Alaka-Wham, the Psychic Powerhouse Pokégirl

Type: Near Human
Element: Psychic
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Human style food
Role: Administration/Research Assistants, Interrogators, Therapists
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison, Psychic
Weak Vs: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Attacks: Barrier, Confusion, Dream Time, Healing Meditation, Psychic, Psywave, Telekinesis, Teleport
Enhancements: Emotional Control, Encyclopedic Knowledge (Human and Pokégirl Anatomy), Enhanced Intelligence, Enhanced Memory, Limited Precognition, Telepathy
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Ka-D-Bra (Normal)

Alaka-Whams continue the growth begun when they became Ka-D-Bras, gaining a few inches in height for a maximum height of 6'0. Their skin (once again sans antennae) darkens to a deep red, and their antennae max out at nearly a foot in length. Many Alaka-Whams keep their antennae back, flat against their head, unless actively wielding their psychic powers. Their bust also increases, usually upward to an E-cup. Their breasts are so large, in fact, that their frail bodies can't support the weight without assistance. Alaka-Whams rely on constant, low-level telekinesis to help support the weight of their massive chests. This can be troublesome for pokégirls who have just evolved, but they get used to their newly acquired assets which require her powers. Due to the weightlessness of water, this breed tends to enjoy spending time swimming and bathing whenever possible, if only to relief their powers for a short time.

Their powers also increase dramatically, giving them a wide variety of Psychic attacks, defenses, and support abilities. Usually, Alaka-Whams will use their Telepathy and Precognition to stay at least one step ahead of their opponents, while using techniques such as Barrier and Teleport to avoid any attacks their opponent conceives of throwing at them. Offensively, the breed usually overwhelms their opponents fairly quickly by using a combination of Telekinesis, Psychic, and Psywave. Alaka-Whams have also been known to use Confusion to cause additional damage and discomfort toward their opponents, usually in the early stages the battle. Outside of battles, the breed can use their psychic abilities, such as Dream Time and Telepathy, to help aid in interrogations of suspects in criminal cases. Patients who have experienced traumatic events and need therapy to cope with the experiences are usually referred to this breed for their treatments. By joining the patient’s mind with the pokégirl’s own, the Alaka-Wham is able to repair the emotional and mental damage brought on by the traumatic effects the patient underwent.

The breeds’ typical IQ is considered to be in the levels of Genius, making them one of the smartest pokégirl breeds known to man. Due to the Alaka-Whams’ extreme amount of intelligence, there have been groups who have shown distrust with this breed. It is not exactly clear if this is due to jealously, or to the fact that a good portion of the breed seem to value logic and knowledge over their emotions. Some Alaka-Whams have been known to be cold and calculating when doing research with their owners, only seeming to care about the end results. This does not mean that the breed is unable to experience emotions, not are they unable to show them. In fact, Alaka-Whams respond better to tamers who are generally affectionate towards them, both physically and mentally. Due to the intelligence and rarity of the breed, it is unheard of to find an Alaka-Wham in a feral state or out in the wilderness alone.

Alaka-Whams usually make excellent Alphas for tamer harems. This is due to their knowledge of pokégirl biology and being able to detect most of their harem sisters’ emotional and mental stress levels. By using their psychic abilities, the breed can inform their tamer when one of the harem members is not feeling appreciated, thus stopping a bad situation from getting worse. Alaka-Whams who are Alphas within their harems will see themselves as a “big sister” or a “mother” toward their sisters, and will become very protective of them. The breed also tends to be very protective of their tamers, once a bond has been formed, and will defend their master to the end. There have been no reported causes of direct threshold for this breed to date.