CUNTDOR, The Desert Queen Pokégirl
Type: Not Very Near Human/Animorph (Condor)
Element: Flying/Ground
Frequency: Very Rare, Uncommon (Hot Deserts)
Diet: Carnivore, Carrion
Role: Desert Savior, corpse disposal
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Poison, Fighting, Ground, Bug, Fire
Weak Vs: Flying, Ice, Plant, Water
Attacks: Squall, Dive, Mach Breaker, Feather Shuriken, Wing Attack, Mouth to Mouth, Glorious Sun, Fury Swipes, Smirk, Stomp, Taunt
Enhancements: Endurance (x5), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Speed (x2) Disease & Poison resistance, High heat resistance, Specialized Digestion system
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
    She isn’t called the Queen of the desert because she is incredibly powerful, nor does she somehow command the very earth to obey her, no it is because eventually everything in her domain will fall beneath her claws. Whether it is through the blazing heat or complete lack of food and water, few can out-survive in her desert.
    Cuntdors are massive Pokégirls, standing 7 feet at their shortest, and near 10 feet at the maximum, though they appear shorter than they really are because they are almost always hunched over. This poor posture is deceptive, as their muscle structure is altered slightly to increase her strength significantly. Based of the Condors of the pre-Sukebe era, the Cuntdors will not be winning any beauty pageants any time soon. Their feathers are either black or a dirty brown, and usually cover her wings, tail and back on domestics, though every part of her body is covered in it from the neck down in feralborne individuals. With wings for arms, she luckily shares a similar trait with some of the more 'advanced' bird type Pokégirls. Her thumb and four fingers of her hand are present, but the structure and function of the last digit (pinky finger) is to support the wing. This avian has one of the largest wing spans of bird Pokégirls, at near 40 feet from wing tip to wing tip. Her feet end in sharp talons and her legs are reverse jointed like most other birds.
    Her face is where most people get turned off. Not particularly ugly, but she has a very sharp, pointed face. From her neck up, her skin a very leathery red color and she is completely bald. And she almost never smiles. She is constantly glaring or glowering at something or another. If you can get one to crack a smile, either you are funny as hell or one great lover. Her breasts are an D to F cup, but they appear mostly proportionate to her large frame. Inside her breasts are specialized glands that process nutrients from her body, and they will grow or shrink slowly with use.
    Her role in the desert is two fold. She can be found flying high in the sky, sometimes for days on end without stopping, in search of food. Her primary food is dead or dying Pokégirls. She will follow a wounded Pokégirl for as long as she needs until they die from exposure and she can feast. However, they do need to eat, and will hunt down Pokégirls if hungry enough. If a tamer is looking for an easy catch in the desert, all they have to do is find the circling Cuntdors. Her other role is something opposed to this little fact. Cuntdors were actually created to save dying tamers found in the desert.
    No one really knows why Sukebe created the Cuntdor. Some theorize that even if the Pokégirls had won the war, males would be a precious commodity and they didn’t want any of them to die needlessly in the harsh climates of the deserts. Others assume that these Pokégirls were originally created to assist in Desert maneuvers and retrieve sensitive materials or rescue Pokégirl commanders. Either way, the term “Circling Cuntdors” is actually an expression of relief and happiness, since it means that they will be soon saved. Upon finding a human lost and dying in her domain, she will swoop down to help them, even if she is feral (which leans credentials to those researchers who side with the first theory). She then proceeds to use her Mouth to Mouth attack on them to return the necessary nutrients. This unique technique is actually process from whatever she has eaten and digested, then turned into a nutrient rich paste that she stores in her breasts. People try to ignore this little fact when feeding from her since it tastes rather good. Though some Tamers will continue to ask for a feeding should she become part of their harem, though most often, her diet is switched to meats like fish and Kattle. After rescuing a human, she will then shelter the weakened human beneath her large body for as long as they need, feeding and caring for them until they are better. Then she will set them on her back and fly them to civilization, but not before getting a taming as payment. Being such a strong flyer, she barely feels their weight.
    In harems, Cuntdors get along with most Pokégirls, as long as they are left alone. She is the definition of stoic, staying quiet for hours on end, with her one expression of disdain on her face. One she does speak, it is usually a biting remark that both insults and helps whoever it is directed towards. Towards her tamer, she is a bit of curiosity. Her glaring and glowering might lesson a little bit when speaking to them, but usually it looks like she smells something rotten. She seems to like walking behind them constantly them, towering over even the tallest humans. Most people would find this rather unnerving, but the tamers find it rather comforting, especially since she is usually the one that had saved their lives. When she wants taming, she usually just walks up behind them and encases them both in her large wings. She will then sits and spread her legs as to give them access to her. Due to how thick her feather are, it is possible for a Cuntdor and her tamer to tame in the middle of crowded room and no one would notice until her wings open and the smell of sex wafts by.
    It wouldn’t be hard to believe to hear that Cuntdors are powerful fighters. Just through seer size, she can easily overpower smaller opponents. Her Taunt and Smirk attacks are particularly powerful, doing twice as much as others. When fighting, she will use her massive wing span to buffet her opponents with powerful winds. Should she be fighting in her natural desert environment, this will cause large sandstorms to kick up, blinding her opponent. It should be noted that it is unwise to try to forcibly confront a Cuntdor in her natural habitat. She will use hit and run tactics to slowly chip away at her attackers and let the harsh climate take their toll on them. Using Mach Breaker, Dive, and Stomp in tandem are often deadly maneuvers. It is wiser to fake exhaustion and let her come to you and bond with her through a taming. She is not afraid to get face to face with her attackers either. Her legs are powerful and her claws razor sharp. One particularly nasty tactic is she will knock over a Pokégirl, then stomp them to the ground. When the Pokégirl is moaning in pain, she will use her Fury Swipes attack to rake her opponent.