DRACO, The Hunter Dragon Pokégirl

Type: Near Human
Element: Dragon
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human foods
Role: close quarter ground fighter, hunter/killer
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Ice
Attacks: Armor Draconis, Dragon Claw, Dragon Breath, Bide, Bite, Slash, Snarl, Takedown
Enhancements: Enhanced Durability (x2), Enhanced Endurance (x4), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Agility (x4), Enhanced Speed (x2) Natural Weapons (Claws), Enhanced Senses (Hearing x2, Vision x2)
Evolves: Dracona (Normal), Medra (Abandonment + Heavy Metal), Azhi Dahaka (Diamond Stone), Pyrona (Fire Stone)
Evolves From: Mynx (Dragon Scale)
Revised: March 1, 2011

Dracos were one of the shock troops of the War of Revenge, along with the Legion of Terror and even the Celestial forces. The Draco represented the majority of that small but powerful collection of draconic forces, not only being the front line ground fighters of the group, but also acting as smaller hunter/killer groups used to ferret out and eliminate pockets of human resistance. They were especially adept in clearing buildings and city blocks, using their sharp claws to scale the walls of buildings and entering from unlikely places, then leaping to the next building easily to continue the task. The secondary role was as a protective screen for the more susceptible ranged and artillery units, or psychic and command groups acting as a highly effective screen for enemy forced trying to close in on them.

The average Draco stands between 5ft and 5ft 10in in height, with a wiry but defined build. Their skin is mostly composed of small scales, of varying colours; the most common being metallic, chromatic or gemstone in nature but others exist. These colours tend to be muted, requiring a person to be relatively close to make it out with any accuracy and sometimes allowing a Draco to pass off as human depending on circumstance. They posses a small tail, generally less than foot in length and rarely capable of doing more than swaying back and forth though some limited control is possible if practiced but it will never be prehensile. Hair tends to be coarse, feeling a little rough to the touch but nothing too serious, the colour can be the same range as their skin, usually the same colour, or family of colours, but not always. Claws tip their fingers and toes, sharp and dense generally black or ivory in colour, and if not trimmed or used regularly can actually grow to be a problem for the breed. Eyes cover the same range as her skin and hair, but tend to be a darker shade of colour, with a definite draconic appearance with large iris and thin dark pupils, this structure apparently helping the breed discern far objects at greater clarity and giving them the ability to pick out small details and notice features at longer distances. Another feature of note is the Draco’s ears, pointed at the top, the actually have a limited range of movement allowing them to ‘tune’ into sound better and pick out sounds to help the breed locate and identify targets, though this gives the breed a slight susceptibility to sonic attacks but nothing that would considered a detrimental, or a ‘weakness’.

As a breed, Dracos tend to be very intelligent, and used that intelligence during the war to correlate and draw conclusions on the movements of their quarry. In a harem setting, this tends to lead to complicated hobbies and a love of puzzles. Dracos on average need something to keep them mentally stimulated regularly, or else they tend to become bored and unruly. They also tend to be rather prideful, whether this is a side effect of their draconic natures, or just some sort of breed pride the line posses, is unclear. What is know that even threshold cases tending to develop this sense of pride even if they were rather humble individuals as humans, this can be quickened in the presence of other members of the line, or even other dragon types. This also tends to lead Dracos to have a high standards in regards to their tamers, expecting not so much the best treatment out of the harem, but rather that the Tamer can prove himself worthy as a leader and alpha, be it demonstrating a greater than average physical prowess or mental capabilities, though both would be preferred. To those who fail to meet this standard, a Draco can be a stubborn, disobedient and troublesome pokegirl, even to the point of refusing Taming on the Tamer’s schedule and demanding it on their own, leading many Tamer’s to trade the ‘girl off for something more malleable to their wishes. However a Tamer who can impress a Draco will find a very loyal, capable and intelligent member to fill a slot in harem. This can be mitigated somewhat by evolving the Draco up from a Mynx, the act alone tends to endear the individual to the Tamer as they have released them from the rather confining form of the Mynx, and as such, have less of a problem meeting the ‘girls expectations.

In combat, a Draco generally hunts in packs, using bait and strike tactics if possible, or if battling alone, hit and run tends to be the order of the day. Despite their formidable attributes, the Draco isn’t foolhardy enough to rush into a fight head on, lacking the mass of other pokegirls. Instead they will either circle and strike, seeking to weaken and hamstring their opponent and wear them down over a prolonged fight, or use greater numbers to swarm and tear apart the opponent quickly. They can be rather savage in the battling as well, not engaging so much in a sense of bloodlust, but rather seeking to defeat the opponent no matter how painful or torturous the battle might seem, the ends justify the means for the breed, but this can vary from girl to girl as well, some being more or less savage in their work. One thing to note about their attacks is their Dragon Breath attack, which while as powerful as the ones possessed by other dragon types, seems to have a far shorter range, only reaching about half the distance at best. But considering their close quarter combat abilities, works in their favour as it allows them to clear rooms easier with quick bursts of the attack.

The Draco’s feral state is a rather frightening mix of her tamed intelligence and a high level of animal cunning. The breed are more than happy to hunt in packs, and using group tactics and even basic traps in the course of hunting their prey, or even protecting their territory. Dracos will try to congregate with other Dragon types in groups referred to by some as Wings, or Prides, and tend to act as they hunter gathers of the group, hunting down and collecting the food and supplies the group will need. This tends to make them more dangerous as the group gets larger and stakes out bigger and bigger territories, though most tend to stay relatively small due to their rarity. If unable to find a group, a solitary Draco adopts a more stealth approach to her tactics, using hit and run tactics and traps to bring down their prey, or drive off intruders. The breed has also shown the ability to fashion and use rough tools for a variety of uses, including construction of shelters and preparation of foods. Larger groups have been seen smoking meat for storage, but it was unclear if they discovered both fire and the technique of smoking themselves, or learned it from an outside source.

Thresholding into a Draco is a rare occurrence, but should one get hold of a newly thresholded Draco, a Tamer may find that they an easier time getting the Draco to accept them, and can adopt them quickly and seamlessly into their harems. Though there is the warning of waiting for a couple of weeks to allow her scales to harden properly before placing her into combat.