With Fey acting as their guide through the forest, Valk made it through in half the time he had originally estimated. He couldn't have been more thankful for that either, as ever since they saved the Elf court, Cylene had been in a sickeningly good mood. Whenever one of the girls asked why she was so happy, she simply gave a goofy smile and told them not to worry about it. By late afternoon merely a few days after Fey joined, the group was finally walking into the horribly named city of Pewtit. Once they found the center and slept for the night, the harem was introduced to pure, raw hell as Valk set them to train in preparation for their gym match. With Cylene and Shira attempting to spar with each other while under a light Dark Matter attack, the two could barely move, let alone throw a punch.

Nina was given several sets of weights to slow her down, and was faced off with Valk as he swung his sword as fast as he could, and the poor Kitten had to try and dodge. Even with the weights, Valk had to work for it, but Nina was slowed down far too much to avoid every hit, leaving a few cuts on her fur. Fey, being the non combatant, was reading up on strategies from books she was able to borrow from the local library, a building that excited her terribly when she found out it's existence. Valk had to stop her from taking nearly everything in there, and had allowed her to take two out, explaining she had to return them when done. Though she pouted a bit at that, she soon got over it as she lost herself in the new knowledge she had access to.

Though the first two days were a bit slow on training, by the third the team saw a few results. Valk was landing fewer hits on the slowed down Kitten, as Nina was adjusting to the weights. Cylene and Shira were able to attack each other, albeit very slowly, but progress was being made. It was enough to draw a few interested eyes their way, some in awe of their training regime, and others sneering, thinking it was a cute try. One such cocky tamer decided to make his way over to Valk in the middle of his training, and grab his shoulder, stopping his swing. Valk turned to the intruder, both eyebrows raised in surprise, as if to ask "really?" but was met with only a smug grin. Judging by his grip, Valk guessed the guy had some fighting type ancestry, as it was almost painful. Almost.

"Excuse me, can I help you?" Valk asked, his sword still raised at Nina. The Kitten didn't move from her half dodge, unsure how this was going to play out, though Hana had dropped the Dark Matter, and Cylene and Shira were making their way to their tamer.

"Yeah, as a matter of fact you can. You can start by handing over all your girls to a guy who can actually use them correctly, and then get lost." The grin never left his face as he actually held out a hand, expecting him to go along with his demands. His grin did fade, however, as he found himself being lifted up off the ground by a tall, furry paw. 

"Oh please, do tell us how you could use us better, I think we're all dying to know." Shira said, putting disdain in her voice at being thought of as a tool again.

"Bitch, if you had a proper tamer you'd know how to show respect to your superiors. This just shows what a shit job he's doing at showing you your place, now put me down!" He snarled, thrashing against her grip. With a bored sigh, Shira let go, the tamer falling on his ass as he landed. As he dusted himself off, however, Cylene picked him back up with one arm and brought him close to her grinning face.

"Now now girls, he has a point. After all, I don't know any discipline at all. Want to see?" She bared her fangs as her grin grew wider. 

"You fucking bitch put me down this instant before I-"

"Before you what?" In a menacingly slow tone, she bared all her razor sharp teeth, giving him pause for a second. He then stopped his struggling, and looked at her all over, as if only just now realizing who had him. His eyes widened in horror as a thought came into his mind as he looked at Cylene's hair.

"Lavender hair...are you-"

"Oh look at the time, it's you've over stayed your welcome o'clock, bye bye now!" She interrupted him, dropping him on his ass once again, and proceeded to ignore him as she walked back to Shira.

"Finally done playing Cylene?" Valk asked.

"Yes master, my apologies." She responded cutely, looking more at the intruding tamer than him though. The tamer's eyes went even wider when he heard that, and he stumbled back onto his feet and made a dash for Cylene.

"M-m-m-master?!? Him?!?" He asked with disbelief.

"Did I stutter? He's my master."

"Not for lack of trying mind you. Stabbed her through her spine, and now she won't leave me alone." He called out over his shoulder, losing interest in the conversation and moving back to spar with Nina.

He stood there in disbelief for a moment, before strangely letting out a sigh of relief as his smug grin returned.

"Oh thank the gods, I thought this was all real for a minute there. You expect me to believe you stabbed a sword through her?"

"Yeah, wanna see the scar it left?" Cylene asked, and turned around. True to her word, the tamer looked at her back at the base of her spine, and there was a fairly large scar running across it.

"Yeah, hurt like hell. Badass over here jumped into a Dark Matter attack just to do it. And when he was done shoving his sword in me, he got me healed up and shoved his sword in me." She said the last part with a grin, flashing it to Valk as the tamer stood there dumbfounded. He took a minute to gather his thoughts before coming to his senses, and bolted from the training room.


The tamer bolted to his room and shut the door, locking it up tight. Reaching into his coat pocket, he pulled out a small, hand sized radio and flipped it on.

"Agent Harris, reporting in." He said.

The radio let off some static before a soothing female voice responded. "Status Harris?" She asked.

"Requesting immediate teleport to HQ. I have information I need to share with doctor Clone."

"The doctor has only recently thawed out after the last one was terminated, and has been eager to resume work. Is it urgent?"

"Horribly so. I found Leanne, and she is calling someone else master." He said slowly.

There was silence for a minute. A bead of sweat ran down Harris' face as his nerves grew. So much so that when the radio started shouting at him, he nearly hit his head on the ceiling, he jumped that hard.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? MY LEANNE IS CALLING SOMEONE ELSE MASTER?!?!?!?!?!?" This was a different voice, one of a furious man, one Harris knew all too well.

"Yes boss, heard it with my own ears. Practically purred it. I think she knew who I was with, cause she really made sure I knew that." Harris said.

There were several curses as the man on the other end got even angrier than before, until the female finally took over once more.

"A Loner will be sent to your location momentarily, and will send you to the doctor. Although, I worry what this will mean for us."

"We'll have to see what he says. Maybe he can fix this, maybe change her or something."

"In any case, one thing is certain. We were promised that G-Splice would put Team Valor on the map, and without her, we're stuck as a joke Team."

"I know Alice, I know."


The next three days were spent on harsher training than before, and Valk was pleased to no end to see their efforts bare fruit. Nina and Shira were a little faster, hit fairly harder, and were used to being weighed down. Cylene on the other hand, didn't really seem to gain too much from the training, which suited Valk fine. He didn't really care either way.

On the seventh day, Valk went to the shop and bought 40 balls, and split them up between the combat girls evenly.

"Alright ladies, except for Cylene, first one to fill up all ten of her balls gets a nice fancy dinner and a relaxing night with me, how does that sound?" Valk addressed the harem.

Cylene raised an eyebrow in amusement. "So hon, when I win, what do I get?"

"Not a damn th-"

"Hold on, when you win? Don't you mean if?" Hana asked.

"Oh no, I mean when. You know how it goes, right? I take the high road, you take the low road, and I'll be tamed before you." She said with a smirk. Hana looked at her with half lidded eyes, and made to say something, before bolting past her to get a head start.

"Oh, so we play like that eh? Fine, to war it is!" A large playful smile played across her face as she took off into the air. Nina and Shira were left behind, and sort of looked to each other, silently wondering if they should even be involved, but Valk clearing his throat behind them got them on the move.

With the last of the harem gone to collect ferals, Valk turned his attention to Fey, who was curled up against a tree with yet another book. So absorbed was she that she didn't even see Valk until he appeared next to her. She let out a cute little "eep" as she was lifted slightly and moved to his lap, his hands wrapping around her waist. She blushed slightly, but still leaned back into his embrace, getting comfortable once again. With a perfect view over her shoulder, Valk attempted to read along with her, but the book was far too complicated for his tastes, and quickly lost interest. 

"Fey, I'll warn you now, I might doze off on you. If I do, wake me when something happens, alright?" He asked. He got a quiet little mhm in response, and and laid his head back on the tree. Before she knew it, Valk was snoring softly behind her.


Soaring above the treeline, Cylene was humming gleefully to herself. She had lucked out tremendously, finding three Cutiepie and a Tomboy early, and was confident she was in the lead, though as she searched for her next target, her stomach was constantly distracting her. She managed to find a spot to land, and immediately looked around for any sign of the others. After double and triple and even quadruple checking her harem sisters were nowhere nearby, she allowed herself a small grin, and her eyes flashed from blue to green.

Her hair grew out explosively from her shoulders down to the base of her tail. Said tail had grown ever so slightly, about an inch or so, and became far more sleek and sharp, much more blade like. The scales on her wings turned a deep black, but the biggest change was the coat of snow white fur that covered from her neckline to her hips, as well as her face, which had grown outwards, forming a muzzle. Cylene gave herself a shake, pressed her hands against her back, and stretched long and hard, until she heard a loud pop.

"Oh BABY that's the good stuff." She said, grinning madly.

I really need to get master to like me soon. I know he buys that cheap grade crap just to spite me, but it just makes me want real meat more. Ah well, at least it's not Pokechow, that shit is nasty

She looked down at her form a once over, and paused.

I can only imagine what he'd say if he say me like this. "I knew dragons were nothing but weapons! Hana, fetch me my sword!". He's lucky I like him. Hmm...Hana is too close to master, Fey would probably try and study me, I don't know Shira too well, and Nina seems like a sweetheart, but definitely the type with a big mouth. Guess it remains a secret then.

Movement caught her attention, and her newly heightened senses were easily able to pick up the scent. Taking a predatory stance, she slowly crawled over to the noise. Peering around a tree, in a small clearing was a trio of Bunnygirls, hunched over what seemed to be berries, though her stomach was far more interested in the ones eating the berries.

Well this works out for me. Two more to the pile, and one for me.


A total of roughly three and a half hours later, Cylene, now back to her Medra form, practically strutted back to the clearing where they first set off from. Her bravado faded, however, when she saw Hana snuggled up to Valk, a small sack laying next to her.

"Oh, there you are Cylene. You took so long, I was almost worried about you." Hana said with a smirk.

Cylene, however, was slightly dumbfounded. "Wha-ho-huh?!?" Hana simply stuck her tongue out at her. 

It was a couple hours later, when the group had set up camp and gotten dinner made, when Nina and Shira dragged themselves back to the camp site as well, though Shira looked a little worse for wear.

"Geez, what happened to you two?" Valk asked, handing them each a bowl of stew.

"Well, it all started when this damn cat decided to follow me, instead of going off on her own."

"But I didn't want puppy to be alone!" Nina whined, though all she got was a growl.

"As I was saying, this cat here ruined all my traps, scared off all the ferals, and didn't make herself useful."

"So, you didn't catch anything?" Valk asked.

"Oh no. No no no no no no no, we caught our quota. The thing is, we did it all at once, and it wasn't pretty."

"But you were pretty doing it." Nina whispered, but yet again another growl, much sharper this time.

"Alright you two, settle down. Shira, what exactly happened?"

"Well, listen up, because I do NOT want to repeat this ever again. So, we were walking along, looking for a few easy ferals to catch, maybe get a break for once. NOPE. We walked right into a Mossmelon ambush of like ten of them all at once. Nina was overwhelmed so quickly, and I had to jump in. Somehow, I still don't know how, but we managed to get them all. Alright, yay, half way done. Oh, but we weren't resting yet, because we found out why so many Mossmelons were in one spot. Three Flowergirls just come running straight into us, yelling and crying about something, but when we looked behind them, we saw the problem. A whole bunch of Buzzbreasts were looking awful pissed at us, and so we had to run away. We ran and ran, and ran right into a Treant, who was not happy to see us. Managed to get her too, BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! The Treant was in such a bad mood because a small gang of Boobisaur and Ivywhore were attacking it. And with their target gone, they found a new one, and it was the cat, again, and I had to help, AGAIN." Shira was almost shaking, she sounded so furious, while Nina was looking uneasy.

"So lemme guess, you caught those as well, said fuck this I'm out, and came back?" Valk asked.

"Yup. Never going back in there to hunt. Ever." Shira stated.

Valk walked up to behind Shira and began rubbing her shoulders, which got her to stop shaking at the very least.

"You worked hard today Shira, I appreciate it. You two did good, now just relax and rest up, we got a big day tomorrow."

Shira let out a yawn and nodded, curling up on the ground and promptly falling asleep.

"Well...I didn't mean there...but ok." 

Looking around, he saw the rest of his girls following her example, and getting comfortable on the ground. Looking longingly back to the perfectly good tent, Valk let out a small sigh and cuddled up next to Hana, and fell asleep as well.


The Pewtit gym was a tall, imposing structure, with granite bricks lining the rooftop. Though he hated doing it, Valk had to recall almost all his girls, leaving only Hana out. Stepping inside, there was a large receptionist area lined with chairs along the wall, most of them filled with tamers looking impatient. In the middle of the room, a large desk with an Ingenue typing away at a computer.

Walking up to her, Valk began reaching for his pokedex. "Excuse me mam, I'd like to register for a gym match please."

The Ingenue didn't look up right away, apparently wanting to finish typing something, before finally giving him her attention. "Yes sir, your dex?"

Once Valk handed it over to her, she slid it into the computer and started typing again.

"Alright, you're all set. You'll be facing gym assistant Todd in one hour."

Valk gave a nod of thanks as he got his dex back. He and Hana made their way to an empty seat, him sitting down with her plopping into his lap. Though a few sneers and dirty looks were sent their way, neither of them paid any mind, as they were internally trying to steady each others nerves.

First gym match, first step towards our goal

It won't be easy, but that's not going to stop me

Do you want to go first or last?

Let me lead, see if I can't get us in a good position at the very least

Alright. Hana, I believe in you, always remember that

I love you Valk

I love you too my dear

The hour passed by agonizingly slow, but eventually his name was called, and he was allowed to head to the arena. He stepped into a large room with bleachers to the side, a football stadium size stone battlefield in the middle, and two large platforms on either side. A referee stood in the middle, awaiting him to begin. Valk let out the harem, and gestured them towards the stand, while he, Hana, and Fey climbed up the stairs to the top of the platform. At the top, Fey pulled out a very ornate collapsible fan, and begins opening and closing it.

On the opposite side, an older man stood with his arms crossed, looking straight at him. "Greetings! I wish you luck, and hope you are the one to finally give me a challenge. It has been awfully boring today, so try not to put me to sleep."

"The battle between challenger Valkerous Denei and Gym Assistant Todd is now underway! This shall be a three on three pokegirl battle. The first one to knock out three of the opponents' girls, or is able to knock their opponent out of the arena is the winner. Ready? Begin!" The ref waved a green and red flag, and the battle was underway. Todd wasted no time in tossing out his first girl, and a large one at that. She stood several feet tall, heavily muscled, and not that appealing to look at.

"Alright Hana, let's start this show right!"

Just as Hana made to move down to the arena, Fey stuck out her hand and blocked her way.

"Giant Trollop. Heavy set, hard headed, not too smart, and fiercely stubborn. Brute force will only make her madder and more determined, speed and agility is the key. Let Miss Nina go." She said. She snaps her fan closed when she finished her analysis of her opponent, only to see the dumbfounded faces of both Valk and Hana.

Valk was the first to find his voice. "Nina. Nina?!? You want Nina, lowest level, least likely to hurt, most likely to get hurt, Kitten Nina, to fight that?"

"Yes. I believe her uncanny ability to dodge almost anything could come in handy in this exact situation." She replied calmly.

Over in the stands, both Nina and Shira's ears perked up, hearing the conversation, and one could swear Nina's fur got several shades lighter.

"Fey is trying to kill me." She whispered.

"Well, I gotta admit, I do have to question her reasoning there." Shira admitted.

Nina's eyes lit up and she grabbed onto her arm. "I knew puppy was on my side!"

Shira looked at her smiling face, nodded to herself, and grabbed Nina with both paws. Standing up, she hoisted Nina over her head, and gave a heavy throw, tossing Nina out of the stands and onto the field. Tumbling across the barren field, Nina juts out her paws and manages to stop herself. Standing up, she groans at the few cuts at her skirt, and looks up to her opponent, and back to the stands.


"Because I believe in you." Shira said dryly, giving her a thumbs up.

This brought a complete 180 in her attitude, as she went from whimpering to excited in the blink of an eye. "You mean it? Don't worry puppy, I won't let you down!"

Valk and Hana were mirroring each others' actions, as both of them were leaning on the guard rail, with both hands on their faces.

Down on the battlefield, the battle had begun as the Giant Trollop pounded her way to the tiny challenger. Once she was close enough, she lifted her foot up and smashed it right where she stood. She held her foot there for a minute before getting a little worried. Lifting her foot up, she saw the small hole she made, but no signs of the Kitten she intended to squish.

Looking around for her, the Giant gave a puzzled look to her tamer, but when she turned around, Valk and Hana saw a certain Kitten clinging to her back. Nina gave a tap with her claws to get the Giant's attention, which made her spin her head sharply. When she couldn't turn her head around enough, she had another idea. She jumped up, and landed on her back. She was confident she got her this time, though when she rolled over to push herself up, she was face to face with a smiling Nina, who gave her a little wave.

Todd, having seen his girl get turned into a plaything, was growing rather annoyed. "Alright fuck this. Use Quake, knock her off balance!"

The Giant Trollop raises her fists together and smashes the ground, sending vibrations out around her. Nina tried to jump up and over them, but couldn't stay in the air long enough and fell back down, getting toppled over by the shock waves. Now with the Kitten knocked on her butt, the Giant tries her Stomp attack once again, lifting her foot up and smashing it down on top of Nina. But once again, she never really felt a connection, and upon lifting her foot found the Kitten was gone yet again. 

This time the Giant was growing rather annoyed, and instead of waiting for an order, began smashing up the field with Quake all over. Shock waves could be seen reverberating throughout the field. Several small craters were formed in her onslaught, and once she was satisfied, the field was a complete mess. The Giant was panting from the exertion, but was seemed pleased with herself. Nina looked over her shoulder at the ruined field, and nodded at the destruction.

"Hmm, not bad work you did there. Shame we were the first battle though, the others are gonna have to fight in this ruined wasteland you got here."

The Giant reacted immediately and slapped her shoulder, wincing as she hit herself. Turning around, she confirmed her suspicions, and saw Nina standing behind her completely unharmed. The Giant was heaving with both fatigue and anger, unable to know why she couldn't hit the damn cat. She took a slow step, and Nina saw her chance. Dashing forward, Nina put all of her weight into a tackle to her raised leg, and managed to get her off balance, and the Giant fell backwards.

She tried to sit up, but when her head was raised enough, the Giant got a good view of a fur covered foot hurtling straight to her. Nina leaped through the air, foot extended, and landed a solid kick straight into her eye. She back pedaled quickly and the Giant's hand reached up to try and grab her, the other hand covering her face. Nina jumped over the arm and raced to her face again, giving another swift kick to her other eye.

With both eyes firmly kicked, the Giant Trollop was yelling in both pain and annoyance as she covered her face with both hands. She pushed herself up, Nina jumping off as she did so, and with both eyes firmly closed, started blindly swinging around.

Nina smiled mischievously as an idea came to her. "I'm behind you!"

The Giant reacted just as she hoped, and turned around sharply. She carefully stepped forward, holding her hands out trying to find the Kitten.

Todd was yelling at her from the platform. "No stupid, the other way! She's trying to trick you."

"Oh come on, think about this for a second. Who would know better than me where I am?" Nina said with a childlike smile. The Giant thought about it for a minute, then nodded at her reasoning, and continued forward.

"That's right, a few more steps and you've got me!"

"Stop moving, you're going out of bounds!" Todd yelled. That got a reaction from her, as she stopped just a step away from the border of the arena. Nina raced forward and gave the best Tackle she could, and it was just enough to knock her off balance and make her fall out of bounds.

From the stands, Cylene had fallen backwards in her seat from sheer laughter, while Shira was simply eyeing Nina in a new light, and even gave a few claps with her paws. Nina turned and saw Shira applauding her, and her whole face lit up. And then the rest of her lit up as a bright glowing light enveloped her body. Everyone watched as Nina grew a couple inches in height, as well as her tail get longer, but after the glow faded, there wasn't any large change to her after that. Nina looked down at her slightly changed body as she felt new strength surge through her.

"It would seem Miss Nina has evolved into a Catgirl. Now then, Master Valk, I hope you will trust your adviser now?" Fey said confidently.

"You know what, I can admit when I'm wrong, and wow was I wrong." Valk said with a nod.

Fey smiled at that. "Good. Now, let us recall Nina, as her new height will make her moves clumsy until she gets used to it."

Valk was about to say something, but decided against it and trusted her, and called Nina back. Nina nodded, and made her way quickly back to the stands, though did trip once on her way.

Back in the stands, Nina sat down next to Shira and curled around an arm. "I did it puppy! I won!"

Shira shook her arm out of her grasp. "Yes you did, and I'll admit you did good, but if your opponent wasn't as smart as a sack of hammers, you would have lost. Don't get too big headed over one win." She lectured.

"Well then sensei, by all means, show the student how it's done!" Cylene said. She grabbed the Lupina around her waist and hoisted her up and over her head, and then Cylene launched her into the arena.

"Do I have to separate you three?!?" Valk yelled at them. Cylene simply blew a kiss at him in reply.

Todd recalled his Giant Trollop, and sent out another girl onto the field. Out of the pokeball formed a tall, catlike girl with brown fur.

"Mountain Cat. Very strong, very durable, and can practically swim through stone to evade and attack. Miss Shira will have a rough time with this." Fey said.

"Go Puppy go!" Nina cheered.

The Mountain Cat snickered at this, which only added to Shira's annoyance. "Puppy eh? Well little puppy, want to play with the kitty?"

"I am going to enjoy kicking your ass." Shira said, taking a stance.

The Cat was the first to move, sinking into the stone floor and vanishing from sight. Shira looked around, unable to smell or hear where she went. A feeling of danger raced down her spine, and she dashed to the side, just in time to avoid the Mountain Cat from jumping out from the ground. She wasn't done yet though, for as she came up, she came with a large rock in her paw, and hurled it at her.

Shira held her arms up just in time to block most of the hit, though her arms stung a little from the attack. The Cat sank into the ground once more, and Shira let out an annoyed growl. She soon felt a paw grab at her foot, and fell back as she was swiftly dragged along the ground. Shira, not having anymore of this bullshit, slammed her arms down and smashed holes in the ground, slowing her speed and stopping her just in time, as she was nearly dragged out of the arena.

Though the hand let go of her foot, her arms were grabbed and pulled violently backwards into the ground. Shira braced herself, tensed up all her muscles, and in one motion pulled against the Cat and dragged her out of the ground. Yanking her arms free, Shira swiped her leg up behind her and clocked the Cat directly in the jaw with enough force to lift her up for a second. She followed up immediately by spinning around and sweeping her foot out to knock her legs out from under her and sending the Cat onto her side. Before she could meld back into the stone, Shira grabbed her arms and yanked her out of the ground, spun her around several times, and let go, sending her careening into the wall and out of the arena.

Shira panted heavily a few times before raising her arms up in victory. Todd let out an annoyed sigh as he recalled his second girl, but gave a small smile.

"Alright, I admit you're better than most challengers I've had in a while, though I can't help but feel two out of bounds wins is a little cheap."

Valk gave a shrug. "I mean, to be fair, your cat went for it first."

Todd gave a nod in agreement. "Fair enough. But my last girl won't need to do that, trust me."

He pulled his last ball off his belt and tossed it. On the field as the last opponent, a tall girl with a dark colored jagged sword.

Fey made a face when she saw the girl. "Dao. Their obsidian swords can slice through buildings. Very agile, very strong, and very tricky to fight if she uses all her powers effectively."

"Ok, how are you analyzing all these girls?" Valk asked.

"I've been reading your pokedex Master Valk. In preparation for this match, I studied up on all sorts of rock types."

"Huh...good job." He said, a little shocked at that.

On the field, Shira got back to her starting position and took a stance, while the Dao held her sword raised in front of her. When the ref raised the flags to signal the start of the match, before Shira could blink the Dao slammed her sword into the ground, causing a large shift in the ground, knocking Shira on her back. Before she could get back up, Shira found the obsidian blade pressed to her throat, with the Dao looking emotionless at her.

"Yield." She commanded, pressing her blade closer. Shira thought for a second, trying to find a way out, but with the blade now cutting slightly into the bottom of her neck, Shira felt she had no choice but to tap the ground three times in defeat.

"The Lupina has forfeited, Todd's Dao is the winner." The ref declared. 

With the sword now removed, Shira pushed herself up and rubbed the mark left on her neck as she made her way back to her seat, sitting on the other side of Cylene.

While Valk was rubbing Hana's shoulders in preparation, over in the bleachers, Cylene had a slightly smug grin. "Well you did good against the kitty, but wow you lost fast. Could you have at least waited for the flag to finish waving before getting knocked on your ass?"

Shira looked to Nina, who looked back at her. The two shared a look, gave each other a nod and grin, and together, grabbed Cylene by her sides and chucked her onto the field, landing just a few feet in front of Hana, who was about to take her position.

"No no no a hundred thousand million billion infinite times NO!" Valk yelled.

The ref looked to Valk. "The Medra has entered the arena. Recalling her now will count as a forfeit and a loss."

"Are you ser- I didn't even send her out, those two were messing around! I mean seriously, my Eva is two feet away from the field, it's obvious I was sending her out!"

"Be that as it may, the rules of this gym are whichever girl enters the ring, they count as the combatant."

Valk sent an ugly glare at the two in the stands. Nina and Shira lowered their heads, and he turned his attention back to Cylene, who was looking up at him. Valk banged his hand against the railing and waved her off.

The ref waved his flags one more time, and the Dao took action as soon as he did. She shifted her body and shook the ground once again, though when Cylene began to feel that, she jumped up and hovered in place. The Dao boosted her speed with Agility and dashed forward, sword raised up above her head and swung it upwards. Cylene flapped her wings as the Dao approached, trying to gain altitude as fast as she could.

The swordswoman leaped into the air and gave a jab at the dragon, but the blade chinked off her armor. Taking the chance, Cylene grabbed at the sword and yanked it up and out of the surprised girl's grasp. The Dao landed on the ground and glared up at Cylene furiously.

"Give that back!" She yelled.

Cylene looked the sword over, turning it around in her hands, gave a shrug, and tossed it to the side. "Fetch."

Though the Doa dove to try and grab it, she failed to reach and the sword landed out of the arena. She gave an annoyed groan and got back up. She concentrated for a second, and a glowing purple blade of energy formed in her hands.

"Oh hey, that's neat. Quick question though, how are you gonna get me up here?" Cylene asked with a smug grin. The Dao grinned back though. She lowered her sword slowly, then jolted back up. As she swung her blade upwards, a wave of energy was shot out. Cylene had to twirl out the way to avoid it, but when she looked back there were several more waves of energy coming at her as the Dao was swinging her sword rapidly.

Cylene dodged, twirled, and flew above as many as she could, though her wings and tail got clipped by a few despite her efforts. With the onslaught of attacks not slowing down, Cylene dove through them. Though her armor took the brunt of most of the attacks, and Cylene slammed against the Dao sending both of them toppling to the ground. Her sword faded away from lack of concentration, and was left unarmed as Cylene pinned her limbs to the ground.

"So, you wanna yield or just lay there looking at my beauty?" Cylene asked.

The Dao struggled against her grip, and managed to grab a small stone in her hand. Crushing it quickly, she threw the dust in Cylene's face. She closed her eyes and tried shaking it off her face, though the momentary lapse let the Dao wriggle free. Getting up while Cylene was wiping her face off, the Dao reformed her sword and slashed away at the dragon. Try as she might though, her blade couldn't break though the armor as the Dao hacked and slashed away. Cylene finally got her face cleared off, and while dodging the attacks, slipped her tail around and wrapped around the Dao's ankle. Cylene yanked the girl backwards, letting her head hit the ground hard, then hung her upside down and wrapped her arms around her to keep the Dao from attacking anymore.

"Alright, NOW you should surrender." Cylene said. The only answer she got was the Dao's free leg thrashing about trying to kick her in the face.

"Have it your way. But while I have you here, I may as well have my fun." She said with a grin. The Dao looked back at her confused, then scared as Cylene lowered her face to between the girl's legs and bared her fangs. She pressed her sharp teeth to the Dao's lower region, and was slowly sinking her fangs into her skin. The Dao yelled out in pain as her leg thrashed about even more, desperate to stop her, though she couldn't get an angle on her to attack with, and was stuck as Cylene was biting her lower lips off.

"ALRIGHT ALRIGHT I YIELD!" She yelled as loud as she could.

Cylene gave a playful pout, then leg go all at once and dropped the poor girl on her head. Todd recalled her and gave a sigh as he walked down from the platform. Valk, Hana and Fey did the same and met him in the middle of the field, to see a small grey badge in his hand.

"The Heart of Stone badge, you've earned it. Though I must say, your Medra is terrifying, biting into her like that." He said with a shudder.

"Oh believe me, I know. Was the first thing I thought about when I had to tame her, and have thought about ever since." Valk said.

"Oh come on hon, you know I'd never do that to you. In fact, when we get back I can prove my mouth can give pleasure as well as pain."

"Oh hell fucking no, not after all that!"

Cylene gave a shrug, as if to say "worth a shot" and followed the rest of them out.

Though before they left the arena, Valk looked over his shoulder at her and quickly said "You did good."

This caught Cylene off guard, tripping her up slightly. though she felt her heart flutter a bit, and with a joyful smile she caught up with him.


Valkerous Denei

Status: Tamer


(A) Eva-Hana lv38

Lupina-Shira lv29

Catgirl-Nina lv20

Medra-Cylene lv37


Grandelf-Fey lv20