FOXGLOVE, the Nightstar Pokégirl
Type: Anthropomorphic (bat) /Near Human
Element: Flying/Fire
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Fruit and vegetables
Role: Night reconnaissance
Strong Vs: Bug, Plant, Ice, Steel, Fighting
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock, Magic, Water
Libido: High
Attacks: Tackle, Quick Attack, Confusion, Energy Drain, Bite, Ember, Rage, Fire Spin , Warm Embrace, Burst, Brightstar
Enhancements: Wings for flight, Fire affinity, Echolocation, Magic affinity, Night Vision, Enhanced Agility (x2), Enhanced Hearing (x3)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Zubutt (Fire Stone)
    In 92AS, a Pokégirl Researcher traveling with a Warcat took a route through a cave, believing it to be a shortcut into the next town. However, he soon found himself attacked by a swarm of Zubutts. His Warcat fought to defend her Tamer from these feral Pokégirls, but the numbers soon began to overwhelm her. Upon running away, the fleeing Tamer tripped over a rock, causing the Evolution Stones he was carrying to spill from his knapsack. Realizing that his Warcat couldn’t hold off the increasing number of Zubutts much longer, he quickly gathered his Evolution stones. When he reached for the Fire Stone, a Zubutt flew down and snatched it from him. Within moments the Zubutt began to glow. When the flash disappeared, the Zubutt and the stone were both gone. In her place, however, was a completely different Pokégirl.
    Compared to the common Zubutt, many Tamers agree that Foxgloves are a definite improvement. Their height increases, leaving them to be at 5’11 at maximum, mostly due to the length increase of their legs. They develop curves to their body, leaving them with a classic hourglass figure. Their fur becomes shorter as it changes into a reddish golden color, becoming smooth as silk to the touch, much to the admiration of Tamers. Their hair changes to a golden color that reaches down to the back at the shortest length. Their breasts increase in size up to a DD cup at most as their eyes are now in an emerald green color. Their wings now grow from their back as their overall span now equals if not exceeds their height. The difference between feralborn and non-feralborn Foxgloves is mostly by the amount of fur. Feralborn Foxgloves have a more animalistic appearance in the face and are most likely to be covered from head to toe while Non-feralborns tend to have the “Catgirl Configuration.”
    With their evolution, they gain the use of fire attacks such as Ember and Fire Spin, and their echolocation enhances to the point where they are able to use a non-psychic version of Confusion. They may’ve lost their infrared vision, but their overall improvement to their sight makes up for it, including night vision. Although, it is still a good idea to have them wear sunglasses until their eyes are able to fully adjust to sunlight, which should only take a day at maximum. Feralborn Foxgloves tend to have better sight in the dark as opposed to non-feralborns who have the better vision in daylight.
    Foxgloves are fairly affectionate and expressive Pokégirls and have the trademark high libido most Fire-types possess. This has lead to many tamers receiving various signals from playful strokes to the spontaneous passionate kisses, to even being pulled into an impromptu taming session. Foxgloves prefer to dress in tight, skimpy outfits, anything that will show off their new figure and thus get their Tamer (or anyone else) to notice, complement, or even be aroused by them. Foxgloves have a strong desire to be the center of attention, and tend to get annoyed to the point of frustration when nobody at the very least is looking at them. One of the quickest ways of angering one is to deliberately ignore them, which often results in screaming, a small ember thrown at you, or even a tackle, just to get your attention. And woe to anyone who dares to take attention away from her, especially a Vixxen, let alone one in the same Harem.
    Foxgloves prefer to be on their backs when being tamed as their nipples are sensitive and can be rubbed raw quite easily. Sucking and licking on said nipples are quick ways to get them off, as they can feel the touch through thin layers of clothing such as t-shirts and bikinis. Incidentally, a sturdy bra with a soft, padded interior is considered a very wonderful present for a Foxglove. Their cunts are not too hot, and are only pleasantly warm no matter how much of their fire powers they manifest, making them great for Tamers without fire Blood Gifts that would normally protect them from such potential injuries. Foxgloves no longer tend to make loud, obnoxious yowls, but instead make cute whimpering sounds while being tamed, further arousing the Tamer to the point of it becoming a sexy turn-on.
    Foxgloves are considered to be decent in battle. They may not be much faster than Zubutts in air, but they make up for it in their maneuverability. During battle, their preferred strategy is to stay airborne while using various guerilla, hit and run tactics such as scattering Embers from above and using Confusion to keep their opponent too aggravated to attack/counter-attack. Foxgloves prefer using attacks such as Burst, mostly because they enjoy the fact that such attacks create such a bright flash. This love of bright, star-like flashes has led Foxgloves to be called the Nightstar Pokégirl. Also, this, as well as their nocturnal vision, is what make them suitable for night reconnaissance. They could use their abilities to explore dark areas as well as finding lost travelers in caves or dark areas during the night. The fact that Foxgloves are able to use magic so easily without actually being magic-types is such a wonder that even to this day this remains a subject of confusion to researchers, though how much are they able to utilize their magical abilities to their full extent has yet to be seen.
    As mentioned earlier, Foxgloves have a strong desire to be the center of attention, whether by their actions or their appearance. They love showing off and like using flashy attacks such as Burst or Brightstar to make sure that the focus is on them. This can be used to a Tamer’s advantage in group battles, as Foxgloves can be used as a distraction to move an attacker’s attention away from the tamer’s other Pokégirls, whether they’re strong Pokégirls preparing for a devastating attack, or weaker Pokégirls who could use a break from the constant attacks. A Foxglove can become a decent Alpha, but most of the time only wants this position because of the belief that this will entitle her even more attention from the tamer, not really caring for the responsibilities that much. If ignored or neglected, they can become fussy and short-tempered, but never to annoying levels, and at times can even be confrontational. Their loyalty rivals that of Growlies, often speculated because of their Tamers keeping them while they were Zubutts. They will be quick to defend their Tamer without question even if they have doubts about said Tamer, whether in intelligence or ability.
    Speaking of rivals, it is not a good idea to have a Foxglove in the same harem as a Vixxen, who doesn’t seem to get along with other fire types in general. While other fire types are just annoyed with them, Foxgloves resent the fact that Vixxens are constantly trying to monopolize so much time with their Tamers that he doesn’t seem to even notice the rest of the Harem, let alone them. This may seem to be a harmless rivalry at first, but it will soon tend to escalate to the point of possible destruction of the entire harem, especially at the worst possible time. Tamers who were unfortunate to have a Kitsune and Zubutt evolve into a Vixxen and Foxglove respectively soon learned the hard way of this effect, with some even being forced to trade one or the other, or even both. One Tamer in particular had a Kitsune and Zubutt in his harem who had known each other long before either of them threshold. Once they both evolved, their once priceless friendship (To the point of being surrogate sisters) slowly dissolve into an outright resentment for each other. It was only until that Vixxen evolved into a Foxx did their friendship slowly began to rebuild, but the damage was already done. And these instances occurred when they’ve been in or became part of the harem prior to the evolution of either or both. It is unknown what would happen if a Foxglove or Vixxen were acquired into the same harem as the other, and no Tamer is willing to find out.
    Feral Foxgloves are at most a playful breed. They actively seek out taming whenever they can, wherever they can, whoever they can get it from, and only become dangerous if the Tamer deliberately ignores them. They don’t necessarily want a Tamer, they just like having attention given to them. Tamers looking to capture a Foxglove for his/her harem could use this strive for attention to their advantage. Threshold cases where the result is a Foxglove are fairly uncommon, but in the case that it occurs, it’s a good idea to give them a pair of sunglasses as by that time, their eyes will become sensitive to light.