Chapter 15
(May 17, 296AS, 940)
Geno stared at the feral in front of him, and did not move, as it stalked forward slowly, low to the ground. His mind worked frantically at the problem of what to do, his pokéballs were about ten feet away from him, as was his radio, which might have well put them on the moon. Tamara was terror stricken, whimpering softly, unable to move. He mentally sighed, before turning back to the approaching feral. Something about her behavior was odd, she was not paying attention to him but she was staring at Tamara with an intensity that would have done a Falcongentle credit.
He suddenly heard Asheer’s voice, “Why can you not stay out of trouble for longer than five minutes?”
The feral turned at the sound of the voice, as the sound of wings heralded the arrival of the others in his harem. He grinned at Sara, and cheekily said, “Well, glad you three came back. Thought for a moment I was expected to entertain her by myself.”
His three girls ignored his comment, and he was busy diving for the pile of clothing to care if they had said anything. Asheer was off to the creature’s left, and Razia was moving around to get behind it. Sara was in front, and all three were growling softly at the creature, as they moved to attack it. The feral pushed herself back up from her lower position, and then roared at Asheer, fangs bared as she issued a primal challenge. Asheer sneered, before spitting a wad of fire at the feral the size of her hand. Sara copied the move, while Razia feinted forward, trying to draw the feral’s attention, as Geno grabbed his belt, and started releasing girls. The feral dropped and rolled to the side, avoiding the fireballs, hissing, as the tamer released girls in rapid succession.
Once Helaine, Mayuan, and Lendysa were out, he recalled Tamara, getting her out of the way. Tiria and Bellezza were then released, both of them staying close to him as his Cuntnaw moved forward, hissing her anger at the feral that had stolen her harem sister. Mayuan was standing halfway between the feral and her tamer, and was holding her staff, murmuring softly to herself, a shimmering appearing between her and Geno, before another appeared to wrap around her. Lendysa stalked forward, and yelled, "Stay calm, work as a team! Together we can beat her!"
Geno was watching the feral that had reared back up to her hulking stance, as he pulled out his pokédex and began recording. He glanced back up, and desperately yelled "Helaine WARE!"
The feral had been shifting slightly, and as he yelled his warning, the feral blurred toward his Cuntnaw. She slid to a stop just in front of the Cuntnaw, who was trying to back up, and spat a water spear into the feral's face. The rest of the harem turned toward the feral, as she began to savage the Cuntnaw with fury swipes, ignoring the water spear that slammed her head backwards. Helaine screamed in pain as the swipes connected and desperately retaliated with bubblebeam as her stomach and chest were ripped open. Her harem sisters desperately spread, trying to find an angle to make an attack without harming their harem sister. Sara managed to clip the feral as it released Helaine, and whirled in a circle, lashing out with dragon rage, knocking most of the girls around the feral backwards, except for Razia and Asheer, who ducked under the horizontal bar.
Geno grabbed Helaine's pokéball, and brought it up, as the feral turned back to the Cuntnaw, energy gathering in her mouth. He recalled Helaine, and the feral looked up, following the retreating beam back to the tamer with her eyes, until Asheer pegged her in the side with a fireblast, making the feral lose her attack before she could release it. Razia used rocket punch and then tried to use rocket dodge, but the feral was not fazed by the dual pronged attack, and grabbed Razia's arm as the Cheetit hit her. Razia had enough time to scream as the feral used slash against the suddenly helpless Cheetit, tearing her throat half off before grabbing her arm, and twisting it, effortlessly breaking it. Turning, the feral threw the dying Cheetit at Asheer, who caught her harem sister, as Geno aimed the pokéball to recover Razia.
Dear gods, not even twenty seconds into the fight, and I am already down two girls.
He recalled Razia, and stored her pokéball on his belt, no longer looking for a victory; he would be content to escape with his entire harem alive. Sara forced herself to her feet, and then blurred forward, shoving her arm into the feral's shadow, stealing the strength and using it to increase the power of her ignite aura. Lendysa dashed forward, throwing a dagger at the attacking monster, hitting her shoulder, but the blade failed to penetrate the tough scales. Mayuan gestured to Asheer, murmuring too softly for her tamer, standing beside her, to hear what she said. But when her spell went off, it was undeniably effective, the Flarebra's already fast movements increasing even more. Mayuan swayed slightly, before shaking her head, and repeating the spell, this time toward Sara.
The BuzzQueen watched with half closed eyes, tri-stinger twitching as if she wanted to fly forward to engage the feral herself. Bellezza's twitching wings reminded Geno of something. "Sara! You have wings, get into the air! Everyone else, concentrate on the feral's wings and legs. Deny her the ability to move!"
Now lets hope this works.
He watched the feral whirl about, trying to pick a target out of the many moving pokégirls, before roaring in frustration, and turning toward Mayuan. Energy gathering in her mouth, the feral released it toward Mayuan, who stepped to the side and away from her tamer since did not want him to get hit if the hyperbeam missed her. Geno stepped in the opposite direction Mayuan did, and grinned as the feral released it, thinking she had missed.
He stopped grinning, his mouth dropping open in horror, as the beam split into a multitude of smaller ones an arms length in front of the feral. Mayuan froze for a split second in shock, dropping the spell she had been casting. That hesitation was more than enough for the beams to lance forward, twisting and twining about each other, further increasing the difficulty of dodging any of them, their courses to erratic to accurately predict. He was shoved to the side as Tiria tackled him, and Bellezza shot up into the air, all of them trying to get clear of the double handful of beams that missed Mayuan. He watched as Bellezza was spun about in the air by two of them, several beams slamming Mayuan back into the ground, her clothing burning from the excess energy, and four of the errant beams slammed into Tiria, standing where he had been less than a second before.
Mayuan was unconscious before she hit the ground, and the feral whirling toward Sara, who had ducked backwards when the feral had turned to find a target. He checked Tiria, and froze when he saw all four beams had hit Tiria's chest, and he could clearly see several rips, and what he thought might be her left lung. He quickly recalled Tiria, and then turned back to the battle, wondering what the hell it was they were fighting. He put Tiria up and then returned Mayuan, right before a hastily aimed flamethrower hit the ground where she had been lying a brief moment before, missing the feral.
Down to Bellezza, Lendysa, Sara and Asheer, he yelled, "Girls, we are going to have to make a run for it!"
His girls were still pounding away at the feral; doing damage that he would have sworn ten minutes ago would have been enough to drop anything short of a Widow. Even as he watched, Sara blasted the creature in its face with a fireblast before jumping skyward, wings pounding, as Lendysa tried to get closer. Before the blast had even cleared, the feral was powering upwards, and grabbed Sara's leg, pulling her down, and then head butting his Whorizard. He suddenly remembered the pokédex might give him a clue as to what would work against this thing, and pulled it out, and hastily scanned the creature. Asheer was shaking in impotent fury as the head butt rocked Sara's head backward, stunning her, more than enough for the feral. It took a deep breath, and then blasted Sara's right arm and wing as she tried to roll out of the way, the dragon breath attack nearly burning the wing off, and her arm dangling, burned to the bone.
She screamed, as Asheer used flamesniper, hitting the creature's wing, burning the well-developed muscles, causing it to scream in pain, as it fell, landing on Sara. Sara spat blood, and then went limp, as Geno FINALLY managed to get a scan.
G-SPLICED, the Mad Scientist's Experiment
Element: varies
Frequency: Extremely Rare (individuals of this breed are all unique)
Diet: varies
Role: results of (usually illegal) experiments
Well, that tells me shit about jack.
He slammed the pokédex back into its hostler on his shoulder, before recalling Sara as the feral turned to the two remaining combatants, the BuzzQueen ignored for the moment. Bellezza looked at Geno, and said, "Master, go. We will hold."
Even as she finished stating her intent to die buying him time, she flew forward, at the feral's back, tri-stinger aimed at the creature's leg. The G-Spliced reached down, grabbing a rock half buried in the ground, ripped it free, pivoted, and threw it at the charging BuzzQueen in one smooth motion. Geno could only watch in horror as the thrown rock slammed into Bellezza's head, and a dull, wet crunch announced the broken neck of his BuzzQueen. She slammed into the ground, head at an unnatural angle.
Another girl down, and this time that thing made it look effortless.
He pulled out the fallen BuzzQueen’s pokéball, and quickly recalled her, the beam faltering as it hit her. He felt his heart pause, but it started again as she was finally recalled. He latched the pokéball back onto his belt, and yelled, “Lendysa you will be my guard as we retreat. Asheer, can you lead her off, and then circle back to town? I will be making a beeline to it.”
Asheer nodded, and hit the feral with another fireblast, as Lendysa began to circle around the feral. Geno, however, decided to go a faster route, and recalled her, before turning, but paused before running into the trees. “Take care, love. I have a small gift for you when you find me.”
He dashed off, hoping this was not the last he was going to see of his alpha. He ran, listening for the sounds of pursuit, but the battle behind him was moving away, which meant his alpha was doing her job. He just hoped she could survive it.
(May 17, 296AS, 1120)
He turned, and looked around, Lendysa beside him, both of them at the edge of Azalea town. He was worried, and murmured to himself, “Asheer, where are you?
She did not answer, but Lendysa looked at him with concern. “Did you ever feel any distress from her, though the delta bond? If not, she is probably fine, master.”
He nodded, not convinced, and her frown grew, before she stepped forward, and hugged him, her mouth meeting his. He stiffened, and then leaned into the kiss, his hands running along her sides. He finally broke the kiss, and then hugged her. “Thanks, she is doing fine; the bond would let me know if something happened to her.”
“FREAK! I challenge you to a salvage pokébattle!”
“Oh, I know he is not talking to me…”
Both the dragon pokégirls and tamer turned, and stared at the young male standing a short distance away from them. He was staring at Lendysa’s bare breasts until Lendysa formed her scale armor over her thighs, hips, and chest, blocking her body from his lewd staring. Geno took a deep breath, as he looked around, and saw that he was the only person with pokéballs around, so the young tamer had to be talking to him. He sighed, before trying to be reasonable. “Look, kid, I am tired, my harem is beat up, and I am not in the mood to entertain a new tamer. Go find someone more to your level before challenging someone to a salvage battle.”
The young tamer, who could not possibly be above 16, swelled up when he called him a kid. “I AM NOT KID! My name is Master Johnson Troopa Jr! Get it right, and fear my wrath!”
Geno stared at the kid, and then sighed, before really looking at him, measuring him, before shaking his head. He said, “Look, kid, I doubt I am ever going to see you after today, so why bother introducing yourself?”
A wordless cry of anger was his only reply, before Troopa Jr threw himself at Geno, fists flying. Lendysa stepped in front of her tamer, and blocked the blows, before carefully pushing the other tamer away; using her forearms to make sure she did not injury him while doing so. She then dropped into a combat crouch, and waited. Troopa swarmed back up, having been knocked flat, fuming. “So, you have accepted? Good, I will show you what a REAL tamer is like, instead of some wannabe pokégirl.”
A flash of anger, and then Geno snarled, “Fine. Put your girl out. This is a one on one, for one girl of the winner’s choice.”
He turned to the tamer, and snorted in amusement as the tamer pulled out a pokéball, and released a pokégirl. Geno winced when he saw the full breasts, and the green skin, remembering his lost Ivywhore. This Boobisaur seemed to be more confident, looking at her surroundings curiously, before noting the other tamer and pokégirl. A flash of confusion, and then she turned to her tamer, a shocked look on her face, before asking, “What? I thought you would tame me before having me fight.”
The young tamer stared at the female, anger apparent, before retorting. “You will get tamed when I tame you! Now, beat his pathetic freak of an Ignenue up!”
Rathin sighed, and gave Lendysa a helpless look, before shrugging at his fuming Kishi. He activated the recording option. “Tamer Geno Rathin against Johnson Troopa Jr. One on one salvage battle for a single pokégirl.”
“What the fuck are you doing freak?”
“Recording the battle. Did I get everything right?”
“Other than that you forgot to call me master, yeah! Boobs kick her ass!”
Oh, he is so getting on my nerves right now. I hope that he comes to bad end, I really do.
Geno snorted as Lendysa dashed forward, the Boobisaur hesitating, not sure what to do. She tried to use vine whip, and force Lendysa back, but she simply used cross shield, deflecting the two vines, and then punching the plant girl in the stomach, forcing her breath from her in a rush, and knocking the pokégirl back nearly ten feet. The Boobisaur rolled on the ground, holding her gut and mouth working, trying to get air into her lungs, as Lendysa pulled her battleaxe from her back. The Boobisaur finally managed to start breathing again, but froze, staring at the edge of the axe against her neck. Lendysa watched her with a disdainful expression, before looking at the tamer. “I am a Kishi, not an Ingenue. Do you yield, or do I have to finish this?”
He sneered at Lendysa. “Sleep powder!”
Lendysa smashed the butt of her axe against the Boobisaur’s head, bone crunching even though she held back, not using her full strength. The Boobisaur instantly went unconscious, and Geno stepped up, and smirked at the young tamer, who was turning red in his anger. “Your pokédex? Or do you not have any other pokégirls?”
Troopa Jr hissed in fury, before tossing him the only pokéball on his belt. “I swear, I don’t care what it takes, or how long, I will beat you! I will be back.”
The young tamer ran off a short distance, before turning and yelling, “I am serious, I'll be back!”
Geno recalled the unconscious Boobisaur, and said, “What a dumbass.”
Lendysa grinned at him, and snorted. “You are giving him far too much credit. Are you going to keep the Boobisaur? I saw you flinch when you saw what she was.”
Geno sighed, tossing the pokéball from one hand to the other, considering the question, before replying. “I don’t know. We need a plant type. We really do, and she is a starter, which means she has no bad habits to unlearn. If she did not look like Athyra, I would say yes in a heartbeat.”
Lendysa gave him a coy look, before rubbing against him. “Would you be mad if I said I would not be upset if she did not stay? Another girl in the harem means less time with you for the rest of us.”
He laughed, and kissed her, before turning, hearing someone calling his name. He relaxed completely, before storing the pokéball on his belt, and pulled out Asheer’s pokéball, who was limping toward them. He winced as he saw her wounds; she was badly torn up, and looked exhausted. He ran toward her, and hugged her tight, quickly releasing the hug when she whimpered in pain. He held her up, her right leg not supporting any of her weight, before looking her over, and winced at what he saw. She had burns on her stomach, chest, and right leg, probably from the hyper beam attack that split into a multitude of beams, several claw wounds on her arms and chest, and she was keeping her left arm close to her chest, not moving it much.
He leaned forward, and kiss her, put all of his relief and love into it. His hands rubbed her left side, under her arm, careful to not jostle it, and ignored the other people on the street, watching him. He broke the kiss, and grinned at her. “You are late, my little dragon.”
She blushed, suddenly embarrassed, and started to murmur a reply, but he put a finger to her lips, silencing her. “I will forgive you, this time. Don’t do it again.”
His small smile let her know he was joking, before he kissed her again. “We can talk after you and the rest of the harem get healed.”
Asheer nodded, exhausted, and let herself be recalled to her pokéball. He turned, and started toward the pokécenter, Lendysa by his side, ignoring the other people and how they moved away from him slightly. She looked at him, curiosity eating her alive. She finally could not stand it anymore, and asked, “So, what was the gift you were going to give Asheer?”
He winked, and said, “Not just for Asheer, but for everyone. So I am not going to tell till I hand them out.”
An hour later, Geno was standing in the pokécenter, having finally gotten there after taking a wrong turn. His harem was in the healing unit, and he could finally let himself relax. The center had a Nursejoy">Nursejoy and an Ignenue, and both were talking with him, not having anything else to do at the moment. The Nursejoy">Nursejoy did not seem interested in a taming, but the Ignenue was definitely interested, and had even offered to put the harem through a full healing and cleaning cycle, and then putting them through a physical exam cycle as well, giving him about two hours of free time.
 His back was to the door, his wings fanning as he talked to the Ingenue, not paying attention when the door opened and someone entered. The Nursejoy">Nursejoy turned to the people entering, and greeted them, so he continued to ignore them. At least, that was until someone punched him in the back of his head. Geno staggered forward against the counter, as he was then spun around, and saw a human male, bald, with muscles the size of an Amachoke, swinging for his head. He threw himself to the side, the fist the size of his head missing his head to hit his shoulder.
He managed to get clear of the stranger, and saw Troopa Jr standing a short distance behind the man, grinning superiorly at him as he advanced toward Geno, and figured he had come back for ‘revenge’. He growled in frustration, as the older man advanced, and set himself in the standard defensive position, left arm in front of his right, body turned slightly. The older man swung at him, and Rathin side stepped the attack, then grabbed the older man’s wrist, before vaulting up and over the arm, his knee going for the man’s face. He connected hard, his knee shattering the man’s nose, and then rode the blow down, to slam the attacker’s head against the floor. Pushing himself up, Rathin cried out in pain as his knee was punched in the side, before rolling away, avoiding a blow to the crotch.
He hissed at the attack, before whirling to block a punch from Troopa Jr, lashing back with a snap kick to his side. Geno went down to a knee, a punch from the kneeling man catching him in the side, and then blocked Troopa's elbow, before vaulting over his shoulder, and slamming his own elbow into the small of Troopa's back. He whirled, his other elbow catching Troopa in the side of the head, and danced back, as someone yelled, "POLICE! FREEZE!"
Geno half turned, and then threw himself to the side as the older man threw one more punch at him. He came up in a crouch and grinned as he saw the man on the ground, his ankles cuffed together by the Officer Jenny, tossing them clear across the room with breathtaking accuracy. He stood up, and politely applauded the throw, before nodding to the Officer Jenny. She looked around, and then said, "The Troopas, I should have known. What did this guy do? Look at you funny?"
Ah, that must Troopa Sr. Explains why Jr there was able to get his help.
Geno leaned against the support pillar, and watched as the Jenny talked with the Nursejoy">Nursejoy and Ignenue for a moment, before she turned to him. "I will need to talk to you before you can go, sir. However, these two are being interrogated first."
"Can I watch, and do I have time to pop some popcorn first?"
The Ingenue covered her mouth to smoother her laughter, as the Officer Jenny shook her head, completely missing the fact that he was joking. "No, these two will be questioned down at the station first. I will also need you to come as well, so we can get a statement from you to."
He turned to the Ingenue as he remarked, “I will need to collect my harem first.”
The Officer Jenny considered the request before looking at the Nursejoy">Nursejoy, and raising an eyebrow. The Nursejoy">Nursejoy checked the healing machine, and then punched a few buttons, before looking back up. “An hour and a half or so, he is getting a full scan done on his harem.”
The Officer Jenny shook her head, and then looked at the pokégened tamer. “Sorry, too long. You need to come now. Captain’s orders.”
Geno stared at the female for a moment, before sighing and nodding. He just wished his feeling of unease would stop...
(May 17, 296AS, 1400)
The long wait was starting to get on his nerves and he leaned back in the chair, staring at the ceiling for the umpteenth time since he had been shoved into the room. The clock had ticked away nearly two hours of his life, and while he might have longevity, he did not have a similar reserve of patience. So when the door opened, he slammed the chair down, and made a comment that was less than totally respectful. "About damn fucking time. What took so long?"
He then took in who and what had come in. One pokégirl, a Domina judging from her leather chest armor over her uniform, and what he thought might be her tamer, a small, unimpressive lump of a human. The male was maybe four and a half feet tall, and had an expression that could only be described as furtive. His left eye looked in a southerly direction, and he grinned at Geno, showing that he was missing one of his front teeth. His uniform was slovenly, and had several food stains on it, though the watermarks looked like the person had tried to clean the stains out while on a break. The male did not wear a nametag, though the female did, reading Mina.
The Domina, however was a stark contrast to the male, her uniform fitting snugly, despite the leather body armor over it, not a crinkle or rumple anywhere on her. She had one hand on her whip on her hip, and she kept glancing at the male like she wanted to use the whip on him, but did not dare.
The male stared at Geno for a moment, but before he could ask what the hold up was, he heard a clicking noise from the corner with the camera. A glance showed that the camera had turned to the right as far as it could, so that his half of the room was not in the camera's line of sight, and the red dot beneath the camera was off, showing that it was not receiving power.
...That is not a good thing, I think. If I had my harem with me, I would think I was about to get robbed. What the hell is this...thing trying to pull?
He opened his mouth to ask what was going on, but the male cut him off. "You are fr-fr-free to g-go. I w-will escort you to the p-p-pokécen-center."
Geno looked from the Domina to the male, and then back. "I thought I had to give a statement."
The male shook his head, one hand resting oh-so-casually on the handgun on his hip. "They de-declined to pr-press charges. Only th-th-thing we can d-do is issue a w-warning, as n-noth-thing was da-da-damaged, and you were n-not in-injured. So, l-l-l-lets go."
A moment wasted as he stared at the man, and then Geno nodded, before standing. As he moved to the door, he said, "So, any reason then why I was made to wait for nearly two hours?"
The man shrugged, not answering, though with his severe stutter, that was understandable. He gestured to the door. "Lead the way, I would probably get lost otherwise."
The man gave a braying laugh, possibly the most annoying laugh Geno had ever heard, before jerking his head to the door. The Domina's hand tightened on her whip, but she obeyed, leading the way to the front desk. They passed several Officer Jennies, most of whom nodded at the small male, respect in their eyes as they did so. Arriving at the desk, Geno signed out and got his pokédex back, and then headed for the door, resuming his normal pace. He slowed when he heard the male's nasal voice. "I w-will escort you to the p-p-pokécen-cen-center. I am h-heading th-that way mys-s-self. M-Mina needs a c-cleaning c-c-cycle."
The Domina, standing behind the man, jerked as if she had been slapped, and stared at the male with hate filled eyes. Geno looked at the man for a moment, before nodding tersely, and stepped up to the door, pulling it open. He turned back to the other two, and then said, speaking to the Domina, "After you."
Wondering what the hell was going on as two Officer Jennies saluted the man, standing aside for him, he watched the man and then Domina leave, before stepping out himself. It was about eight blocks between the pokécenter and police station. He started off, planning to stick to the main streets, even though that added another three blocks of walking. He suddenly remembered something, and turned back to the station. "I need to file a report for the FIR. You go on ahead."
The man looked like he wanted to argue, but nodded, before heading off, the irritated Domina in tow. He stepped back into the building, and headed to the front desk. The Officer Jenny looked up, surprised. "I thought you just left."
"I did, but then I remembered something. I need to file a Feral Incident Report on a rogue G-Spliced that I encountered about an hour and a half from the city."
The Jenny's head snapped up when he said the breed, and then held her hand out. "Pokédex please. You have a recording of the feral in question?"
He nodded, and brought the file up before handing the pokédex over. The Jenny watched it, blood draining from her face when she saw the feral, and she stayed that way as she watched the combat, or better yet, slaughter. She pulled out a short form, and then asked, "Have you ever filed a FIR with us before?"
He shook his head, and she continued, "Please fill out all the blanks with asterisks beside them, and then fill out as much of the data about the feral that you can."
He skimmed over the form, noting that the asterisked blanks were for personal information, and most of the information about the feral was a 'fill in to the best of your knowledge' portion. He quickly answered the questionnaire, and was done in less than twenty minutes. He handed it back to her, and then thought of something. "I seem to recall some law being passed about G-splices late last year. Do you happen to remember what it was?"
She did not look up at him, typing his information into the computer. "Yes, it was so that G-spliced pokégirls could become harem members, if they passed a strict battery of tests. This one however, according to the information in your pokédex’s recording, is approximately as powerful as a Dronza. Maybe even a little more. Definitely as dangerous as one, though, so it would be best if you tried to avoid her until the Hunters can send a team to deal with it."
He nodded absently, and then left the station. Stretching his wings, he ignored one of the nearby people making the sign of warding against evil at him, and then started off to the pokécenter. He took his time, musing over what he knew about the G-spliced, and thought back over the two fights. Or rather the one slaughter and one fight. He paused and leaned against the wall of a nearby building, as he remembered the G-spliced getting badly burned in several spots.
That is right, Asheer probably wounded it some more after we separated. Need to talk to her about that, after I give everyone the identity collars. Or at least, the original six, and Razia. Bellezza has not quite earned one yet, and Tamara has not been around long enough for me to buy one for her, let alone her earn one. Crap, forgot about the Boobisaur. Need to decide if I am going to keep her, and a new name if so. Cause she sure as hell not going to stay named Boobs for long if she does stay... Okay, I have a Plan. Now let’s go and do it.
Nodding to himself, the dragon-gened tamer, pushed himself away from the wall, and then ran back toward the pokécenter. If they were going to capture/kill the G-spliced, sooner would be a hell of a lot better than later.
He skidded to a stop outside the pokécenter, and waved to a nearby Officer Jenny, before stepping into the ‘center. He walked to the desk, and nodded to the Nursejoy">Nursejoy, the Ingenue from earlier nowhere to be seen, nor was the officer with his Domina. He shrugged, and then went to the desk. “I left my harem here to go to the police station; they were in a physical exam and registration cycle.”
The Nursejoy">Nursejoy nodded, and checked the computer, before going to a storage computer, and pulling out his ten pokéballs. She handed them to him with a neutral expression, and said, “You are aware that you are not allowed to have more than seven pokégirls in you harem at a time, without purchasing at least one of the two extra noncombatant slots, and obtaining a Master Tamer license, correct?”
He gave her a look that suggested that he already knew that, before he pulled out his pokédex, and pulled up his tamer information. He flipped it around, and showed it to her. “Yes, I am both aware, and have all three items you mentioned. My harem, please?”
He was taking his bad mood out on her, and knew he would have to apologize later, it was not her fault the police station had an incompetent running his case and forget about him for two hours. He pulled a small bag from his poképack that he then tied to his belt, as she set the pokéballs on the counter. Attaching seven of the pokéballs to his belt, he put the pokéballs with Bellezza, Tamara, and the Boobisaur into the poképack; he would let them out after he was done.
He got the key to a taming room, wanting some privacy before they headed out. He stepped into the room, and then looked around, and nodded in satisfaction to himself. It was easily the largest taming room in the pokécenter, and would be perfect for his entire harem to receive their gifts. He tossed his poképack onto a nearby stand, and then sat down at the table in the room, before realizing what it was not a table, but a restraining stand, disguised to look like one. Shaking his head, he released his harem, and watched them stretch, before looking at him, and then to the small black bag on the table.
He simply watched them for a moment, before shifting uncomfortably; wondering if now was really the best time. Shaking his head, he pulled out seven small gray boxes, a little longer than half the length of his forearm. All seven of his pokégirls, Mayuan, Tiria, Helaine, Sara, Asheer, Razia, and Lendysa, were watching him with expressions ranging from curious to confused. Not even Asher knowing what he was planning, as he had clamped down on the delta bond as hard as he could.
He glanced at one of the boxes, as he picked it up, before turning to Asheer. “Asheer, would you come here please?”
His alpha came forward, and then looked at him, uncertain what he was doing. Her confusion lasted until he opened the box, and pulled out an identity collar. Her jaw dropped, surprise robbing her of any chance of reacting. He grinned shyly at her, before saying, “I am not one for speeches, but you have all been a first for me. My first harem, my first family, my first loves, wholly and without reservations. I offer my heart, to each of you.”
Asheer met his eyes, and started to say something, but Geno shook his head slightly, before grinning impishly. “Okay, sappy moment over, sorry about that. I felt…”
He was cut off as Asheer grabbed him, and pulled him into a deep kiss. He melted into it, as their bond pulsed with the combined emotions, though both of them turned, irritated, when Sara cleared her throat. “Master, unless you want ALL of us taming you, right now, you should hand out the rest of those.”
(May 17, 296AS, 2350)
Looking around, Geno sighed softly, before rolling free of his harem. Normally he would not have minded a taming orgy, but he had planned on getting started hunting the G-spliced after giving the identity collars to his harem. He grinned at the females, as Razia looked up and purred softly before settling back down in her slice of the bed, holding Asheer, who had been against his back. Lendysa had been against his chest and Helaine was on the nearby couch, curled up with Sara and Mayuan. Tiria was asleep at the table, all by herself, until he moved over and sat down beside her.
He rubbed Tiria's back as he sat beside her, and looked up at the ceiling. He glared at the ceiling, as if it was the source of his current unease, as he thought aloud. "Well, what are you going to do with the G-spliced? Assuming, of course, you dipshit, that your family can defeat her. Take her into your family, or kill her and turn in the corpse for the bounty? If she had not killed Athyra, it would be a simple decision, keep her.”
“But with the blood of your little flower on her muzzle, not so simple, is it dumbass? The angry, hateful part of you, the human part, wants to settle the score, blood for blood, a death for a death. But you aren't human, are you? No, you are something else, not a pokégirl, but definitely not human, not from how they treat you. Avoiding, insulting, and making wards against evil. That is not something they reserve for their own. So, what do you do? Prove them right, that you aren't human, and take the feral in?”
“Certainly, she is a beauty, no? Over endowed, yet still gorgeous in a muscled sort of way. And powerful, a crowning piece to anyone's harem.”
“Of course, Athyra was not with you long, was she? And yet, while she was around, you did not feel like a 'squishy,' did you? No, she was painfully shy and withdrawn, and you could be protective of her, and no one took expectation with it, because she needed it. But then, with a single moment, she took your flower away. So, what to do, what will you do?"
The ceiling did not answer him, which was probably just as well, and his harem slept soundly, Helaine snoring softly, all of them oblivious to his unease. He shook his head, trying to banish his unusually introspective thoughts. Wanting to be alone for a bit, he picked Tiria up, grinning as she made a sleepy murmur of pleasure. He set her down on the bed, and then returned to the table. Sleep, he knew, would be long in coming.
(May 18, 296AS, 850)
Geno turned to Mayuan, his guard until he got out of town, and asked, "Scared?"
She had been looking a bit pale, and very distracted, so he had to repeat the question to get her attention. She swallowed, and then nodded. "That... thing, has torn us apart twice now and ate one of us. And yet, you still want to throw us right back at it. I am... thankful that you have that much confidence in us, Master, but do you have to show it quite like this?"
He grinned at her and nodded. "Yes, I do, but remember this. The feral did not get to heal from the beating we did give her. She is hurt, probably badly, and is liable to not be too far from where we fought her yesterday. At least, Asheer said that the feral did not pursue her very far, the feral’s left leg got hit by a flame sniper attack, on the back of the knee. Also, if we do not deal with her, now, she might come back to attack us again, but since I filed a FIR on her, she might even be in someone else's harem. I don't want her to be intelligent and an opponent. That would be... bad. So, we deal with her now, while we are healed and she is not."
He might have gone on further, but someone tackled him, and cold clocked him in the back of the head. He collapsed onto the ground, his left wing bending unnaturally, though thankfully not far enough to be broken, as someone tore his poképack from his shoulders. Mayuan dove for the person, intent on stopping the thief, but he lashed out, his fist glinting in the early morning sun, connecting with her temple. She dropped boneless, the brass knuckles on his attacker's fist showing how he had managed to drop both of them before he laughed.
"Master Troopa Jr wins! See ya freak!"
Rathin cursed, and forced himself to his knees, before yelling, "Proud of yourself, kid? What would you parents think if they knew you did this?"
Troopa turned, foolishly posing in his glee at ambushing his 'nemesis', and laughed. "Are you joking? My dad would be all like, 'Good job, Jr. Now steal some of his pokégirls!' And it is Master Troopa Jr to you, freak."
Rathin surged up to his feet, sprinting toward the bigot, and slugged Troopa as he turned to finish his getaway. Geno slammed a foot into his back, and hissed, "I meant if your parents weren’t COMPLETE douche bags."
He grabbed his bag, before then returned to Mayuan, and carefully felt her forehead where she had been hit. A growing bruise and unconsciousness was all that showed of their encounter with Troopa, and he regretfully balled her, wishing she had not been knocked out. He had wanted to ask her opinion on a few things, and with her unconscious, that was not possible. He would put her through the PPHU when he got out of town. He released Helaine, and started out of town, not realizing she was looking at him confused, wondering why she was out, and what happened to Mayuan.
He left Troopa unconscious on the ground, moving at a pace Helaine could match. He eventually stopped outside of town, in a small clearing in the forest that separated the town from the mountains. He pulled the small black healing unit from the pack, and then said, “Helaine, you have tamer guard until Mayuan is done healing.”
He released Asheer and Sara, both of whom shook themselves and yawned, before looking around. Asheer’s eyes narrowed as she spotted the PPHU on the ground, felt his pain through their bond and Helaine out. “Where is Mayuan, and what happened?”
She stepped up, her hands running along the back of his head, and hissing in sympathy when she touched his bruise. He leaned against her for a moment before stepping back, and putting his Dark Elf into the healing unit. He turned it on and watched with interest, even though nothing of note really happened with the PPHU. A light came on, and after two minutes, it dinged. Sara suddenly laughed, and said, “Your Dark Elf is done, Master. Set to bake, cook for two minutes, and then tame.”
He laughed along with the others, as Sara continued to stay near him, deciding that she was going to be his guard, because every time he got out of her sight he ended up in trouble. Asheer hugged him, and purred in pleasure as he reached back to rub her cheek. “I am not letting you out of my sight again, love. Every time I do, you get into trouble.”
He began to protest, when they all started at a scream from deeper in the forest. All four of them turned, before Geno started barking orders. “Helaine, collect the PPHU and then follow us. Sara, in the air and find out what is going on. Asheer, keep me alive. Move!”
He turned, and dashed toward the yelling, before suddenly breaking into a clearing with two people, no, children in it. Neither looked older than 12, though both had a pokégirl with them. One of them was slamming his fist into the ground, though both of them looked at Geno. “What were you screaming about?”
The kid on the ground looked abashed, and then mumbled something, barely loud enough to be heard. “I lost.”
Geno took a deep breath, trying to calm down, as Asheer began to laugh softly next to him, as Helaine waddled up, looking around curious as to what the problem was. He took a second look at the kid, before snarling, voice very calm, “What are you thinking, screaming like a four year old because you lost a pokégirl battle?”
The kid looked confused, and said, “Pokégirl battle? No, it was a Duel Master’s card game.”
Geno closed his eyes before turning and walking away as Sara swooped down to land nearby, giggling softly at her master’s irritation. Once they had gotten a distance away from the clearing, he began to curse, softly and creatively. He continued for a moment before turning to Helaine, taking both the pokéball and the PPHU. He stored the pokéball on his belt and the PPHU back in his poképack, before turning to Asheer. “Can you lead us back to the area where you managed to lose the feral?”
She nodded, still amused at the entire situation, and then turned to lead them toward the feral that had destroyed them twice before. Once more into the fray. Though hopefully this time we will win…
(May 18, 296AS, 1120)
The entire harem was up except for Lendysa, Sara, and Asheer, as they were near where the G-spliced had stopped chasing Asheer. He looked around at the destroyed terrain, certainly caused by something powerful venting frustration; several shattered trees, a few pulverized boulders, and a huge crater, or rather a series of craters that overlapped, probably from the splitting hyperbeam. He shook his head and then looked at Sara up above them, who pointed to the northeast, and then said into her radio, “I can see her, in a clearing a short distance away. It looks like she is eating something, but I can see that she is badly hurt from here.”
He nodded, and pointed the harem in the direction, indicating silence. They had already gone over the first minute of combat, and what they were to do. He hoped the massed attacks against the feral would be enough, otherwise Lendysa would be the lynch pin of the attack, dancing with the feral as her sisters hit it with attacks around her. Shaking his head, he gestured for the others to move forward.
A few minutes later, Lendysa was behind the tree closest to the feral, Sara was high above her, and Asheer was near her tamer, concerned by how much his emotions were shifting. Part of him admired her sheer power and beauty, but another part hated her with a passion that left her worried. Though she could understand why, she killed Athyra and nearly killed most of the harem.
The Flarebra looked over the enemy, and grinned to herself. Burns on most of the creature’s back, and its movements were slow and painful. The feral was bent over a dead pokégirl, another feral, looked like a Doe, though from this angle, Asheer could not see enough to tell for sure. Looking up, she nodded to Sara, and then to her master, before stepping forward, a fireblast gathering in her mouth. Geno began releasing her harem sisters, and the feral turned, and hissed.
Asheer and Sara both released their fireblasts, and then began firing flamethrower as fast as they could, while Helaine and Mayuan began to add their own assault. The feral screamed as it was thrown backwards by the coordinated fire. It screamed in pain as its chest fur caught on fire, though a water spear from Helaine put out the fire. Lendysa was putting arrow after arrow into the feral, though when it began to start charging, she put her bow up, and drew her battleaxe.
The feral screamed in frustration as another fireblast rocked her back onto her heels, and then lashed out with the splitting hyperbeam, aiming for the nearest enemy it could see. Lendysa desperately dodged to the side, but the twisting beams almost seemed to track her, six of the striking her solidly and another three glancing her. The six hits picked her up and threw her backwards, slamming into a tree, before letting the tough Kishi drop to the ground, where she struggled weakly, dazed from the hits.
Asheer cursed as her master recalled him, then hissed at the feral in frustration, as it did not pause from the attack, but instead rolled to the side, and then spat a dragonbreath up at Sara, who dodged with contemptuous ease. Right into the second dragonbreath, the feral predicting exactly how Sara would dodge. Asheer spat another fireblast, though she really wanted to close and rend the feral apart with her claws, even though logic dictated that would be foolish.
A water spear slammed into the feral's head, which was finally starting to react to the beating, rocking backwards slightly from the hit, before spitting a hyperbeam at the struggling Whorizard, her wing hurt from the dragonbreath. Sara folded her wings and managed to dodge the hyperbeam, but unfolded her wings too late. She disappeared into the forest beyond the feral with the sound of branches snapping, barely audible over the fighting. Asheer snarled loudly, before burying her claws into her palms, barely restraining her fury. She would not fail her master, her lover again, not for the third time.
She barely registered the sound of a pokéball releasing someone, as she finally lost her temper, and dashed forward, toward the slower feral. Asheer twirled around a hastily aimed hyperbeam, and spotted Helaine desperately throwing herself to the side to dodge it. Lendysa was back out beside her master, both of them staring at her in horror as she finished her turn, and then blasted the feral in the face with a fireblast, point blank. She dodged backwards around a slash attack, and then grabbed the thing's arm, and used it to vault up onto the feral's back.
She used a slash attack against the feral's neck, barely tearing the skin, as Helaine nearly clipped her alpha, not expecting Asheer to climb up onto it, and though the attack missed, it only added to her fury. Suddenly rearing her head back, the Flarebra snarled loudly in fury, before spitting the rapidly gathering energy right into the back of the feral, between its shoulder blades. The hyperbeam attack finally did what all the other attacks could not, and the feral collapsed down, the Flarebra riding her down. Asheer grabbed the feral's head, and then slammed it against the ground, before reaching down to repeat the action. A small ball hit the feral's shoulder to suck her up, preventing the Flarebra from venting her fury, and her head came up, roaring in fury at the person who had denied her the right to beat her opponent into a pulp. She froze as Geno stared at her, hand on another ultra ball, in case the feral managed to break free, though he was staring at his alpha, daring her to challenge him again.
Asheer felt her rage drain out of her, and then looked down, embarrassed that she had nearly challenged her tamer, and felt his cold determination vanished, replaced with his love and affection for her. They both turned their attention to the still rocking ultra ball, which suddenly shattered, the feral tearing its way free. It screamed in fury and desperation once, before Helaine expertly slammed its head back with another water spear, catching the feral's open mouth with the attack. The feral tottered under the hit, its thick hide not affecting its soft tissue in the mouth, before Asheer ripped its back open with fury swipes. A fireblast washed over both the feral and Asheer, marking Sara's return to the battle, as Lendysa finally managed to make an attack, her hurricane kick catching the feral in the chin, knocking her backwards to collapse weakly on top of Asheer. Geno tossed the second of his three ultra balls, and watched the feral disappear into it which allowed Asheer to roll clear.
She spared Lendysa a glare, which the Kishi ignored, focusing on the pokéball which rocked violently. All eyes were on the small light on the pokéball which glared an angry red, but after a moment it finally turned blue and sounded the capture chime before turning clear. Helaine abruptly sat down, as Asheer finally registered that her tamer had caught the monstrosity, rather than kill it, and whirled around, ignoring the suddenly glowing Cuntnaw. "Are you crazy? You actually intend to keep that... that... that thing, don't you? She killed Athyra!"
She watched him shake his head, irritation flashing through their bond, as Helaine continued to evolve. “Asheer, I have already had this argument with myself, please, not now. I am not sure if I am going to keep her or not, but right now, lets focus on congratulating Helaine on finally evolving into a Feraligarter.”
He turned back to Helaine, waiting for her to finish evolving, as Sara limped into the clearing. Asheer watched him release Tiria, and point toward Sara. She walked forward, and grabbed his wrist, her other hand moving to caress his cheek, and started to say, “Master, I am…”
She never finished, as a sudden flash of pure terror, fear, and anger flashed across their delta bond, and then he did something she never thought he would do to her. He turned toward her, his movement too fast for her eyes to track, and slugged her across the jaw as hard as he could.
 Silence, disturbingly loud after the sound of his fist slamming into his alpha’s jaw, and her falling onto the ground. Shock was all he could feel, both from his alpha, and Lendysa through their respective delta bonds. The welter of emotions that had spurred the reaction were fast fading, and all he could do was stare at her in shock, unable to move, as her hand moved to her cheek. She touched the slowly forming bruise, her soft flesh on her face clearly showing his hand print, as he tried to say something, anything.
She touched her bruised cheek, as her shock turned into denial and incomprehension, before she suddenly turned and ran, fleeing from the tamer that had just broken every promise he had ever made her, with a totally instinctive reaction. He cried out her name, but she was already gone, leaving him standing, the incredulous stares of his harem drilling into his back, silently accusing him of doing something he never made a conscious decision to do.