AMACHAMP (aka GOLEM), the Super Strength Pokégirl
Type: Near Human
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Human style with mineral requirements
Role: Physical Labor, Construction, Tank Equivalent
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Rock, Normal, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Dynamic Punch, Earthquake, Pummel, Body Slam, Gaint Toss, Crushing Punch, Wrestle, BearHug, Gatling Punch, Seismic Toss, Mountain Hold, Breasts of Steel
Enhancements: Enhanced Strength (x20), Enhanced Durability (x5), Enhanced Endurance (x2), Increased Lung Capacity
Weaknesses: Inability To Swim
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Amachoke (Battle Stress)

Sometimes, even an Amachoke’s strength, as powerful as she is, isn’t enough. When the battle becomes stressful, and the Muscle-Bound Pokegirl is pushed to her limit, she evolves into the one of the strongest Pokegirls in the known world, the Amachamp.

Growing once more to a common height of eight feet, with nine being known as well, The Amachamp finally loses the over muscled look that had followed her since her Amachop days, finally becoming a sexy looking woman, her body perfect toned and sculpted. Some theorize that because of the girls new height and the extra pair of arms arms that the previously bunched up muscles of Amachop and Amachoke have been allowed to stretch out, leaving an alluring creature in their wake. Their breasts (Of which the breed has four in total) can range from their Amachoke size of C to a rather heavy E.

With these second pair of arms that Amachamp now poses, her strength also increases, leaving few girls about that could match her. Where as Amachoke had to push herself to lift a full ton, Amachamp can lift that and more with ease. Her second pair of arms also gives her better grip and leverage on heavier objects, making the girl absolutely fantastic for construction. A small note of oddity, however, is the Amachamps less durable body then her previous states, a side affect, some scientist believe, of pushing herself so hard over the course of evolution.

Compared to their previous forms, Amachamps are relaxed pokegirls. Finally satisfied with their massive strength and power, they don’t train themselves effortlessly like Amachop, and having bodies that are just perfect for them, don’t have the Amachoke’s narcissism. While the Pokegirl will still train to keep fit, she actually understands the need to relax and enjoy herself every once in a while as well, quite a change from her younger days. The only time Amachamps get in a foul mood is when their loved ones are being threatened, particularly if they’ve stuck with her since she’s been an Amachop. Few things are more frightening in the world that a completely loyal Amachamp.

Amachamp takes to fighting just like she did in her younger days, using her massive strength and size to her advantage. However, she realizes now the mistake of relying solely on it and finds that she can no longer adapt to many fighting styles. Being so large and her four arms, however, give her an amazing advantage with wrestling and Yokozuna, also known as Sumo Wrestling, fighting styles. In fact, in the Edo league, it’s a popular sport for Amachamp to fight each other with this fighting style. Amachamps also are much better fighters underwater now, with their second pair of lungs as well as increased lung capacity. While they won’t win a breath holding contest with water types, this does allow them a bit more fun in the water for the non-swimming Pokegirl. Amachamp also finally have some use in Sex Matches, with both their multiple hands keeping their opponent from moving as the fighting type pleases them and with their rather devastating Breasts of Steel attack, having been known to seriously harm weaker Pokegirls.

Taming an Amachamp has to be done with care. As before, restraints are a must, even with Amachamps with excellent control over their strength. This in itself often makes the Amachamp feel guilt, being unable to love her tamer as other girls would and a tamer who takes this and shows them that they still care for their super strong pokegirl will have a very loving and passionate Amachamp on their hands. As before, Amachamps also love a good massage before taming and that only makes them more ready for their master.

Feral Amachamps are very rare and are considered dangerous. While not as bloodthirsty or as aggressive as a menace pokegirl, a feral Amachamp loses all coherence of just how strong she is and ends up causing a lot more destruction that she usually means to. In fact, researchers have found that other then this lack of control, feral Amachamps are quite intelligent and are capable of focusing on tasks, even if their massive strength ends up destroying what they were working on.

To this date, no threshold Amachamps have come to light and it is something that everyone is quite thankful for.