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Pokegirls Unlimited

By Platinum Otter

Chapter 2 - What Rough Beast

I awoke to the sound of heavy breathing and whimpering.  I hadn't meant to fall asleep, but sometimes a concussion is Mother Nature's way of telling you to take a nap.  Right now.  

The sun was just coming over what looked like bluffs in the distance and I used the newfound daylight to finally take in the area around me.  What I had missed last night in the dark was the source of the whimpering.  There was a woman pinned under one of the trees I knocked down.  She must have been unconscious last night as she never made a peep.


I raced over to help her, grabbing a thick branch on the way.  When I got a good look I realized how lucky she must have been.  She was trapped between two trees to either side which kept the larger tree on top from completely crushing her.  I quickly wedged the branch between the tree on top of her and another next to it and heaved.  It was a good stout branch and held while she squirmed out from underneath the tree.


When she was clear I released the branch and moved to help her stand but she growled at me.  I mean growled like a dog which, now that I took the time to look at her, she clearly resembled.  I thought at first it was a costume, but the way she moved the lips on her muzzle and her ears quickly disabused me of that notion.  She was an honest-to-God Doggirl.  What I had initially taken for a coat was actually gorgeous copper-colored fur covering her entire body.  Her eyes were an almost metallic silvery blue. 


She was also completely naked.  As a dog lover I thought she was gorgeous.  As a human I was flabbergasted.  I'd often dreamed of being in the pokegirl world (I couldn't think of anywhere else I could possibly be) but actually finding myself there was insane.  I immediately looked around for Sanctuary Goths or Limbec pirates crawling out of the woodwork but it was just us two.


Turning back I saw that she was still crouched on the ground.  One of her legs was clearly lying at a weird angle.  I was pretty sure it was either broken or out of socket at the hip.  


"Do you have a name?" I asked.


Her ears flicked and she cocked her head at me.  She stopped growling but otherwise just continued to stare.


I decided she must be a feral.  This was going to be a problem.  I'd read the stories.  I knew what happened to tamers alone in the wilderness.  If I was going to survive I'd need pokegirls, but no one in their right mind would be interested in taming with a hip out of socket and that assumed she was in the mood to begin with.  The leg must be pinching off the nerves or she would be in far more pain than she was showing.


That wasn't good.  We had limited time to prevent permanent nerve damage and she had already lain like that all night.  I crouched to be on her level and moved slowly forward with my hand outstretched while I spoke in a low soothing voice.


"Eeeassy girl.  I'm not gonna harm you.  I just want to help you get better.  Then maybe we can get a little freaky if you prove to be friendly."  What?  You try coming up with a continuous patter of calming speech while trying to approach a wild injured animal who you may or may not need to have sex with in order to survive regardless of your feelings on the subject and see how smooth your lines are.  


I've always had a way with animals.  I've had girls tell me their dog didn't like anyone, but it liked me.  Fortunately my natural charm worked again and she sniffed my hand thoroughly without biting me.  I calmly pulled a peanut butter power bar out of the emergency kit and pulled off a piece to give to her.  She sniffed it a bit and then began licking it before gulping it down.  Since she liked it I pulled a dozen aspirin and half a dozen sleeping pills out of bottles in the kit, stuck them thoroughly into the rest of the power bar and let her gulp that down as well.


While she was sniffing and eating I had slowly worked my other hand along her side and was now slowly petting her.  After she finished the power bar I made a cup out of a piece of paper from the notebook in the tool bag (thank you Boy Scouts) and poured some water from the emergency kit into it so she could drink.  She had an actual muzzle so she definitely wasn't going to be able to drink from the bottle.  


After that I sat there calmly petting her and continuing to speak in a soft calming voice as the pills went to work and she slowly fell back asleep.  I gave her a solid five minutes after I was sure she passed out before I went to work.


I laid her out on her back on the emergency blanket and examined her hip by feel.  It was definitely out of socket but fortunately wasn't broken. Using a process I'd seen on Youtube I straightened her leg with the foot facing forward.  I then bent it up before pivoting it out away from the body at the hip.  When it popped back into socket I gently brought it back around to ensure it settled there.  


After that I bound her legs together and hoped her naturally higher healing ability would take care of the rest.  Having done all I could to help her for the moment I decided to take a real look around now that it was daylight.  I chose the highest of the hills around me and climbed it to take in my surroundings.  At the top of the hill I powered my phone on again but still had zero signal and doubted I'd ever be able to use it again if I was where I seemed to be.


I was in a mix of wooded rolling hills and open fields which corresponded more or less to the terrain I was driving through in my own world, but I didn't see any road.  Of course if this was any time past 100AS the roads would be long gone anyway.  Nature reclaimed the world a lot faster than people would think.  If I was still in the corresponding geographical area from my world I would be somewhere in west Johto near the edge of Typhonna's gulf.  I couldn't see far beyond the trees around me except for the bluffs to the east which rose a good distance to tower above the terrain.  They looked sharp and new-made, but I spotted a few spots where they had partially collapsed.  They might be scalable there.


With nothing better to do until the Doggirl woke up I explored the area looking for water and shelter.  I didn't want to go too far in case of ferals, but I knew the bottles in the emergency kit wouldn't last long.  I found a small lake after walking around for an hour.  It looked like it might be an old borrow pit from highway construction and further searching revealed an overpass nearby.  It had collapsed and been grown over with vegetation, but some of the roadbed remained intact when it fell creating a small cave of sorts.


I avoided it for now.  There might be something living in there.  If I was lucky the Doggirl might be well enough to inspect it when she woke up.  After I screwed her silly of course, and assuming she spoke my language, assuming she wasn't a feral-born and that we could communicate, assuming... You know, let's just post that as a maybe and hope for the best.


I filled a quart ziplock from the emergency kit (thanks again Boy Scouts) with water and added a bleach tablet.  It wouldn't taste great, but as long as there were no chemical contaminants it would be safe to drink.  Then I headed back to the Doggirl.


She was still asleep when I returned so I unbound her legs (didn't want her to wake up and panic) and laid down with her to take a nap.  I should have taken some aspirin earlier for the pounding headache.  I just hadn't thought about it.  How long does a concussion last anyway?


I awoke in afternoon light with a soft tongue giving me a face bath.  Naturally I comically flailed a bit but let her continue.  Apparently she had enough intelligence to realize I helped her (or maybe she was just that horny).  Either way it looked like we'd be friends after all.


As she seemed friendly I started petting her and quickly moved to caressing her nipples, one of the few parts of her skin exposed through the fur.  She had six of them but only buds of breasts like most dogs.  Her nipples hardened rapidly as I stroked each in turn and her licks took on a thoughtful quality with pauses in-between.  Without warning she suddenly rolled me onto my back and began licking her way down my neck toward my collar bone.


Taking her actions as an invitation I quickly pulled my shirt over my head and let her work her way down my chest as I continued teasing her nipples.  Then I squirmed my shoes and pants off before she got to the bottom of my stomach.   My boxers were seriously tenting by this point so I shed them as she began to sniff and lick at my crotch.  I knew a blow job was completely impossible given her muzzle, but what she could do with her tongue was amazing!


After a few minutes of licking she spun around and squatted over me exposing her pussy to the air.  She was dripping wet as I guided my cock to her entrance and began to work my way into her.  She was tight!


I started slowly humping up into her and soon was buried to the hilt.  Then I started to build speed and she began making cute whimpers and cries.  Just as I was getting into a good rhythm she suddenly hunched up over me.  As her walls clamped down on my member she lifted her head to the sky and howled her pleasure while she clawed at the ground in front of her.


Without giving her a moment to come down I sat up and pushed her forward onto her hands and knees.  I thrust back into her and began to plunge her depths over and over again.  She made frantic cries and dug her claws into the ground beneath her as I quickly brought her to a second orgasm.  I could feel I was close by now and didn't slow down.  I trusted in pokegirl genetics to keep her cumming and I knew it was important to make a good first impression to bond her properly.  Pounding into her rapidly I came to a sprinting finish while playing my fingers across her clit to set her off again.  She didn't disappoint, letting out another howl as her clenching nethers milked my balls for all they were worth.


Afterwards we relaxed on the blanket from the emergency kit while I gave her some more water and drank some myself.


"So, can you speak?" I asked her.


"Doggirl," she replied.


Of course.  Taming shock.  She didn't try to say anything else so I just lay back with her in my arms and we rested.