ATELESIA the Agile Monkey Pokégirl
Type: Near Human Animorph (Primate)
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Rare, Uncommon (Forest and Slot Leagues)
Diet: Omnivorous but loves bananas
Role: Guerilla Warfare Specialists
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Steel, Rock, Dark, Bug, Normal, Ice
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Pounce, Blur, Hurricane Kick, Double Kick, Backhand, Mega Punch, Gattling Kick, Thunder Tail, Banana Penetration
Enhancements: Prehensile Tail, Enhanced Speed and Reflexes (x5), Dexterous Hand-like Feet
Evolves: Atelesona (Battle Stress), Wukong (Mana Crystal)
Evolves From: Pri-Mate (Battle Stress)

When their natural agility and speedy attacks are not enough to win a battle, a loud screech will come from the Pri-Mate and it will then evolve into Atelesia. In terms of looks Atelesia is similar to Pri-mate but her bust size has grown to a large B-Cup and at the at the most a small C-Cup. After evolving an Atelesia’s height tend to stay close to their previous form and they at most grow four inches, while their tails lengthen about six inches on average.

When it comes to battle an Atelesia is one of the more aggravating opponents to go up against due to them using their impressive speed, reflexes, and agility to dodge attacks, while tiring out their opponent at the same time they also tend to use the surrounding environment quite well to their advantage. After their opponent is open they tend attack with a surprising amount of ferocity, commonly using Gattling Kick and Mega Punch and then retreating and applying the same strategy continuously occasionally using attacks with their tails to mix things up a bit. During the Revenge War these tactics were also used in forest terrain battles, leaping in out of nowhere and suddenly attacking and then returning to the trees. This strategy was amazingly effective against the former human forces, this “hit and run” tactic won many battles for Sukebe prompting him to look into the potential of these girls more…thoroughly.

When it comes to taming Atelesias are quite flexible and will try almost anything, but all Atelesias have a fetish for giving their tamer’s a tailjob to quickly bring their tamers to orgasmic bliss. The only thing they will not do is bondage for some unexplained reason, leading them to detest Domina and the majority of her evolutions with a passion.

Atelesias are quite coveted by numerous tamers in both the Forest and Slot Leagues due to their genuinely friendly attitude while still maintaining a small amount of mischievousness. Even when feral Atelesias are quite good-natured and maintain most of their intelligence, though not enough to speak. Although this makes feral Atelesias less dangerous to people and quite calm, it also makes them difficult to capture as they can apply the same tactics, as they would while tamed on those who attempt to capture them. Unlike their previous evolutions Atelesias tend to keep to themselves when feral usually keep to themselves.

Thresholding into an Atelesia is quite rare unless a girl’s family has a very strong simian ancestry.