***[Valor HQ]***

Atop a small stage, a tall, imposing man in his mid 40's stood. Dressed in a two piece red suit, his red-dyed hair tied in a ponytail swung lazily being him as he yelled into the mic. Beside him was his ever loyal alpha, his Dragonqueen, standing their proudly with her favorite whip hanging on her side. Along the rock wall behind them were four other dragon types; A Dragoness, a Whorizard, a Gojilli, a Warvern, and their newest "harem sister" a Flarebra. Though while the others had a few scars and at worst some cuts, the Flarebra was laying on the ground quietly crying in sheer pain. Half of her face was turned into one big wound, deep gashes lined her entire body, and just as the others have on their bodies, a large "V" was painfully branded on her scales. Black collars were worn tightly on all their necks, though none of them were happy in the slightest, as these weren't affectionate tamer collars, but ice versions of shock collars meant for obedience.

The man at the podium continued to speak to his audience of a hundred. "And though I give thanks to those brave few that rescued my newest addition, they were merely doing their job. What I want most of all, however, is my G-Splice back! And until I get her back, all I see in this room is a BUNCH OF FAILURES!"

His alpha put her hand gently on his shoulder. He looked over to her, and gave a few nods as he steadied his breathing.

"Thank you Anna, I nearly lost myself there. Back to the matter at hand, we have received new intel on the whereabouts of my precious Leanne. She has been taken and forcefully bonded to some no name bastard, who dares shove her in gym matches and train her to exhaustion! My G-Splice is being horribly misused, and no one is to do any other jobs until my dragon is returned to her rightful owner, am I understood?"

"Yes sir." Came a lazy reply all at once.

"Good! Now then, why do I still see you all standing there? Go! Kill this tamer and bring me his head along with my Leanne! Go out there and kill the one known as Valkerous Denei!"

Though the stomping and rustling of the crowd leaving was loud, it wasn't enough to mask the sound behind him. Turning around, he saw his Flarebra drag herself up, and in one swift motion flung herself at him, claws bared. He didn't even flinch, however, as his alpha reacted faster than she could, and wrapped her whip around her body and kicked her to the ground.

"Don't you touch him you mother fucker!!!" She growled menacingly from the ground.

The man knelt down and gently cupped the uninjured side of her face, and moved her to look at him.

"Tell me my dear, why would one so undeserving such as him even cross your mind? You belong to me now, and I will give you all my love, as you will too."

The response he got was her spitting a bit of blood on his face. He calmly wiped it off, and slapped her viciously on her bad side, making her wince.

"This is what I get for all I've done for you? For saving you from one who mistreated you so? For sharing with you my home? For giving you all my love?!? This is how you repay me?!?"

Even despite her beaten and battered state, she still did her best to manage a smug look.

"Though my last tamer was a bit of an ass, at least he didn't dress like a stop sign. Your "home" is a cave with wall paper, and if this is how you show your love, I think I'll take some hate right about now."

The dragon types along the wall, who have been standing quietly, looked away from the scene, as they knew what would come next. The man's face visibly grew more and more red as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small remote with a dial on it.

"Very well then, I suppose a bit of tough love is what you need."

He turned the knob three times and waited as the collar shifted from black to a light blue. Without any warning, an immense pain hit her as ice like energy was forced into her entire body. She screamed in pure agony as she desperately tried to get any of fire powers to work, to no avail. Her whole body shook violently as it got colder and colder, the pain getting more intense after each passing second.

Just as she was about to pass out from sheer agony, the collar shut itself off, turning back to it's original black color. Her whole body stung from the collar's ministrations as she tried to warm herself up again anyway she could.

The man knelt down and made her face him again. "What have we learned my dear?"

Through it all, she managed a clumsy smile through jittering teeth. "Th-th-that m-m-m-master Valk is s-s-still the o-o-one I w-w-want."

He dropped her face and delivered a swift kick straight to her head. With her body still tied up, she couldn't dodge his assault as he kept kicking and kicking her, until she was finally graced with unconsciousness.

"Anna, this one needs training, oh so much training! I want her purged of all thoughts but me asap!" He demanded.

The Dragonqueen sauntered up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck, planting slow kisses on his lips.

"I've never disappointed you before my master, and I shan't start now. She will be grovelling for your love before you know it, this I swear to you."

He gave a smile and hugged her close to him.

"Ah Anna my love, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all that you do. Keeping all these girls in line must be quite the task, and I'm sorry to burden you with it."

"It's not problem at all master. In fact, those four are very well behaved, it's hardly a chore to remind them who they serve, and I must admit I am eager to start with this one." She said, licking her lips as she gazed over the Flarebra.

"Take all the time you need Anna, you always make it worth my while. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to strategize for Team Valor's future endeavors."

Anna pouted slightly as she reluctantly released him and watched as she headed further back into the cave/base where his room is. She then returned her attention to the passed out Flarebra laying on the floor, occasionally shivering.

"Now then, where to start?"


Although most saw 7am as the perfect time to be fast asleep, Valk saw it as the perfect time to let his girls rest while he does a bit of work. Over at a terminal in the lobby of the very empty pokecenter, Valk was busy getting each and every one of the ferals the harem caught sold. It didn't take very long, but it was a rather tedious procedure, which is why Valk let out a sigh of relief at the last one being sold.

As he was looking into his account on his dex to make plans for their new funds, the clacking of high heeled shoes distracted him, as the sound grew louder, walking towards him.

Before he could turn his head to see who it was, a rather dainty hand was placed on his shoulder, and a feminine voice whispered into his ear. "You never did give me your name."

Valk jumped out of his chair, one hand reaching for the hilt of his sword as he turned to face his visitor. The first thing he saw was a childish smile, a friendly wave with one hand, and a small white flag lazily waving in the other. Allowing himself a brief moment for pause, he examined her further, and was even more skeptical at what he saw. She was dressed in a black tank top and dark purple skinny jeans that hugged her curves beautifully. A purple purse hanging from her shoulder, the red high heels and that her hair was done up with curls at the ends really completed her cute girl look.

"What's all this Catherine?"

"So you did remember my name, you flatter me. You could say I'm here to scratch an itch I've been having, but worry not, I mean you no harm." She said, placing her little flag in her handbag.

"And why should I cooperate with a Dark Queen?"

"I assumed as much, so I have prepared a bit of a peace offering; the Elf court members that were used in the experiments have been restored back to their original bodies and minds, fed, healed, and returned back home."

Valk's expression grew more suspicious, though his hand slowly moved away from his sword.

"That's awfully generous of you, a little too generous in fact."

Catherine raised a hand to cover her mouth in a giggle. "Hardly, when you think about it all. Though failures, they were still G-Splices, and their potential was unknown, so we couldn't risk disposing of them, and keeping them was out of the question as well. Hideous they were, and at our current state, we can hardly afford to feed ourselves, let alone new comers."

"Ok...so what do you want with me?" Valk asked, still unsure.

"Well apart from wanting a question answered, you single handedly destroyed my plans which we sunk more money than you will ever see in your lifetime into, and are currently in a horrible spot, so I believe having you treat me to breakfast isn't too much to ask for." She said, her hands on her hips.

The dumbfounded face Valk made at that got her laughing, and she took his hand in hers and led him out of the center.

Walking through the town in the early hours of the day was peacefully quiet, which did nothing for Valk's nerves. Catherine on the other hand was acting almost like a tourist, looking around the town with slight intrigue. Valk looked around and behind him, expecting to be followed or walking into a trap, which made Catherine giggle softly.

A few minutes of walking later, and she stopped in front of a small diner. Walking in, they found a booth off in the corner and sat down.

While Catherine was perusing the menu, Valk's patience finally came to an end. "Alright, what's your game? There's no way you came here to just ask a question in a diner at this hour."

"As I've told you, that is exactly why I'm here, and you still have yet to answer my first question; What is your name?" She replied, not once looking up.

Valk looked around the diner once more, and after confirming they were the only ones in here other than the staff, he let out a small sigh. "Valkerous. My name is Valkerous, but just call me Valk."

"Valk then? Very well Valk, as I've stated previously, I've had a nagging thought in the back of my head, and today I just couldn't stand it anymore, and have come to see you for answers."

The waitress came and interrupted them, and left after getting their orders and giving their drinks, they got back to it.

"Alright, well if this is all you really truly mean to do, I suppose it's fair that I ask something of my own in return." He said, twirling his straw in his hand.

"That's fair I suppose, but I must insist on going first. What I came here to know is how you did it. How long did you plan, what was your plan, how did you do it?"

The next 60 seconds were filled with Valk laughing almost hysterically, Catherine looking confused and slightly annoyed.

Finally his laughter abated, and he took a few breaths to steady himself. "Sorry, sorry, it's just...well, you're about to find out. So you see, we were walking on our way to this town, minding our own business when out of nowhere an Elf runs to us out of the forest and begs us for help. When we got there, you were about to go all mad scientist on the Elfqueen, and I had all of five seconds to come up with a plan that ended with me walking out and causing a distraction while my girls went underground."

He had to try his best to control himself at her nearly pleading look of 'let there be more'.

"Two of my girls were beneath the cage, one of them was under me, and the last one was in the big black tent, apparently making her own ideas."

"So, wait. If you didn't plan that, then where did you get the Widow costume?"

"Apparently your scientist already had it. Also, sorry about that, I specifically told her not to kill, but again, she had her own plans."

"Don't give it another thought. The old fool was a drain on our resources and wasn't improving any time soon. To be honest, I was about ready to kill him myself, I suppose you just saved me some trouble, although all the money we pretty much threw away was a major loss for us." She said with a sad smile at the last part.

They'd been talking long enough for their breakfast to arrive, and both began eating.

"Now, I suppose a deal is a deal, what was the question you wanted to ask?"

"I've read about your breed, and something doesn't add up. Dark Queens are supposed to be women of conviction, and will stop at nothing to complete their goals. Meaning, if making a G-Splice for your covenant to grow in power was your goal, you would be super pissed right now, and I still think you might be, but if you're not, what is your end game in all of this?"

Catherine looked away suddenly, a small blush on her face as she twiddled her thumbs shyly.

"It's rather embarrassing truth be told, but a deal is a deal. However, you'd best be prepared for a bit of story, as it needs to be explained a bit."

When Valk nodded, she sighed and continued.

"When I was born, I had a twin sister, and I believe it was then that my problems began. Ever since childhood, that bitch of a sister Isabelle had to be better at absolutely everything and gloat about it. She is faster than me, stronger than me, prettier than me Her chest is bigger, she's a bit taller, her covenant is larger and stronger, she's richer, literally every area she could think of she's bested me in. She even evolved before me, and the endless torment is enough to make anyone insane. My goal, as you put it, is to beat my sister once and for all, to finally put her in her place; under my foot."

She spoke with a burning passion, her face lighting up in a rainbow of emotions, before she sighed and slunk back into the seat.

"Wouldn't that be nice. But right now we're in such a poor state money wise that I can't even begin to imagine how long it will take to get back up to where we were."

After listening to her story, Valk thought to himself for a moment, before shaking his head and sighing deeply.

"I wasn't lying about the tent idea. Selling them off to rich pure bloods for vanity purposes should net you a bit of funds."

Now it was her turn to look suspicious. "Why would you help me?"

"Because you seem harmless enough, and honestly if you're busy selling tents, then you're not in some mountain causing rock slides that will interrupt my journey. As you said, it's not generosity, it's practicality."

This got a small smile from her as she stood up to leave, and reached her hand out. Valk hesitated for a second before shaking it. Upon contact, he felt a small jolt of energy run through him, causing him to recoil. With a soft giggle, Catherine turned to leave, but Valk spoke up before she was gone.

"You know, if I saw you and your sister together, I'm pretty sure I'd say you're the better looking one."

She immediately stumbled and nearly fell on her face, catching herself just in time. She looked back with a cute pout at Valk's grin, and with a huff, teleported away.


Making their way out of Pewtit and onto Route 3, Fey suggested they travel along the river as they make their way towards Mt. Moon, mainly because of the annoying desert like conditions. Needless to say, she was thanked more than once along the trip.

A few hours of walking pass before Cylene decided to pipe up.

"Well this is dull. Why don't we pass the time with some stories?"

Valk was about to roll his eyes, but stopped as he thought of something and tried to fight back laughter. Hana was curious about what he had in mind, but when she realized it she immediately panicked and tried to cover his mouth at any cost. Ducking and dodging her, he slipped behind Hana and wrapped her in a hug. He then began his story as he held a pouting Eva.

"So, it was my 13th birthday, right? I had just become a teenager, but my mind was still precious and innocent, having grown up with no real neighbors and good parents. All day as we did various birthday stuff, Hana kept staring at me. I asked her what was wrong, and she only replied with "it has to do with your present" and I couldn't get anything else out of her. Alright, I thought, I'll just wait. So the afternoon rolls around. Not evening, not night, afternoon. We have dinner, have the cake, all that good stuff, when apparently this little one couldn't take it anymore. She takes my hand and leads me up to our room, and locks the door. Now, being a naive kid, I have no idea what she has in store, when she suddenly pounces on me and knocks me flat on my back on the bed."

The girls were giggling at this point at Hana's growing blush as she fought free of his grasp. Walking along side him, she was suddenly able to find the river very interesting.

"So remember, when that started it was the afternoon. The next day, I wake up at two o'clock pm. Covered in sweat and feeling sticky for whatever reason, and I will never forget how much my lower half hurt. Hana was laying next to me with the goofiest smile on her sleeping face, and her fur was completely filthy. To this day, I have no idea what the actual fuck she put me through, but I'll say this. When I asked her later that day what happened, I felt true fear for the first time when she replied 'You'll find out tonight'."

The giggling turned into full blown laughter at the poor Eva's expense, Nina laughing so much she was struggling to breathe.

"I believe Miss Hana has had enough ladies. Miss Cylene, why don't you go next?" Fey said, recovering faster than the rest.

Wiping a tear out of her eye, Cylene looked at her with a grin. "Alright alright, fair's fair. I can remember one little story from way back when I was a kit. Cutest damn thing you ever did see mind you." She gave a wink to Valk, who did roll his eyes at her this time.

"Anyways, this little lovely Draco kit was raised in a ranch with a few other kits of different breeds, typical ranch stuff, you know how it goes. I'd say I was like...I dunno, eight? Let's say eight. When I was eight, there was this family that came over with their little kid, saying they were thinking of getting him a new friend or something, can't remember exactly. Anyways, they had this little boy with them who looked a little younger than me, and he came right up to me. I still remember how cute he looked, all excited to see me and everything, he was adorable. I was just warming up to idea of going with them, when a little mishap happened.

He was playing with my tail, which I told him repeatedly to stop doing. I got a little annoyed, so I moved it out of his grasp and flicked him with it, which made him trip. Somehow he knocked into me, sent us both spiraling to the ground, and I landed on top of him. When I got up, I saw him crying and clutching his face. I was about to ask him what was wrong, when I tasted the blood on my fangs that were just coming in, and put two and two together. Yeah, needless to say, they didn't take me, though to be honest I was lucky I got off with just that. To this day I've wanted to apologize to that kid, but I never saw him again."

Valk, his back to her, stopped walking, which got curious glances from all but Hana, who was almost nervous. Cylene was about to say something when Hana smacked her on the back of her head, and motioned to stay quiet. She gave a puzzled expression, but she shrugged and waited. A few times Valk went to his sword as he was lost in thought, though never drew the blade once, content with simply tapping it.

Finally appearing to reach a decision, Valk turned to Cylene. "Hearing your side of what happened, I suppose I can see I was to blame. So, I forgive you."

Hana stood there jaw agape, while Cylene seemed to be trying to figure something out, until her face lit up.

"Well isn't it a small world. Looks like I ended up with that cute boy after all. Oh hon, I knew we were destined to be together!" She picked him up and hugged him tightly, burying his face in her cleavage. Fey, who was learning very quickly, grabbed his sword just before he reached for it.

Tearing himself free, he backed up a few steps out of her reach and retrieved his sword. "I said I forgive you for that, but not for the whole trying to murder me thing. Feral or not, you took a chunk of my leg on the second day of our journey, I'm still allowing myself a grudge for that!"

"I'm sorry?" She asked cutely. All she got was a glare.

The rest of the day was spent in a similar manner, mostly with Nina and Valk sharing stories of their childhood, with Fey chiming in every now and then with tales of her court. Shira stayed quiet, saying she was feral born and didn't have much to say, which made sense, and was shrugged off. Hana however, despite attempts to coax a story out of her, stayed oddly silent as well, seemingly thinking about something.

The twilight sun signaled the end of their day as it dropped down below the horizon, and the group set to get camp set up.

"I'm gonna go take a walk. It's actually really nice here, I kinda want to enjoy it for a bit." Shira said, and went off. Nina, naturally, followed behind her.

"Don't go too far!" He yelled at them. He got a wave of their hands in reply, and got to making the group their food.

About an hour later they returned, Shira looking much more relaxed than he can remember seeing her.

"You enjoy your walk?" He asked, handing her a bowl.

"I did actually. It's really nice at night, and it was made all the better by the cat not talking once."

Hana nearly chocked on her stew at that. "Nina? Not talk? Nina are you ok?"

"I don't have to talk to enjoy quality time with my puppy. And besides, I got to take a long walk on the beach with her, what more could I ask for?"

"Nina, this isn't the beach." Shira said, giving her a look.

"Sand." She said, pointing at the desert route. "Water." She pointed to the river. "Beach." She gestured to the area around them.

While Shira was shaking her head at her, Valk actually stopped and thought about it. "I think she's technically right? Maybe? I dunno, depends on your view of what a beach is."

Finishing up their meal, they were about to turn in for the night when Nina spotted someone off in the distance headed their way. When he got close enough, Valk didn't see anything out of the ordinary. He wore a plain t shirt and pants, and had a large bag over his shoulder.

"Out a little late aren't you? Sun set a while ago." Valk said to him as he approached.

"Yeah, but I wanted to go just that little extra bit. Mind if I set up nearby?" He asked.

Valk shrugged. "Free river, I don't mind. Got a name pal?"

"Damion, and yourself?" He replied, extended a hand.

Valk shook it with a smile. "Call me Valk. Make yourself at home, I was about to turn in." He then turned to his girls. "Alright ladies, it's Shira's night, so the rest of you are gonna have to be put up in your balls."

Fey's face flashed annoyance for a split second before she nodded. Nina simply pouted at Shira but gave in as well, and the two were recalled.

He was about to return Cylene, when she held up a hand. "Actually hon, Shira was right. It's really nice out here, mind if I stay sleep outside tonight, really stretch my wings?"

"I suppose, but if I find myself waking up to your wings again I'm shoving you in your ball for a week. And don't go bugging this guy either, am I clear?" Cylene gave a nod, blew a kiss and with a mighty flap of her wings, took off.

Walking into the tent with Valk and Hana, and closing it up, Shira couldn't help but look suspicious.

"Master, I'm not complaining about extra tamings, but wasn't it Fey's night?"

"It was, and I'm gonna have to make it up to her, but that's for another time. For right now, if you think I'm gonna trust that some guy just so happened to wander in the middle of the desert, and just so happened to find me, then you don't know your tamer." Valk said.

"We want to play it safe tonight, and with your heightened senses, we wanted you to be on look out. We'll take shifts tonight with you on the first one." Hana finished.

"Better safe than sorry, I understand. Only next time, don't tease me with the prospect of taming." Shira said with a wicked grin, showing off her fangs.


This was a million times easier than I  thought it would be. 

Pulling out a shotgun from his bag, Damion began loading it with elemental shots. With it now loaded, he switched into his proper uniform, a black shirt with a red V in the middle, with red jeans. He stuck his head out of the tent to make sure no one was around, and snuck out towards where Valk and the others were.

Recalled half his harem, and Leanne even left, meaning I only have to deal with the mutt and the fox, who are probably dazed from their taming!

With a smug grin, he took aim with his gun in one hand, and reached out to open the tent with the other, when he felt something sharp grab his shoulder. Turning around, he was met with an angry looking Medra glaring at him menacingly. Before he could speak, to try and talk his way out of this somehow, she covered his mouth with her tail, grabbed his gun and tossed it into the river, and picked him up. Despite his thrashing, she tossed the Team member into his own tent with ease. When he made to get up, her tail slapped him on the head, knocking him back down.

"Talk." She said, her tone ice cold.

"You wish. When it comes to you or the boss, I am more afraid of the boss." He said.

Cylene grinned at that, and her eyes flashed. Her body grew and transformed, and with her new fangs, bared them in his face. "And now?"

"Ok you're getting there, definitely a toss up now." He said with a shaky voice.

Cylene covered his mouth with her hands, and used her extra sharpened tail to stab him in the leg. He cried against his makeshift gag, thrashing about to no avail.

"Talk. Now." She said, removing her hands.

"Ok, ok, you win. The boss knows who that guy is, and he wants him dead and wants you back."

Cylene's growl terrified him even more as Damion began hyperventilating at this point.

"That's all I know, honest!"

"How did you find him?" She asked, her tail hovering threateningly over his other leg.

"I just got lucky, I swear! There's a hundred of us and we all just went to different places, I just happened to get here. I don't know where everyone else went, honest."

"Well, you're wrong about one thing. By no means did you get lucky." She said, and plunged her tail into his arm next, muffling his scream of pain once more.

"What do you want from me?" He asked once he found his voice.

"I want to know where your base is. I want to know where I have to go to kill that man." She answered in a growl.

"I'm just a lowly grunt, I don't know anything like that! We get teleported in and out, all I know is it's a cave, that's all I know! Hell, not even the admins know what the boss' name is, only his Dragonqueen knows that! Maybe his harem, maybe! Well, maybe not the new one."

"New one? And what do you mean maybe his harem?"

"Look, no one knows what the boss does with his girls. No one asks, and honestly none of us even like him. But when he gives speeches, he keeps them on display behind him. A bunch of dragon types, and he just got a new one, but I don't know what their breeds are. All he seems to care about is getting dragons for his harem, and right now he wants you." He said nervously.

"If you don't like him, why are you all doing what he says?"

"Did you miss the part where he has a harem of dragons? I may not know the breeds, but I know they are strong ones. None of us can stand up to him, and anyone whose tried to leave Valor gets hunted down."

Cylene paused for a moment, thinking about all she had learned. "What else do you know?"

"Nothing, that was everything I know. We teleport in and out, it's a cave, boss likes dragons, that's all a grunt like me is allowed to know, honest!"

"Shame. You would have lived longer."

She stared at him with a blank expression, watching him look at her in horror as he tried to escape, but was held down. Her tail made short work of the task, plunging into his chest and wildly swerving around, caring through his bones like butter. Damion only had enough time to let out a wet gurgle before his head fell back on the ground, and he stopped moving. For good measure, Cylene sliced his throat, nearly severing his head in the process.

"Team Valor can try all they like. I'm never going back, and no one is getting to my master. No one." She said to herself, and shifted back to her Medra form.

Inside Valk's tent, a wolf ear twitched.



(A) Eva-Hana lv38

Lupina-Shira lv29

Catgirl-Nina lv20

Medra-Cylene lv37


Grandelf-Fey lv20