APPLEPIE, the Sweetest Pokégirl
Type: Near Human (Insect/Plant)
Element: Plant/Bug
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Apples, cinnamon sticks (optional), soil, sunlight, water
Role: Sex Battles, Crop cultivation
Libido: High
Strong Vs: Dark, Fighting, Ground, Plant, Psychic, Electric, Water
Weak Vs: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
Attacks: Lust Dust, Sleep Powder, Fruit Juice, Root, Vine Bondage, Royal Honey, Syrup, Lure, Probing Pods, Probing Tentacles, Grass Cock, White Wind, Command Plants
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x10), Photosynthesis, Solar Regeneration, Enhanced Endurance (x5), Recovery, Environmental Purification (Soil -limited)
Evolves: None
Evolves from: Cutiepie (Strong diet of apples + Orgasm)

Many breeds of pokégirl are able to evolve from three more naturally occurring phenomenon, be it gaining enough experience and evolving normally, becoming highly strained during fighting and evolving via Battle Stress, or experiencing an amazing orgasm (or perhaps series of orgasms) to evolve into a sexier form. The Cutiepie was long suspected to evolve with an orgasm evolution, given that many of the breed were prone to evolving with the other two common methods. However, it wasn't until 128AS that the trigger was discovered. This blend of plant and insect needed an additional trigger besides orgasms, they also needed to have a diet consisting mainly of apples.

A tradesman who owned an apple orchard found that some of the pokégirls who tended the trees, particularly the Cutiepie, could subsist on nearly all apples, and fed his pokégirls with part of his crop to save money on food. While taming one of the small pokégirls, she had an orgasm and began to glow, evolving into the first known Applepie. Like the breed's previous evolution, these plant and bug types have both an endoskeleton with chitinous armor covering their vulnerable areas, making the breed highly durable, though not as durable as the Titapod. Smooth to the touch, this armor also changes in hue from greens and browns to light greens, reds, and other colors found on apples. These colors have been found to correlate with the colors of the apple skins the pokégirl ate before evolving, or in one case, the lack of skins, in the case of one pale white colored Applepie. The armor has photosynthetic cells embedded within it's matrix, allowing this Plant/Bug to absorb moderate amounts of sunlight, though they still supplement their diet with vegetable matter, particularly apples. The breed's eyes also change color to compliment her new body tone, and like her pre-evolution, are human shaped and colored, but in reality compound. The biggest change in the breed is their height, climbing on average of two feet with the tallest recorded member of the breed being a surprising six feet (two meters) tall. Overall, these pokégirls appear close to human, with hair (also apple colored) and small antennae coming from just inside their hair line. The amount of visual chitinous armor varies, though for many of the breed this simply looks like stiff apple colored clothing or armor which leaves her groin, ass, and B cup breasts exposed. Many of the breed dislike their 'small' breast size, and seek to learn how to use bloom powder, particularly the permanent version.

As a breed, these pokégirls avoid confrontation, usually opting to solve disputes by subverting them into sexual acts, either through use of their lust dust and sexual vine attacks or by making their opponents drowsy enough to fall asleep. Of course, their first choice is always taming, as the breed have a high libido and an attitude that matches up more with a Wildcat than with their more cute pre-evolution. They enjoy taming any time, anywhere, and any way, and aren't afraid to be aggressive about it, which is a contrast to the breed's generally gentle and non-confrontational attitudes in other matters. Some tamers joke that the Applepie is proof that there's at least one taming obsessed breed for each element, though this a faulty assumption, as individuals of any breed can vary in personality.

Any battle with an Applepie is sure to become a sex battle, as the only offensive technique they naturally learn is how to command the surrounding plant life. However, unlike Flowergirls, these apple based pokégirls can learn attacks from T2s and other pokégirls, making them slightly less popular in conservative leagues due to their ability to battle. When left to their own devices, Applepie blanket the area in Lust Dust, first softening up their opponents from afar with their vines, then going in and taking a hands on approach to the sex battle. This breed can naturally learn how to use Grass Cock, making them effective combatants in a Sex Battle, their enhanced endurance and recovery allowing them to keep going for quite some time. Their durability helps them in any martial battles they participate in, and when used in conjunction with their solar regenerative abilities, they are hard to knock out, and many tamers underestimate this.

Taming a favored pastime with the Applepie, and the breed is known for being almost insatiable. Fan clubs have arisen for the breed, as this plant-like insect pokégirl also gives off an aroma of apples, and her mouth and pussy taste of the fruit as well. Even when using their Fruit Juice technique, the flavor most often used is apple, and if the pokégirl eats cinnamon, this also translates into her body's natural flavor in varying degrees depending on how much cinnamon she eats. The breed usually has a rather long list of favored positions, and often attempt to start orgies within a harem setting. The Sugar Kitten line get along famously with this breed, often feeding the Applepie cinnamon and then engaging in taming to taste the results. Tamers should be cautioned, as Applepie also enjoy apple flavored pastries and sweets, and with the excess intake of sugar can become fat when around any of the Sugar Kitten line.

Whether in a harem or in the wild, when an Applepie has free time, she will cultivate the local soil to grow apple trees, even if the region isn't the best for growing them. This breed's soil cultivation abilities only work on making the ground habitable for apple trees, to the exclusion of other plants not suited for a similar habitat. It's unknown if this is a result of their evolution or forward thinking, but some owners neither have the time nor the patience to cater to this urge, while some owners or fans of the breed may even help. Tradesmen in particular use the breed, as a team of Applepie can grow an apple orchard at the same rate of effectiveness as any crop tended by an Elf. These pokégirls also cost marginally less to feed, given their photosynthesis abilities, and are favored by Tradesmen because of this.

In the wild, feral Applepie tend to locate apple trees, tending them and cultivating apples that are bigger and sweeter than those from trees that are left to grow wild. Non-violent, they tend to share their apples with other ferals and get them to tame the breed, usually the area around the apple tree is heavy with lust dust if there are other ferals around. If attacked, the breed uses the plant life around her to assist in deterring her attacker, while heaping heavy amounts of lust dust into the air and waiting for the attacker to become effected. Ferals generally don't pass up a taming, and Applepie usually comes back to her attacker, initiating a taming with first her vines, then following up with her Grass Cock technique. Some predatory ferals, particularly the Wildcat, are able to tame this breed into exhaustion, at which time the apple based pokégirl becomes easy prey.

Threshold into this breed is very rare, but has happened on several occasions since the 180's. Strong cravings for apples are followed by high fever and dermatitis as the skin begins to change and develop chitin. During this time, thresholders look horrible, their skin remains peeling, dry, and tender, though slaves and lotions help the worst part of the symptoms. Thresholders also find that sunlight relieves this, and begin spending more time in the sun, until they complete their transformation into a pokgirl.