BLADE BUNNY (aka WABBIT), the Death Lepus Pokégirl
Type: Animorph
Element: Normal
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Carnivorous, with some grained foods. Will accept Pokéchow if meat cannot be caught.
Role: Heavy Assault, Dangerous Pokégirl. Frequently seen with Limbec Pirates.
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting, Poison
Attacks: Tail Whip, Slash, Slashwave, Deflect, Counter, Cut, Carve, Focus Energy, Leap, Tackle, Aura of Cute, Cross Shield, Iron Defense, Spiral Jump
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Strength (x3) Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Stamina (x2), Enhanced Hearing & Smelling (x5), Weapon-mounted tail, Instinctive hiding ability
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Any Pokegirl (Wabbit Virus)
Bounty: Varies from league to league
Recommendation if you see one: Make sure, if you see one, that she is the ONLY one there. Blade Bunnies tend to travel in packs, and like to swarm their victims before eating them. If she’s alone, watch her movements. If not alone, DO NOT engage and contact the nearest authorities, evacuating the area immediately if at all possible. When alone, you have a few options. If she acts like she wants to bite you, then she is a virus carrier and must be killed immediately. If she fights more with her tail, then she’s a normal Blade Bunny and can be caught and tamed. If a swarm catches you, try to kill the Alpha. That will confuse them for several moments, giving you a chance to get away. If you have a fire-type with you, or a Pokégirl with a strong energy attack, try to destroy the Alpha’s body, as it will be eaten by other Blade Bunnies once their confusion stops. This in turn will turn them into pack Alphas, giving them the ability to carry the virus, which in turn creates a greater threat.

The discovery of the Blade Bunny was a very unnerving thing. They look on the surface like a normal Bunnygirl, one of the more animalistic varieties that are out there, just a few feet shorter than normal and with darker fur than what one would normally see on a Bunnygirl. But that is where the similarity ends. Especially if you see what is behind them.

Instead of the usual fluffy stub of a tail most Bunnygirls have, Blade Bunnies have a long, whip-like appendage that has a massive bladed weapon of some kind attached to it. The tails can extend two to three feet over their heads and are very flexible. The weapon is always some kind of cutting weapon, varying in shapes from axes and swords to even more unusual, but always razor-edged and deadly, metal-like shapes. They are very skilled in the use of their weapons, allowing them to use even some sword-type attacks and steel-type defensive techniques.

For a brief period after their discovery in the year 263 AS, very little was known about them. All that was known is that Pokégirl Researchers captured and brainwashed by a now-defunct faction of Team Rocket created the breed, only to be slaughtered and devoured by them. Blade Bunnies have since spread across the world, some by sneaking onboard ships while looking for food, others through deliberate means, usually involving the Limbec Pirates, and other times through means that were a complete mystery until after the first Blade Bunnies were captured. Feral Blade Bunnies also tended to travel in packs, always deferring to an Alpha. It was only after the first few Blade Bunnies were captured and Tamed in 270 AS that Researchers began to learn about the breed.

Aside from the obvious outer physical changes mentioned earlier, Blade Bunnies go through some internal changes as well. Their mental makeup changes, the clumsiness and ditziness vanishing and being replaced by more vicious, predatory instincts and much greater coordination. Their Feral state makes them even more vicious and violent. Their teeth become razor-sharp, like a canine or feline-type Pokégirl’s. And their internal body chemistry changes as well. Their digestive tracks can now only tolerate meat and grain foods, such as oats and bread. Fruits and vegetables make them sick to their stomachs. But became really unnerving is that some of the Blade Bunnies that were captured, claimed, and studied, said that they used to be Bunnygirls. Immediate studies of Feral Blade Bunnies were ordered. Watchers, at great risk to themselves, began studying swarms of Blade Bunnies. Their discoveries were unsettling, to say the least.

Watchers found that Feral Blade Bunnies frequently moved in swarm-like packs, usually under the command of a single Blade Bunny, the ‘Alpha.’ They would move like a swarm of Wasps through an area, until they came across possible food. The Alpha, whom the other Blade Bunnies seemed very afraid of, would then command a single Blade Bunny to go out and lure their victim towards them with Aura of Cute. They would hide their tail until the last minute, acting adorable and luring their victims, usually a Tamer, over, at which point they are overwhelmed and devoured. If any Pokégirls are around, they will be released from any Pokéballs they are in and eaten. What happens to any Bunnygirls they find is what worries researchers. The Alpha of the swarm will take them aside and bite them in the neck, injecting a toxin that turns them into a Blade Bunny, which they will then bully into becoming a member of the pack.

One in forty Blade Bunnies are ‘Alphas.’ They are characterized by being slightly taller than the norm, and being much more aggressive. Mounted in their teeth are sacs which contain a mutagenic virus that they can release with a bite. Singular Feral Blade Bunnies are more timid than Alphas, and fight only if with a swarm or if cornered. Alpha Blade Bunnies are known to be much more confident and aggressive, and unafraid of even the most dangerous opponents. One Alpha Blade Bunny was known to have led her swarm against a Widow. She didn’t win, off course, being carted off and devoured along with most of her swarm, the survivors of which scattered and were eventually caught and Tamed.

Blade Bunnies are rare to encounter alone, as their strong ‘pack’ mentality makes solitude something they view as a ‘worst-case scenario.’ Sometimes a weaker Blade Bunny will be driven off from the swarm, or simply killed and eaten by the rest, but other than that the only way to catch a Blade Bunny is to disperse the swarm. You must do this by first killing the Alpha of the swarm. This will cause them all to become disoriented for several minutes. Take this time to destroy the Alpha’s body by either flames or a powerful energy attack. This will cause a swarm to flee the area. Poisoning the Alpha’s corpse will also drive the swarm apart, as Blade Bunnies have a strong weakness to any form of toxin. The reason that destroying the Alpha’s body is important is because that once they get their bearings, four or five members of the swarm will try to drag off the Alpha’s corpse and eat it. They will consume the Alpha’s body, bones and all, and become virus carriers themselves. They will then battle to the death, the winner consuming the losers and becoming the new Alpha of the swarm.

Surprisingly, for such a dangerous Pokégirl, they are quite affectionate once Tamed. They take well to being a part of a harem, and start thinking of their Harem sisters as part of their new ‘swarm.’ They will also defend their Tamer and Harem sisters fiercely, not wanting to lose the sense of belonging they have. As only non-Virus carriers have been captured so far (it has been deemed too dangerous to try and capture the more aggressive Virus carriers), they are inclined to bow to anyone with a stronger will than they, which makes controlling a Blade Bunny once properly Tamed a simple matter. They do not make good Alphas, however.

The ‘Weapon Rabbit Virus,’ or ‘Wabbit Virus’ for short, originated from the first twenty Blade Bunnies created originally. Only three of them are left alive today, but not because they died of old age. They are confirmed to be unique in their breed in that they possess longevity. Efforts are being made to track them down and terminate them.

Only three Threshold cases of becoming a Blade Bunny have occurred so far. Thankfully, they were not virus carriers. Strangely enough, after discovering that the Blade Bunny could be captured and Tamed, some people began discussing of some of the more dangerous so-called ‘Menace Pokégirls’ could be Tamed as well. The theory has been dismissed so far as folly, but one never knows what might happen in the future…