Chapter 16
(May 18, 296AS, 1125)
Geno stared at the break in the trees were Asheer had vanished, unable to move or say anything. He started at a hand on his shoulder, and turned to see Lendysa looking at him. He flushed, and started to stammer something, but she stopped him by placing a finger over his lips. She hugged him, and then said, "I will go after her, I doubt she would have gone far."
He finally managed to get his brain working again and connected with his mouth. "I did not mean... I never would have... Why did I hit her? What the hell was I thinking?"
He turned to go after her, but was forced to stop as his stronger Kishi held him still. "I will go for her, master, I doubt she would be willing to see you right now. I will come back with her master."
She released him, and turned back to her harem sisters. "Get a camp set up, this might take a while. Don’t let him run off after her.”
She ignored the sudden flash of anger from her tamer, and ran off into the trees. Sara limped over to her tamer, and hugged him close to her, purring softly, before turning toward Tiria. Mayuan grabbed the poképack, and then released Razia, before moving off to the side to set up camp. Helaine slowly lumbered forward, no longer the agile land and water pokégirl, but a huge, nearly two dozen foot long tank. She gently hugged him, and purred softly at him, her breasts against his back. He half turned to her, eyes desperate for some sort of forgiveness for his actions.
“I hit her...”
Helaine looked at him, and then kissed him, before pulling him toward the trees. He started to protest, but she gave him a look, silently asking for patience. He stayed silent, and simply followed. After getting to the other side, Helaine pushed him down and curled around him, purring as she rested her head in his lap. She rubbed her head against his side, and said, "Master, we all know you did not mean too. You are not normal, and we notice how the human's treat you."
She purred quietly, and he leaned back as another girl joined him, sitting behind Helaine, but her pure black wings wrapping around him, as she nuzzled his cheek, let him know it was Sara. She hugged him, and kissed his shoulder, before resting his head against his. "Please, master, don't be any harder on yourself. All of us know you care for us deeply, especially Asheer, since she is delta bonded to you. When you two are together, you are off in your own world, and while I am jealous as to not having that depth of bond with you yet, I know it will come in time. Or should that be cum?"
She smiled at him, as he relaxed just a little, now that he knew his harem was not going to up and abandon him after he hit one of them. He leaned back, and rested his head against Sara's chest, relief nearly pouring off of him. "Thank you."
Asheer collapsed into a heap, not far from the clearing, wondering what she had done wrong, tears flowing from her eyes. He had hit her...
She curled into a ball, she had trusted him with her soul, and a sharp word was enough to devastate her. Her beloved master hitting her was almost too much to bear. She was lost in her own agony, the emotional damage so much worse than the pain the feral had done to her the day before. She did not hear someone softly approaching, until Lendysa cleared her throat. "Do you want to talk, or would you like to mourn the death of a bond that has not died yet. Rather like Rathin is doing."
The Flarebra's head snapped up, and she hissed in irritation at the slight scorn in the Kishi's voice, instinctively defending her master, until she realized what she was doing. Once she realized, she turned her head away, and mumbled something, that Lendysa did not catch. She tilted her head to the side, and waited a moment. "So, are you going to continue running away, or do you want to talk first?"
Asheer glared at Lendysa, before curling back up, and snarling her reply. "He hit me. I am not complaining because of the punch, my first master preferred physical punishments, but this was for absolutely no reason."
Lendsya looked at Asheer levelly for a moment, before finally replying. "Maybe there was a reason, but it was not because of something obvious. Master is not a well adjusted individual. Or am I the only one to notice that little fact?"
Lendysa was trying to distract Asheer, from her shock, knowing that if what she said was true, then she should not be as surprised by the sudden strike as she was. Perhaps her shock and Geno's were feeding and sustaining each others, through the delta bond. She sighed as Asheer looked up, confused, wondering when Lendysa had become the master's confidant. "I became his confidant was on our way to Prune. He needs someone to talk to and I am quiet, observant, and at the time, I was not delta bonded. I could judge without being biased, he thought. He was wrong, but he needed someone to tell his fears too, and you were too close to him."
She leaned back, and considered Geno, before continuing. "He lives in constant fear, did you know that? Fear of us leaving him, fear of losing us, of being alone. He would rather die than lose one of us. He is so afraid of losing us or our good opinions of him, and yet he flinches whenever one of us hugs him. He would rather spend time with a harem member that thought he was shit then spend that time alone. When you get right down to it, he is rather pathetic, in an endearing way."
That last comment got the response Lendysa was looking for, Asheer's head snapping up and a snarl of fury ripping from her lips, as the Flarebra stood up to menace her harem sister. Lendysa looked up at the Flarebra for a moment, before saying, "He hit you, and yet you still leap to his defense when it sounds like someone is insulting him, even if it is the truth."
Asheer hissed at the Kishi for a moment, before sitting back down. "How did you know about his inability to be alone?"
"Because I use my eyes. It never fails to amaze me how much of the world goes by with none of the harem noticing. Geno notices, but sometimes he fails to realize what it might mean. Like that, for example."
She pointed up, and Asheer turned to look. As she saw the birds, she suddenly heard them, but she did not understand what her harem sister meant. Turning back, she looked at Lendysa curiously. "Okay, birds heading north. Why is that important?"
Lendysa gave her a deadpan look, before standing up. "Those were seagulls, which live near the shore. We are about fifty miles from the nearest shore line, but those birds are heading deeper inland like a Kitten being chased by a Warhound. Why would they be doing that?"
Asheer glared at the implied 'idiot' at the end of the question, and said, "I am in charge of making sure the harem works, not noticing the various actions of animals. I don't know why."
Lendysa nodded, as she offered a hand to her alpha, "A storm, would be my first guess, a very nasty one. We should head back to town, where you can scream at him in the safety of the pokécenter. If those birds are still fleeing this far, it is going to be one hell of a storm. Honestly, how are you doing?"
Asheer sighed, and suddenly looked up, confused. "Did I really... run from him?"
Lendysa nodded, and pulled her radio from her belt, returning it to its place on her head. "Girls, new plan, pack everything up, storm coming, and we are making a run for Azalea City. I found Asheer."
She got an answer from Razia, who was running everything at the camp. Asheer looked at Lendysa, before asking, "Why did I run? He did not even hit me hard enough to truly stun me."
Lendysa gave her alpha a look, considering the problem, before she commited herself to a response. "I think you were responding to his shock, more than your own. You don't run. Ever. I watched you charge that feral after it hit Sara, when most sane people would have run the hell away. He, however, does not deal with emotional situations well. I am simply speaking it as I see it."
The last was because Asheer was giving Lendsa a glare. She snorted, and then laughed. "I am being overly defensive of someone that just slapped me for no real reason."
Lendysa shook her head, as they headed back. "He did slap you for a real reason, it is just not something you deserved through your reactions. Think of him as a bombshell, with dozens of pins rather than just one. You tripped one of them, and he reacted to it. Until we understand what set him off, avoid grabbing his wrist from behind again and avoid trying to rub his cheek from behind as well."
Asheer snorted, and rubbed her cheek. "Oh, believe me, I won't be doing that again. It did not hurt me physically, but..."
Lendysa nodded with full understanding, but did not answer, knowing that they needed to get moving to get back to town before the predicted storm hit.
They quickly arrived back at the group, which had not had time to get much set up, so they were ready to go. Geno was in Sara's arms, his eyes closed as he rested his head against her shoulder, Razia hugging him from behind. Razia looked up and stared at her alpha, then nuzzling Geno and whispering something. He looked up, and nodded at Lendysa, before looking at Asheer with embarrassed and pain filled eyes. He pulled two pokéballs off his belt, and recalled Razia and Sara, after promising to let the out for trip back.
He turned to his two delta bonded girls, and looked at them, before looking down, shame flooding along the delta bonds. He started to say something, but Lendysa cut him off. "I think you two need to start back to town, and still have some alone time. I will make sure you are not attacked while you are talking."
She snagged his poképack, and pulled her own backpack out, which had several items in it, for when she went hunting. She slung it over her shoulder, before nodding to the two, and walking off into the forest, back to town. Geno sighed, gave his alpha a guilty look, and then gestured for her to walk beside him. Asheer raised an eyebrow, but fell in beside him, letting him talk first. He fidgeted in the silence, before finally blurting out, "I did not mean to hit you. I don't know why I even reacted like that. I never would have struck you if I had any control over what I was doing. I just lashed out, and I don't..."
Asheer cut him off as she realized he was talking in a circle. "Why you did it really does not matter, Master. You hit me, and that is fact now. I am not going to leave you, but I am not amused by your hit. So ball me, I want to be alone for a while."
He flinched at the tone in her voice and what she said. He pulled out the ball, and offered it to her, before starting to say something. Asheer gave him a glare, and tapped the capture button, disappearing into her ball. He stared at the ball in his hand, before sighing despairingly, and then placing it on his belt. He released Razia and Sara, and sighed, before gesturing to toward the town. "Let’s go. Asheer is not amused with me right now, and I do NOT want to talk about it."
(May 19, 296AS, 1400)
Geno stretched, and looked out the pokécenter's windows. at the raging storm. It had rolled in out of the ocean just before he and his harem had gotten back to Azalea Town, and squatted just off the coast, a huge hurricane, battering the town. He sighed, and then rubbed Razia’s back, who purred in contentment. He smiled down at his Cheetit, and leaned back, just resting for the moment. No one in their right mind would be out in that storm right now.
He opened his eyes, and cursed as the door to the outside suddenly opened, letting the howling winds blast through the pokécenter. He flipped a wing over Razia, protecting her from the cold water that came in with the wind, not wanting her to get wet. Not that he would mind helping her dry off again, especially with Sara’s help, but still...
He glanced up as Razia hissed at the person coming into the pokécenter, but froze when he spotted the ice blue hair, deep blue eyes, and pale skin. The Megami-sama was dry, despite the fact that water was coming down so fast that one needed a snorkel. She looked around, and smiled at Geno when she saw him, but he simply glared back, trying to decide if he needed to leave, or get his harem out.
Gisela nodded to the Ingenue at the desk playing a game on the computer, and headed toward Geno. She sat down beside him without asking if she could and purred, “Well, you have done well preparing for the task fate determined you must deal with.”
He glared at her hard enough to set her on fire, before retorting with enough acidic sarcasm to kill a Widow, “My thanks for your compliments, what do you want?”
Razia gave her tamer a confused look at his open hostility, but Gisela ignored it. “I was merely here to talk to the Milktit in your harem that was recently blessed. Sad that she lost her tamer right after being blessed, but it did save her life. After all, if you had gone another way, those infernals would have raped her and then torn her apart.”
“Your concern does you credit, but she is fine. I don’t want you anywhere near any more of my harem than absolutely necessary. Go away.”
Gisela raised an elegant eyebrow, and asked, in a slightly offended tone, "What have I ever done to earn your ire?"
"How about planting psychic suggestions, and then insulting dragons? Is that enough?"
"We are done. Leave."
Geno stood up, and balled Razia, as Gisela watched him with an amused expression. "Did you have to put her back in that brainwashing contraption? I wanted to talk to her."
He whirled, and snarled, "What part of 'go away' are you having problems with?"
Gisela sighed, and stood up. "I would have expected at least a thank you for helping with the feral on you belt."
He had turned away again, and looked down, counting to five, before turning back. "You did not help. Bye."
He turned back to the counter, and asked for a level 3 conditioning cycle, handing the Ingenue the pokéball with the feral G-spliced, as Gisela continued to talk. "She was considerably more hurt at the beginning that last fight than she had been when you ran from her the first time. Those wounds did not magically appear on her big breasted hide. My ice golems put them there."
Rathin ignored her, which seemed to infuriate her. She hissed at him. “Dragon boy, you cannot survive the coming trials without my help. Do you truly want me to leave?”
“Yes, sooner being a hell of a lot better than later.“
She froze, and again he felt the temperature drop as her temper flared. Just as quickly as it had back at the Academy, the temperature changed back to normal. “Very well, though if you ever require my help, simply go to Mahogany Town and ask for me at the gym. I have a residence inside the city, and they can direct you to it.”
She suddenly blinked out of existence, teleporting away, before he could make a smart-ass comment in reply. “Bitch always has to have the final word. Some of us don’t want to be a hero. We just want to be left alone.”
Shaking his head, he looked up as the Ingenue touched his shoulder, holding the G-splice’s pokéball. He took it with a nod, before asking for the key to a high level restraining room. “Also, do you know who would be in charge of checking G-spliced pokégirls to see if they are allowable in a harem?”
“That would be the Conservatory. You can call them and ask for an interview, but they might be busy. But then again, with the weather, they might be free now.”
The Ingenue shrugged, and then pointed to the computer in the corner, indicating he should use that one to make the call. He nodded in thanks, before heading over to the indicated computer. Sitting down, he found the number for the Conservatory in the call history folder, and dialed it. The computer found a connection, began to ring, and he glanced out the window, waiting the rain. After a moment, someone picked up, a Kitten, and asked what he wanted. He explained his problem, and asked if he could set up an appointment to get the feral G-spliced checked out by a psychic to determine if she was harem material.
She stared at him for a moment, and then got his information. She then said that someone would be over shortly, as the two Alaka-Whams that did the evaluations were free. Leaning back, he stared at the ceiling, and spaced out, until someone sent him a thought. {I am free right now, Mr. Rathin.}
He glanced to the side, and saw an Alaka-Wham standing beside the cubicle, and froze for an instant, pure terror paralyzing him for a second before it left just as quickly as it came. Her head tilted to the side, curious as to the sudden spike in his emotions, before he handed her the ball. {Is there a problem Mr. Rathin?}
“No, I am fine, and please, call me Geno.”
{Very well, Geno, this will not take long. Has she been tamed yet?}
“No, not yet. I just caught her a few hours ago.”
{Ah, a feral, unknown G-spliced. A true challenge. This might take few minutes longer than I anticipated. Make yourself comfortable, this might take a while.}
He snorted at her request and tilted his head, studying her, trying to understand why she had frightened him so badly. She was nude, which made the fact that she was absolutely gorgeous also exceedingly apparent. She suddenly looked up, her pale yellow skin darkening at his mental compliment, before sending, {While I thank you for the compliment, perhaps I should retire to a room where your... admiration would not be so distracting.}
He nodded, and handed her the key to the restraining room he had been planning on using to tame the feral, while thinking of which room it was so she would know where it was. She telekinetically took the key with a nod of thanks, and teleported away. He leaned back, and then glanced at the screen, which showed a call disconnected, before he switched the terminal off.
He had only been spaced out for a few minutes when the Alaka-Wham returned. {Mr. Rathin, there is a problem with the G-spliced.}
“Oh, right I put her through a level 3 conditioning cycle before I thought to call you.”
The shaking of her head, however, revealed that was not the problem. {That would not make a difference for the scan I am doing. What I was looking for were certain key mental patterns that would indicate that she could function in a harem. What I found was nothing. Her mind is a blank wall to me.}
Her agitated manner showed that this was not something she had expected to encounter. “So, she is what? Immune to psychic probing or mindless?”
She gave him a nod while she explained further. {Yes, she is immune to mental intrusions, and is mildly resistant to the few psychic techniques I used on her, telekinesis and a confusion attack when she lashed out at me.}
He tilted his head to the side, and waited for her to continue, they both knew what he was silently asking. The powerful psychic sighed, before sending, {I cannot make the call on her being safe. This is a unique occurrence as far as I and my colleagues know. It would be safer for you to have her euthanized. She might function extraordinarily well in a harem, and she might kill you all. It is your choice.}
Geno nodded, considering it for a moment, before suddenly grinning. “Thank you for coming over to check out the G-spliced. Is there anything else I need to do for her to legally part of my harem?”
The Alaka-Wham teleported out, but before he could do anything, she was back with a syringe, a swab, and a pair of forms. {I need a genetic sample from her, so we can guess as to what her capabilities are, and these forms are basically a waiver for us, saying you understand that we cannot scan her, and that we are not responsible for any damages or deaths that may occur from you keeping her.}
He nodded, and read over the form, as she teleported back to the taming room, to get her samples. After a moment, a roar of displeasure sounded from the room, quickly cut off, and Geno snorted in amusement. The two forms were short, and were extremely straight-forward, a pleasant surprise. He had thought he would have to give her away to keep her, after an exam like the Alaka-Wham had reported. It did not make much sense, but little about the laws made sense him.
He finished signing the two forms, and then glanced up at the Alaka-Wham, slightly bruised from getting her two samples. He kept his amusement strongly suppressed, and handed her the form. She gave him a professional nod, and then teleported back to the Conservatory. He stood up, and sighed, before heading to his room, and dropping off Razia. Bellezza and Tamara were out, and he would have to talk to them after he finished with the G-spliced. Suddenly changing his mind, he turned around, and said, "Would you two mind going into long term storage? It is not because I don't want you two around, I do. But this is a combat harem, and both of you are, self admittedly in Bellezza's case, lovers instead of fighters."
Bellezza looked up from her book, and nodded, smiling, before turning back to her book. "Yes, master, I would not mind that. I was going to ask you about that later. But this is even better. When do you want us to go in?"
Tamara didn't respond, staring at both her tamer and the BuzzQueen, wondering why her harem sister was being so blasé about being shoved into a computer for months on end. Geno did not realize her shock, and blithely kept talking. "When we leave Azalea Town. I intend to let both of you out at every town, while the rest of the harem gets some real R&R. Every month in will mean two days of hot, heavy tamings, to apologize for having so big of a harem that I can not keep all of you out. You also don’t age while in the computer, nor do you go feral, or so I am told. You would get to be a pokégirl while the others are busy being pokéwomen.”
Tamara looked down, considering, as Bellezza rolled over onto her back, legs kicking idly as she watched her harem sister. Tamara looked torn for a moment, before nodding to indicate her agreement. He reached over and touched her hand, before saying, “I will make this up to you two, I promise.”
He glanced at the clock, noticed it was almost three after noon, and said, “Most of the harem is up. When I get done taming the G-spliced, you two can have the rest of the day with me. A nice dinner and some quality time, sound like a plan?”
Bellezza was purring with excitement and pleasure as she nodded, and Tamara blushed as she nodded as well. He stood up, and gave both of them a very predatory smile, before stepping out of the room. Bellezza shivered in anticipation, before settling down. "You might want to get some sleep, Tamara. When he gets back, we will be too busy to rest. I know that smile."
Stepping into the taming room, he shook his head at the feral, restrained so much that she could barely move her fingers, let alone anything that might actually be able to hurt him. He sighed sadly, once again reflecting on how much he hated this part of being a tamer, as he stripped down and admired her. Her legs were beautifully muscled, and were restrained at both her ankles and immediately above her knees, forcing her to keep her legs spread. Another restraining band was across her waist, and there were two more on her arms, one on her wrists, the second just below her elbows. Two final bands restrained her head, one on her forehead, the last just below her chin, with a section wrapped around her muzzle to prevent her from biting. Her tail was left free, an obvious oversight, as had her wings.
The table she was strapped to was slightly inclined, and he rubbed the feral's thigh, making her strain against the bindings as she struggled to see what was touching her. Her movements strained the braces holding her down, but held her. He smiled at her, as his hand strayed up the outside of her thigh before rubbing her hip. He dodged backwards as her tail lashed out at him, and glared at her. "This is going to be a lot easier for both of us if you relax."
She did not respond, other than to flick the tip of her tail from side to side, her muscles tense as she waited. He slowly approached again, noting how her wings twitched with each of his steps, before he stopped, and took a deep breath, calming himself in an attempt to banish his fear of the feral. After a moment, he looked again, noting that she was not twitching as much. Smiling he stepped closer, his hands moving to her sides, and rubbed her hips, admiring her. "You really are a beauty, did you know that?"
Again, no verbal response, but he was not listening for that, instead he was listening for the moan as his hips rubbed again hers. Her tail twitched, and he gasped at the sudden movement, nearly getting his tail dislocated with the single spastic movement. He untangled his tail from hers, using it to stroke her thigh, as his hands slid up her sides. Finally arriving, his hands slid across to her massive breasts, before gently digging his fingers into the orbs, making the feral whimper in pleasure against her gag. He smiled, before digging his fingers in harder, seeing how much pressure he could apply before it became too much for her. He heard her moans get louder, and her desperate thrashing to find release, but when he was kneading her breasts as hard as he could, she still only made pleasure filled noises.
He shifted, and then decided to complete her taming, and rubbed his cock against her swollen pussy. She gasped in pleasure at the feeling of the length of his cock sliding along her vent, while his hands continued to maul her tits. She screamed around her gag as he suddenly thrust into her, shattering her maidenhood and hilting himself into her. He yelped at how tight she was, almost painfully so, before he began to thrust. Her squeals suddenly peaked, and she climaxed around him, making him gasp in pain at the powerful grip on her walls on his cock. She relaxed as her orgasm passed, but Geno was not done with her yet. He began thrusting again, making her whimper and shiver again as he sped up. After a few more minutes of thrusting and mauling her breasts, she came again, forcing the tamer to stop as her walls contracted painfully. This might take a while...
(May 19, 296AS, 1700)
Geno walked into his room, and carefully set the G-splice's pokéball down on the table by his other full pokéballs. Looking around, he stretched carefully and wincing as several muscles protested. The feral had been a difficult taming, though a bit easier after the first hour and her loins had adjusted for him. He did not see his Milktit or BuzzQueen anywhere in the room, though a sudden gasp of pleasure from Bellezza coming from the bathroom and the sound of running water revealed both where they were and what they were doing. He tossed his shirt on the floor by the door, but it was quickly joined by his pants. He was a sticky mess from the nearly three hour long taming with the feral, and a shower and a taming was just what he wanted.
Quietly stepping into the shower, he grinned as he saw the two shapely bodies in the shower. His BuzzQueen was clearly leading, one hand playing with Tamara's shapely ass, her second hand probing in the Milktit's swollen slit, making soft noises. Bellezza's third hand one was holding the back of Tamara's head, but her fourth hand was not visible. The white liquid mixing with the water was a good indicator of what Bellezza's last hand was doing. He smile was predatory as Tamara's head tilted back, suddenly moaning in pleasure as Bellezza did something she found delightful. Tamara's left leg raised up and wrapped around the BuzzQueen's waist, as he opened the shower door, both pokégirls too busy with each other to notice he had entered.
Bellezza was kissing the hollow of Tamara’s neck, her fourth hand squeezing the full breast of the Milktit. Even as he shut the door, Bellezza’s head dipped down, and sucked a large, hard nipple into her mouth, making Tamara moan loudly in pleasure. Both girls jumped when he cleared his throat. “Is this a private party, or can I join?”
Tamara blushed down to the top of her breasts, as Bellezza hastily swallowed her mouthful of breast milk. Bellezza half turned and gave him a measuring, sultry look. “Perhaps, though I would have thought that the you would be tired after the feral.”
She gave her plump, juicy ass a good shake, and then tilted herself so that he could easily enter her, her stinger withdrawn. He grinned, and reached around, his hands firmly grabbing her breasts, as he ground his cock against her vent. His BuzzQueen whimpered in pleasure, and went back to harassing Tamara’s full breasts. Grimacing as he realized he had been neglecting the Milktit again, he turned his attention back to Bellezza. Several long, gentle thrusts that ground the length of his cock against her pussy and clit, making her shudder, mouth occupied with sucking the copious amounts of milk free of the huge breast. She whimpered as he continued to tease her, Tamara squirming at the skillful and many touches from the BuzzQueen.
Bellezza finally let go of Tamara’s full ass, and reached backwards to grab her own cheek, and then pull it aside, offering her tamer his choice of entry. He smiled at her, as he brushed the back of her neck with his fangs, before pulling from her swollen pussy, and grinding his cock against her anus. His tail tip pressed against her pussy, right as he thrust into her. She gasped around Tamara’s breast, before purring in pleasure as the rest of his entry was much more gradual, letting her body adjust to the intruder. His tail pressed into her wet folds, but stopped after a few inches, teasing her. He wanted a long, enjoyable taming, not a hard and fast one.
He rolled his hips, before leaning around Bellezza to kiss Tamara’s free breast, the Milktit shaking in desire as her other breast began to ooze milk. He continued his assault on Bellezza’s ripe body, hands playing with her full breasts, tail in her swollen womanhood, and he was finding that her ass was delightfully tight. He smiled as she squealed into Tamara's breast, the succulent milk oozing out of the corner of her mouth to be washed away by the shower. She thrust back against him, moaning in pleasure, two hands grabbing his hips and helping him fill her, her other two busy rubbing and fondling the gasping Milktit. He gasped as his seed exploded into his BuzzQueen, making her stiffen in pleasure as his essence stained her innards, and then grip him tighter, silently begging for more. He was more than eager to give both of them the more they desired, though he knew it would take a good deal of time. With a grin, he slipped from Bellezza's ass to her cunny, and started on that ‘more‘ they so desperately wanted.
(May 21, 296AS, 1015)
Stepping out of the pokécenter, Geno stretched his wings, before turning to Razia. “Race you to edge of town?”
Razia looked at her tamer in surprise, as he took off running, wanting to stretch now that the storm had finally passed. Razia easily outdistanced him, but stayed within view, making sure he did not get into trouble. Quickly arriving at the edge of town, but still behind his Cheetit, he looked around, and said, "Alright Razia, you turn to rest a while. Sara needs some personal time with me."
Razia nodded, but melded herself to his side, kissing him while one leg wrapped around his waist. After a moment, he broke the kiss, and tenderly rubbed his cheek against hers. "Are you sure you are not a Leopardess?"
She gave him a surprised look, which quickly became a wondering one. After a moment she half closed her eyes, and gave him a sultry look. "Would master like for me to become one? The Union Mountains are a prime location for finding round stones."
He shook his head, as he pulled Sara's pokéball off his belt. "I was teasing. Having another very high libido girl might be the death of me, and if I have to cope by either putting you in long term, or by no longer traveling, I would like to wait a bit. If you evolve because of a leg injury or accidental exposure to a round stone, that would different. But between Sara, Asheer, Bellezza and you as you are now, I am running myself ragged trying to keep up. But since Bellezza and Tamara are in long term now, it is a bit easier for me to keep up."
He winked at her, as she looked a bit crestfallen, and hugged her as he released Sara. "Relax, I am not complaining TOO much. Just worried about the fact that my dick seems to be my only contribution to the group."
Both girls made a wordless protest at his denouncement of his contributions, which made him smile. He kissed Razia again, before turning to his Whorizard. "So, let’s see what you can catch today. We have fifty pokéballs and I have a desire to see all fifty filled by the time we get back to Cherry Blossom City."
Sara sighed, as she rubbed herself against him, exchanging Razia's scent for her own. "Cherry Grove Town, master."
"Whatever, I have an itching to beat the snot out of a bitch, and if she is lucky, I won't take a harem member from her to sell for my own amusement."
Sara giggled at her tamer's irritation, as they headed out. "So, what was the feral like? The G-spliced brutess, or whatever she is."
"Brutess? That is going to come back to haunt you later. But it was... difficult, taming her. She is as strong as an Amachoke, but it felt like nearly every muscle was that strong. I am honestly afraid to try and tame her without the restraints. Hell, she climaxed a few times and hurt me."
Sara gave her master a look, trying to guess if he was leading her on. "You are serious, aren't you?"
"Completely. Oh well, I will figure it out. And maybe ask a few harem members for help. She was quite enthusiastic about the sex, once she relaxed, she came at least twenty times to my four."
"You keep track?"
"So I know if what I am doing is effective or not. Or, in the case of this G-spliced, TOO effective."
She gave him a suspicious look, but turned as he pointed to a feral and said, "Think less, and deal with the feral. Looks like an infernal. Have fun."
He pulled out his pokédex, and confirmed that it was, in fact, a Daimon, with a light, striking gray tint to her skin, hinting at either a rock or ground type when she was a Youma. His Whorizard opened the battle on the surprised feral with a flamethrower, which picked her up and slammed her backwards against a tree. The feral lay unmoving, and Geno tagged her with a pokéball, which sounded the capture chime almost before it finished capturing her. He hummed in disappointment to himself, as Sara collected the pokéball, and handed it to him. He stored it in the poképack, and then started off again, Sara at his side, though her tail kept rubbing distractingly against his own tail. He glared at her, and said, "Look, I want this trip done in three weeks or sooner. So, either we keep moving at this pace, and you get no alone time, or we speed up, and you can have the difference in today's travel time for yourself."
Sara gave him a surprised look, before immediately taking to the air. She gave him a sultry look, before yelling, "Better move then love or I will pin you to a tree and force myself on you."
"That could be fun, but I would have to tell Asheer if you did that."
She pouted, but grinned as he started to run, before winging off over the forest, keeping a careful eye on her master and lover. Up ahead was a feral, lounging on a branch, staring at something, a cat breed if the coloration, fur and other features were any indication. She darted ahead, intent on protecting her master as he ran on, toward the area that the feral watched.
(May 24, 296AS, 1415)
Geno glanced around, poképack shifting as he winced. Asheer looked at him as Razia watched the surroundings, but the Cheetit glanced over as the Flarebra spoke. "This is why you need to always have a guard. If you had not wandered off by yourself, that Lickingtongue would not have been able to rape you for an hour."
Rathin turned toward his alpha, and gave her an arch look. "Hey, I was getting cleaned up and Helaine was supposed to be guarding me."
Razia turned around, and looked confused. "Wait, when did he get attacked by a Lickingtongue?"
"Last night.
Razia gave both her tamer and her alpha an exasperated glare as she waited for the story, before snapping, "Who do I have to tame to get the full story?"
Geno grimaced and pointed toward Asheer, but before he could say anything, something dark blue with a red streak on its head blurred into the tamer. He cried out in pain as several ribs flexed, and grunted as he bounced twice, before sliding to a stop. He stared in shock at the new pokégirl, who stammered, "Sosorry,gottahurry.Bye!"
Rathin watched the strange pokégirl dash off, and then collapsed back on to his back, moaning, "What did I do deserve that?"
Razia hissed at the retreating pokégirl, and took two steps after the stranger, before Asheer's sharp retort brought her up short. The Cheetit hissed in displeasure before turning around and moving to check her master. Rathin was aching, but otherwise unhurt as he forced himself to his feet. Razia slid her arm under his shoulder to help support him, before asking, "Am I going to get the story or not?"
Geno shook his head, and said, "No, not until we get to Cherry Grove Town. I want a few weeks between me and that experience before I remember that tongue wrapped around my neck. If Helaine had come back six seconds later, you girls would be looking for another tamer, as the feral would have snapped my neck. Helaine no longer has guard duty, either. A bit too easily distracted since her last evolution."
He shook his head, as he stared at the path the strange girl had left, literally blasting through one rock and at least three trees that he could see. Shaking his head, he glanced at Asheer, before muttering, "What the hell was that?"
No one had the answer, so his curiosity went unsatisfied. Shaking his head, he grinned at Asheer as she griped, "Well, that was an entirely random occurrence. I knew you attracted weirdness Master, but that was beyond what is normal even for you."
He gave her a tart look, before retorting, "I thought the strangeness started when you joined. I was perfectly normal until you joined."
Razia giggled into her master's neck, hiding her amusement as Asheer gave her master a heated look. She had just forgiven him for hitting her the day before and now he was poking fun at her. She made a noise of disgust and then stalked away, leaving both Geno and Razia smothering their amusement at the annoyed Flarebra.
(May 25, 296AS, 1050)
His entire harem had backed away from the dragon blooded tamer, who was shaking with unbridled fury at what they had just caught. His wings quivered as his tail lashed, the spade on the end tearing at an imaginary opponent. His fangs were bared, and his hands squeezed the pokéball as hard as he could as if to unmake the girl they had caught. His eyes were no longer the soulful brown orbs, but were entirely red, almost glowing in his rage.
“A penance! A fucking penance this deep in the wilds. How can any blasted hypocritical human sneer at me as I walk down the street for being different, while they cheer on the bastard that abuses a pokégirl so badly she evolves into a penance?”
His harem looked at each other, Helaine shifting uncomfortably while Sara twitched. Kishi, Razia and Asheer simply watched him, wondering what to say to defuse his anger. Razia slowly stepped forward and hugged her tamer, purring gently. He stiffened as she leaned against him, before suddenly going from burning in his rage to completely, totally, and utterly calm, which made his harem even more scared at how fast he went from one to the other. He turned toward Razia, and hugged her back. “Thanks for helping me come out of that rage, love. I would have been...”
His pokédex suddenly beeped, and announced having received a message. Annoyed at the interruption, he pulled the pokédex from its holster, and then flipped it open, one arm, wing and his tail still wrapped around his Cheetit. He glared as he sat down by a nearby rock, and was quickly joined by his still cautious but now curious harem. He snorted as he saw who had sent the message. “Kaigan, I was beginning to think he had fallen off the face of the planet. Or gotten eaten by something. Possibly a Grue.”
He brought up the message and fired it up, seeing the fox blooded tamer sitting in a room and looking slightly confused.
"Geno... Geno. Wait your that dragon boy aren't you?" Kaigan covers his mouth with his tail, chuckling, "I was joking, maybe, I think."
Kaigan shakes his head lightly, "Anyway, Congratulations on the first badge, that's good to hear! I've been out in the wilds of Johto exploring around, catching a new pokégirl here and there, nothing special, except for this really hot Vixxen. Though, something bad did happen, my Kitsune, Whom you haven't met, evolve into a Nogitsune after a Hound I had caught named Natarusuki was killed when we ran into a particularly nasty Feral."
Kaigan looks away for a moment, and opens his eye, "It's been rough, but me and the harem are working hard with her, we miss the old her a lot..."
Kaigan closes his eye again and resumes his usual facade, "Anyway keep with the good work, maybe our paths will cross once again." A red blur hops across the screen tackling Kaigan as a violet-furred hand, passes by the screen and clicks the pokédex off.
He sighed, and then closed his pokédex, before leaning back, only to find himself completely surrounded by him harem. He was literally buried in female flesh, and he gave a resigned sigh, before smiling at his family. He kissed and hugged each one, silently apologizing. “Thanks, I am over the anger now. No, I am not going to keep her. This is a combat harem, and she would probably be miserable here.”
Asheer, who had been about to ask, suddenly looked very content, though whether with his decision or the fact that his head was in her lap was an open question. She snuggled as the rest of the harem cuddled as well. When he tried to move, he found he couldn’t, his harem had him thoroughly pinned down. Even as he noted that he was pinned, Mayuan moved around to straddle her tamer, hands pulling open his pants, and then rubbing herself against him. “So, I take it we are not going any further today ladies?”
(May 29, 296AS, 1955)
It had been a long day, and he felt they had done a good job. A Frozenare and Rapidash along with the four of the Ponytaurs that had made up feral herd. He stretched, and pulled Asheer from the PPHU, and then popped Mayuan’s pokéball into it, letting her heal up after the fight. He wanted everyone healed, because he was about to introduce the G-spliced to the rest of the harem. And if she turned out to be hostile to them, she was going to get beaten solidly. Or at least, he hoped.
Pulling Mayuan out of the PPHU, he released his Dark Elf and handed her the healing unit, allowing her to recharge it with a lightning bolt spell into the electric converter wand, recharging the battery in the PPHU, as well as the two spare batteries attached to the side of the PPHU. Once that was done, he carefully stored it in his poképack, and then looked around making sure his harem was ready. Once that was done, he released the feral, four days after her last taming. He shuddered at that memory, the taming restraints had worked, yes, but her tail and wings had been free again, earning him a few errant swipes from her ecstasy flailing limbs and several bruises to boot.
Shaking his head, he released his G-spliced, whom he had decided to name Tiamet, after a fictional character he had found on the old Internet. Not much information about her had been given, other than she was a dragoness obsessed with destroying stuff, which certainly fit the new harem member's fighting style while she was feral. He stretched his wings as the G-spliced materialized, and looked around to compare her to the rest of his harem. She loomed over everyone but Helaine, but she was clearly the physically strongest pokégirl. She blinked twice, and then sneezed before looking around herself. He had already used the language T2 on her, and had been telling her about her harem members, as well as explaining the function of a harem to her. As she hissed at his harem, he figured he did not do a good job.
He stiffened as his entire harem dropped down into combat crouches and all of them either hissed, snarled, or spat at Tiamet. Stepping forward, he yelled, "Settle down, all of you! I said SETTLE DOWN!"
The last was at Tiamet, who had flared her wings, and snarled at Asheer, somehow sensing that she was the alpha. She hissed, "Alpha strongest, and I strongest."
The entire harem hissed and snarled back, moving around to defend their alpha, until Geno made all of them freeze with pair of simple statements. "I choose the alpha of the harem. If you have issue with that, you can fight me and suffer for challenging me."
The G-spliced snorted, and hissed at him as she shifted her focus from Asheer to him. The entire harem again moved this time trying to get between Geno and Tiamet, but he waved them off and said, "On three we fight."
Tiamet nodded, and Geno smiled evilly. He paused a moment, and then said, "Harem, do not interfere unless she is literally trying to kill me."
Turning back to the former feral he placed one hand on his hip before starting to count. "One. Two."
On two, his hand flashed up from his belt, and he recalled Tiamet, as he finished counting. "Three."
He tossed the now full pokéball from one hand to the other, and then grinned at his shocked harem. After a moment of stunned silence Lendysa started laughing, and the rest of the harem was fast to join in the relieved laughter. He grinned at them, before storing the pokéball in his poképack, before looking around at his harem. "What? You all I was stupid enough to actually fight her? I might be insane, but I am not stupid. At least, not that stupid anymore."
(May 31, 296AS, 1600)
Geno threw himself flat as the two hostile pokégirls he had stumbled across turned toward him from each other. He quickly released Mayuan, Sara, and Helaine to bolster Asheer and Tiria. He glanced up out of the small ditch as Helaine unleashed a water spear at the larger feral, and finally got a good look at the second one. A look which made him dive back down into cover, and released Lendysa. He yelled orders while keeping his head down. “Lendysa and Tiria, tamer guard. Helaine take the large lizard looking one. Razia, Asheer and Sara, the Dronza is your target. Dronza is a Menace type pokégirl, high threat level.”
He pulled out his pokédex, and scanned the two pokégirls, just to ensure it was actually a Dronza, but a dark grey dragon type with glowing red eyes was a fairly good indicator as far as he was concerned. The pokédex beeped twice, and he scanned the information both times before setting it up to record, and then propping it up against the tree so that it could view the fight without obstructions to impeded the recording.
DODONGO, the Big Bombardier Pokégirl
Element: Rock/Fire
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Meat, large amounts of rocks
Role: Mortar troopers, Grenadiers
The second one was the dark gray dragon type with burning red eyes, and was merely to confirm his suspicions that she was, in fact, a Dronza.
DRONZA, the Dark Dracass Pokégirl
Element: Human Form: Poison
            Dragon Form: Dragon
Frequency: Extremely Rare
Diet: human food with a preference for meat
Role: destroyer of humanity
Connecting to network...
Connecting to network...
Connection successful, menace type reported. Report to League authorities to receive sighting/kill reward.

His mouth twitched in irritation as the pokédex automatically reported the Dronza to the league, his thoughts racing. The feral Dodongo will be an easy capture for Helaine, but can the harem deal with that poor dragon type? Do I WANT them to ‘deal’ with her? She was abused to the point she lost faith in humans, and I can understand that, to a degree...
He shook his head to clear the thoughts, and shifted so that he could watch the fights and direct them if he had to. He glanced over the side and grimaced at the two fights. Helaine was doing well, having a double advantage over the Dodongo, but the Dronza was giving his three girls a run for their money. He reread the Dronza entry, and sneered at the recommendation of not confronting the menace without a strong ice-type. Well, bit late for that, as we are already directly confronting her, and I cannot stand ice types. Slight problem, no? Realizing that he was arguing with himself while his harem was fighting for their lives, he brought his attention back to the present, he could mentally flagellate himself later for not thinking again.
He watched as Asheer dodged a hyper beam, and wondered why everything seemed to have that attack these days. Asheer responded with her own hyper beam, as Razia used rocket dodge to try and feint the Dronza into thinking that she was going to attack. The Dronza almost stepped into the path of the Flarebra’s hyper beam, but at the last she second jumped backwards, wings slamming down to get out of the way of the attack.
Lendysa looked up, suddenly realizing that she had somehow ended up underneath the Dronza when she had jumped. She realized that the Dronza was diving at her, and tried to use cross shield, but was a fraction of a second too late. The Dronza slammed Lendysa into the ground forming a small crater, and then blasting Lendysa point blank with dragon breath, the menace’s hyper beam not recharged yet. The dragon breath was enough though, the Kishi screaming in pain as she was burned, and then went limp. Asheer lashed out with flamethrower, tossing the Dronza off of her unconscious harem sister, as Geno recalled her, just in time to hear Helaine scream a warning.
Helaine grinned as she hit the Dodongo with her strongest attack, water spear. The Dodongo screamed in fury before spitting a fist sized lump of rock at Helaine. The Feraligarter sneered as the rock chunk hit, but her sneer turned into a screech when it exploded, revealing it was a bomber move, not rock throw. She responded with bubble beam, slowing the already slow feral further. The feral roared in pleasure, and Helaine resisted flinching at the loud noise, and spat a second bubble beam into the gaping maw, sealing the orifice with the sticky bubbles. That attacked seemed to enrage the feral, which tried to spit another bomb at its opponent. The bomb hit the sticky bubble residue and stuck, giving the feral just enough time to panic before the small bomb exploded, the feral’s throat bulging and then retracting. The Dodongo dropped bonelessly to the ground, lying still. Helaine snorted superiorly, preening for a moment before turning toward the Dronza intent on helping her harem sisters. She got three lumbering steps toward her sisters, right when Lendysa was burned by the dragon breath, when she heard the Dodongo struggling to her feet. She turned back, surprise and her own bulk slowing her down enough that the Dodongo managed to curl up protectively. Helaine’s water spear splashed across the Dodongo’s back without any noticeable effect.
The Dodongo rapidly spun in place, before surging forward, slamming into Helaine, and bouncing off, directly toward her alpha. Helaine screamed a warning at her alpha, as the feral barreled toward the oblivious Flarebra.
Geno watched in horror as the feral Dodongo slammed into Asheer’s back with a sickening crunch, before the feral bounced off and away of the collapsing Flarebra. He directed Mayuan to pound the Dronza with her ice spells, and turned to recall his unconscious Kishi. He recalled Lendysa as he heard Razia turn toward the Dodongo, and Helaine spat another water spear, but missed as the Dodongo bounced off a tree and rolled over the weakly moving Flarebra, who let out a death scream as her spine snapped from the rollout attack. Asheer collapsed, as the Dronza took the distraction of the Dodongo attacking to slip into the forest, leaving the blood thirsty harem to deal with the pugnacious feral.
Geno recalled his mortally wounded alpha, her abdomen half crushed from the attack and several bones broken at least. He looked around, noting who was where as he handed Asheer’s pokéball to Tiria for healing. The Dodongo was rolling toward a large stand of boulders that marked her probable home, Helaine was blasting it with a water spear, Razia was staying out of the way of the rogue feral, Mayuan was firing ice shards into the trees, and the Dronza was gone. As he turned about, desperately trying to locate the Dronza, he heard the Dodongo scream in pain as a water spear finally hit something hard enough to distract the feral. It slammed into a large boulder, and then collapsed as a large rock fell down to slam against the now unmoving feral.
Geno tagged the fallen feral with a pokéball, and yelled, “Mayuan, where is the Dronza?”
“Don’t know, love. She fell back into the trees a moment ago, and I have not seen or heard her since. She might be waiting, or she might have fled.”
He nodded to his Dark Elf, and turned back to Tiria, who was knelling over Asheer, pouring healing energies into her. He desperately wanted to ask how she was doing, if Asheer would be alright, but he knew that pinched look on Tiria’s face. It meant she was fighting hard to save Asheer’s life and body. He relaxed as he remembered the healing unit, and then knelt on the other side of Asheer as he pulled out the small black box. Setting Lendysa in it, he activated the PPHU, and took Asheer’s hand, gently squeezing it and holding tightly. He smiled as his alpha relaxed further, her body no longer fighting as his calm began to effect her, making it easier for Tiria to heal her. She is going to be okay. Too bad I cannot say the same for that Dronza.
(June 7, 296AS, 1225)
Geno looked down at the map function of his pokédex, and sighed, as Razia looked over at him wondering what was wrong now. Sara wheeled once head, and then landed nearby. He flipped a wing up over him and Razia, protecting both of them from the flying debris. Razia hissed at the Whorizard, who glared back when the Cheetit commented. “Can you not land without covering both of us with debris?”
Sara thankfully did not respond back, simply slamming her wings once before folding them around her with as much dignity as she could muster. Geno grinned at the interplay between the two, using the GPS to note their distance from Cherry Grove Town. He finished planning the route, and then snapped the pokédex shut, glad that he had sprung for the most advanced pokédex version he could get. He looked at his two harem members, and said, “Are you two done yet? I don’t recall giving you permission to fight. You two are supposed to be guarding me, not trying to establish yourself as more important than the other. Now, we are about a week from Cherry Grove, and... What is that?”
He had turned to the side, at the sound of someone thrashing through the sparse vegetation. They were at the division between the Union Mountains and the foothills that went to Cherry Grove. He gestured for Sara to get into the air, and for Razia to get near him. He reached for his belt, intent on getting Mayuan out, when the feral he had heard stumbled into view. He stared at the stunningly attractive feline, who froze when she saw him. Razia gasped and then ran forward, grabbing the golden furred feline before she collapsed, her leg bleeding badly from a gash along the outside of her left thigh. Black spots were randomly placed about her golden fur, and his mind suddenly turned, as he made a tentative breed identification. No freaking way...
He scanned her with his pokédex, as she looked at him, and gasped, “Please, have you seen my tamer? I need to find my tamer.”
The pokédex beeped as it scanned the domestic, and he sighed as he realized that his guess on what she was turned out to be correct.
LEOPARDESS, the Sexy Spotted Pokégirl
Element: Fighting/Normal (feline)
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: human standard, though heavy on fish
Role: living embodiment of love
Damn it. Looks like our week out just got longer... He sighed, as he pulled out a potion, and tossed it to Razia, calling her name as he did so to get her attention. He walked forward as his Cheetit sprayed the healing liquid on the wound, and nodded as it sealed up most of the way, enough she could walk. He looked down at her, and asked, “Do you know his comm number? We can give him a call and see if he is nearby.”
She shook her head as she stood up, testing her leg. “Master recently changed their number, and I have not memorized it. I do know where she was planning on doing some hunting for ferals before I got separated.”
Geno nodded, and pulled the pokédex back out, and started to offer it to the Leopardess, who shook her head. “I can’t read.”
He sighed, and said, “Great. So do you know the name of where he was going to hunt?”
She shook her head again. “No, but I know where it was going to be. Please, it was an area that had several bounties in the area, and I cannot make it there on my own.”
He stared at her for a moment, before sighing and nodding. He rubbed his forehead, and glared at his beaming Cheetit who had already guessed his answer. “Be glad I am such a nice guy. So much for the deadline. How far is it?”
She pointed to the northwest before explaining. “About a half day that way, over rough terrain. I fell into a chasm while fighting a feral, and the river swept me down here.”
He nodded, and looked around, before releasing Asheer and Tiria. “Sara, scout ahead and look for tamers in that general direction. Asheer, you and Razia have tamer guard. Tiria, help our guest.”
He turned and walked off to lean against a tree, eyes closed, though he rolled his head to the side and looked at Asheer for a moment when he heard her walking over to him. “Why are we helping her?”
Geno snorted and smiled. “Yes, it is a pleasure to see you again love. I am doing fine, nothing we found today was worth mentioning. The Leopardess needs help, and I want to help. If everyone helped everyone, the world would be a much better place and I want to make it better.”
She looked at him for a moment, and then nodded, before hugging her tamer and purring in pleasure at having her tamer alone for the moment. He enjoyed the embrace for a moment, before softly commenting, “So, she said a half day. Care to take bets on how long it will REALLY be?”
Asheer snorted as she shook her head, and looked over at Razia, who was animatedly talking to the Leopardess. She looked back at him, worry clear. “Razia might not be willing to abandon the new comer if something goes wrong.”
He rolled his eyes, but nodded, noting she had a valid concern. But he would deal with that when and if it became a problem. Probably by stuffing both of them in pokéballs.
About three and a half hours later, they were hacking their way through several rock types in a gorge, giving Lendysa, Mayuan and Helaine a chance to battle, while Asheer, Razia and Sara made sure that he and Leopardess were not going to get attacked from behind or the sides. Mostly Geogals, but a few Gravelgals were mixed in that pack as well, and it was pretty nasty, though his harem members clearly had the upper hand. He was idly watching the battle, calling out changes to the attacks as he was needed, but he was pleased that he only had to call out orders to Helaine, who was focusing mostly on the nearest feral, regardless of whatever else was nearby.
He sighed as Helaine turned toward the nearest feral, a Geogal, again blatantly ignoring a nearby Gravelgal that was picking up a boulder. He shook his head, and did not warn Helaine, letting the blow happen. He hated himself for doing that, but she needed to stay aware of the combat environment as much as she could, without someone else spotting for her. He winced as the Gravelgal threw the huge boulder, and it slammed against Helaine’s head, knocking her flat. She lay stunned for a moment, before forcing herself up, and using water spear on the nearby Geogal, dropping her target. He pegged the Geogal, and then a Gravelgal that Lendysa had just knocked unconscious with a hurricane kick. Mayuan did not know any water spells, but she was using the blast spell to great effect, blowing off huge sections of the Gravelgals, preventing them from firing rock shards at her harem sisters and herself.
Already, after a minute or two of fighting, half of the ferals were down, and two more dropped even as he watched, one to Mayuan’s blast spell, and another to Helaine’s water spear. Two more pokéballs were thrown, as the largest remaining Gravelgal screamed in frustration at her inability to hit Lendysa, and suddenly blew her outer layer of rocks off, surprising Lendysa. The tough Kishi quickly formed her scales up and jumped back, the distance and her scales saving her from most of the damage, but she still took several nasty gashes. He nodded in admiration as Lendysa did not let her gashes slow her down, instead using twister to knock the weakened Gravelgal back, and then using chi blast to knock her down for good. He pegged the Gravelgal, noting she was the last one standing, and recalled Lendysa.
He released her near him, and Tiria immediately got to work healing her, despite the glare the Kishi gave her. “I could have helped mop up the rest of the ferals.”
Geno nodded, his eyes on the five, now four remaining ferals. He tossed another pokéball before answering. “Yes, you could have, but you are the second most experienced pokégirl in my harem, not counting the G-spliced. They need the experience more than you do.”
They were all surprised at the sudden explosion of rock from beneath the highest up feral, and a light brown skinned female with surprisingly large claws blasted up out of the ground. She savaged the Geogal with fury swipes, as Geno reached for his pokédex. He stopped when the Leopardess yelled to the girl, who dove back into the ground after spotting the Leopardess. His two girls still battling quickly finished up the three remaining ferals, which Geno bagged, though he had to toss a ball to Mayuan so she could get to the highest feral. As Helaine and Mayuan began collecting the scattered pokéballs, the female from before popped up out of the ground, and looked around suspiciously. “Tama, master is not amused with you.”
Geno looked at his alpha, and then sighed, as the Leopardess hissed at the newcomer. “Prissy, I don’t care what you think, master is NEVER not amused with me. Besides, everyone knows I did not go and jump off that cliff, I was tackled off.”
Geno quickly cut off the impending argument. “So, you two know each other I take it. How about we get both of you back to your tamer, and then you can decide who he is angry with.”
Prissy glared at him, before correcting him, “Our master is female, freak.”
Geno’s hand lashed out, and he grabbed the newcomer by the throat. He leaned forward, and hissed into her face, as Lendysa grabbed both the newcomer’s arms. “If you ever call me a freak again, I will break all of your limbs in four places, shatter ever bone in your spine, and if you are lucky, I will stop then. I am doing your master a favor, returning her Leopardess, and I expect a little respect from someone that does not know me. I do not care if you two don’t like each other, but you will NOT be taking that dislike out on me, or I will let my harem teach you respect. Understand?”
The newcomer stared at him for a moment, but nodded when Lendysa pulled on her arms, making the bones creak as they protested the unnatural movement. He released her throat, and stepped past her, as Tama stepped around her harem sister. “I apologize for her actions. As a Randysnatch, we are constantly competing for master’s attentions, and she was probably hoping I would not come back. We are the only high libido pokégirls in master’s harem.”
Geno started up the trail, and said, “Prissy, are you going to lead us to your master or not? And why don’t you call her mistress rather than master?”
A voice at the top of the hill answered him. “Because I have all the curves of a Tomboy, and it is easier to move around as a small male rather than an unendowed female.”
Standing at the top of the hill, with a small yellow skinned female with two antennae but almost no chest beside her, was the person talking. And at their current distance, about 50ft or so, he could not tell that ‘he’ was actually a she. He nodded, and began making his way up the gorge, as Mayuan and Helaine got to the top, and moved to the side, the pokéballs containing ferals in their fanny packs. Those had been a good idea on his part, giving them a pair of potions and an antidote on hand to deal with any problems, as well as letting them carry the ferals they captured till he could store them in the poképack.
He got to the top behind the Leopardess, and frowned at the Randysnatch, turning back to help Lendysa up. Realizing that Prissy must have dug her way up to the top, he looked at the A-bra, and wondered if she had ever been to Cherry Grove. The A-bra opened one eye to look at him without interest, and then poked her ‘master,’ before dozing back off against the rock. The other tamer nodded at whatever the A-bra sent, and then recalled the Randysnatch and Leopardess, before offering her hand. “My name is Nelly, but I go by Nell.”
Geno shook the offered hand and introduced himself, before recalling his entire harem except for Asheer, and then turned back to the tamer. She looked him up and down, her eyes lingering on his wings, before saying, “I heard from Tama what Prissy said, and I wanted to apologize to you. Diza let me know you were heading to Cherry Grove, and was wondering if I would let you borrow her for a teleport to the pokécenter as thanks for bring Tama back.”
He glared at the A-bra, and said, “Your apology is not necessary, Diza really should stay out of other people’s mind, and yes, I was. Though I would have been a bit more diplomatic about broaching the subject.”
The other tamer laughed, and then shrugged. “She is feral born, and has only been tamed for a few weeks. Be glad she did not just blare it out for the world to know. I would not do this for anyone, but Tama was my first pokégirl, and she is quite important to me. Provided Diza is still awake, I guess you can borrow her for the teleport.”
The A-bra’s eyes did not open, but she disappeared from the rock, and reappeared leaning against Rathin. Asheer hissed at the A-bra, who ignored her, which only infuriated her even more, until he returned her to her pokéball. He turned back to Nelly, and said, “Thanks, this will save me a lot of time. Good luck on your feral hunting!”
He had barely finished his sentence before he was standing just outside the Cherry Grove pokécenter, and even as he oriented himself, Diza was gone, heading back to her tamer. He shook his head, barely believing he had managed to save that much time, before he stepped into the pokécenter. Lots to do, and I need to figure out what to do next.
He looked around as he entered the pokécenter, and spotted the cute little Eva as he remembered his promise to her. Oh, I think I can start with her.
(June 8, 296AS, 1305)
Nicky stormed out of the dueling arena at the pokécenter, her Buzzbreast the only pokégirl she had left capable of limping along behind her. Lendysa wiped her axe off as Mayuan stretched carefully, both girls mostly unhurt from the battle. Nicky had never had a chance, with Mayuan opening with an area slow spell and then a blast. After that, the only description he could think of was a rout, with his Dark Elf and Kishi easily defeating the two spider types and the Ladyien.
He hugged both of his harem members, before putting them up for the trip back to the room. Once there, he released the two girls, who both headed to the bathroom to get cleaned up. He grinned at the mental image that caused, as he grabbed Sara’s tail tip, ignoring the flame, and pulled gently. She looked up from the board game, and then nodded, knowing where he wanted to go. He headed out of the pokécenter, and down to the police station, Sara behind him, her wings relaxed though her tail flicked irritably, knowing that they were going to be inside a building for a while. She hated being inside, especially when there was nothing to distract her.
He stepped into the building, and nodded to the Ingenue at the front desk, before offering her his pokédex. “I would like to claim a sighting bounty on a Menace type pokégirl.”
She nodded before pointing to a blank door down an empty hallway. “They will be able to help with that.”
He nodded and headed toward it, but looked back as the Ingenue continued. “You will need to put up your pokégirl before they will open the door for you.”
The dragon blooded tamer sighed, before recalling Sara, and then knocking on the door. After a moment, the door buzzed, and clicked before swinging open. Inside was a pair of desks, two pokégirls sitting either beside or on the desks, and two males sitting behind computers. One of the pokégirls was an Espea, the other a G-poindexter. At least, that was what the name tags on the desks claimed. The man closer to the door looked up, letting Geno see his black uniform, and the simple Hunter emblem on his left breast, a shield with a sword, pistol, and Mantis skull. He snorted when he saw Rathin’s wings, before dropping his gaze back to his computer. “If you are looking to join the freak show, it left about a week ago.”
The Espea snorted in amusement at his anger, before suddenly whimpering as he mentally shrieked. The male looked up, his blue eyes flashing from his Espea to the tamer, before bolted upright. “What the fuck do you think you are doing?”
“Letting your Espea know that I don’t like people in snooping in my head without my permission.”
The Hunter growled at him, his hand resting on his hip holster, when the other Hunter finally said, “Marcus, sit down. You, come here.”
Geno’s wings flicked in irritation as he was ordered like a servant, subordinate, or slave. He did comply however, and said, “I was told you are the people to talk to for claiming a sighting bounty on a Menace pokégirl.”
The Hunter nodded, and Geno noted a pair of silver bars on his shoulder, beneath the Hunter emblem, marking him as a full captain, something he learned as part o the courses at the Academy. Impressed that such a high rank would be placed out in such a relatively small community, he tried to relax, and offered the officer his pokédex. The G-poindexter took the offered computer, and plugged it into the larger computer on the desk. After a moment, the officer’s eyes narrowed, and he pulled up another file, before twisting the monitor around. “Is this the Dronza you fought?”
Rathin stared at the image, noting a series of darker scales on the Dronza’s right shoulder, and then nodded. “Yes, I believe that is her.”
The officer nodded, and punched play, showing the Dronza tearing apart several civilians and pokégirls, more of whom were scattering in an attempt to get away. The Dronza grabbed one male, and then flew off, as several Jennies, Growltits, and the lower ranked Hunter dashed forward. The massacre had taken less than two minutes, but he would have bet it would have felt longer for those having to survive the attack. He looked up at the Hunter Captain, and asked, “I assume you want my help in dealing with her?”
The Hunter nodded, and said, “At the moment, I have four Hunter to help protect this city, not counting myself or Marcus. The attack happened yesterday. We know where the Dronza went with her victim, and we need your help if we are going to get him back alive and kill her. She might have already killed him, or not, it depends on how close she is to being feral, but what we would like for you to do is actually kill her this time.”
Geno leaned back, and simple watched the Hunter, waiting for him to continue. The Hunter stared back, and a staring game ensued, before he finally said, “You do know I am allowed to conscript you into hunting her down, right?”
Geno nodded and carefully considered his reply. “Yes, but what can one traveling tamer do that six Hunters cannot? I was waiting for you to reveal the reason why you need me.”
The Hunter’s mouth quirked slightly, before he pulled out a pair of maps. One was for a large structure with at least two levels, the other was for the surrounding area of Cherry Grove. He pointed to an area about three days to the northeast, and started to brief him. “This is the general area she went to after grabbing the male. She made a brief stop about two hours hiking, forty minutes flying, here. We think this is where she raped the male. You will be heading northeast, toward that spot, and then calling back if you find the missing male. If so, bring him back, and then head back out toward this area.”
Geno looked up, and asked, “How do you know she went there?”
“She was shot in the leg with a tracking dart as she flew off, and went there before figuring out what we hit her with and destroying it. There is a structure in that area she might be using for protection. This is the map of the first two levels. Try not to go any deeper, it is badly infested with ferals and we are not sending a rescue team into that death trap if you go deeper than the second level. Both maps have been uploaded into your pokédex. Now get going, that civilian is waiting for rescue.”
The Captain handed Geno his pokédex back, who took it with extreme reluctance. “So, I am not getting my sighting fee until I get back, am I?”
The Captain nodded, and then gestured to the door. Realizing that he was not going to get any more questions answered, he stepped out of the office, and then cursed softly as he released Sara. The only blessing was that he had time to unload the forty plus ferals that they had caught on the way over, as well as get supplies for the trip. He had a very bad feeling about this one, and hoped it was not going to be too ugly. Hunting a Dronza. Shit, is this what Gisela wanted me to do? If so, I am SO  beating her senseless next time I see her.