained looks on man and Pokegirl proved it. “There’s no way for me to go home… is there?” The Jumper stated, his tone flat.

“No… not that we know of.” Cole responded with a subdued tone. “Almost all the Jumpers that we’ve ever seen come here pretty much lived out the rest of their lives in this world. I know that there was one or two that were able to go back to their homes, but I don’t know how the hell they did it or if it’s even possible to do it again.”

The answer took out all the energy that Austin had, making the young man to collapse onto the chair behind him, placing his head in his hands. So, that was it then. His mother? Gone. His home and belongings? Gone. Every friend, what few that they were, that he had ever made? Gone. Nothing of his old life, his old existence outside of the clothes on his back had followed him into this crazed world of sexual creatures. A small part of the sandy haired teen had figured this would be the case, sure. But there had been some hope, a tiny flame of confidence that these people would be able to return him to the life he once had.

A small, soft hand touching his shoulder broke Austin out of his stupor, bringing his attention up to Dalaa, for once the young man not being distracted by the girls massive chest as he gazed up to her face. A sympathetic smile crossed her lips as she gave him a small squeeze. “I know you’re overwhelmed right now, Austin. Leaving behind everything you knew and cared about isn’t an easy thing to do...” she paused, a small flicker of pain crossing her face. The pink haired woman breathed out of her nose for a moment before continuing on. “But know that you’ll always have shelter here. It might not be home, but I think it could become one for you.”

The AUJ stared for a moment at those big green eyes of Dalaa, a little surprised about the offer of even a temporary abode. Despite himself, Austin did feel his lips twitch upward into a smile, nodding to the woman before him. Even if the thought of being cut off from everything he ever knew was something more than the sandy-haired teen could even comprehend at the moment, the fact that there was someone offering help took some of the weight of his shoulders. “Thanks, Dalaa.” He said after a moment, trying his best to keep his voice even.

The Nurse Joy nodded, giving him a young smile before turning her head, drawing Austin’s gaze back to the lone Pokeball on the healing device. “Besides, there’s a girl now that’s going to be relying on you. Not many people would go back into the forest to rescue a girl just because she’s going feral. That’ll mean a lot to her, I’m sure.”

“I really didn’t do much...” Austin said, trying to keep himself from blushing. “I just didn’t want her to get hurt after she risked herself for me.”

“I can tell you now that there are some people who wouldn’t care about that at all, Austin. Even if you were wanting to protect her, you still gave Suzuka an option on weather or not to go with us. Most tamers wouldn’t even think twice on just balling her right then and there.” Cole pointed out with a wide grin. “Even going after her because you felt indebted to her is something that is a bit rare to see among folks.”

The sandy-haired teen nodded as he ran his hand through his hair. In a way, Austin still felt like they were thrusting the job of being a tamer onto him, but if the young man was going to be living in this world for the rest of his life, it would probably be better in the long run if he went along with their suggestions. “Alright, I guess you guys got a point. What exactly am I expected to do?”

“Well, we can get you set up to take the Tamer Test a bit later to make everything official but I think the only real thing you’ll need to do is tame Suzuka once she’s done healing.” Dalaa said with a sly smile. “And after that, Cole could probably give you some pointers and we’ve got a few regulars around here who probably wouldn’t mind showing you the ropes.”

It was that response that made Austin pause, the flush completely over taking his face as recalled what exactly ‘taming’ meant. Though there was no doubt that the young man found Suzuka attractive, unbelievably so, but having sex with someone he’s spent all of ten minutes around wasn’t something that the young man ever thought he’d ever had to consider. “There’s no other way to get her out of being feral, is there?”

Cole shook his head. “No. Only a human tamer can return her to normal now. While Pokegirls can tame each other, it’s more of a stop gap than anything else.”

Dalaa kneeled before Austin, those big green eyes looking up at him, lips curled into a smile. “I know you might feel uncomfortable with this, Austin, but trust me when I say this: Suzuka needs to be tamed and I honestly believe that you’re the best option for it. Ronins don’t accept trainers easily, but I think you’ve proven what it takes for her to be alright with it.”

“I still don’t think I’m the right person for this… but it sounds like any other choice isn’t going to help Suzuka at all.” Austin stated, lips twisting into a grimace. The picture painted by Cole and Dalaa about the people in this world didn’t do much to make the Jumper think all that highly of them. “Alright, I’ll do it. When exactly will she be in good enough shape for this whole deal?”

The young man’s answer came in a five note chime that sounded out from the healing machine, Dalaa moving back behind the desk and plucking the small sphere from the device. The Nurse returned to Austin’s side, placing the ball into his hands. “She’s all ready for you right now.”

For a long moment, the Jumper just stared at the unoffensive ball in his grasp, his mind trying to get around the fact that there was a living, breathing woman inside of it that he was expected to have sex with. Just when did his life get so weird?


Austin didn’t feel any more confident about his situation when he finally closed and locked the door behind him, now safely within the confines of his new bedroom. It was a simple place: A large bed that took up most of the available floor space, a pair of blackout curtains covering a large window that was directly across from the door, a desk with writing utensils against the final wall that had a small computer on it, and finally a selection of restraints and wall bracers for those Pokegirls so strong that they needed to be tied down. From what Dalaa had told him, Pokecenters were often used as homes away from home by most Tamers in the world, a place where they can relax, recharge, and of course tame their Pokegirls. It was that last bit that he was now expected to do himself.

“I still can’t believe I’m about to do this...” Austin muttered to himself, looking down once again at Suzuka’s Pokeball. Knowing if he didn’t do anything now he’d lose his nerve, the young man tossed the ball before him and watched as it opened in a brilliant white light. A few seconds later, the Ronin had formed before him, dark eyes glancing around before focusing on him. She opened her mouth to speak, with only a low “Ro….” escaping her lips before she stopped, her eyebrows furring in annoyance.

“You’re feral, Suzuka...” Austin told her, immediately feeling stupid for saying that. Of course a Pokegirl who’s lived in this world would know what she was going through better than an Alternate Universe Jumper could ever convey. The sudden sharp look that he got from the Pokegirl also told him that she probably didn’t like being reminded of what her situation currently was.

“I’m not sure what to do here, to be honest.” He admitted, shaking his head as he sat down on the bed, feeling the soft fabric sink under his weight. “Cole and Dalaa both said I’ve got to have sex with you to snap you out of this. You don’t even know my name… Austin, by the way. But as insane as all that is, I understand that’s what normal here. I’m just not sure if I’m to everything they’re piling on me as well as that.”

The Jumper took a small breath, running his fingers against his face. Suzuka remained where she stood before him, sharp, slender eyes remaining on him. The sandy-haired male couldn’t help but think that she was judging him. “They want me to be a tamer, taking you as my Pokegirl. And while I get that’s how things work here… it just feels wrong to do that to you.” He shook his head once more. As perverse as it was, as much as it didn’t match the world he was brought up in, Austin understood it.

Pokegirls required sex… needed it so they didn’t go feral. Humanity required the tamed girls to fight off other ferals, for protection and continuing their own existence. Faced with that, there was no way he could be against how the world functioned, regardless of how it might be uncomfortable to him in certain aspects. It was a choice between life and death: You either took advantage of the girl and lived… or you didn’t and you died. But this particular instance wasn’t life or death. Even if he did have to have sex with Suzuka, something a small part of him was yelling to just get to it already, it didn’t mean he had to force her into his service.

“Listen...” he said, looking up at those dark eyes of the Ronin, hoping she understood all that he was saying. Ferals could understand what was being told to them, in some extent, but it also depended on the breed. Ronins, Dalaa had said, were among those that he should be able to talk to just fine because of her close to human nature. “I’m not going to force you, Suzuka… I just want you to be able to think for yourself again, to be able to protect yourself again. For that, I need to ‘tame’ you. If you want to to go back to the forest after that, you’ll be free to go. Is that alright?”

Suzuka remained still for a long minute after that, her eyes searching Austin. Part of the young man expected her to attack him, regardless of the lack of weapon. Instead, she sat down beside him, her hand slowly reaching out. She touched his face, gently pressing so as to have him look at her directly. A small smile crossed her lips, the dark haired woman whispering out a small “Nin...”

A small sigh escaped the Jumper, his own lips curling into a smile. “Alright. I guess I’m going to do my best for you then..” He said, his hand raising to grasp the one she had to his cheek. He squeezed it for a moment before deciding to get on with it. Bring her hand to his lips, he kissed the back of it softly, eyes remaining locked with Suzuka’s, just in case she didn’t approve of his advances. Her smile grew a little wider at his action, making the sandy-haired teen bold enough to continue.

Reaching up to touch the Ronin’s cheek, her traced the side of her face, etching the detail into his mind. He noticed a small beauty mark on her chin, right below her lower lip, something that he had missed before. The young Jumper’s hands continued down her neck and brushed against Suzuka’s shoulder, causing the Pokegirl to shiver, a small gasp escaping her. The sound enough was enough to make him flush, already feeling his excitement swell in his pants. He wasn’t in this for his own pleasure, though.

Hands slowly undoing the ragged torn robes the woman wore, Austin was a little surprised to find a series of bandages wrapped around Suzuka’s breasts. A sarashi, if he remembered correctly. He found the start of the strap at her right side, grasping it and slowly unraveling it from the woman. A flush crept up the young mans face as more and more skin of the Ronin was revealed, the bandages eventually falling away completely.

With her chest exposed, Austin continued his slow exploration of Suzuka’s body, his hand finding a small line of pink above her breast that mismatched oddly against the womans otherwise pale skin. He traced the flesh softly, the Pokegirl wincing for a moment before a look of confusion crossed her face. From that reaction, the Jumper can only guess this was an injury from fighting the Sideviper that had healed by that machine. That was only supported as, after purposely avoiding Suzuka’s breasts, he found a dark line running across the left side of her belly down to the hip.

“You’ve been through a lot… haven’t you?” he whispered, eyes tearing away from her half naked form to look up into her eyes again. She nodded, lips parted with her breaths, which were coming a bit faster now along with flushed cheeks. The sight made Austin blink in surprise. He hadn’t done anything more then light touches to her frame, and Suzuka was already this flustered? A look down to her breasts confirmed the Ronin was aroused, stiff nipples poking up from the pale, plump orbs.

It was looking at those directly that reminded Austin about what he was here to do… and what his body desired. He could feel his erection pressing eagerly against his pants and the need for sex making it harder to focus, much less to think logically about all this. Still, the Jumper was here for Suzuka, not himself, and that was going to be the focus of all this.

With another breath, Austin reached out to cup the Pokegirls breast, feeling it’s weight and size in his palm. Suzuka’s response was immediate, a small breathy gasp escaping her as she arched against his hand. He squeezed, letting his fingers sink into the flesh ever so gently, and watched as the Ronin’s gasp turned into a silky soft moan. If the young man hadn’t already been hard from all this, that sound alone would have gotten him there.

Succumbing to his own desires, the Jumper lowered his head and let his lips wrap about one of the hardened nipples, sucking at it softly. The Pokegirl trembled and arched against his eager lips, even more so when he added his hand to the other breast, teasing and tugging the teat. The pair soon fond themselves flush against the bed, Austin atop of a squirming Suzuka.

Need began to overwhelm the young man, pulling away those tantalizing breasts and letting his hands roam downwards. His fingers tugged the rest of the Ronin’s robes down and away from her form, and it shocked him for a moment to discover no panties or anything like it covering her wet womanhood. The simple fact that she had been going commando all this time made a primal part of Austin scream in need and this time he couldn’t do anything to stop it.

Tugging off his own clothes, shirt and pants quickly finding the floor beside the frayed and damaged robes, Austin gazed down at the beautiful Pokegirl while pressing his eager thickness against her entrance, the erection pulsing with need. With one last look into her eyes, the sandy-haired man thrust himself into Suzuka, groans of pleasure escaping human and Pokegirl as they joined.

Instinct took over completely now, Austin’s hands roaming down to Suzuka’s hips, grasping onto her as he began to thrust in and out of the Pokegirl. The feeling of her wet core squeezing around him was near addicting, even more with the sight of the open mouthed delight on the Ronin’s face. The innate heat of their bodies grew with each passing moment and the young man could already feel their bodies grow slick with sweat.

Fingers reaching down to cup the lithe woman’s rump, Austin let his body grow wild and erratic. It was impossible for him to do anything more than to ride out the need and desire that took him. What he hadn’t expected, though, was the sudden want that overtook him thanks to Suzuka. Wrapping her arms about his head and lacing her digits together, the Pokegirl looked directly into the sandy-haired male’s eyes. Such was the passion that filled them, the pure emotion like nothing that Austin had ever seen, that the Jumper found his lips capturing Suzuka’s before he could even process it.

That kiss drove the Pokegirl wild underneath him, her grip about his neck tightening as her while her legs wrapped about his hips. The AUJ could feel her inner walls constricting around him, signaling Suzuka’s orgasm. Overwhelmed by the sensation, Austin found himself giving one last bed shuddering thrust into the girl beneath him before his own pleasure peaked, feeling the heat of his own release shooting deep into the girl.

Pokegirl and human remained joined, both in loin and lips, for a time after their release. It was with a reluctant groan that Austin finally broke the kiss, gasping a bit. He stayed within the Pokegirl for a little while longer, simply watching her chest rise and fall with her heavy breaths. Bringing his attention back up to her fast, the teen was surprised to see the soft smile and clear eyes of Suzuka staring back at him. She unlatched her fingers from behind his neck and touched his cheek once more, the sensation soft.

Withdrawing from her, Austin finally felt the events of everything hit him at once, the sandy-haired male laying beside the Ronin. It was as he continued to stare into Suzuka’s eyes that eventually he fell asleep.


“Well, what did I tell you?” Dalaa said, a smile and a small flush coating her cheeks, turning away from the small computer she sat at. She and Cole had just finished watching Austin tame Suzuka, mostly to make sure that the young man was going to go through with it. It was hard, at times, to know what an AUJ would do. So many of them came from such different backgrounds than the Pokegirl and it was often a wild guess on what they’d do.

“I’m honestly surprised that he still offered to let her go free even after taming her. Kids’ got a good sense of honor.” Cole commented. “I think he’ll do well in this world, though we’re still going to have to recruit the others to help him out. After the last Jumper we got in Cherrygrove ended up getting bumped off by a Hound of all things, I’d rather not send Austin out in the wilds a day after he got here.”

The Pokegirl nodded, stretching a little bit and fanning her face. Even if it was clear that Austin wasn’t the most skilled of men in the bed, the show did get her a bit flustered. She’d have to go and see if she could sneak in another taming session. “Well, if I remember right, we’ve got Yuel wanting to do his Battle training tomorrow and we could have Austin join him. Give him the basics of how to survive.”

Cole snorted, raising an eyebrow at the pink haired nurse. “Yuel? Seriously? I thought you liked the kid.”

“Just because Yuel can be a bit on the rough side doesn’t mean he isn’t the best around to teach Austin about how to battle.” Dalaa said, rising her chin up in and turning away from the man.

“Sure, what ever you say, Dalaa...” Cole responded, rolling his eyes before shoving his hands into his pants pockets, shuffling away from the Pokegirl and her computer.

“Hey… Cole?” She called, drawing the dark haired man’s attention back to her. The Nurse bit her lip for a moment before continuing, looking up at him with big green eyes. “You know she’s still waiting for you. She’s not bonded with anyone else and is waiting every day for you to come back.”

A tired sigh escaped Cole’s lips, the man running his fingers through his curly hair and shaking his head. He just continued shuffling out the door, replying to the Pokegirl behind him so softly it was almost impossible to hear. “Yeah… I know...”

Author’s Notes: I’ll be entirely honest? I’m a little disgusted with this chapter, mostly because I ended it at what felt the most proper ending for the chapter… and yet it’s only half the length of chapter one. I know that the length of a chapter doesn’t determine it’s quality, but the fact alone is a hair in the eye for me. Ah well.