BLIGHT, the Sick Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Poison
Frequency: Extinct (Very Rare)
Diet: Any Food
Role: virus spreader/plague bearer
Libido: unknown
Strong Vs: Plant, Bug, Fighting, Poison
Weak Vs: Ground, Psychic, Elemental and heal types
Attacks: Poison Powder, Poison Mask, Poison Mist, Spice 3, Plague
Enhancements: Disease Resistance, Enhanced Strength (x2), Fast Healing
Evolves: Unknown
Evolves From: None
    Blights appeared as thin women with very pale and clammy skin and long tangled hair. They often had deep circles under their eyes and eyewitnesses often stated they looked "as though they might blow away if a strong wind came by". Because of their gaunt appearance, many communities accepted them, but many kept them under quarantine.
    A Blight would begin to look better as she was treated, and would eventually look much like any healthy human woman. It was about this time that they would be allowed to join the other survivors, and it also at this time they became most dangerous.
    The most anxious Blights would make mistakes and began using their special power, Plague, to infect the entire community with a strong flu. However, this action often led to their demise. The more intelligent of the Blights would begin infecting the community more subtly, using small bursts of Poison Mist, Spice 3 or Poison Powder to make people ill. Once a majority of the community was ill from poison, she would unleash Plague and flee as the entire community fell ill.
    However, it did not take long for news of this tactic to be spread and the Blights were eventually trapped and executed. Any that may have survived would know that their tactics would never work again.
    It's rumored that the Blight was ultimately responsible for the "contamination" of the human race, and may be responsible for the existence of Threshold, but since the race has been dead for many years, this is entirely speculation. It's also rumored that some Blights might never have begun their mission because they fell in love, and thus, may have abandoned by Sukebe because of this.