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BIMBO, the Default Pokegirl

Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal
Frequency: Common
Diet: Human Standard
Role: General Labor, Menial Tasks, 'Arm Candy'
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Bite, Strike, Quick Attack, Backhand, Yell, Love 'N' Affection, Dance (Varies)
Enhancements: Youthful, Disease Resistance, Enhanced Durability (x4), Recovery, Enhanced Endurance (x2), Empathy, Reduced Feral
Evolves: Hyperdoll (mistreatment), Pyrebare (Fire Stone + (bear-type ancestry or Ursine E-Medal)), Glamourpuss (Cat E-Medal), Muse (Psi Crystal), Elf (Leaf Stone)
Evolves From: None
Revised: July 2012

Popular belief is divided on the origins of the Bimbo. Lack of any records from the Revenge War despite the breed's presence at that time has led to speculation, some more outlandish than others. Some claim the breed is a precursor to the Damsel, others a failed Ingenue, and still others posit that the breed's existence is proof of Sukebe's ultimate attitude towards women. Most often used in menial tasks, this often maligned pokegirl breed typically fills roles such as waitress, escort, maid, or model.

As a very near human type, Bimbos can be found at any height and skin tone common to humans. The breed is typically more curvy than the average woman, with the average bust being larger along with the butt; with D cups or larger being common, and less than a C being unheard of. Blond is the most common hair color, though other colors within the human spectrum have been recorded. Eye colors are typically green or blue, with occasional browns and other shades. Due to the breed's youthful enhancement, Bimbos externally appear young, usually aging halts altogether between 16 and 24.

While the breed is largely described as easy going, or fun-loving in personality, time and again the personality questionnaires have 'ditz', 'air-headed' or 'brainless' written in. Bimbos indeed have a common positive demeanor, though the fact that most Bimbos have one or more problems mentally keeps the breed stereotyped overall as a 'dumb blond' breed. A majority of the breed has attention deficit disorder, and are unable to maintain their concentration on complex tasks for very long. Other problems have been noted as general retardation (less than one in five surveyed); attention deficit hyperactive disorder (one in four surveyed); and short term or long term memory malfunctions (less than one in ten surveyed). In addition to these problems, around half of the breed also picks up specific ways of speaking, usually using verbal pauses in the form of the word 'like', or lifting the tone of their voice at the end of a sentence, which normally indicates a question. Other forms of speech alteration have been noted, included stuttering. For the rare individuals who have none of these problems, the stigma of the breed remains, with some rebelling against this, while others use it to their advantage.

Tougher than an Ingenue, the Bimbo can actually take a few hits, making the breed adequate fighters among starting pokegirls. They are also adept at using the various Dance techniques, giving the breed an edge against some elements. Most, if not all, fighting types easily subdue this almost human breed, and many experienced or highly evolved pokegirls are able to over power them as well. Overall, Bimbos are actually considered decent starters, but tend to be favored heavily by those going into Sex battle circuits, as the breed's enhanced endurance make them capable of keeping up in that arena.

With a high Libido, most individuals tend to accept taming whenever they can get it, and most are open to experimentation. Like most pokegirls, these curvy pokegirls tend to pick up their preferences from their tamer, though some may have deeper seated tastes. Oddly, though other pokegirls need taming as well, Bimbos tend to be the butt of jokes centering around promiscuity, though this may be due to the breed's overall reputation.

The difference between a feral Bimbo and a tamed one is sometimes very hard to discern, as lack of ability to pay attention is one of the key symptoms of feraldom. This inattention is coupled with a strong desire for taming, making ferals of the breed literally attempt taming anywhere. Outside of human habitation, the breed is rarely found, as this inattentiveness and overwhelming urge to tame anything that moves quickly causes them to fall prey to predatory pokegirls, malnutrition, and dehydration. Within cities and towns, malnutrition and dehydration are also a danger, though most ferals near humans are able to eventually find a willing partner before this becomes an issue.

Bimbos are a fairly common Threshold, though many human girls dread the decline of their mental faculties. Typical threshold lasts roughly 4 days to a week, marked only by the roots of the hair changing color, usually to blond. Mental degradation is slow, usually distressing thresholders immensely until a solution can be found. Most thresholders opt to become one of the elven breeds, though their mental abilities return upon evolving with the exception of the Pyrebare (though arguably the Glamourpuss can be listed here as well). Those Bimbos who are unable to evolve are typically shuffled into the ranch system and distributed as starters, or quietly traded or sold into general labor.