Run For Your Life!




A Shadowrun/Pokégirl World Crossover (AU) by Bosk




Disclaimer: The Pokégirl Multiverse was created by Metroanime and many, many others. Shadowrun the RPG is owned by Catalyst Game Labs and Topps Company. The Shadowrun world was created by many authors too.




Author's note: Mature readers only. If you're not legally old enough in your country or offended by sex, girl-on-girl sex, violence, or swearwords, please read something else. You should be familiar with the Pokégirl World, otherwise you will miss a lot. This is more a raw draft than a full-fledged story. It's fun fiction. Enjoy.




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Chapter 3




A Shadowrun/Pokégirl World Crossover (AU) by Bosk




(chapter start)




Sarah was just finishing her breakfast when Colin walked up to her table.




Good morning, Sarah”




Good morning, Colin”




Hand me your pokédex, please.” Colin asked.




Sarah activated it an handed it over. Colin pulled his out and transferred some information.




I have to give you a reprimand,” Colin told Sarah.




What for?”




Fighting in the mess hall is forbidden. In fact, it's only allowed in the gym.” Colin explained.




Oh. Okay. Will there be a penalty for that?” Sarah asked.




No,” Colin laughed. “Nina got what she deserved. I have to follow the rules though, hence the reprimand.”




He continued: “I've downloaded the ISY Rulebook for you and your taming shedule.”




Explain the taming shedule, please.”




Britta the Supe-Bra-Genius and Suzy the Cyber-Nymph on our team don't belong to a tamer. They're owned by ISY. As the humans on our team it's our responsibility to keep them tamed and sane. Now, Britta has to be tamed only once a month. She tends to forget about that while working and her planning and coding gets more and more bizarre and absolutely useless when she goes more and more feral. It's best to avoid that, so I put both of us in with a taming for her once a month.” Colin said.




Suzy is a Nymph. She needs it often and she wants to get it as often as she can get it. You have her once a week. She can ask for more and you can agree or decline, but once a week you have to tame her. She will ask for more anyway. I have her twice a week. Most often she gets a third taming out of me.” Colin admitted.




Sarah checked her shedule. “Doable,” she agreed.




You have your magic lesson today?” Colin asked.








Then I'll see you tomorrow. We have a nice surprise for you. Have a nice day!”




I'd prefer to spend the day coding. But I'm under orders.” Sarah grumbled. “Have a nice day, too!”




(scene break)




The magic lesson today was about shielding. Sarah spent the morning learning to shield against physical attacks and the afternoon learning to shield her mind. At least mind shielding was somewhat useful. She preferred to duck to relying on a magic shield.




(scene break)




Sarah spent the evening with Cindy. She had given Atmuff a task to fulfill and had balled her.




Cindy had organized an older pokédex model and they took it apart together. They speculated what they could do with the device. They discussed a few ideas then Sarah decided that Cindy should write her own OS. “Be creative. Go wild.” Sarah told Cindy.




They spent the rest of the evening taming for a long time before falling asleep.




(scene break)




The next morning Colin found Sarah and Cindy at her workstation. After greeting them Colin told Sarah to follow him. He led her to a new room. There was a single desk with a workstation and a huge mainframe. A second large monitor stood next to the workstation's monitor and keyboard.




That's the surprise I told you about,” Colin said, “it's an older Supercraze 9. We're using the newest Supercraze 11 now, but this thing has a lot of power under its hood.”




That sounds nice. What's it for?” Sarah asked.




It's for you! Bytesnapper can't stop talking about the virtual room you used to rescue her. We want you to build a better virtual room for our VideoGirls. Bytesnapper said you couldn't get more out of the three workstations you connected.” Colin told her.




You want a playroom for VideoGirls?” Sarah asked.




If you put it that way - yes. We want to see what you can create, too. That's what the second monitor is for.” Colin said. “A virtual playroom can be a great testing environment. I think we'll find a valid use for it soon. This is a stand-alone system, not connected to the outside. You can go all out.”




I have to try the system first, see, what it's capable of.” Sarah mused. “Give me two days and I should come up with something.”




Colin put a heavy brass key on the desk. “Don't let a VideoGirl sneak in. It's supposed to be a surprise.”




A brass key?” Sarah asked and inspected it closely.




Here you can't keep a VideoGirl out with an electronic lock,” Colin explained. “They can unlock those in a fraction of a second. They haven't taken up old-fashioned lock-picking yet.”




Sarah laughed. “I better lock up then.”




(scene break)




The Supercraze 9 was adequate. It had the power for what Sarah had in mind. Building the virtual room was easy, filling it was a little harder and way more time consuming. Before she knew it the day was gone. She wrote a quick, playful security routine and turned the system off.




Sarah made sure to lock the door twice when she left.




In the evening she had the sheduled visit from Suzy and spent a sweaty and fun two hours with the Cyber-Nymph, before she threw her out. She shared another two hours with Atmuff then she fell asleep.




She worked the whole next day on the virtual playroom. Sarah even skipped dinner to get it done.




She went to bed, tamed Atmuff, and slept alone.




(scene break)




The next morning the whole Unit 32 assembled before the Supercraze 9. Codeviper had invited Bytesnapper to the presentation with Sarah's permission.




Sarah turned on the system. A turning 3D Rubik's Cube appeared on the screen.




That's your security?” Bytesnapper asked. “May I try it?”




Sarah grinned and left her seat. “Be my guest.”




The VideoGirl typed into the keyboard and two robotic hands appeared. They quickly moved solving the Cube.




When Bytesnapper had just one last turn to do, the Cube disappeared.




Hey! No fair!” the VideoGirl protested.




The Cube reappeared as it had been when Sarah started the system.




There's a trick to it!” Bytesnapper accused.




Of course there's a trick to it!” Sarah laughed. “It's a simple trick, but my security shouldn't be too ease to overcome. Try for another go?”




You bet.” Bytesnapper stretched out her hand towards the monitor.




Sarah slapped the hand down gently. “No cheating,” she admonished, “and no peeking.”




Bytesnapper grumbled, but put her hands down on the keyboard. She tried different twists to no avail, until she slapped the robotic hands together and the Cube disappeared.




Then it reappeared in it original state.




Violently creative,” Sarah praised tongue-in-cheek, “ but no cigar. Let me have the seat.”




Bytesnapper moved, obviously biting her tongue.




Sarah grabbbed the Cube with the left robotic hand and dragged it to the bottom of the screen. A waste basket appeared and she dropped the Cube in.




Her system booted.




Codeviper whistled softly.




The large screen filled with white fog.




Girls, dive in,” Sarah invited. “I'll turn the video on in a minute or two. Until then you get to explore on your own.”




The VideoGirls vanished into the system.




Don't expect too much,” Sarah told the rest of her team, “it's still quite simple. Only it has a few extras now.”




Sarah turned the video on after two minutes. The fog lifted and a room appeared on the large screen. There was a low table and a comfortable couch behind it, wide enough for three girls. To the left and right of the table were comfortable easy chairs. The floor was covered in thick carpet and wallpapers with a flower pattern on the walls. Warm light filled the room. There was a large window with curtains in the middle of the back wall, a screen with a rotating Rubik's Cube on the left and a painted picture of a deer in front of a forest at sundown on the right. The window looked out on a bright blue sky with moving fluffy white clouds. A vase with flowers stood in the middle of the low table. A door was visible in the right wall.




Codeviper sat in the easy chair to the right while Bytesnapper bounced through the room inspecting everything.




There's sound too.” Sarah said and turned on the loudspeaker.




That's incredible!” Bytesnapper gussed. “I can feel the pattern of the wallpaper under my fingertips!”




And I can smell the flowers,” Codeviper added, “it's marvelous. This chair feels so soft and comfortable.” She stretched.




We should move in.” Bytesnapper suggested. “And throw a party for all the other VideoGirls! Strange that that wall is completely white.”




I suppose that's were the others are looking in,” Codeviper said and waved. “Hi guys!”




That's amazing.” Colin said. “They will not want to leave.”




Sarah laughed. “It's their playroom. If they want to stay, I think it's a success.”




Without a doubt it's a success.” Matt said. “I'd love to see how you coded it.”




I'll show all of you later. For now let the girls have fun.”




Smith had joined them unnoticed until he spoke: “Please get them out now. We have a new mission.”




Sarah typed. The Rubik's Cube vanished and a message appeared: “Please come out now. Mr. Smith is here with a new mission.”




The VideoGirls looked at each other, shrugged at exactly the same time, and disappeared from the virtual room. A blink later they reformed in the real world.




We have a situation at the Indigo border,” Smith told them. “We will move out now.” He looked at Sarah. “Bring Cyber-Atmuff.”




Sarah touched her Pokébelt. “She's here.”




Smith stared. “You keep a Legendary in a ball?” he asked with raised eyebrows.




She makes most people uneasy,” Sarah said, “and after last night she deserved to rest a little longer.”




Smith blinked and shrugged his surprise off. “Let's move. Colin, I need your team at their stations. Miss Berghofer, with me.”




(scene break)




A teleport later found Sarah and Mr. Smith in front of the entrance to an underground bunker. A GunValkyrie stood watch and waved them in after a sharp look at their uniforms. Another armed Pokégirl led them to the mission room. There they found a young, short officer and three Neo-Iczels.




Officer Barker, Miss Berghofer,” Smith made the introductions. “Report.”




We were informed about explosions on the Indigos' side, sir. They do some copper mining there, so it wasn't unusual. The troups stationed here still did a routine recon. They found the Indigos are herding a group of pokégirls here. They informed Command and investigated closer. There are fivteen Manti coming, sir. They'll be close in less than an hour.” Barker reported.




Where are our troops now, Barker?”




They retreated and teleported back, sir. They are in their rooms resting now, sir. We have a CameraGirl doing far distance surveillance.”




Good. Options?” Smith asked.




My Neos can thin them out with distant attacks, sir. It's risky though.” Barker said. “We could use traps or minefields, only there's little time to deploy them.”




You're right, Barker. Not enough time and even distant attacks are too risky. Manti can fly and are extremely fast. I don't like the one to three odds.” Smith said. “I brought an alternative.”




Barker looked at Sarah doubtfully.




You want to use HER?” Sarah asked Smith.




It's an emergency and our best chance.” Smith said. “Manti are not only extremly fast, they are extremely dangerous and absolutely without mercy. There's a village two hours east from here. If the Manti get past us, they will slaughter the whole populace. We have to act now.”




Sarah looked at one of the Neos. “Do I have to expect any trouble from you?”




No, Miss Berghofer, I'm not Nina,” Blaze answered. “My comrades and I are not suicidal.”




Good enough,” Sarah said.




She turned to Officer Barker. “Stay calm, please. There's no danger, if you don't do anything stupid.”




Barker sneered. “I'm a professional, ma'am.”




Sarah removed a pokéball from her ball and released Atmuff.




The Legendary looked around, took in the situation, and focused on the three Neos.




Another lection in manners?” she asked.




Barker gasped and reached for his sidearm.




Stand down, soldier!” Smith snapped at him. “Behave like a professional!”




To his credit Barker did. He was turning pale though.




No, Atmuff, we have a more serious problem.” Sarah said. “There's a swarm of fifteen Manti invading. I'd like you to do some serious carnage, if you feel up to it.”




On a limited setting?” Atmuff asked.




Of course not. Full power. There are people's lives at stake.” Sarah told her.




Atmuff cracked her knuckles. “I'd like that.” She looked at the Neos. “What about them?”




Backup,” Smith said, “they can kill the ones you miss.”




Atmuff grinned showing her sharp teeth. “They'll be bored. Tell them not to get in my way.”




Do you know where the Manti are now?” Smith asked Blaze.




Yes, sir!” Blaze answered.




Then show Cyber-Atmuff the way and stay behind her when you close in.” Smith ordered.




Sarah looked at Atmuff and released her. Mobility 100 %. Weapons on. Combat drug control on.




Kill them all, Atmuff,” Sarah said.




Yes, mistress,” Atmuff turned and followed the three Neos out.




Get me a visual, Barker,” Smith ordered, “and tell your CameraGirl to prepare for extra-slow-motion-recording.”




Yes, sir,” Barker said. “Nicky can only take stills though.” He talked into his military Pokédex and activated a screen on the wall.




We'll get a live report of the combat, sir.” Barker looked shaken. “That was Cyber-Atmuff. I never thought I would stand this close to a Legendary and live.”




The screen went live. The picture showed either the swarm of Manti or Atmuff and the three Neos.




The CameraGirl is teleporting between the shots.” Smith explained for Sarah. He pointed to a small map at the bottom of the screen. “The red dot are the Manti, the blue dot is our team. They should met in less than ten minutes.”




Tell one of your Neos to hang back and film with her pokédex,” Smith told Barker. “I want to have moving pictures.”




Yes, sir.”




They waited standing together watching the two dots on the screen getting closer to each other.




There was one picture of Atmuff closing in on the first snarling Mantis.




Then there was a picture of Atmuff standing, two headless Manti dropping to the ground behind her, the ground littered with Manti corpses.




Barker's pokédex crackled.




Sir, this is Blaze. Mission accomplished. Miss Barker ordered serious carnage. Cyber-Atmuff delivered. Blaze out.” The Neo sounded shaken.




Barker raised his pokédex. “This is Barker. Good job. Make sure the Menaces are dead then incinerate the corpses. Return when done. Barker out.”




A girl with a camera around her neck popped into the room.




She saw me. I retreated.” she declared. She looked around. “Hello, Mr. Smith.”




Smith smiled. “Hello Nicky. Good job.”




The CameraGirl wiped sweat from her brow. “That was frightening. I expected a battle of attrition between our Neos and the Manti not lighning-fast slaughter. Since when do you deploy Legendaries, Mr. Smith?”




That's classified, Nicky. As is this whole incident. Don't brag about it.” Smith said.




Nicky let her shoulders slump. “You're no fun. Let me guess, level five when I blab?” she asked.




No,” Smith grinned. “I put you in a shielded taming room with Cyber-Atmuff and let her decide your punishment.”




The CameraGirl shuddered. “You're no fun.”




This is serious, Nicky. I'm not playing around when Menaces are involved.” Smith told her.




Sarah sat down. “Let's all sit down,” she suggested. “Now we can only wait for their return.”




The other sat down with her.




(scene break)




Twelve minutes later the three Neos walked in.




Blaze saluted. “The Manti are all dead and their corpses burned, sir.”




Where's Cyber-Atmuff?” Smith asked.




She left, sir. She said she wanted to thank the Indigos for sending the Manti her way.” Blaze reported.




She left? And you let her?” Barker asked.




Sir, Cyber-Atmuff went through fifteen Manti in less than a second. We're not even close to that level together. We got out of her way and whished her good luck.” Blaze said.




I like it,” Smith grinned. “The Indigos herded fifteen Manti into our territory and now they get Cyber-Atmuff for their troubles.” He turned to Sarah. “Did you expect this?”




No,” Sarah answered, “I didn't expect her to leave at all. I'm a little shocked she left.”




Do you expect her to come back?” Smith asked.




Sarah shrugged. “I don't know.”




What do you think she will do?” Smith asked.




After scaring the Indigoes I guess she will search for a few scientists to kill,” Sarah speculated, “I have no idea what she plans to do after that.”




Is she a threat?” Barker asked.




Of course she's a threat,” Sarah answered. “She's a Legendary. Be more specific.”




Is she a threat to you and to us?” Barker asked.




I don't think she's a threat to me,” Sarah said, “if she gets close to me, I can access her programming. I don't think she's a threat to us either. I guess she will stay away from Yohto.”




We will have to talk about that later,” Smith said, “for now let's return to the Center.”




(scene break)




The VideoGirl-Center buzzed when Smith, Sarah, Barker, and the three Neo-Iczels returned.




A soldier met them, told Barker to ball all Neos but one, and led them to the Command Center.




The room was filled. People hastened around, compiling data pads with information on a central table.




A gray-haired officer turned to Smith. “The Indigoes are troubled by something. There's a lot of active communication since about half an hour ago.”




Cyber-Atmuff is paying them a vist,” Smith grinned. “My guess is they weren't prepared for her.”




Smith glanced on the pads on the table. “Do you have an idea, what they planned to do after they herded a swarm of fifteen Manti into our territory?”




Hard to say,” the officer answered, “their first priority seemed to have been to get rid of the Manti. No information points towards a staged raid or a planned invasion so far.”




Did they send any warning about the Menaces?” Smith asked.




Not through official channels,” the officer said. “I don't think they planned to tell us at all.”




A VideoGirl Sarah hadn't seen before appeared on a screen.




We listened in on the Indigo communication and we intercepted some digital information. These are the events we know of. Indigo lost contact with a mixed group of soldiers and tamers about 20 minutes ago. Five miles in is a small listening post, six soldiers and their pokégirls on rotation. They were ordered to investigate, but fell silent about 10 minutes ago. There's a mining town ten miles further in and to the south. They sent out a Charlie Angel. She reported that all from the first group were dead about 5 minutes ago and she reported that the soldiers from the listening post are dead just a minute ago. Indigo is teleporting shock troops to the mining town and the listening post right now.”




Well done!” the officer praised. “Keep us informed.”




Yes sir!” The VideoGirl saluted and vanished.




What do you thing Cyber-Atmuff will do?” Smith asked Sarah.




Sarah thought for a moment. “I think she will keep moving, Mr. Smith,” Sarah said. “Indigo's not that big. My guess is she will continue to move west and north to get into Capitol and go into hiding there.”




Is she on a killing spree?” Smith asked.




That's hard to say. I don't think she's that blood-thirsty. It depends on the opposition she encounters. I doubt there's anybody in Indigo who can give her a real challenge.” Sarah said. “I assume Atmuff will move fast and only kill who gets in her way.”




Smith, do I understand that correctly? Cyber-Atmuff is loose?” the gray-haired officer asked.




Yes, Graham. We sent her out to deal with the Manti and she didn't return.” Smith said.




Will she return and massacre us all?” Graham asked.




No, Graham. Cyber-Atmuff will not return. I think she will not visit Yohto for a really long time.” Smith told the officer.




Why are you so sure?” Graham asked.




Miss Berghofer here can control Cyber-Atmuff's programming when she comes into range and is able to shut her down. I doubt the Legendary will risk that.” Smith said. “I'm very sure she will not return to become a puppet again.”




Let's hope you're right. I'd like to believe you.” Graham said. “What happened to the Manti by the way?”




Cyber-Atmuff killed them all within a second, sir.” Barker reported.




Graham's eyes widened in surprise. “Then I'm very glad she's in Indigo now.” he muttered.




Barker return to quarters and gather your girls' reports. I want to see the video material later,” Smith ordered.




Smith turned to Sarah. “We will wait here for the next reports.”




Nearly ten minutes later the VideoGirl appeared on the screen again. “The shock troops have send their first reports. The group of tamers and soldiers close to the border were completely slaughtered. All their Pokégirls are dead, too. A few of the soldiers' weapons are missing. Same goes for the soldiers at the listening post and all their Pokégirls out. Balled Pokégirls were unharmed, but were unaware of the situation until released. The surveillance equipment at the listening post was destroyed. No weapons reported missing there. The troops are searching for a lead on the attackers.”




Smith asked: “Do they have any idea about the attacker?”




They are trying to analyse the slaughter close to the border. The speed and ferocity of the attack leaves them baffled. We predict that they will start search patterns from the two attack sides next.” the VideoGirl said.




Well done. Keep us informed about new developments.” Smith told her.




Yes sir!” The VideoGirl winked out.




Smith turned to Sarah. “If Cyber-Atmuff continues to move northwest at the speed we assume, the Indigos will only find her if they are very unlucky. Return to your quarters and rest. I will call, should we need you here.”




Thank you,” Sarah said and left the Command Center.




(scene break)




Sarah walked into her room and stopped. A pale, thin Pokégirl with blond ringlets in a frilly dress sat on her bed, her hands demurely folded in her lap.




Hello, Sarah,” the strange Pokégirl greeted her. “You have not seen me before. My name is Justine, I am a Megami and I urgently need your help.”




Sarah looked at the Megami closely. “Hello Justine. You don't seem to be in a hurry. What kind of help do you need?”




The Megami smiled. “It is very urgent, but panic will not help me to convince you to come with me in a few minutes.” She took a deep breath. “You are the tamer of the Legendary Cyber-Atmuff and you have unleashed her on the world. You must rein her in! Please.”




I don't know where she is right now,” Sarah told Justine, “I see no way to control her.”




The Megami's smile widened. “I can bring you to her.”




Atmuff will not be happy about that.” Sarah said.




It is for the greater good. I do not want her to go on a slaughter spree.”




That would be bad,” Sarah admitted. “So, what do we do?”




Justine rose from the bed and walked slowly over to Sarah. “Take my hand, please.”




Sarah shouldered her backpack and held out her hand. Justine took the offered hand and they teleported away.




(scene break)




Sarah swallowed when the world reformed around her. Justine let go of her hand and took a step to the side. In front of them stood two tall pokégirls about twenty feet apart argueing in loud voices.


One of the tall pokégirls was Atmuff. Sarah reacted immediately. Mobility 10 %, Weapons off. Combat drug controll off.




Atmuff turned to her, a look of rage on her face. Then she saw the Megami too.




Sorry for the interuption,” the Megami called out, “we are coming in peace.”




The other pokégirl snarled and showed her sharp teeth.




*Be gone!* Sarah heard inside her head.




Sarah looked closely at the new pokégirl. She was about six and a half feet tall with large breasts and had shoulder-length purple hair. She further had a long tail with a thick knob at the end. Her eyes glowed purple. Something was off about her.




Sarah grabbed the already turned around Megami by her dress to stop her from leaving.




We will be gone in a few minutes. Please hear us out.” Sarah called out. “We can't let Atmuff run around unchecked.”




So you want to chain me to you?” Atmuff sneered.




No. I thought more about limiting your powers.” Sarah answered.




Like this?” Atmuff pointed at herself.




Not so low. I thought more about 50 % and weapons only when you're threatened or in danger. My definitions of threat and danger.” Sarah told her.




There is one more thing,” the Megami added surprisingly, “you should meet your tamer at least once a month and get t-tamed. You will need it for your mental health.”




Atmuff glared at the Megami. “She's not my tamer!”




This is our offer,” Justine said, “your powers halfed and a once-a-month visit to your - to Sarah, and you get to roam free the rest of the time, as long as you don't slaughter innocents en masse.”




What is the alternative?” Atmuff asked, still glaring.




Sarah turns you off, stuffs you in a ball, the ball in a poképack, and the poképack will be buried in the thickest, best hidden, and most secure safe I can find.” Justine told her in a polite tone.




Atmuff looked at the other pokégirl. “We can take them out. They are no threat to us.”




*True. Why take out something that is no threat?* Sarah heard inside her head.




Shit, a telepath! Sarah ramped up her meager protection and evoked her magic mind shield.




The pokégirl turned her glowing eyes on Sarah. *Give Cyber-Atmuff her full, unrestrained power and get away.*




Sarah felt the need to obey her. Logik interfered.




No.” Sarah managed to get out. She lowered Atmuff's mobility to 3 %.




Stop it!” Atmuff told the other pokégirl. “She's turning me off.”




The pressure to obey on Sarah lessened.




Please accept our offer,” Justine begged, “I know I am no threat to you, but enough of my sisters will be, especially in your current condition.”




*She has a point.* the other pokégirl commented, her brow furrowed.




Atmuff gnashed her teeth. “I will comply.”




Justine smiled for the first time. “I want your word, please.”




Atmuff glared at the Megami: “I give my word that I will visit Sarah once a month and not slaughter any undeserving humans in exchange for my freedom.”




Sarah?” Justine asked. “Is that good enough for you?”




Sarah smiled at Atmuff. “Atmuff gave her word. I believe her.” She raised Atmuff's mobility to 50 %. “See you in four weeks.”




Sarah turned to the other pokégirl. “May I ask you a question?”




The strange pokégirl frowned. *You may.*




What kind of crap do you have in your head? Who is the hack who blundered through the code?” Sarah asked.




*You can sense what I have in my head?*




Yes, I'm a coder and I have a few cyber-upgrades myself. But I never sensed such a botched-up job.” Sarah told the purple-haired pokégirl. “It's fixable though.”




*You think you can repair the thing inside my head?* The pokégirl stared unbelieving at Sarah.




I can straighten, fix, improve, and change the program in that thing. If the device itself is damaged I can't repair it inside your head.”




*It is a malfunctioning control program for me. Stopping it from trying to control me and causing me pain would be an improvement. How would you do this?*




I have my deck in my backpack. It's kind of a special keyboard. I would contact it with two needles to your head to access the program.” Sarah told her.




The purple-haired pokégirl turned to Atmuff. *You know her. Is she trustworthy?*




She is.” Atmuff answered without hesitation.




*You may try.* the other Pokégirl told Sarah.




Lie down, please. You're too tall and this will take a while, an hour or two, maybe. It's easier when you're comfortable.”




The pokégirl gave Sarah a look and complied.




Sarah sat down behind her head indian style and pulled her keyboard out of ther backpack. She rummaged through the backpack until she found a cable she connected to her keyboard.




This may prick a little. It's not an attack.” Sarah said and pricked two needles at the other end of the cable into the pokégirl's cranium. “Close your eyes, try to relax, and don't use your powers. It makes my work easier - and faster.”




Sarah activated her deck and began to work. It was worse than she had thought. There were whole parts of code missing, other parts looked like Swiss cheese, and the rest remained a primary example for bad and sloppy coding. The device seemed mostly intact. Nothing Sarah could do there anyway. The code was the bigger challenge now. Sarah smiled and thought of new parameters for this OS. Then she implanted them.




Sarah pulled out and swiped sweat from her forehead. She powered down her deck, pulled the needles gently out of the pokégirls head, and put deck and cable away.




I'm done. How does it feel now?” Sarah asked.




The pokégirl opened her eyes. Sarah saw a flash of dark blue before they started to glow. The pokégirl levitated herself to a standing postion. She looked around and focused on a tree about 400 feet away. The tree crumpled as if crushed by a giant, invisible fist.




*Better. There's only a slight pain. What did you do?*




I did a lot of things. Basically I turned the control program into a very sophisticated calculator and med scanner. You should be able access it with your thoughts.” Sarah told her. “There are a few extras, but they are beneficial. You will discover them on your own.”




*There is no more control program?*




Nobody will be able to control you through the device or its program.” Sarah said. “Your name is Moan2?”




*Moantwo. That's what I've been called.* Moan2 answered.




Is there a Moan1?” Sarah asked. “Just curious.”




You didn't read all the Legendary entries in the Pokédex?” Atmuff asked with a grin. Then she answered. “There is a Moan, yes.” And she winked.




Sarah dusted off her hands and stood up. “Okay, we're done. What now?”




Justine stepped close to Sarah. “I will take you back.”




Atmuff nodded towards Moan2. “I will go with her.”




Justine grabbed Sarah's arm to teleport her away. The last words Sarah heard were:




She offered me sanctuary.”




(end chapter/end story)




Author's note: That's it for now. Two Legendaries in three chapters is absurd, but realism wasn't the main theme of this story. There are many themes untouched, Megami for example. It might be fun to explore a world reacting to a sane Cyber-Atmuff and a Moantwo with a slightly kinder attitude towards humanity.