[insert name here] ZOMBABE, the Carnivorous [insert title here] Corpse Pokégirl

Type: As base type
Element: Changes to Poison/Ghost
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Carnivore
Role: Extreme Depopulation
Libido: n/a
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Ghost, Poison, Plant, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Dark, Fire, Ice, Celestial Pokégirls
Attacks: Bite, Tackle, Slash, Mega-Zombie Poison, Fear Aura
Enhancements: Pain Immunity, Poison Glands (entire body with concentration in head, Mega-Zombie), Intoxicant Immunity, Sleepless, Sixth Sense (living creatures, 20 to 40 yards / 18 to 36 meters)
Disadvantages: Loss of higher thought processes, up to 10 Strength and Speed loss, further enhancement decay over time
Evolves: n/a
Evolves From: Any Human females or Pokégirls (Exposure to Mega-Zombie Poison, initial condition unknown)
Bounty: Varies from league to league
Recommendation if you see one: Remain calm. Flee if possible. Utilize pokegirl attacks of the opposing elements from a distance if pressed. Destroy the head and avoid toxic gas. Remain calm.
Revised: December 2012

Straight from the horror movies from before the Revenge War, a Zombabe pokegirl is an ambling abomination made of the rotting, undead flesh of the breed she was before infection. Zombabes are a terror not because of their individual abilities, but because of their capacity to multiply and overrun entire cities during the chaos that comes in their wake. Perhaps the most alarming aspect of the template, though, is that to date none have determined its origins, meaning no one knows how to prevent the next outbreak.

A Zombabe does not come into being until after the host body dies from Mega-Zombie poison exposure. Within minutes after death they rise again, a shambling, unthinking, rotting shell of the former pokegirl. Deterioration sets in immediately as the Zombabe’s body begins producing more Mega-Zombie poison. Often Zombabes are seen walking about with great gashes in their body from where they were attacked and infected. Some can be missing limbs all together. Yet still they press on, dragging themselves across the ground if need be.

What is known about the Zombabe is that the toxin responsible for their creation, Mega-Zombie poison, is magical in nature. It’s speculated that it came about from unsanctioned experiments in allowing pokegirls to continue fighting despite severe injury, with the tests ending in disaster. This fails to explain how they continue to come about even after infestations are exterminated. The chemical denatures quickly when exposed to the open environment and will become inert within 100 minutes under its ideal conditions, which is at approximately room temperature (20 degrees Celsius or 68 degrees Fahrenheit). Temperatures above or below this range accelerate the process, which is why Ice and Fire techniques are effective when combating Zombabes. Celestial techniques also neutralize the toxin and instantly destroy any Zombabes they make contact with. One of the most effective methods to combat outbreaks is in training celestials in releasing short range bursts of their energy, but this is not something every celestial pokegirl should be assumed capable of.

If any humans or pokegirls are exposed to the toxin, it destroys their tissues cells to create more Mega-Zombie poison, quickly leading to death if the subject is not cured of the toxin. Human bodies are not resilient enough to function as a reanimated Zombabe, but females oftentimes react to lethal levels of exposure by undergoing threshold. They die before converting to a pokegirl but in the interim state still function as rather weak Zombabes. Males simply die. Life expectancy for humans after exposure is three minutes. Permanent tissue damage can occur within as little as thirty seconds and if allowed to progress for more than two minutes exposure will still likely be lethal, but the victim will fail to reanimate. Reanimation occurs frequently within five minutes of death. Pokegirls can go longer before dying, typically double the duration of humans.

The toxin is released into the air when Zombabes are destroyed, especially the destruction of the head. This is why they should be engaged from range, even with techniques they're weak against.

Zombabe pokegirls show very little capacity for tactics beyond closing the distance on their target and then lashing out with limbs, attempting to drag down their prey and bite. The danger comes from their numbers and that they constantly emit their Aura of Fear technique. This leads to the undisciplined being more likely to make mistakes that can lead to their demise. Also, freshly turned Zombabe pokegirls of incredibly enhanced breeds can still pose quite the threat until their bodies decay further, meaning an Amachamp Zombabe would still be capable of great strength while a Cheetit Zombabe would prove much faster than humans. The ability to fly is also retained until the wing structures rot away. It’s thought that early infected fliers that escape quarantine procedures are a possible cause for future outbreaks.

Zombabes are no longer living pokegirls, and cannot be controlled through any means. Even pre-existing Delta and Recognition bonds are no longer effective. In fact, in a few reported cases pokegirls killed and reanimated as Zombabe pokegirls have also returned to their former masters as spiritual pokegirls like Ghostly or the Astral template. They are extremely dangerous and therefore illegal to own in any capacity. The same is true of Mega-Zombie poison. Infection is the only way in which Zombabes increase their numbers, as their reproductive functions shut down with death.