Hello everyone.  The first chapter (prologue, really) of my story, Ocean's Seven is now available to read.  Catchy title, I know.  I think it's really original, first of it's kind.  (Truth be told I suck at naming things, and despite knowing the direction the story is going, I couldn't come up with any defining moment that I could name the story after.)


Anyway, the prologue is short (about a fifth the size of each of the subsequent chapters so far, going by word count), and jam packed full of characters.  And yes, I'm doing the typical and 'easy' thing of pulling characters from other media and reshaping them to fit the needs of my story.  If you don't like it, I don't care.  The characters that are going to be central to the story are going to diverge away from their base inspiration soon enough, but if you want to guess who everyone is based on, be my guest.  


That being said, I do care if the story is too quick paced, jumbled, or confusing to read.  If people have too much trouble following what's going on, it's not a good story, is it?  So let me know in the review thread if things are too difficult.


Anyway, here are the links:



Ocean's Seven: Prologue


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