Run For Your Life!




A Shadowrun/Pokégirl World Crossover (AU) by Bosk




Disclaimer: The Pokégirl Multiverse was created by Metroanime and many, many others. Shadowrun the RPG is owned by Catalyst Game Labs and Topps Company. The Shadowrun world was created by many authors too.




Author's note: Mature readers only. If you're not legally old enough in your country or offended by sex, girl-on-girl sex, violence, or swearwords, please read something else. You should be familiar with the Pokégirl World, otherwise you will miss a lot. This is more a raw draft than a full-fledged story. It's fun fiction. Enjoy.




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Chapter 2




A Shadowrun/Pokégirl World Crossover (AU) by Bosk




(chapter start)




Sarah and Cindy spent the morning getting clothes for Sarah's new Byte Bitch. Cindy preferred pants with lots of pockets and wide shirts. Sarah bought a used trench coat for Cindy, new combat boots, a big travel bag for all their clothes, and a backpack for Cindy. Underwear and toileteries finished their shopping list. It set Sarah back another 35,000 SLC.




After returning to the Pokécenter Sarah called Mr. Smith to set up a meeting. Smith met her an hour later in the conference room, where Sarah had interviewed Cindy, and they started to negotiate Sarah's contract. In the end Smith agreed to the tripled salary, canceled the raise, and changed the termination time to four weeks after announcement. Smith further added a renegotiation of salary after one year.




Smith told Sarah that she'd work at the ISY VideoGirl-Center close to the capital. She'd have to take a one month abreviated basic training course every ISY agent had to go through. Sarah didn't mind and they both signed the final contract.




(scene break)




Time flew by. The ISY training university was on the outskirts of the capital, and Sarah had easily fallen into the the rhythm of basic training. There were the expected courses of procedure, Yohto Law, armed and unarmed basic combat, and, of course, programing as well as tech. Unfamiliar to Sarah were the courses of pokégirl care and pokégirl combat. During the end of training there was even a basic course on magic. Most candidates were younger than Sarah, between eighteen and twenty. Most of them had a tamer background or a previous career in law enforcement.




Sarah was top of her class in programing. She did well on procedure, Yohto Law, and the theory of pokégirl care and combat. She sucked in pokégirl combat practice though and had lost all her training battles with a new pokégirl each time the university provided. She held her own in armed and unarmed combat and was in the upper third of her class there. Then they had their first course of introduction to magic.




The class had gathered in their classroom and waited for the instructor. Sarah sat together with the other programmers in the middle of the classroom.




The instructor walked in. She was a thin, tall women wearing the black suit of the YSI agents. Around her neck was a shawl covered in astrological symbols. The class stood to great her.




Good morning class. Please sit down.” she said in a surprisingly deep voice.




Goond morning, instructor!” the class answered and sat down.




Today's lecture is introduction to magic. The talent for magic in humans is rare, though it's not that rare in pokégirls. As an agent in the field you have to be able to identify magic, to protect yourself from it, and to use your magic pokégirls optimally.”




She continued: “I am Theresa Harding. I'm a mage. Let us start with a simple exercise. Calm yourself and breath evenly, like you do before an aimed shot. Hold out your main hand and imagine a small ball of light ten inches above it. I will demonstrate.”




The female mage held out her left hand and a ball of yellow light the size of a pokéball appeared above it.




That is the most basic light spell,” she explained. “Now, almost all of you will not be able to call one into existence. But if you try, you might feel something.”




She extinguished her light ball. “Please try now. Don't be frustrated, if you don't get a result.”




Like the others Sarah held out her hand and pretended to concentrate.




An excited squeal came from her right. The girl there had managed to produce a light ball. It was slowly getting bigger.




Stop feeding it,” Sarah whispered, “it's getting too big.”




I don't know how.” The girl sounded terrified.




The instructor noticed the growing light ball. “Stop at once!” she ordered.




I can't!” the girl cried.




The ball grew bigger and became a fire ball.




Sarah sighted, reached over, and snuffed out the ball. Then she used the back of the same hand to slap the girl's cheek. The girl raised her hand to rub her slapped cheek and stared woundedly at Sarah.




Sorry,” Sarah said, “I had to snap you out of it before you burned something or somebody.”




The girl's eyes widened in understanding.




You in the back row. Stop concentrating on your light ball and let it fade out!” the female mage ordered. “Good control. Thank you.”




She strode over to Sarah and the girl. “Now what do we have here?” she asked.




The instructor looked at the girl. “You're obviously a raw talent. Meet me after class.” She looked towards the back row. “You too.”




Then she turned to Sarah. “You are obviously more than a raw talent. Why aren't you in mage school?”




I have no interest in magic. I'm a coder.” Sarah answered.




We'll see about that. Meet me after class.”




The female mage returned to the front of the class and resumed her lecture. She refrained from further practical experiments.




(scene break)




After class Sarah considered slipping out, but she decided against that. No doubt the female mage would search for her. She went with the other two to meet the instructor.




Tell me your names,” Harding asked.




Peter Brownstone”




Cecilia Goldleaf”




Sarah Berghofer”




Harding looked each of them in the eyes before she continued. “You all have at least some talent for magic. We will have to test you further to find out about your potential. ISY is always in need of mage agents.”




The mage shot a hard look at Sarah. “That's not up for debate. All of you, come with me now.”




She turned around, expecting them to follow.




(scene break)




Sarah was exhausted when she returned to her room that evening. Harding and a few of her colleagues had run the three agent candidates through a battery of tests. Cecilia and Peter had been exciting about the prospect of becoming mages. Sarah was not. Code was reliable. Magic not so much. She had seen more than one street shaman burn out on a bad run, and don't talk to her about ritual magic gone bad. Ever.




(scene break)




Sarah was not surprised to see Mr. Smith waiting for her after breakfast.




Good morning, Miss Berghofer. Let's talk. You're excused from your next lesson.”




Good morning, Mr. Smith”




They went into a small office room and sat down to talk.




I'm aware, you said no to my question if you were a mage,” Mr. Smith began, “and you did state you have no interest in magic. Mrs. Harding was very excited about discovering your talent.”




I'm no mage,” Sarah said. “Yes, I have the talent and I've received the basic training not to mess up. I never wanted to be a mage.”




Like Mrs. Harding said, we're always looking for agents with the talent.”




Where does that leave us now?” Sarah asked.




Good mages are very rare and very sought after. But your programming talents are unique and we still want you to work at our VideoGirl-Center.” Smith answered.




That's good.”




You will have to continue your mage training though. After basic training you'll go on to advanced programing for the next month, before you will join us at the VG Center. You will spend half of your advanced training on magic and for one day of every week you will continue your mage training. That's the best I can offer, until you want to become a full time mage agent.”




It could be worse. I accept.” Sarah agreed.




Good. Thank you. Please don't mess around and hold back during mage training. I'd like Mrs. Harding to be very envious of the talented mage coder on my team.” Smith said with a wink.




I can do that.” Sarah said with a grin.




(scene break)




Five weeks later Sarah finished her basic and advanced training in the upper fifth of her class. She was glad that was done. There was a small ceremony and Mr. Smith was there to congratulate her in person. After a long round of good-byes Cecilia and Peter were whisked away by the magic department. The others left to start their careers as junior agents at different locations. Mr. Smith helped Sarah collect her things and brought her to the VideoGirl-Center. He gave her a quick tour and showed her to her new, comfortable room. They met in the mess hall for dinner then Smith left to let Sarah settle in. Sarah spent the evening filling Cindy in and taming her, then she went to bed early.




(scene break)




Sarah's first day was spend with introductions and a more in-depth tour. Smith led her around and showed her all the important places and introduced her to some of the people around.




I'm going to show you your workplace later. We're going to visit our amorer first. Usually you'd get your duty piece now, but I know you have that covered.” Smith told her.




The armorer was a Romanticide named Sigrid. She was very interest in Sarah's Colt America 36L and her back-up piece, because she hadn't seen those guns before. She was less impressed with Sarah's three knives.




I can get you ammo for your guns,” Sigrid told Sarah, “and a decent dagger for a price, if you're interested.”




Ammo's always good,” Sarah said. “I have no need for another knife. I'd have to mess up badly to have to need one.”




You can't have too many knives,” the Romanticide disagreed. “In a tight spot a good knife will save your life. Let me show you what I have in mind.”




She pulled out a slim, long dagger from below the counter. It was a matte black and had a round pommel at the end of the handle.




Take it and feel the balance. It's easy to hide and it's tougher than it looks.” The Romanticide invited.




Sarah weighted the knife in her hand and considered her options. While she didn't need another knife, being on their armorer's good side might be useful later. She inspected the dagger more closely.




It's very well made,” she stated, “how much do you want for it?”




300,000 SLC”




That's expensive.” Sarah turned to Mr. Smith. “What do you think?”




It's custom made by Sigrid. She doesn't offer her custom knives often. I'd take it.” Mr. Smith said. He winked. “With your salary you can afford it.”




Thanks. I'll take it, Sigrid, if you throw in a sheath.” Sarah told Sigrid.




All my knives come with a handmade sheath.” Sigrid sounded slightly offended as she placed a black leather sheath on the counter.




Sarah handed her pokédex over to finish the transaction.




(scene break)




Sarah spent the morning in briefings about the Capitol, Sunshine, and Indigo Leagues, Yohto's next neighbours.




One instructor said it best: “We spy on them, they spy on us. It's pretty much status quo.”




After lunch Sarah finally got to sit down at her workstation for the first time to make herself familiar with the equipment. The programing was quite decent, well documented and very by-the-book. Sarah could work with that.




Smith stepped into Sarah's field of vision.




Let's meet your team,” he said.




Sarah followed him to another conference room. It was empty.




You can let your Byte Bitch out,” Smith told Sarah. “She'll be part of this.”




Thanks,” Sarah said and released Cindy.




We're meeting our new team, Cindy,” Sarah explained, “listen and learn. Only talk when you're asked a direct question.”




Yes, mistress,” Cindy complied.




Four people entered the room. Codeviper followed in a moment later.




Please take a seat,” Smith said, “I'll start the introductions. These are Sarah Berghofer and her Byte Bitch Cindy. Sarah is the coder that retrieved Bytesnapper after she was fragmented by a magical trap. You all should have read the reports.”




The man over there is Colin Thorne. He is the team leader. Colin has five years as a field agent under his belt and has been working here for another four years. He's a good coder, but his real strength is team leading. Listen to him, he will lead you well.”




Next to him is Matt Smith, no relation. Matt is one of our best coders and he and his Data Dog Betty tend to your equipment. There's a friendly competition between Betty and Marion, the Mecha Musume who's in charge of all our equipment.”




Then you have Britta Bright, your team's Supe-Bra-Genius. Britta is an excellent trouble-shooter. In fact, except cooking, there's nothing she isn't very good at.” Smith softened his words with a friendly smile.




Second to last we have Suzy, one of our Cyber-Nymphs. She's our specialist for data handling, sifting, and archieving. Don't let her pink hair fool you. She's the best at what she does.”




Last but not least we have Codeviper, one of our more experienced VideoGirls. You will work with her. It pays to listen to her, but as the team leader Colin will make the ultimate decisions.”




Smith looked around and smiled. “Unit 32 has been great before. With the addition of Miss Berghofer I expect you to blow everybody's mind.”




He leaned back. “I'm giving you an easy warm-up mission. A Team base has been discovered in the deep south of Yohto. We have the report of the tamer who stumbled upon it, and is now supposed to be MIA or KIA. At best he is held prisoner at this Team's base. We have high altitude pictures from a StarScream and some of their encrypted comm data. Your task is to decrypt the data and plan a successful raid for one of our combat teams.”




Smith grinned. “I suggest to let Miss Berghofer have a go at the encrypted data. Please ask Matt, if you need help. Colin and Britta should start planning the raid.”




Smith stood. “Get to it. I expect results tomorrow afternoon at the latest.”




After some handshaking and trying to memorize all names, Sarah was back at her workstation. Suzy showed her how to access the encrypted data.




Cindy, have a look at this,” Sarah asked, “what do you think?”




It's not a very good encryption, mistress.” Cindy said after one long look.




Sarah stood up and pointed to her vacant chair. “Decrypt it. You can take more than a minute.”




Cindy sneered. “Take my time, mistress.” Then she hastily added: “Please.”




Relax. You can do this. I'll take your time. Start now.” Sarah said and startet the timer on her pokédex.




Done, mistress.”




33 seconds. Well done, Cindy.” Sarah praised. “Now let's look at the message. That's strange.”




Sarah turned to Cindy. “Please find Colin Thorne and ask him to come here. If Britta Bright is with him, please ask her to come too. Be very polite.”




Yes, mistress.”




Sarah turned back to her screen and studied the line of numbers. It couldn't be that easy, could it? She wrote a short program to check. It was that simple. A varying letter code, starting with +1, -1, going up to +5, -5, and then down again to +1, -1, no variation. What a hack!




She stared at the decoded message.




Experiment 500-739-55-03 successful. Indoctrination running. Useful in 10 days, error margin 1-3. Expect next rate of payment now.”




Sarah decrypted the rest of the messages, but they were all like the first, about experiments, failures, and demands for payment.




Cindy returned together with Colin and Betty and Sarah showed them their finds.




It looks like they're long-term running experiments on pokégirls or people,” Colin said. “That's unusual for a Team. Might be a crazy scientist working with a Team.”




The encryption was bad and the letter code simple,” Sarah stated, “that's not the work of a scientist.”




Our combat team could meet enhanced pokégirls or even unknown splices.” Britta said. “We have to change our plans accordingly.”




We need more information,” Sarah said, “can we send Codeviper in?”




It's an option,” Colin agreed, “though with the limited information we have right now it's a risk. Have you noticed that information goes out, but none comes in? Either the receiver doesn't answer or they use another method of communications.”




I'd use a teleport-cabable pokégirl,” Sarah said, “she'd be invisible for communication overwatch and impossible to follow when she starts from a hidden location. She can transport cred sticks and other desired materials on her person. No custom checks either.”




That's a very good idea. We have to consider that to.” Colin said. “Send a copy of all decrypted messages to Suzy and keep an eye out for new messages.”




Cindy can do that.” Sarah suggested.




Okay. Then come with me. We're sending Codeviper on a scouting mission.”




(scene break)




Codeviper reformed over the central workstation and drifted to the floor.




Success,” she beamed, “they have cameras nearly everywhere, exept in the main lab and one sealed side lab. Let me download the digital map now.”




Codeviper connected to the workstation while she kept talking. “There are six Team tamers with four pokégirls each. There's a team of four scientists with two pokégirls, probably G-Poindexters. It's possible there are more persons and Pokégirls in the labs without cameras.”




Anything on the missing tamer?” Colin asked.




Sorry, I found nothing about him.” Codeviper answered.




Great job anyway, Codeviper. Now we can plan our raid.” Colin said.




Did you notice any traces of magic?” Sarah asked.




None in the areas I got access to.”




Thank you.”




Let's get the whole team together and plan,” Colin said, “I want to brief Mr. Smith in an hour.”




Didn't he give us time until tomorrow afternoon?” Sarah asked.




He did and he said 'at the latest'. I know him good enough to know that he wants results as fast as he can get them. We're going to impress him.” Colin grinned.




(scene break)




Mr. Smith woke up Sarah in the middle of the night. “The raid was a success, but the last living Team member killed all the scientists before our team got him. A G-Poindexter barricaded herself in the main lab and our team can't get in. They can't get in the side lab either. We have to get there now! Get dressed and bring your stuff. I'm waiting here.”




Sarah and Cindy got dressed in a hurry. Sarah took her stuff, looked around, and opened the door. There stood Smith with an unfamiliar pokégirl.




Recall your Byte Bitch, please. We're going to teleport out.”




Sarah did recall Cindy. The pokégirl grabbed her wrist, reached for Smith's and they were gone.




They arrived on a hill looking down at a small house.




That's the entrance.” Smith said. “The installation is underground. We have a teleport block on it, so no one can get in or out. Let's go.”




A Gun Bunny met them at the door and led them to the main lab. Soldiers in black uniforms lingered around as well as a few armed pokégirls. Sarah noticed that they wore no collars. Presenting an enemy with a choking device was a bad idea anyway.




Report!” Smith called out.




One man stepped forward. “The installation is secured, sir. But we can't get into the main lab. Our entry specialist is baffled by the door security and we don't want to blow the door in.”




Have you secured the cellar?” Sarah asked.








This is an underground installation. Chances are high there is at least a second level, with a hidden entrance. Have you found it yet?” Sarah asked.




No, ma'am, but we will look for it now.” He gestured to two soldiers who left with their pokégirls.




Sarah turned to Smith. “Let me have a look at the door.”




A Byte Bitch knelt beside the door, her military Pokédex connected to the door panel.




I'm sorry, sir, I cannot get it open. It changes code whenever I think I have it.”




Sarah looked at the panel and gasped. “That's a Mitsubishi 9000. That shouldn't be here.”




What do you mean?” Smith asked.




That's technology from my world. This Team has access to different dimensions.”




Wow. Can you get it open?”




I can, with my technology. This is going to be tough. Don't talk until the door opens, please. I have to concentrate.” Sarah said.




She asked the Byte Bitch to remove her stuff, then Sarah pulled out her deck, connected it to the plug at the back of her neck and then to the door panel. Then she dove into the matrix.




Thankfully it was the basic edition without any enhancements or updates. There wasn't even any ICE. Still, overcoming the encryption was a challenge. It took Sarah over two minutes to break the code and change it. She resurfaced.




Smith stared at her. “We will talk about your technology later.” he said.




Sarah nodded. “Get your team ready. We can go in.”




Three minutes later a group of five soldiers and ten armed pokégirls had assembled.




We're about to enter unknown territory.” Smith said. “Be very careful and only fire if you have a clear shot. I want that G-Point alive. Nina,” he pointed to the only Neo-Ixcel, “you will take her down.”




Yes sir!”




You and you,” Smith pointed at two Gun Bunnies, “are responsible for Miss Berghofer's protection. Except for the G-Point, kill anything that looks at her wrong!”




Yes sir!” the Gun Bunnies answered with matching blood-thirsty grins and saluted.




Sarah had stowed her deck and shouldered her backpack by then.




On Smith's nod, she typed “open” into the pad and the door clicked open.




One soldier pushed the door open and the pokégirls rushed in, Nina first. There was the noise of bodies hitting the floor hard then nothing.




Clear!” one soldier sounded.




Mr. Smith entered the lab. The two Gun Bunnies followed and Sarah followed them.




There were two rows of five human-sized capsules along the side of the room and two at the other end of the room. There were two workstations to each capsule. The capsules were filled with pokégirls with two exceptions. One capsule held the missing tamer. The other was empty.




Look for hidden entrances. Check the floor, too!” Smith commanded. “Nina, bring the G-Point here.”




The Neo-Ixcel brought a G-Point forward, holding her by the scruff of her neck. The girl cradled her right arm. The Neo hadn't been gentle in her takedown.




You're a prisoner of ISY now,” Smith told the Pokégirl. “Tell me what's going on here and be very helpful and you might avoid a level-five.”




He looked at Nina. “Loosen your grip. She has to breath to answer.”




I'm Anna,” the G-Poindexter said, “the Team bought me on Pokébay. I had no choice but to obey. As you can see, they were working on pokégirls here. They wanted to 'cyber' them up. That's what they told me at least. They worked on improving pokégirl strength and speed through cybernetic implants. They had some successes with the technology, but they had problems with the pokégirls adapting to it.”




There's a lot indepth information on the computers. They relayed on the off-world lock for security, so the data here isn't encrypted. Nobody was supposed to be able to break that lock.”




Nina, search for her pokéball, recall her, and bring her to me. If she gives you any trouble, break a few more bones.” Smith commanded.




Wait,” Sarah said, “what do you know about the sealed side lab?”




Nothing,” the G-Point said, “my task here was data input. They didn't tell me anything more than I had to know.”




Thank you. Find her ball, Nina, please.” Sarah said.




Nina nodded and dragged the G-Point away.




We'll have to get a team of our scientists here,” Smith said. “They'll be very interested in cybernetics.”




Let's take a look at this sealed lab,” Sarah suggested.




Yes,” Smith agreed. “Two man with their pokégirls stay here on guard. The rest with me. The Gun Bunnies are still on bodyguard duty.”




(scene break)




The sealed lab was held shut by two connected Mitsubishi 9000. That was obvious overkill.




What's on the other side is either extremely valuable or extremely dangerous,” Sarah stated. “Two connected Mitsubishi 9000 are overkill.”




Can you open it?” Smith asked.




I feel a little rusty. Give me ten minutes.”




Sarah connected her deck and plugged in. She prepared a few tools in advance then dove in. The same set-up as before, but the connection was trouble. She twinned herself and worked both locks at the same time. Finally the code broke and she could change it. She resurfaced and stood up. She disconnected her desk, but kept it in hand.




This feels bad,” she told Smith, “let's get it over with.”




She typed “Open” on the first pad and “Sesame” on the second. The door clicked open.




There was only on silver human-sized capsule and a single Mitsubishi tower connected to it.




Sarah had a bad feeling and connected her deck to the tower, diving straight in.




Risky, but again there was no ICE. The whole set-up was brutally simple. Everything was tuned to keep the entity in the silver capsule in check. Sarah gasped, when she read the specs. Who'd put a bomb in a body? Sarah dove deeper.




It was an OS for a powerful Pokégirl. Some crackpot had named it Muffy Operating System. The OS was a wet dream for control freaks. Even combat bots had less detailed routines. Everything could be controlled with this OS. The controls went directly to the pain and lust centers in the Pokégirl's brain. That was better than combat drugs, though the injectors for those were there too.




Sarah decided on the spot to own this system and rewrote it to herself. She deactivated the internal bomb control and added an extremly complicated activation code that needed her specific voice input too. Then she deactivated most movement control, leaving only the head free. She added a few more commands before she saved her work and encrypted the access using her deck. Time to meet Muffy. She resurfaced.




What did you do?” Smith asked.




What I had to do to keep us safe,” Sarah said. “Let us have a look at who's inside that capsule.”




She walked to the console and accessed the interface. After a minute she had understood it.




I will turn the capsule transparent now. Then I will open it.” she announced. “The pokégirl inside can't move anything except her head. Let's be careful though.” Sarah hit the first button.




The capsule became transparent. Inside was a tall, muscular cat-type, her pinkish skin covered in odd patches of steel, giving her an exotic, cybered-up look. Her light green eyes glared at them.




The capsule's door hissed open.




I will kill you all and feast on your bones!” the cat-type hissed.




You're name isn't really Muffy, is it?” Sarah asked. “And you can't move, if you haven't noticed yet.”




The cat-type turned her light green eyes on Sarah and glared. “I'm Atmuff, human.”




I'm Sarah, cat.” Sarah countered.




Atmuff turned her head and took in the others. “You're the only one not afraid of me,” the cat-type stated with a smug grin.




Sarah turned around and saw that Smith had gone pale. The Gunbunnies had leveled their guns at Atmuff, two soldiers as well, and the third was talking animatedly on his comm.




Sarah looked at Smith. “What's the big deal?” she asked.




That's Cyber-Atmuff. She's a Legendary. I always thought and hoped she'd be a legend. She's extremely dangerous, absolutely lethal, and considered insane. No human has ever survived an encounter with her.”




She's not dangerous now. And the humans who crafted these cybernetics onto her obviously survived.” Sarah said.




No, they did not. I killed most of them.” Atmuff corrected her.




Sarah turned back to Atmuff. “And you're still here, cat. Somebody got the better of you again.”




A temporary setback.”




Sarah laughed. “You're an optimist. I like that.” She turned serious. “Let's discuss options. This is a cryo-unit. We can leave you here in a deep freeze and explode the bomb inside you after taking the lab apart and getting far enough away.”




Sarah ignored the hard stare from Atmuff and continued. “Or we could turn off your movement and your senses completely and get our scientists in here to analyze you, before they take you apart.”




Or you could play nice and come with us like a well-behaved pokégirl. You'd have to serve us of course and I imagine there will be a lot of limits, but it sure will be better than staying here.”




You want me to serve you, human? I'm a Legendary!” Atmuff protested.




So what? Deep down you are still a pokégirl. I've told you the options. Now choose.” Sarah said.




Let me free and I will not kill you and yours. That's my counter-offer.” Atmuff said.




That's your pitch? It sucks. Can you do better?”




Sarah,” Mr. Smith said, “perhaps we should talk this over?”




Sarah turned around. “You want me to let her go?” she asked.




No, let's go outside and talk. I don't want her to listen in.” Smith said.




Okay. She's not going anywhere. Bye Muffy. I'll be back in a short while.”




The team and Sarah left the room. Sarah shut the door and the whole team sat down. Sarah noticed for the first time, that Smith wasn't the only one covered in sweat.




Fuck! Cyber-Atmuff! This is a desaster in the making.” Smith groaned. “You're either very brave or you have no idea who you're dealing with.”




Sarah shrugged. “There was not much about Legendaries on my Pokédex. They're so rare, that I thought I'd never meet one.”




If she finds the slightest chance, she will kill us all happily and munch on our bones,” Smith said, “I can't emphase enough how absolutely lethal she is.”




She's mostly cyborg now. That I can control.” Sarah said. “The pokégirl may be a bit more difficult, but in the end she's still a pokégirl.”




You're overconfident, Sarah. This can turn into a clusterfuck faster than Atmuff can blink.”




I can handle her. If she's too much for me, we can still terminate her.” Sarah said.




Smith sighed. “Okay, give it a try. She might still choose death though.”




Sarah shrugged. “Then that's her choice. I'll go find out.”




Sarah keyed the door open again and stepped into the lab.




Atmuff glared at her. “You're back, human.”




I said I'd be back, cat. What do you choose?” Sarah asked.




Does it matter? Your commander wants me dead.”




He wants to stay alive. That's different. Tell me your choice now, please.” Sarah said.




I don't want to stay here,” Atmuff admitted, “but I doubt I'll be a good well-behaved Pokégirl.”




You can learn,” Sarah said, “I'm willing to give you a chance.”




You are giving me a chance, human? That's laughable.” Atmuff sneered.




I don't see you laughing. It's a simple choice: die or live and serve. The war has been over for centuries, Atmuff. Time to adapt.”




Atmuff lowered her head slightly. “Live and serve,” she whispered.




Good choice. Let's seal the deal with a kiss.” Sarah announced and dragged a chair over to the suspended Legendary and climbed on the chair. She turned Atmuff's head towards her and pressed her lips on Atmuff's. The Legendary gasped and Sarah used her chance to slip her tongue in and briefly entangled Atmuff's before retracting it quickly. As expected Atmuff bit down and drew blood from Sarah's lip. Sarah grinned and mashed her lips against Atmuff's. Then she leaned back. Atmuff licked Sarah's blood involuntarily from her lips.




Spit and blood, Muffy, human DNA. You're bonding to me right now.” Sarah laughed.




Atmuff's eyes widened in understanding.




Now for your reward,” Sarah grinned and snipped her fingers. Atmuff's head trashed in a powerful orgasm when Sarah hit her in the forehead with a Pokéball. The ball wiggled fiercely then the capture tone sounded.




I caught a Legendary!” Sarah laughed and put Muffy's ball on her belt.




Smith would shit a brick.




(scene break)




A thorough and very long debriefing followed. While their finds were important and they still had to find the Team's backers, the capture of Cyber-Atmuff was the main theme. They discussed the pros and cons for so long, that Sarah nearly fell asleep. Without any relevant decision made, Sarah went to bed at 11:00.




When Sarah woke, she knew what to do. With Smith's help she found the most secure and heavily shielded taming room and set things up to her liking.




Then she released Cyber-Atmuff into the heavy restraints on the bed.




Hello Atmuff,” Sarah greeted her. “I decided we both need a thorough taming to get to know each other better. I've given you back 5 % of your movement, so you should be able to move like a weak human. Your weapons and attacks remain offline, of course. I'm gonna lick you to orgasm, then you'll return the favor and then I'm gonna lick you for a second go. We won't be using the tech inside you. These times will happen naturally. Oh, no biting this time.”




Sarah was going to have so much fun.




(scene break)




Much later Sarah asked: “Is this good?” and wriggled her fingers inside Atmuff. She pinched one of the Legendary’s nipples with her other hand. Who had known Atmuff was so sensitive there?




A little more to your left and a little deeper,” Atmuff moaned, “please.”




Sarah pinched the nipple a little harder. “Answer my question, Muffy.”




It's great,” Atmuff moaned and wiggled weakly in her restraints.




Good girl, Muffy,” Sarah praised and moved her fingers a little deeper and to the left.




I don't know what's worse,” Atmuff groaned, “being called 'Muffy' or your desire to be called 'mistress'. Ahh!”




You'll learn to live with both and enjoy it, Muffy,” Sarah told her and pinched the other nipple. Then she brought her thumb down on Atmuff's clit and moved her fingers a little deeper. There! Sarah rubbed her thunb and fingers against each other, her thumb on Atmuff's clit and her fingertips on Atmuff's g-point. Atmuff trashed.




You may come for your mistress now, Muffy,” Sarah whispered and leaned down to kiss the trashing Pokégirl.




It was a great kiss and even in the throws of passion Atmuff was very careful not to bite Sarah.




Sarah leaned back and continued to pinch Atmuff's nipples slightly while still rubbing her clit, until Atmuff's third orgasm passed.




What do you say now, Muffy?” Sarah grinned.




Thank you, mistress.” Atmuff groaned.




Good girl,” Sarah praised, “now it's your turn again, Atmuff.”




She changed her position and lowered herself on Atmuff's face. The pokégirl started licking her eagerly.




(scene break)




Sarah let the exhausted Atmuff out of her restraints later and they cuddled and talked. Atmuff didn't like to cuddle at first, but she was too weak to resist, and during their talk she melted into Sarah.




Sarah raised Atmuff's mobility to 15 %, strong unenhanced human, and they took separate showers in her room. Then she provided Atmuff with an uniform and they went down to the mess hall to have a late dinner. The few pokégirls there gave them a wide berth. All went well until Nina came in and went straight to their table.




How the mighty have fallen,” the Neo-Iczel sneered, “a Legendary a tamed pet. Are you even the real Atmuff?”




Are you insane to provoke her?” Sarah asked and raised Atmuff's mobility to 50 %. “Things were going so well until you opened your stupid mouth. Atmuff, break her jaw, please.”




Crack! A blink later Nina was on the ground, Atmuff towering over her and glowering down at the Neo.




Do you want me to end this trash, mistress?” Atmuff asked in a low voice.




No, thank you, Atmuff. Nina, you may leave the room on your knees and search for your tamer to get balled and healed. Atmuff, if she rises before she leaves the room, you may bring me her head. Now crawl away, Nina, and never provoke Atmuff again. Or I will let her choose how to deal with you.” Sarah gave her orders.




Nina crawled away. Atmuff followed her out of the door then returned to her seat.




Thank you for allowing me to teach this trash a lesson, mistress. You made an enemy today.” Atmuff said.




The stupid bitch had it coming,” Sarah grumbled, “thank you for not taking her apart, Atmuff. I'm sorry she provoked you.”




Atmuff shrugged. “She was half right. I'm a tamed Legendary. I'm no pet though.”




Sandra winked. “But I so like petting you.”




The mighty Legendary blushed. Slightly.




Mr. Smith ran in in with a heavily armed team. They surrounded Sarah's table.




What's going on, Mr. Smith?” Sarah asked.




Cyber-Atmuff attacked Nina unprovoked. She's out of control!”




Sarah looked at Atmuff sipping her cup of tea.




She's not out of contral, Mr. Smith, or this area would be a slaughterhouse. Have you checked the video-feed?” Sarah asked.




We came here as soon as we heard about the incident,” Smith admitted.




Did Nina tell you that she came here and insulted Atmuff, calling her a 'tamed pet'?” Sarah asked.




Smith looked down. “No.”




I ordered Atmuff to break Nina's jaw. She did only that. She's completely in control.” Sarah said. “I want Nina and her tamer to stay far away from Atmuff and me.”




Smith straightened. “Stand down,” he told the soldiers, “return to your posts.”




Smith looked at Sarah. “I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. I'll have Nina and her tamer transferred to a combat unit.”




Then Nina and her tamer walked in. Her tamer was a muscular tamer with a gray buzzcut. Nina had been healed.




Why isn't the criminal in custody, Smith?” he asked.




Why had your pokégirl lied to me, Johnson?” Smith countered. “She insulted Cyber-Atmuff first.”




I don't believe that!” Johnson protested.




Then come with me to security. We'll watch the video-feed together.” Smith turned around. “Now, Johnson. And ball your pokégirl. That's an order.”




Johnson grumbled and complied. Then he followed Smith out.




Things are lively here,” Atmuff commented.




They sure are,” Sarah agreed.




(scene break)




Johnson called himself an experienced officer. He had seen his share of battles and he had tamed more pokégirls than he could remember. He liked working with his Neos. It was a challenge he welcomed. He was responsible for the eight Neos who watched over the VG Center. Usually they did him proud. This was the first time he was ashamed for one of them.




Let's watch a movie, ladies, and learn,” he told the eight Neo-Iczels sitting in two rows in front of him. “It's the event from last night. First at normal speed.” He started the movie and watched the whole event until Nina crawled out of the door and Cyber-Atmuff turned back to her table.




I have a lot to say about this, ladies, but let's watch the altercation in slow-motion first.”




The confrontation scene started. The change from Atmuff sitting down and eating to standing over Nina was still instant.




We wound it down extra-slow, nearly frame to frame. Watch closely.”




The scene showed Atmuff sitting, a blur, and Atmuff standing over Nina.




Our best guess is that Cyber-Atmuff moved within a fraction of 1/60 second. Look at her plate closely,” Johnson made a pause, “do you see it?”




One Neo scratched her head. “No, sir.”




Another Neo raised her hand.




Yes?” Johnson gave her a nod.




She has placed her knife and fork neatly down, sir.”




Exactly! That monster had the time to place her knife and fork neatly down, shove her chair back, notice that it's still standing, jump over the table and break Nina's jaw in a fraction of 1/60 second!” Johnson exclaimed.




There's more to be aware of,” Johnson continued in a normal voice, “considering how fast Cyber-Atmuff moved, do you realize how precise and controlled her attack was executed? Most of you would have taken Nina's head off at that speed. The Legendary did exactly what Miss Berghofer asked her to do. She knocked a few teeth out in the process, but that was to be expected.”




Johnson paused.




Do you want to know the real kicker? Cyber-Atmuff wasn't even at full power! That mean little lady beside her controls her mobility. If I were her and felt threatened, I'd pull out all the stops and unleash the full power of the monster!” Johnson shouted.




He took a deep breath. “What were you thinking, Nina? Do you have a deathwish?”




I have no deathwish, sir. I thought she was harmless, sir.” Nina answered.




What's the fifth rule, Nina?”




Appearances can be deceiving, sir!” Nina answered.




What's the third rule, Nina?”




Don't be stupid, sir!”




Do you know what' even more stupid than insulting a Legendary, Nina?” Johnson asked. “Lieing to me, Nina! You told me you were attacked without provocation and I called security! You made me look like an ass!”




Nina and I will be transferring out today at 12:00 thanks to that clusterfuck. You will get a new leading officer. Now ladies, what do you learn from that?”




All Neos except Nina raised their hands.




Yes, Blaze,”




Don't insult or provoke a Legendary, sir!”




That's right, Blaze, and a good start. What else?”




All Neos except Nina raised their hands again.




Yes?” Johnson said and nodded at a Neo in the second row.




Don't mess around with Miss Berghofer too, sir!”




That's right, Joanie! Miss Berghofer is not only Smith's new star programmer. She's well-liked by the VideoGirls too, after saving Bytesnapper. Further she's a mage in training. As you've seen she has the meanest bodyguard around. Did you notice that she's always armed? Nina, tell me the weapons Miss Berghofer is always carrying!”




She has a pistol in a shouderholster and a dagger on her belt, sir!” Nina answered.








I didn't notice more weapons, sir!”




What can you tell me about the dagger, Nina?”




It's a black dagger in a black leather sheath, sir.” The Neo-Iczel answered.




It's custom made by Sigrid, Nina. Do you know how few of hers she sells?” Johnson said and touched the treasured black combat knife on his belt. “Miss Berghofer has a back-up piece over her left boot and a knife in her right boot. She further carries a neck knife and at least one more knife. And she's comfortable carrying that arsenal around. You can assume she's proficient with all her weapons. Don't forget she's a dimensional traveller with access to technology we know next to nothing about. At last consider that she was able to tame a Legendary thought insane.”




Johnson grinned. “If I was a lot younger, I might be in love.”




He lost his grin. “To summarize: Don't tangle with Cyber-Atmuff, don't tangle with Miss Berghofer. Hell, don't even tangle with her team or her other pokégirl! Any of you can blow through that Byte Bitch without breaking a sweat, but the repercussions will break you for sure. Be extremely polite and bite your tongue before you pull a 'Nina'!”




Ladies, it's been an honor. Do me proud with your next officer. Now let's discuss the last and most important question.”




Sir?” Blaze asked.




How do you take Cyber-Atmuff out if she slips her control?” Johnson asked.




(end chapter)




Author's note: Is Atmuff insane or is insanity her feral state? This is AU, and totally ignoring canon, it was a lot of fun to play with this idea.