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CHEETIT (AKA Cheetah), the Fast Cat Pokégirl

Type: Near Human Animorph (cheetah)
Element: Normal/Steel
Frequency: Rare, Uncommon (Crescent Moon, Crimson Leagues)
Diet: Human Standard, heavy on meats, fish and proteins
Role: Strike Troops, Range-hunters
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Flying, Ice, Poison, Rock, Ghost
Weak Vs: Electric, Fire, Ground, Fighting
Attacks: Sabre Claw, Tail Slap, Double Kick, Tornado Run, Hyper Kick, Iron Tail, Hyper Quick Attack, Metal Claw, Pneumatic Drill, Iron Punch
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x15), Enhanced Endurance (x3), Enhanced Hearing (x3), Enhanced Smell (x4), Enhanced Eyesight (x2), Nightvision
Evolves: Cheetaura (Normal), Leopardess (Crippling Injury + Recovery + Delta Bond), Phaenine (Bird E-medal)
Evolves From: Catgirl (Metal Jacket)

Cheetits were used during the War of Revenge for quick in-and-out strikes against lone targets, and often acted as support for Lioness Prides out in open areas. Mainly deployed in the areas of the Crescent Moon and the Dark Continent, after the war ended, these fast felines went feral and began populating those areas more heavily than others. Historians find this somewhat ironic, given that the main concentration of these pokegirls is the same area where their feline base once roamed.

Standing on average between 4 and 7 feet, this breed is highly variable in height, though their body type is almost always a runner's physique. Lithe with powerful legs, this feline breed usually has a small to modest bust size though a few variances have been recorded. This breed leans toward the more animalistic side of the Near Human spectrum, with light muzzles, golden feline eyes, and a coat of golden-yellow fur flecked with black spots. Variations have been noted in coat color, though usually this is the shade of solid fur on the stomach. Closer to human members of the breed are often thresholders, with only eyes, rounded cheetah ears, and a long tail to denote them as pokegirls.

Cheetits are prized for their outstanding speed and fighting prowess. The breed is often the target of visiting Tamers from afar who travel to the Crescent Moon or Crimson Leagues to get their hands on one. One of the fastest ground- runners of all pokegirl breeds, on a level road, these steel types have been clocked up to 270 mph, (434.4 km/h). Sadly, the breed can't maintain such speeds for long; like the cheetahs of old, the Cheetit can only use her speed for short periods, (in the prime of health, an average individual could maintain her top speed for thirty minutes before fatigue sets in).

When it comes to martial battles, the breed ultimately puts their speed to great use, highlighting the fact it is the basis for the majority of these fast felines' attacks. If the area allows, Tornado Run is often a starting maneuver, though some simply dodge before choosing the right moment to attack. However, if there isn't considerable room, often the breed's steel type techniques will be used. It keeps them closer to the opponent where they could be injured, but this strategy allows the breed to strike hard and fast with hit and run tactics. Overall, the breed fares well against most opponents, though typically has trouble to those elements they are weak to.

When it comes to their place in a Harem, it should be noted that while most of the breed hold the "speed is life" mantra, they can slow themselves down for their Tamer or their Harem-sisters. Even Cheetit pokekits (sometimes called Cheetahs) seem to instinctively hold speed as important, though often they tend to crash when getting adjusted to their immense speed. These speedy steel types tend to want the Alpha position, but most will admit it may not be a good idea; as many just want the chance to be out of their pokeball more often to stretch their legs and run around. Considered obedient in general most will be subservient to their Tamer and the Alpha pokegirl, making the breed favored often in conservative leagues. A caring breed overall, these felines are able to get along with a number of breeds. In particular, the Charlie Angel breeds, and feline pokegirls, especially the Lioness often make outstanding teams and trusted friends with this fast feline breed. They are known to dislike rodent and canine breeds in general, though training and threat of or use of taming cycles on both breeds will get the two to coexist in a harem.

Often considered passionate lovers, most members of the breed enjoy their fur (or hair for near human members) being petted while being tamed. Typical traits for the breed are to be very dominant and aggressive when the taming initially starts, but as taming continues, the breed becomes more submissive to their Tamer. Most Cheetits are heterosexual by a majority, though many of the breed tame females, either humans or other pokegirls, out of necessity. Luckily, unlike the Psi-Dyke, this breed is capable of being tamed by females to the same effectiveness as males. A popular saying among feline enthusiasts is that if you make a Cheetit purr during Taming, you will have very good luck in the near future.

Threshold to become a Cheetit is rare in areas where the breed is more common, with a more likely result being a Catgirl. Ear migration and tail growth happens first, followed by eye color change and claw growth. In closer to human members of the breed, this is where threshold stops, though more animalistic thresholders continue on to fur growth and possible muzzle growth.