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BLESSED (insert name here), the Holy (insert title here) Pokégirl
Type: as base type
Element: as base type (Celestial)
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: as base type
Role: luck bringer, celestially chosen
Libido: as base type
Strong Vs: as base type, Dark
Weak Vs: as base type, dominating Pokégirls
Attacks: Heavenly Fire, Lightning, plus base type's attacks
Enhancements: Lucky, Healthy, Pristine Innocence, plus base type's enhancements
Evolves: Angel (Angel Stone), base type's evolutions
Evolves From: base type (blessing by a celestial Pokégirl)
    A Blessed Pokégirl is one who has, whether knowingly or not, been wished well by a powerful celestial Pokégirl, such as a Megami or Cherry (and is not already of a celestial nature). Unlike most evolutions, this one is subtle, happening anywhere from hours to days after the blessing of the celestial Pokégirl has been given. Further, this evolution is not accompanied by a glowing light and spontaneous transformation, but rather occurs when the Pokégirl is unwatched and unaware, usually when asleep or in her Pokéball. The Pokégirl will wake up or be released, and will only then begin to realize she has changed somehow.
    A Blessed Pokégirl has the Pristine Innocence enhancement, making her beauty even greater than it was before. What this is that minor flaws, such as slight asymmetries, in her appearance have been corrected. Also, it adds an indefinable aura of demure innocence on the Pokégirl now, at least as far as thing sexual are concerned. A Blessed Pokégirl doesn’t act much different from her base type, but even the raunchiest of Pokégirls still somehow radiate a presence that makes them seem almost virginal. This quality is one that is always about the Blessed Pokégirl, no matter what she is doing. Needless to say, this is greatly arousing to most Tamers.
    Blessed Pokégirls are also endowed with the Lucky and Healthy enhancements. The Lucky enhancement makes the Blessed Pokégirl the recipient of good luck. This quality is minor however, and the threads of fate won't reweave themselves to suit the beneficiary of this enhancement. Rather, small acts of good fortune will happen to her, such as dinner happening to be half-price that night when she can't afford a full meal, or other such happenings. The Healthy enhancement is a guard against natural illnesses, granting the recipient a natural resistance to diseases and infections.    A Blessed Pokégirl gains two new attacks: Lightning and Heavenly Fire. The Heavenly Fire attack allows the Pokégirl to form small handfuls of flame in her grasp to throw at others. Unlike normal flame however, they are colored white instead of yellow-orange. These flames can only burn living things, and structures and such remain unharmed by them. Beings are affected by the flames depending on the purity of their heart. Beings whose hearts have degrees of goodness in them are healed by the flames to that same degree, while wicked beings are burned to the degree that they are evil. Generally, a Blessed Pokégirl will act in a support role when she knows that trustworthy companions are facing evil foes, letting her Heavenly Fire refresh her cohorts and burn her enemies. Even the most wild of Blessed Pokégirls see this power as sacred, and will not use it unless necessary to combat evil or heal her friends, finding other uses of it, such as using it as a barometer of purity, to be almost blasphemous. A Blessed Pokégirl won't use her Heavenly Fire for such purposes, even if ordered by her Tamer (although a Tamer who would order her to do so isn't likely to have such a Pokégirl in his Harem in the first place). While divine in nature, Heavenly Fire is still a fire attack as well as a magic attack, and defenses against such powers work normally. As for pokésex attacks, the Blessed Pokégirl's proficiency in that area remains the same as the base type, with one exception: she becomes more vulnerable to domination sex attacks. No matter how proficient she was before at resisting them, she is less so now, with such attacks exciting her against her will more than they would have previously.
    Blessed Pokégirls evolve to an Angel when they come into contact with an Angel stone. This evolution supersedes any Angel Stone-based evolution that the base type Pokégirl would normally have had (i.e. a Blessed Catgirl who touches an Angel Stone will become an Angel, not a Griffon). If any other sort of evolution is enacted, the Pokégirl still remains a Blessed Pokégirl. The only way to escape a Blessed evolution is to become an Angel, or to "fall from grace," which is to commit, knowingly and willingly, an evil act. The celestial Pokégirl who sponsored the base type Pokégirl to her Blessed state will immediately know if such an act is committed, and will then rescind the Blessed nature, resulting in the base type Pokégirl immediately de-evolving back to her normal self.
    While possible in theory, there have been no reports of a Feral Blessed Pokégirl. Whether this is something mystical in nature about them, or just due to their rarity and their ease in getting laid is unknown. There has never even been a rumor of a Blessed Pokégirl coming from a Threshold girl, but Pokégirl researchers theorize that with a celestial Pokégirl's influence, it is possible.