DIVETTE, the Sea Diving Loon Pokégirl
Type: Animorph (bird)
Element: Flying, Water
Frequency: Uncommon (major ports and at sea), Very Rare (non-coastal areas)
Diet: Mostly fish
Role: Sea sabotage, scouts
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Plant, Fire, Ground, Fighting
Weak Vs: Electric, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Current, Dive, Feather Shuriken, Water Gun,
Enhancements: High lung capacity, Aquatic adaptations, Enhanced Sight (X3), small size (Around 4’, or 1.35 M), skeletal augmentations
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Pidgy (Water Stone)
    Far from their humble beginnings as Pidgys, Divettes are the scourge of the seas. Tall, lithe, and streamlined, these gorgeous avians were used by Sukebe in the Revenge War to destroy naval vessels and scout out ports, islands, and cities nearby the oceans. They were perfectly suited to the job, able to blend in with the seagulls of the war era while far out at sea. However, in modern days, they now help protect the ships they once sought to destroy. Sailors often swear by their Divette’s sense of direction, and few sea going ships go without having one.
    During the war, Divettes were largely unnoticed until the human war effort turned towards the sea. As attention shifted to ships, the military finally noticed important supply and transport ships spontaneously sinking near or at port. Later, a sailor who survived such an incident reported a sexy, flying woman dive into the ocean near his ship prior to its destruction. It didn’t take long for the brass to put two and two together, and the first human recognition of Divettes occurred.
    As sailors were trained to watch for them and awareness improved, the Divettes’ method of sabotage was discovered. They acted as a seagull far out at sea, and then dove into the ocean. Once underwater, their speed, waterproof feathers, and large lungs allowed them to swim up against a target ship, plant explosives on it, and leave without being noticed. Once this was known, it was effortless for sailors to notice Divettes and assign their own tough seafaring Pokégirls to defend the ships. The same speed given to Divettes underwater left them hopeless in marine combat, and they were soon reassigned to be scouts for the war.
    In modern times, few feral Divettes are found. Feral Divettes are not dangerous to humans, and mostly just fish with other feral Divettes or similar birds. However, they often like to nest on chimneys and houses, which may or may not cause a problem. Some superstitious people believe that this is a sign of good luck or fertility, but no factual evidence of this has been found.
    Divettes are emotionally attached to the ocean, and often suffer from depression, confusion, or sometimes even go mildly feral if taken away from the sea for long periods of time. For this reason, very few travelling tamers have a Divette in their harem.
    Divettes make great harem members for mariners however. Their enhanced sight allows them to help in directing ships to shore, and they are brutally efficient at battling. They mostly use a single attack, Dive, to pummel their opponent relentlessly at speeds approaching 270 mph (435 km/h). Remarkably, Divettes are capable of crashing into even solid stone without injury at these speeds. When questioned about their incredible resilience, Divettes seem to deny that they were ever in any danger. Scientists believe this is from their strange mixture of their extremely sturdy-yet-flexible bones and low skeletal weight, something that still puzzles researchers to this day.