TATMON, the Runic Swordswoman Pokégirl

Type: Very Near Human
Element: Magic
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: Human-style
Role: Mystical warriors
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Fighting, Psychic, Dark, Ghost
Weak Vs: Steel, Rock, Ice, Flying
Attacks: Slash, Carve, Ashen Wings, Confuse, Phantom Blade, Sentinel, Excalibur, Hero Blade, Broken Castle, Recover, Runic Blade, Blood Blade, Zanmato
Enhancements: Strong magic affinity, sword fighting ability, dexterity, durability, low feral, can summon elemental energy around her sword
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Ar-Tits (normal)

The transformation from Ar-Tits to Tatmon is much more drastic than the transition to Tats and Tatfir. Once exposed to a Moon Stone, the Ar-Tits is surrounded by a column of light. Arcane, glowing runes appear on the Pokégirl's body, lining her arms and legs, as well as appearing on her face, back, and torso. Her muscles bulge out to the point where she looks like a fighting-type. Her hair changes, becoming short and coloring itself in metallic colors, copper, silver, gold, and platinum. Whatever clothing they wear becomes bikini-like armor bearing a rune that represents their Tamer appearing on the codpiece and chest plate. A longsword bearing runes appears in the column of light, and the Pokégirl takes it, the column of light fading, revealing that their eyes are now glowing.

Tatmons are skilled warriors, trading in artistic ability for sword fighting ability that is surpassed only by Samurai and Herowus with sword fighting ability. They can use the mystical runes on their bodies to give their swords a coating of elemental energy (although not powerful enough to be considered an Elemental Blade attack), and can use their runes to give themselves temporary status enhancements, although this ability costs the Tatmon some life-force. If used five times within a twenty-four hour period, the Tatmon must sleep for twenty-four hours non-stop to recover that lost life-force.

Tatmons do not display their emotions publicly, fighting battles slowly and patiently, waiting for a mistake to be made, taking quick, light cuts before unleashing a more powerful attack. They are immune to taunts and insults, tuning out all outside stimulus, even a bond with their tamer, focusing on the opponent or opponents and how she can win the battle. They have low tolerance for arrogance, and cannot abide by RoseBreasts, Neo-Iczels, or Dark Ladies unless given very good reason to.

While Tatmons lose a lot of artistic talent, they still maintain an appreciation for it, and enough ability to draw runes on the bodies of their Tamer, for increased stamina during taming, or on their harem sisters, to heal damage or increase their own stamina. These take longer to draw and use, since the Tatmon must focus their magical energy into the rune, remember what rune to use, and so forth, and cannot be used in battle. This matters little, since the runic tattoos already on their bodies can have the same effect, although they take time to use.

Like all Ar-Tits evolutions, no Threshold cases have been reported.